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People who Don't Support the Schindler Family

"the schlindlers were liars and swindlers. i was the one that caught then when they posted the first video where you could see that the thing was spliced together and did not show the truth." - hornback

"Schiavo's blood family continues on its' quest to get money from imbeciles who will give it away to "causes" without investigating how much actually gets USED for the purpose of the charity. Scammers!"  - unreal

Having spent thousands of hrs researching the Terri Schiavo case, since October 2003, I can understand why the words "liars" "swindlers" and "scammers" are still used to this day to describe Terri Schiavo's blood family, the Schindlers.

First of all, to this day Bobby Schindler is still making the claim that:

We wanted to bring her home, where she was loved and would receive the therapy she so desperately needed


When, in fact, Terri was with Michael and the Schindlers , at least twice: Once in 1990, and once in 1991.

23 Q Where did she go after Bayfront, did she go
24 home for a while?
25 A She went home to 2630.
1 Q 2630.
2 A Vina Del Mar.
3 Q East Vina Del Mar where you lived with her at
4 the apartment?
5 A At the house.
6 Q Okay. I'm sorry, at the house, right, where
7 you lived with the Schindlers?
8 A Correct.
9 Q Vina Del Mar, is that in St. Pete or is that
10 in St. Pete Beach?
11 A St. Pete Beach.
12 Q How long was she home with you and the
13 Schindlers?
14 A Approximately three months.

21 Q Okay. After you returned from San Jose, did
22 she come back and live with you again?
23 A She came back to live with us again, yes.
24 Q That's at Vina Del Mar?
25 A Yes. Correct.
1 Q And you were still living with the Schindlers
2 at that time?
3 A Yes.
4 Q Now, you mentioned the fact that while she
5 was home with you during those periods, you were taking
6 care of her; is that correct?
7 A Correct.
8 Q What kind of things were you doing for her?
9 A Her daily care, making sure she was turned,
10 skin care, feedings, catheters, mouth care, parental
11 care, medicines, suctioning.
12 Q Full-time attendance?
13 A No.
14 Q Pretty much full-time attendance?
15 A Yes. I was, yes.
16 Q Were you getting some assistance from her
17 parents also?
18 A Her mother and father, yes.
19 Q You mentioned feedings. Was she being fed
20 through a gastrostomy?
21 A Correct.
22 Q How long was she home on -- and that's after
23 you now returned from California?
24 A Approximately three weeks.

On Feb. 25, 1990, my beloved sister collapsed in her home and experienced a significant brain injury after going into cardiac arrest.

For several years she underwent rehabilitative therapy and was physically stable, needing no medical treatment other than to be fed and hydrated. We loved her as she was, understanding that she had joined the ranks of hundreds of thousands of other Americans who are challenged by a severe neurological disability.

Just a short time after Terri’s collapse, however, we learned that Terri was no longer receiving therapy but was instead being warehoused bereft of the care that she needed. We spent years wrangling with her then-husband to restore her rehabilitation care and for her to be released to us.

We wanted to bring her home, where she was loved and would receive the therapy she so desperately needed.

It was not to be.- Bobby Schindler

In 2000, Bobby Schindler stated under oath that up until the trial to remove his sister's feeding tube, that he  saw his disabled sister Terri "Probably on average two, three, four times a year."

Excerpts from Robert "Bobby" Schindler Jr.'s  2000 Schiavo Trial Transcript:

4 Q How often would you see Terri back then
5 in the earlier days?
6 A From her accident?
7 Q Um-hmm.
8 A It's hard to say. I was in and out with
9 the family at times. Less than what my parents
10 were seeing her, but quite a bit.
11 Q How often do you see Terri now?
12 A Probably on average two, three, four
13 times a year.

22 Q Do you go to the nursing home by
23 yourself?
24 A Yes.
25 1 Q Have you also been there with your


1 parents?
2 A Not in quite some time.
3 Q Do you recall ever being there with your
4 mother or father in the last year?
5 A Not within the last year. No.



According to court records: Application For Appointment As Guardian, File No: 90-2908-4GD, Official Records BK 7320 PG 743

and  the Verified Petition for Appointment of Guardian (see above)

Theresa Schiavo lived with her husband, Michael Schiavo, at 12001 -9th Street North, Apartment #2210, St. Petersburg, FL, on May 21, 1990.