Love lives here!

Time's Hands

The days were once too long for me
The hours dragged by so slowly
And a mire minute seemed like an eternity;
But as time took me in hand
And I grew --
and blossomed, one of life's flowers,
The time clock inside of me
That had once ticked so slowly
away the hours --
Ticked at a faster speed . . .
The days grew shorter
The hours flew by
And the minutes slipped away
As if time's hands had turned to wings
encompassing the day.

[written February 12, 2004]

Everyone Is A Poet

Everyone is a poet
With something to impart,
Some wisdom learned from living
told straight from the heart.

Everyone is a poet
With a lifetime of experience to share
Told first hand
by someone who was really there.

Everyone is a poet
With their own poetic voice
And whether or not they
open their chest of poetry
is their choice.

Everyone is a poet because
life itself created us that way
and gave to us a lifetime of experience
to live the poems that we share each day.

There are poets who with words
can fast-forward or turn back the years
Poets with the ability
To reach out around the world
And cause emotions to flare
Bringing laughter and/or tears
When we are down or sad
There are poems that make us mad
There are poems we hate-poems we love
There are poems that make us wiser,
There are poems that make us believe
in dreams
There are poems that we read
just to pass away some time
That linger in our minds long after we've
put the book away,
or shut down the computer for the day;
There are poems that bring us together
in spirit and in mind;
There are poems that tear us apart
Because there is no way we can understand
What was in the poet's heart;

Everyone is a poet --
With something to impart
Some wisdom learned from living,
told straight from the heart.
[written February 23,2004]

I Am Human Too

I get up in the morning
only to wonder at the day
I lay down at night
only to dream my life away;
And in all my moments
~in all my life.
I taste the sweet,
Along with the strife.

written February 24, 2004

The First Step of the Day

As I take my first step into tomorrow
Let me remember the power of the moment
And walk more wisely in the day.
[written March 9, 2004 ]

Memories Are Stored

Setting at my kitchen table,
In the silence of the morn,
I look out my window
To the tin-roof of the old barn
Where boxes of memories are stored.

Looking through the branches
of the old cottonwood tree,
Hovering above the tin-roof,
I trace with my minds eye
the faces of loved ones
in the blueness of the sky.

My mind wonders for a while
Pondering how much life had changed
Since I was an innocent child.

With my mind lost in the dawn
And, my heart consumed by memories
I begin another day
Longing for loved ones, old friends,
and the familiar faces
My heart had known and loved
In other days and times.

Witnessing the sun coming up on all things,
Engulfed by a lifetime of memories,
My heart reminds my mind
that everything has its own place in
Life, and in time.......
[written November 17, 2004 -6:35am]