Love lives here!

Heart Full Of Tears

Would but a heart full of tears
Wash away the stained foot-prints of time
Would my tears be worthy
-Of such a wondrous task?

[written January 1, 2002 - 8:47pm]

Walk On , Dear Friend

Walk on, walk on , dear friend . . .
From your dreams never stray
Trust your heart in all things
to show you the way.

Walk on, walk on, dear friend . . .
Make your dreams come true
Trust the light in your soul
In everything that you do.

Walk on, walk on, dear friend . . .
Climb life's mountains
Swim life's seas
And when you reach your goal
- Rest your weary soul.

Walk on, walk on, dear friend . . .
Walk on.
[written January 26, 2002- 12:44am]


The warmth of the sunbeams
reflecting from my soul
entwined with the scent of heartache,
Reflected my heart's truest love....
It was the reflection of humanity....
Millions and millions of hearts tied together
with the threads of sunbeams
reflecting off my heart.

[written January 30, 2002-4:13pm]

What Is The Link?

It has more voices than can be heard
From its lips
Come the wisdom of the past, present, and the future
tho all is here in the here and now;
We see all around us those we are often blinded by it
It is in everything around us every moment that we live
And when we are dead it continues to give;

It is in everything around us, it lives in us
We breathe it in
We touch it with our beginning
We touch it at the end;

It is in all things the good the bad
It is even in our joy when we are sad;
It is in every tear and smiles in every heart
It is in the years between when we were
And when we were not - And,
When we are gone it lives on .....
What is the link to everything
The answer rests in the grave
~It rests in the living.

[written February 5, 2002 12:26pm]

 My Strength

If today
my heart should break
Let me remember through my tears
That the Lord won't put on me
more than my heart can take....
Let me Remember
That in my darkest day
With my Lord by my side
In my weakest moments
He alone is my Strength.

-Janice Sanford

A Mother's Breaking Heart

Lord, my heart is breaking
like it has done many times before....
But, this time it seems like
My heart is breaking just a little bit more.
I always try to remember
that each child has a time and way to go
that every tear I cry
Is just a part of watching them grow.
But, looking behind at how full my life has been
And knowing in my heart I will never have
that kind of fullness again........

 I can't help being a Mother who realizes just
How very blessed her life has been.
Lord, just help me through this "giving up time"
I know you have a plan for each child's life......
And that you will watch over them,
in the years that lay ahead,
The same way you have always
watched over me and mine.....
But, that is tomorrow and today is today,
And it still hurts every time
You take a child away.

-Janice Sanford

The Gentle Breeze

The gentle breeze shake the leaves
on the cotton tree,
As I watch the yellow butterfly
fleeing from the jealous bumblebee.
The flowers, moved by the gentle wind,
happily, wave at me -
from their place in the morning sun.
And in the moment, I realized
with all things, great and small
I am one with them All.

-Janice Sanford

He And I

In the stillness of the night
As I hold my love so tight
I think of all the years gone by
The time spent together
Just he and I.

In the dawning of the day
as I awaken to my love's face
sleeping next to me
I think of all the mornings
along life's way
The time spent together
in each other's arms
Before facing each new day.........

In every moment spent together
Just he and I ~
I think "There will never be another...
We will live, and love, together
until the day we die."

In the silence of each day
and night
I can hear our hearts
beating as one.........
And with each heartbeat
I have no doubt
That he was the reason for which
I was born,
to lean together
He and I
What being in love is all about.

-Janice Sanford

Rain Falling

Rain falling on the tin roof

Drops of rain embracing the blackness of the night-
Silver threads reflecting off the window light
And here I set listening to the rain dancing above my head-
Before it's time to go to bed,
thinking how wonderful the sound
made by the raindrops -as each drop rolled off the tin

and kissed the ground.

-Janice Sanford

Life's Fire
A candle light flickering in the day
Shinning brightly in the night~
A tiny flame from life's fire
Moving me in tune with the warmth
created by my own desire.......

Onward, and upward, flame of my being
Until the ashes out my flame-And another candle is lit
And another life begins to shine
in the darkness I leave behind.

-Janice Sanford

My Friend

I have named you in my heart "My Friend."
Though we have never met
and our paths may never cross again
Our spirits have met
And became the dearest of friends.
-Janice Sanford

Hope's Star

There are no words to describe to you
the feelings in my heart~
Sometimes my heart is filled with love
Other times its filled with emotions
ripping it apart.
There are no words to explain to you
My joy and my woe..........
For, both have lived inside of me,
and neither can you know.
There are no words that can leave my mouth
That don't first exit my heart........
No! There are no words that I can say
that will like magic send happiness your way
Except for the three little words
that others in my time of need, said to me,
"I love you."

So when you feel there is little
in this old world to keep trying for,
think about trying for yourself.
Think of yourself as being a lit candle.....
shining its light for other lost souls from afar
(Hope's Star).

-Janice Sanford

A Time of Peace

There lay in the future a time of peace
That mankind shall one day reach.
A peace that today lives only in our dreams...
A peace that shall engulf mankind
And change its restless nature
to a calmer spirit much like that found in the picture
of a golden sunset at the end of a busy day...
We can talk of war. Yes, We can talk of dying needlessly.
But, war is a product of our fears and uncertainty.
We can also talk of peace with the same certainty-
because by our very nature we are seekers of peace and serenity.

We as human beings are the bricklayers of all good and bad things.
We are the builders of all that tomorrow shall bring...........
Peace be with us all, as we strive together to make our dreams of
Peace a reality.

-Janice Sanford

Mr. Winter

The golden brown leaves
covered the frozen ground
Beneath the maple trees
For Mr. Winter had came
With his chilling wind
And plucked
the leaves of Miss Spring again.

