Theresa Marie  Schindler Schiavo



At Archbishop Wood High, Theresa "Terry" Schiavo - as shown in her 1981 yearbook


VAN SUSTEREN: All right. Let's go back. Give me a quick rundown. The day that -- the day -- tell me what happened her last day before she ended up in the hospital.

ANDERSON: Terri got her hair done that day and spent more money than he thought they should have. They had a great big fight before he went off to work.

She was so upset about the fight that she called her best friend from work, a girl that she had discussed perhaps both of them getting a divorce and taking an apartment together. She called this girl, Jackie Rhodes, told her about the big fight.

She was sufficiently upset that Jackie Rhodes asked her should I come over, should I come over and spend the night with you so you'll be safe, and Terri said, no, I'll either be asleep or pretend to be asleep when he gets home from work.

VAN SUSTEREN: All right. We've got one minute.

ANDERSON: The next thing Jackie heard, she was in the emergency room.

VAN SUSTEREN: Was she was -- all right. Is there any indication she had any head injuries from any of the records there are, any physical injury at all?

ANDERSON: There is a notation that her neck was ridged and stiff and that her body was stiff when she...

VAN SUSTEREN: What does that mean -- and what does that mean in the 40 seconds left? I'm sorry to do this time thing to you?

ANDERSON: Well, Dr. Hammesfahr, a neurologist who testified at a big evidentiary hearing last year, said he had only seen one other neck that ridged, and that was in an attempted strangulation victim.

There's lots of questions about this case...


[Times photo, 1990: Joe Walles]
Michael Schiavo visits his wife, Terri, at a nursing home the year she suffered brain damage

Deposition (excerpts) of Michael Schiavo's former girlfriend: Cynthia Shook 05-08-2001Michael's former girlfriend speaks out(Audio file)

ANDERSON: The first time that anybody in the family ever heard about that was in January of 2000. He sprung that on the family. And he brought his brother and one of his sisters-in-law down to back him up on that, but nobody had ever heard that before...
ANDERSON:  It's hard to know what to believe with him because he says what the occasion demands or what's in his financial interests.  He told a medical malpractice jury, just exactly one year before that deposition fragment that you put up, that he would always take care of Terri for the rest of his life, and yet there he was, within a matter of months, directing that antibiotics be withheld.

2OO3-Michael Schiavo is asked what happened to Terri:

Climbed into bed. Terri said good night to me. Gave me a kiss. She woke up, said good night, gave me a kiss. I gave her a kiss back. I'd say, about 4:30 in the morning, I was, for some reason, getting out of bed and I heard a thud in the hall. I race out there and Terri was laying in the hall. I went down to get her. I thought, Well, maybe she just tripped or whatever. I rolled her over and she was lifeless. And it almost seems like she had this last breath.

So I held her in my arms, and I'm trying to shake her up. I ran over, I called 911. Her brother happened to live in the same complex as we did. I called him. I went back to Terri. And from there, six, seven minutes later, the paramedics...