-Janice Sanford


Love From the Start

If tomorrow your love leaves with a piece of your heart
And everything you thought love to be was not~
Remember that Love -If it was love from the start,
Does not live in the worldly
Love lives always in the heart.........Out of sight
Love maybe...But, when is love not love?
If tomorrow your love moves on
And breaks your heart in two, Remember-
that the love shared with you
Remains one and the same love your whole life through.

-Janice Sanford


There is a coolness in the air
that engulfs me through and through
As I stare out my window
At the glittering morning dew.

There is a coolness in the air
that wraps its cold presence around my heart
And leaves a crystallized tear
standing motionless on my cheek.....

There is a coolness in the air
that chills me to the bone.........
Leaving me cold and feeling so alone.

There is a coolness in the air
That I awaken to-that has its cold hands
wrapped around my heart-
That reminds me of all the frosty times
that I have known since we've been apart.

There is a coolness in the air!
The only thing I have to warm me
-In the Wintertime of my life-
Is the memories of you
I find on every ray of frozen light
As you touch my icy heart
And melt the bitter cold
With the warmth from the presence
From your soul
- passing through.

-Janice Sanford

The Heart is at War

Peace is often hard to find
When the heart is at war
With the mind.

When the dreams of peace
Flee with the sleep,
And Peace is lost
In the darkest part of our soul.....

We pray for peace to come
And prove that mankind is worthy
of the peace we have yet to find.
-Janice Sanford

Hopes of a Better Tomorrow

Each day is a piece of the promise
that nurtures my soul;
That welcomes my dreams as each unfold.

Each day is a step forward into a tomorrow
Void of heartache, and emptied of sorrow.

Each day is the beginning of the end
A drawing near to where I long to be,
Yet, where I have always been.

Each day is a journey taking me away from yesterday-
Tempting my heart to follow love's way.
For, a day without love is a day
taken for granted along life's way.

Make the day your own
Live in the day,
Love in the day,
And cherish each day
Until the day is gone.

For, all we have is our today
Filled with the hopes of another tomorrow....
That we cannot give away
And no one can ever borrow.

-Janice Sanford

Forever And A Day

Not even death can keep us apart
Forever and a day
Our love shall stay in our hearts
To keep me warm until Heaven's door
opens wide
And my eyes behold
the face of the beautiful Angel inside
Who even in death
never left my heart
Not for even one moment ~
Has our hearts ever been a part.......
Our love has always been the bridge to our souls.

Forever and a day is a long -long time
But our love knows not time
And our hearts knows no distance beyond each other.

-Janice Sanford

Let Each Moment Count

There are individual human beings in this world
Who believe in nothing
Who if given the chance would destroy everything.

So, what are the rest of us to do?

This generation will pass
and all that shall be left is another memory
worth remembering........
For, mankind learns from the successes
and the failures of those who came before them.

And through the weaknesses of the past
Mankind shall grow in understanding
and mankind's strengths
shall be found in individual human compassion.
We are but here for a time
Let each moment count in the future that is to come.
For, mankind is but the threads that bind yesterday with tomorrow...
Let us with a caring heart determine ourselves to leave no sorrow
 for those in the distant tomorrow.

-Janice Sanford

Care Enough To Keep On Trying

It would be so easy to throw my hands up in the air
and say, " I have had enough! I no longer care."
But I do care! I care enough to keep on trying!
When I know that the odds of making it through,
another low point in my life, are against me......
I take a deep breath, and stop for a moment to ponder
all the other hard times in my life
when I left things in God's Hands and each time that I did ~
how always helped me through.
Yes, it would be much easier to give up in times of despair, t
urn my back on everything-and live life without a care.....
But life just doesn't work that way-we live and die a little everyday.
And the only thing that we can do, and still live with ourselves,
is do the best we can along life's way.

-Janice Sanford

My Love

I cannot wish away your hurt,
My Love, I cannot make your heartache disappear
or give you back the will to live on~
I can only tell you how much my heart would break with you gone.
I cannot love you anymore then I love you at this moment,

My Love, I can only love you the way
I loved you from the start
Day by day and with all of my heart.
My Love, when your heart is breaking in two,
I can only love you
-Hold you close to my heart-
And pray that my love will be enough
to see you through.

My Love, I can only dry your tears
And remind you of the happier years,
When our love was brand new,
And all we needed was each other to get us through.
My Love, I have always loved you
I will continue loving you with all of my heart
And hope that my love is enough for you~
Until death do us part.
For, My Love, your love is all the love my heart
Will ever want or need.........

-Janice Sanford


Beauty can be found in the eyes
of that special person who not only
touched your life
but without trying touched your very soul.

Beauty can be found in the lips
from which words of compassion flow..........
outward and into your heart where they will
linger throughout the years that come and go.

Beauty can be found in that special person
who sets your world aglow........
for no other reason then that
they make you feel good about just being you.

-Janice Sanford

With Your Love

Never will the tears of yesterday
taste so sweet
as the tears running down
my tear stained cheek.
Never will the memories
of times gone by
Break my heart and make me cry-
And never will my love for you
not be enough to see me through
All the empty years without you.
For you live on in my heart
And my tears keep us together
Though we are worlds apart.
I taste your love in every tear
And know my Love that you
though far away are very near.
Never will the tears of yesterday
taste so sweet
Until the time once more we meet.......
And you dry the tears
from my tear stained cheek
With your love.

-Janice Sanford

We Love But By Degrees

We love but by degrees
A little at a time
We love with our heart,
soul, and mind;

We love but by degrees
every time
Someone's life is touched
by our very presence-
And we leave a kind
remembrance on another's mind.

We love but by degrees
every time we share the love
inside of us
with another on life's way-
We love but by degrees every time
We take the time from our busy day
to really listen with our heart
to what another has to say.

Yes, we love but by degrees-
a little at a time
Often never realizing what part
Our love has played
in another's life and heart.

-Janice Sanford

Take Heart

Take Heart, when the road you take causes your heart to break-
Take Heart, when the world feels like its closing in on you,
When life's ups and downs are more then you can take
And you are not sure if you can make it through.
Take Heart, in those moments of total despair
Knowing that inner strength is nurtured by outer conflicts,
And the understanding found there.

Take Heart, when the hour is the darkest
For it is in the darkest hours that we are taught the value of clinging to our faith -
and believing in a purpose larger then the here and now...........

Take Heart, at the end of the day knowing that Life like the Rose has its thorns .......
And like the Rose, Life often pricks our heart with its thorns as its beauty unfolds.

Take Heart!
-Janice Sanford

The Love Inside of Me

As I wonder aimlessly into the tomorrow of my life
Never taking the time to question the direction I walk-
I follow my heart, and wherever love takes me,
I go gladly.

For, love must have its turn to play its part.
And, I need to walk with love for as long as
a measure of love is in my heart.
For, love carries me under its wings
and keeps my heart from breaking in two-
When I am alone Love visits me!
When my days are empty-Love comes out of nowhere
to tarry with me..........
Wondering aimlessly into the tomorrow of my life-
I know that whatever will be will be.
And that I am Richer by far-
Because of the love I carry inside of me.

-Janice Sanford

A Flicker of a Lifetime

Each day is a new beginning.........
A day to be and do-
A day to strive toward your worldly goals,
Another day to live for you-
Each day is a breath of hope for a better tomorrow
When yesterday were not kind to you-
A day to reevaluate happiness and sorrow-
A day to look at life a 'new'.............
Each day is a flicker of a lifetime
Passing through.........
A day to count your blessing one by one,
And give thanks to Nature's God for the birth of each new day.

-Janice Sanford

Make the World a Better Place

We possess the power within ourselves to make the
World a better for ourselves and others......
We can do so by touching, first,
the lives of those around us for the better.
For, good things in life have a habit
of growing bigger with every life one touches.
And if in time enough lives have been touched
for the better by another passing through ~
The world itself will be changed for the better.

This Life is just the last step to everlasting life.....
Let us each in our own way do all we can to make
the world a better place for those living today,
and for those who are to follow in our foot steps........
Let each of us do our best that others may
benefit from what we leave behind.

Believing always that the roads we travel
were carved for us
by the better part of humanity who came before us,
to make the world a better place
for all man kind to live together .......

-Janice Sanford


A bitter tear, a glass of wine,
A good nights sleep to ease the mind~

A little laughter mixed with sorrow,
Prepares the heart for tomorrow~

A wish, a dream, a prayer
Are made more often in time of despair~

A loving heart broken in two
Will still possess
enough love to see one through~

A lifetime left behind makes room reluctantly,
Knowing not what the future will be in eternality~

A place to wonder, a place to run,
A place to rest ones weary soul,
When enough time has made one old,
And the things of the past

become the lost dreams of yesterday.

-Janice Sanford

Life's Waters

Life is a flowing river that never ends
A River so deep that sometimes
we forget where life begins,
until life's waters washes over our soul,
and touches our heart with human
compassion .

-Janice Sanford

A Spirit Set Free

I would rather be a spirit set free
then a candle in a cage...
For, I was born to fly before I die,
and sing before I cry.........
with passion and with rage............
I would rather my heart be
ripped from my breast,
Then live in a cage with nowhere
for my love to go.
I would rather be a spirit set free
to search for a dream that
I may never find..........
Then be a candle in a cage
living in my mind.

-Janice Sanford

Old Man Time

Old Man Time you have taken your toll
You have taken my future and made it my past
You have taken my moments of reality
and turned them to memories.......
seen only through fad glass.
You have stole from me those closest to my heart,
and moved them beyond my arm's reach.....
Old Man Time you have taken your toll
You have robed me of laughter and left me with tears...
You have given me today and taken the years....
Old Man Time you have touched my life
and made me old...........
While teaching me that true beauty is in the soul.

-Janice Sanford

Between Two Hearts

Let not anger rest with you in the night
And with its sweet-lies
Rob you of the sweetest dreams.....

For anger is not your friend,
And the heart cannot find the
comfort in anger's arms it needs to mend,
When forgotten is the mending power
of 'Understanding' w hen love is allowed
to make peace between two hearts.
A word said in anger wounds two hearts....
Let not anger rest with you in the night and

steal from you those precious moments of love.

-Janice Sanford

My Friend Is Always There

I have set on the edge if insanity
more times than I can count
And felt total despair
But, I knew in my heart I was not alone
My dearest friend was always there.......

I have walked the roads of misery
through miles and miles of tears
As I wondered aimlessly through the years
Searching for peace of mind
But, even then I was not alone
There was always my friend assuring me
that I had a reason to go on........
My life has taken me to times and places
I did not want to be
And my losses though they were many
Did not destroy the faith inside of me.......
For, my friend helped me to understand my pain
And through His goodness and kindness
Showed me how to live again.
Many do not know my friend
But ~He is always been there
to help us when our burdens
are more than one can bear.

-Janice Sanford

Love Always Comes First

Love always comes first....
How can it be otherwise?

When the day has ended
and the night is drawing near,
May the angels gather at your door....
to welcome you home....

One can be a friend or
one can be a foe
But no man can be both at the
same time.

The heart that has loved once
can love again~
For a heart that is capable of
loving the first time
knows the importance of love.

-Janice Sanford

In Worlds Unknown

It was not easy letting you go.......
Just a thought of past times together
is all that's left to fight the emptiness
created at such a loss to heart and life~

It was not easy letting you go
Knowing not where love's final
resting place will be when all is said
and done down here below~

But, My Love, as long as there is a breath in me,
I shall love you with a love that is true ........
And when I need to have you near,
I will take from my heart a memory of you
and cling to it until I cry myself to sleep.........
and awaken once more to the reality
that a memory is nothing more then a memory,
When someone you love has gone,
and is waiting somewhere out of reach..........
to hold you once more in worlds unknown.

-Janice Sanford

My Son

You are an example of one
of God's greatest gifts to me~
Your strength comes from deep within
call it "your inner beauty."
You have never shown self-pity,
though you have every right (by mortal standards)
to question why life thought it best to single
you out and place such a burden
on your shoulders...
Watching you grow up has been like watching
a miracle unfolding a little at a time......
right before my very eyes...
Your show of strength in your darkest days
has dried many a tear from my eyes.
There are no words that could do you justice........
Your heart (so filled with love) beats to an angel's tune......
How can one so young ,carrying such a heavy burden,
be so loving and forgiving toward others?
How often I have watched you hold your shield of
faith up high and thought
how blessed you have made my life........
My Angel~ My Dear Son.

-Janice Sanford

Each Day

In youth one lives each day thinking of tomorrows
And what can be done.
In old age one lives each day thinking of yesterdays
And what has been done.
In reality one lives each day one day at a time!

-Janice Sanford

The Gift of Understanding

What good are eyes that cannot see
The beauty of an imperfect rose?

What good are hands that only
Reach out to strip
But never to cloth?

What good are riches to a heart
that yearns for love?

What good is a world filled
with great things to a soul
Who's only desire is to obtain
treasures in heaven above?

What good is a promise made
when the intention of keeping
the promise is not there?

What good is a lifetime
when its lived in loneliness
with no one to care?

What good is ones God
without the faith to believe
in things greater than we are?

What good is anything
until we place value on it?

Eyes that cannot see the beauty
of an imperfect rose
Cannot see the value of
an imperfect man...............

For, the beauty of the rose
Like the beauty of mankind is
in the eyes of the beholder.

Hands that strip but never cloth
are the hands that tear down happy

Riches cannot feed a starving heart!

The greatness of the things
of the world are determined by the
greatness in mankind
And size of the world's heart........
Heaven's treasures are buried
inside man's soul.

The promise never kept
condemns the promise-maker.
Never make a promise when "I'll try"
will do.

A lifetime wasted in self-pity
calls loneliness on itself.
It is our faith in our God
that allows us to believe in, and do,
the impossible!
God's greatness in our life
depends on the faith that lives inside
of us.

Nothing has value to us
until we give it value.............

We as individual human beings
Determine the worth of the people
and things around us.

Every human being would do well
to remember the lessons that life has taught~
For life's lessons are spiritual lessons.
And what life teaches us only
we can know............
My tears have not been your tears!
Neither has your joy been mine!

-Janice Sanford


When there is a hurting deep down inside of you
Your world is not rosy
It's blue through and through
Take a look around you
and count all the loved ones that you get up for everyday.
Then the next time you are blue
Think of a lifetime~
Without all these loved ones to help you through..........

- Janice Sanford

The Survivor

Life you have shown me that you have many sides,
Not all of your sides have been sunny and bright
Not all of your sides
have reflected the love that I have sought~
But ,Life ,you with all your uncertainty
as to what path I would travel tomorrow
have taught me many things......
For it was in my most heartbreaking moments
that you taught me that nothing in this life
last forever~
It was in my weakest moments
that you showed me my hidden strengths~
It was in my moments of total despair
that you taught me to open my eyes
to the beauty of unconditional friendship~
Life, I have traveled your crocked paths,
and sank into your unpredictable sands.
I have traveled your winding roads, only
to find another side of you to tempt my soul
and test my faith ~
And every step of the way, I have come to realize
how blessed I have always been
to be able to just survive.

-Janice Sanford

Your Memory

In the stillness of the night
your memory
comes alive in my dreams~
And for a while I am set free
on the wings of things
I can only wish for when
the dawn pushes my night
with you back into yesterday,
and once more
the day has hidden you away.......
And my heart longs for the nighttime
when you come to me in my dreams....
And hold my hand all the while
I lay sleeping in your memory.

-Janice Sanford

Each Day

May each day grant to you
A new beginning~
That when the day is done
No regrets will lurk in the night.
May each day grant to you
A new beginning in all things
That you may never lose sight
of those things closest to your heart.

-Janice Sanford

Above All Things

May the whispers of the angels watching over you
guide in your time of need and always see you through;
May you always find happiness beneath angel wings-
And, May your heart be filled with love
Above all things....

-Janice Sanford

A Few Precious Moments

Have you ever just set quietly and listened to the
Sounds of the things around you:
a maple leaf hitting the ground,
making a little crackling sound~
The suns rays kissing the ground,
Making a sound that the soul dances too....
And found yourself thinking "what a beautiful tune,
Life plays....
When it thinks that no one is listening?"
Then caught yourself taking a closer look
at the tiniest of things: an ant, a bee, a butterfly~
Flowers of every color and hue,
Mr. Blue Jay in the birdbath
Doing what Blue Jays do.....
And for a few precious moments
felt a part of the everyday sights and sounds
that make the world go around?
A few Precious Moments
Well spent!
Being alone with self and the sights and sounds
That often we do not take the time to see,
hear and feel with our heart........
Because we live to fast, often times,
to take a moment or two to slow down
and enjoy life for life's sake.

-Janice Sanford

More Then Spirits Set Free

American heads are bowed in prayer
One year after that tragic day
When thousands: mothers~ fathers,
Sisters~ brothers,
Children~ and beloved friends
Were, suddenly, without warning
Taken away
When America was attacked from within.

America's eyes are filled with tears
One year after that tragic day
Because there are no words
That we can say
To explain the pride we feel inside
For our brothers ~ our sisters,
our fathers ~ our mothers ~All~
Our fellow countrymen who died
And in the twinkling of an eye
Became more then angels in Heaven's sky
~More then spirits set free
~More then just one man's memory.

As we gaze at the stars and stripes
Waving proudly in the sky,
Let every American Heart add the names of these departed souls
To our "list of heroes" and vow once more to keep their memory
Safe inside our American Heart and never let it die!

When the United States of America was attacked from within,
And as Heaven was welcoming more of our angels in
The American Spirit awoke~ And swore on the alter of God
~Never to sleep again!

-Janice Sanford



Regrets are for those who
Would rather wish then try.

-Janice Sanford

The Last Moments of a Lifetime

If but a few Moments of life were all I had left
I would spend each precious Moment with you~
As I lay dying in your arms,
With my last look my eyes would come to rest on you,
My Love~ With my last touch I would feel your
Heart beating next to Mine......
Your lips sweetness I would Savor as the last taste of the Worldly.........
And as your smell filled the air, with my last breath,
I would bid you, "Farewell, My Love- Until we meet again."

-Janice Sanford

A Broken Heart

A broken heart that time cannot heal
Is the heart broken by love~
That has lost its will to feel......
A heart that has given all it can
in caring for another
And found in love's tears
That love as real and true as love can be
Comes with no guarantee
That love alone will be enough
to keep two lovers together.

- Janice Sanford

The Destiny of Humanity

Before the earth was formed and filled with all good things
And man was created in God's image,

Before the first star twinkled in the Heavens
and the first wish was made upon the first falling star,

Before the first dawn welcomed the first day light
And the last ray of light faded into the first night;

Before the first breath of spring brought the flowers
and drenched the earth with the first April showers........

Love was......... the hands that shaped the destiny of humanity,
And left it's foot prints in the sands of time that when man kind
wondered lost in the darkness of his own ways he might look beyond the future back to the time

That love gently pushed him forward
Toward the things that God has prepared for him who believeth all things and hopeth all things in Jesus'
Sweet Name.........

Tho their hearts be broken, and their life be in shambles.-God loves us, each and everyone-
Let us with faithful hearts
Serve the purpose for which we were born.

-Janice Sanford

The Waters of The Nations

They are the light of the distant future
The way of tomorrow;
They possess within themselves
The best and the worst of humanity.
They are the lamps of all good things to come
They are the ways to a peaceful coexistence
where today there is division~
They are those human beings among us
who need defending today from the selfish foe~
Who do not understand their value as humans,
Or their worth to the years that lay ahead...
They are those precious flowers born,

and waiting to be born..........
Who needs only our love and understand
to meet our expectations........
They are the waters of the Nations.
Take care of them and they will in return
Take care of the Future.

-Janice Sanford

Faith is Fed

The air was thick with death's presents
When appeared an angel Heaven sent
In the maze of darkness....
And in that moment
I realized that Faith does have its part...
When our Faith is fed from the heart.

-Janice Sanford

Another Tomorrow

Today is what happened to yesterday
Another sun to bless our day ~And
Another first thought of another tomorrow.

-Janice Sanford


The air is so thick with stillness
That I can hear you breathing
as you sleep;
I can feel the thoughts
Contained in your dreams~
I can feel your breath
As you breathe in life
from another room.

The air is so thick with stillness
That I can hear your love
filling every empty corner
of my heart.......as I set
Looking out at the darkness
of the night~ and savor the peace
That you share with me,
As you sleep.

-Janice Sanford

Nothing Is Impossible

For but a moment let my heart
speak to you
of blessings and miracles
Of dreams and wishes, too.

Blessings are those persons
in our life
we know were not put there by mistake;

Miracles are those rare times in life
When we get to see the impossible
become a reality,
And we get another chance to believe
in something greater then ourselves......

Dreams are those goals we set for ourselves,
knowing that if our dreams are to come true
~we must strive to reach our dreams
in every thing we do....

Wishes are those things as children
we thought could only come true
if we made our wish on a falling star...

For but a moment let my heart speak to you
of blessings and miracles
Of dreams and wishes, too.
Nothing is impossible if we only believe.

-Janice Sanford

To Easy To Forget

Sometime when our heart is breaking
It is much to easy to forget
All the blessings
that came our way
On a brighter yesterday.

-Janice Sanford

My Thoughts

If a day begins with sunshine and ends
without a heartache and a tear.....
be thankful!
For, many shall not be so blessed.

The test of life cannot be passed
except by trial and error....
And if we fail, we only fail
for ourselves...For we alone
must bear the burdens .....
of our failures...
And we alone shall weep the rewards
that passing life's test shall bring.

If we look deep enough into the eyes
of our foe we may be surprised to see
a gentle soul....
reaching out to touch the gentleness
reflecting back from our own eyes.

- Janice Sanford

My Dearest Love

When the leaves fall from the trees,
Think of me when the skies release
its gentle breeze.......
Think of me When the day is done
and your love has nowhere to be .....
Think of me
And touch a memory.

When the leaves dance in the breeze........
know that life cannot give back to you
more then you and I have already shared...

Tho I be a memory ....
hed no tears for me.......
For, my Dearest Love, I left thee
in each moment that we shared.....
my Love ......For times such as these.

-Janice Sanford

When Lovers Part

My love, did you not hear me call your name,
as you knelt over my grass-covered grave?

Did you not feel the dew of my tears,
as you moved your fingers over my name engraved
in stone?

My love, did you not feel me in the wind
as my fingers stroked your beautiful face?

My love, did you not taste my kiss upon your lips
as your lips touched the stone?

My Dearest Love, many times your tears have
fell on the ground covering my grave, and each time
I have reached out to you-to draw you near to my soul.

My Love, no greater love has mortal known
then a love such as ours that lives on-when
lovers part-and one is gone.........

For, our love is sealed by death-and our love
is all that we have left~ until once more
we meet in worlds unknown to the flesh.

Dry your tears and live on~ for through the love
in your heart,
I stay with you, and will not forsake you~ until
you are ready to let me go.

-Janice Sanford

It's OK

It 's OK to cry every now and then
When you are in one of life's bends;
It 's all right to be weak every once in a while
When your heart is heavy
And you feel you are on your last mile;
It's OK sometimes to cry on the shoulder of another
When your heart has be broken
With only your tears to hold it together;
It's all right to love someone with all your heart
When time takes your love away
And leaves a bittersweet taste on your lips.......
It 's all right to be human when life gets you down,
For that is what being human is all about......
Falling down and getting right back up again.
Pushing away from, and drawing closer to one's heart.......

-Janice Sanford

Double Edged Sword

Revenge is a double edged sword
When it strikes out at the enemy-It seeks to destroy............

Revenge knows not the enemy's heart
And the blood of the innocent
........ Revenge cannot know!

Hate is revenge's heart........
And if man cannot control the anger
Revenge will play its part..............

Beware when you raise the sharpened blade of hate
Toward your fellow man~
Least you draw the blood from understanding......
Cut off Liberty's hands.........
And stain red Freedom's Shore.

Revenge is a double edged sword
Use it wisely if you must use revenge at all
Else what makes the hater any better then the hated?

-Janice Sanford

My Last Thought

Now, I sat me down to write
Before I bid the world good-night
If I should cry before I close my eyes
Let my true love this letter find....
That when his lips questions the sincerity

of my heart......... It shall ease his mind ,
In the years that lay ahead,
To find the answer
Written by my own hand.....
And find comfort in knowing
My last thought was of our love.

-Janice Sanford

Not One Regret

There have been times
when I thought that life was passing me by~

Moments when just gazing up at a blue sky
on the sunniest of days
Was enough to bring a tear to my eye~

Moments when my heart felt as though it had fail
to give you enough of the love that flows
an endless spring........inside of me
Moments when nothing and everything mattered~
Because we were apart

Moments when I would reach out
and touch your strong hand~
Needing so desperately to understand
How someone could be so lucky.......

There have been times when,
in evaluating my own life,
I have looked at you
And wondered why God would
give me such a precious gift~

And expect nothing in return
except I share my love with you
and cherish you all of my years.

My moments have been your moments
Let time bring what it may
Even with the hard times we have shared
Never,,,, No never.... one regret.
-Janice Sanford

Let Me Be Your Friend
When your heart is filled with sadness,
Don't let life get you down;
When your eyes are filled with tears of UN-forgiveness
You know where I can be found;

When your lips are sealed with life's bitterness
Your soul filled with emptiness
Let me be your friend......

Share with me your misery
Let my love fill your heart with happiness,
Degree by degree........

Let my love dry the tears from your eyes
Let me unseal the sweetness of your lips with a kiss

Let my soul for awhile feel your nearness....

-Janice Sanford


Our children are tokens of love
that you gave to me
And I received into my life
with an open heart.....
Aware that through each child
Love had done its part~
Love created our family
Each child A link in the chain of our love
who's only need is to be loved.......
with the same love
that brought them into being.

-Janice Sanford

Stilled In Eternal Sleep

If tomorrow never comes,
All unfulfilled dreams would linger
In eternal night
All un-kept promises would weep
Inside hearts stilled in eternal sleep
All yesterdays would linger as twinkling stars
endlessly bonding with memories gone by
Beneath the earth~ above the sky........
All love fore filled and not
Will gather into a chain
And tie itself into a tightly woven knot
Until love is beating as one heart.

-Janice Sanford

Will Not Give Up

I will not give up,
Though the tears roll down my cheeks like a gentle rain.
I will keep my Faith in my God
Until the smile crosses my lips again.

I will not give up,
Though my heart is weary through and through.
I will turn to my Father in Heaven
For His love, and guidance, too.

I will not give up,
Though the world has gone astray.
I will walk the path to Heaven
Angels showing me the way.

I will not give up,
Until my Spirit is Home.
I will Stand up for my God, my Jesus,
If it means I must stand alone.

-Janice Sanford

Thoughts on Life

Life has its ups and downs~
Human footsteps can be traced to every high and through every low~

Life does not care
If I stay or go~

Life can only be where I am, or, wherever I will be.

Life, its good~ its bad,
Can only live through me.......
Life, my life, while it is not perfect, it suites me to a tee.........

As long as there is life in me
there is reason to live.

-Janice Sanford


With each day that passes by
I feel your loneliness,
And share your joy~
Though you will never know
the many times
My wings have protected you
from life's storms,
I have reached out to you
and touched the realm of your life
As an angel passing through~

I have reached out to you
in your hour of darkness
throughout the years
I have put my arms around you,
and wiped away your tears........

I have listened
as you questioned life
And tried to help you understand~
I have watched over you with care
And always held tightly to your hand.

Tho, you never knew that I was there~
I listened to your prayers
And when you needed a friend
to lighten the load that you bear,
I was there ~
for you to lean on
Until you could carry it on your own.

-Janice Sanford

Our Children-God's Angels

When God's angel took them away
The stars fell down from heaven that day
Eternal night fell over the earth
Where once they stood our sunshine-

When God's angels through their wings around them
In our world
They became our memories-alive in our hearts,
Living inside of us-Reminding us every moment of everyday
of the beauty that lives in the darkness-Waiting to be reunited with us
In Spirit and in Soul.

When we speak of the darkness where our angels stay,
We share heartache's tune
From the heart of mothers and fathers who's children
Were taken much to soon.
For those who have never searched the darkness,
Or lost such a precious treasure-Hold closer to your bosom that beautiful child
who brings your heart so much joy-For tomorrow's misfortune may not pass you by....

Love each child............as we have loved our own
That there may be no regrets when heaven welcomes
Another bit of sunshine home.

-Janice Sanford


When the coldness from my broken heart
causes a tear to fall~
I think of how warm your heart has always been
and picture your smiling face, until
I, myself, can smile again.
For your strength has always been
my pillow of strength.
And that is why I know
even though you are an angel today,
I will one day smile again.

-Janice Sanford

Angel Flowers

Whenever I am feeling low,
I know a place that I can go
Where I can unwind
and follow the flow~
It is a place where love lives
and angel flowers grow.

Whenever I am feeling low
Down memory lane my thoughts go
to another time where just being alive
Set my world aglow.

Whenever I am feeling low
From my garden of precious memories
I choose a bouquet of angel flowers
from their place inside my heart
I think on them for a while~
Of all the wonderful times
That lay behind~
Then, I realize that the lows in my life
Are a small price to pay
For the memories shared with my angel-flowers today.

-Janice Sanford


Though the sky is filled with the color of gray,
The sun is just hiding, not gone away.
And, though the water runs muddy today
The clear water will wash the dirty water away,
When the tears are wiped away....

The sky will be brighter
and the water will sparkle again
For when the heart is dulled with pain
The eyes see darkness in everything...
Until we remember "life is what we make it" and
Open our heart and let our love sing.

When you look beyond yourself
You can see in the distance
the hope for happiness.
Making its way
into the darkest day.

Wipe those tears away
and smile
for all is still right with the world
as it will be again with you.

-Janice Sanford


The beauty that we look to see
and often cannot find
is the hidden beauty
of mankind;
We can look near
we can look far
But often over look
the beauty where we are;
For the lasting beauty
is not the kind
one sees with mortal eyes
that fads with time~
True beauty
we can only find
with our heart~
And once our heart
has touched the beauty
of another's soul~
That beauty
leaves us
but molds itself
into our heart....
Until we
ourselves possess
the kind of beauty
Is always where we are
Because we create the beauty
within ourselves.

-Janice Sanford


Don't think to sneak in like a thief in the night
And take man's soul away~
For the angels with sharpen blades stand ready
To crush evil night and day.
Don't think to trick the heart of man
to turn love into hate
For you shall taste the blood of my heart
And only hasten fate.
Don't think to trick the innocent,
or fool God's best~
For even the weakest among men
Shall in his humbleness be tested
And stand a rock against the storm
Conquering the enemy
who seeks to do him harm.
Don't think, in your wicked mind,
that evil shall prevail~
For goodness is not blind~
And truth In all its glory
Shall raise the veil of deceit
send your blacken-soul straight to hell.

-Janice Sanford


Some say that life is like
a dark storm
that never ends
that when one rain storm is over
Another waiting its turn begins.
Others say that life is an eternal spring
flowing from deep within
that washes over onto everything
to replenish the soul of men.
I believe that we are the water
And that our place in life
is our rainbow.
That if we can find a little faith
enough to weather the storm
the giver of our faith will help us
find that beautiful rainbow
needed to help our spirits grow.

-Janice Sanford

An Angel Is There

Every time a child cries
A n Angel hastens to dry his eyes.
Every time a child folds his hands in prayer
An Angel is there.
Every time a child takes a step into tomorrow
An Angel is there holding back the sorrow.
Every time a child dreams
An Angel is there to guard his soul.
Every time a child tastes life's bitterness
An Angel is there with love sweetness.
Every time a child suffers
An Angel cries
And every time a child dies
A. Mother and A. Father cry........

-Janice Sanford


What would it matter to me
this thing called life
If I had to live my life
for another?
While 'tis true that
love brings people together,
Where is life's truth
what worth is love
if for one moment
it strips me of
my own self worth?
Would it not be more kinder
to rip my heart
from inside of me
Then for your love
to kill me by degrees?
This thing called life
Does not exist for you nor I.
Life exist for life.......
And if I give my love to you
Must I give to you my life?
Cannot we love from the deepest
part of our heart
And still respect
each other's differences?

-Janice Sanford


I use to think that the world
was filled with more then enough love to go around;
That everyone out there
Was a friend waiting to be found;
That even though people were different
And I did not know each and every name
As far as being human
we were all the same;
Yes, I once believed in fairy tells
And thought that every lifetime
had a happy ending,
Until I grew up and realized
that this is not a perfect world
And even though there still
is enough love to go around
love sometimes takes longer
getting to some then others;
That fairy tells don't come true
But that the dreams we dare to believe in do.
That if we hold to the lessons
we learned in our youth
Even the things we think impossible
~can come true.

-Janice Sanford


Faith..... What can I say about faith?
Faith is the thing that makes us smile
when our hearts are breaking in two;
Faith is the thing that gives us strength
To do what we have to do;
Faith is the thing we seem
to have so much of
when we have so little of everything else.
Faith~ What can I say about faith?
Faith is my shield from life's storms
In faith I wonder onward
not worrying what the day may bring...
For my faith can't withstand anything.
Even when my heart is sad
And my mortal eyes can see no hope
My faith reminds me "to believe
in the things that I cannot see."
To believe with all my heart in
all things good.

-Janice Sanford


Here is my hand tho you cannot see it
I have placed it upon your shoulder
That you may feel my presence
when you need a friend.
And if you feel a tug on your heart
from time to time
don't try to figure it out
Just accept the warm that it leaves behind.
And if you look behind
in the years that lay ahead
you will find me waving at you
from the distant past.....
Where we met in the realm of our minds.

-Janice Sanford


It seems like only yesterday
That life lay at our feet~
as we journeyed along life's way.
O those star lit nights
we shared holding hands
and making plans
for our beautiful future together
looking back now I know
not one moment did you and I waste
when our love was first planted
deep within our young hearts......
For with each season that came and went
We grew closer and our love intertwined
with everything our lives together touched.
O and those wonderful days we shared
smiling knowingly at each other
Some how knowing that when tomorrow came
It would find you and I together.
And our love in every area of our lives.
Time matters not for you and I
For you and I are all that matters to "us."
And our love is as wonderful today
As it has always been from the first
"I love you" that we shared.

-Janice Sanford


There is a feeling in the air today
that reaches deep into my soul
comforting my dismay
reminding me that life
changes for the better everyday
and reassuring me
that all the help the world
will ever need
is only a prayer away.

-Janice Sanford


My child, your life lay before you
with hope and promise
My life lay behind me
quite and still~
living only in my memory.

My child, your dreams await you
to make them come true
My dreams live in yesterday
and are wrapped up in you.

My child, your true love waits
in your tomorrow
to hold you close to his beating heart
my love has been with me
all of my days......
I feel his beating heart
Even when we are a part.

My child, there are lessons in life
that shall present themselves to you along life's way
Some will test your heart
~others will test your soul.
Remember these words that I tell you
When the tests seem to hard for you to bare
God, will always send a friend in our time of need
With one of life's lessons to share.

-Janice Sanford


When I leave this life
let me leave my love
That another
making the journey through
might find it
and carry it
safely inside their heart
Until it comes their time to depart.
Then my life would have served
the purpose for which I was born
~And I shall rest in peace.

-Janice Sanford


Life is full of surprises
One day all is well
the next day life
is a living hell.........
But, let us remember
When the day is dark
to light a candle
in our heart.....
For~ it has been said
"every cloud
has a silver lining."
" a broken heart
will heal in time."
"Into every life
a little rain must fall."

-Janice Sanford

Which Road

Which road should I take
Which way should I go
My life is a mess
I just don't know?
Don't know what I will do
without you with me wherever I go.
You were my heart beat
my dream come true
my whole world
was wrapped up in you.
Which road should I take
Which way should I go
My life is a mess
I just don't know?
Wherever I end up
I know I will be much strong
then I am today.
For you are my weakness
And if I can survive loving you
I can survive whatever
tomorrow brings.

-Janice Sanford


I have had those moments
when my heart beat out the path of my life~
Where doing anything different then what my heart craved
Was sure to bring me mental strife.

I have had those minutes
when everything was sunny and bright
Where the darkness seeped in
And turned out love's light.

I have had those hours
When laughter abound
Where in come heartache
And touched everything around.

I have had those years
of tasting the sweetness of life
spiced with my lonely tears.

I have had those memory
that brought me happiness
Only to have them disappear
For seemly no reason at all.

I have had a lifetime
to figure out
that when tomorrow comes
I still won't know all that life is about.

-Janice Sanford


If I miss the chance to do
something good for someone today
That chance will be gone
Never again to come my way~
For the deeds that I could have done
and the things I did not say~
May have helped someone
in need yesterday
to face another day.

-Janice Sanford


As I feel the warmth in the air
I realize, as my heart beats to life's tune~
That even in the winter time
The coldest heart
Can be touched by the Spring.

-Janice Sanford


Would You?

How can the heart that once loved
love no more?
How can a need for love seize to be?
Has not love from yesterday
possess the power
to spill over into this day?
Is love to be given only
to be taken away?
Cannot being loved once
be enough?
Is not a single taste of love
enough for your hungry soul?
Would you take all the love
this world has to offer, and
leave so many wanting for love?
Or, would you break a piece of love
from your own heart
And~ share it with a lonely soul?

-Janice Sanford

Janice's Thoughts

Never give in to the lower side of one's self
For it a long climb back up to your old self.

Everyone feels the humanness in the air
its just that some breathe the humanness in
and other's hold their nose.

Why is this day any different then yesterday?
It is another step toward tomorrow.

Sad? Don't be...........
Go outside and take in Nature's God's beauty.
For it will awaken the joy
in just being alive.

-Janice Sanford


I hear their laughter
just outside my door~
As children, together, pretend
to walk through time
and become all the things
that their young minds can dream.
And my mind pondered the time
when my laughter mingled
with youths dreams,
When I too walked through time.
I hear, again, the laughter
of children outside my door
And I felt their laughter in my heart
As never before.

-Janice Sanford


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be
Someone totally opposite then who the mirror let's you see?
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to feel
through another's touch the things in life that you miss so much?
Longed to listen through another's ears to words of endearment
that you know in your heart is heaven sent
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see the world
through another's eyes of another, smell the rose with another's nose
or taste the rain with another's lips?
Have you ever in all of your wondering realized that it is a more wondrous thing
to feel those things closest to ones own heart,
to smell the roses from ones own flower garden
to hear the voices of our own loved ones
to taste the sunshine and the rain from ones own day
To love and lose love then never to have loved along life's way.

-Janice Sanford


It is not the words in a poem
That give the poem its power to jump
into the reader's heart~

Words alone cannot
touch a soul~

Like a rainbow after the rain...
The kiss of one's heart
Poetry moves
love within the reach of all humanity.

-Janice Sanford


I have walked
many a long
and tiring road~
and been made strong
though I carried a heavy load
because of my will to carry on
And something inside of me
that refused to allow me
to cheat the world
of any good that I might do.
As a caring soul passing through
Enduring life's ups and downs
That the love that has always
shown itself to me
might also show itself to you.

-Janice Sanford


Lord, help me to see
when my heart is breaking so
That nothing is perfect
Down here below;

Lord, help me to smell the
the sweetness in all things
And Lord
Allow me to touch the beauty
And feel life's beating soul;

Lord, help me to understand
the reasons for being
a little at a time
as I grow old in peace of mind;

Lord, help me to help myself
That in doing so
I might help others
Who are struggling to grow.

Lord, before I close
I have one last thing to say
With you in my life
I learn something new everyday.

-Janice Sanford

Night time Thoughts

Light your candle and hold it high
that all who see it may wonder
at its radiance, and warm by its light.

-Janice Sanford

For a troubled heart

May your trouble depart.
For a wondering mind
May peace you find.
For a broken spirit
May love fix it.
For a lost soul
May faith
make you whole.

-Janice Sanford


The days are much shorter now
then they use to be~
The hours now seem
like moments to me~
As each day turns into years
I cannot remember yesterday's moments
Without tasting bittersweet tears~
And as another moments slips past
I glance at the moment
And see a lifetime
Fading with the years.
-Janice Sanford


Look at the world as it is
It is more then a broken promise;
For as long as you can look at the world
and see the things in it~
There is hope yet;
It is only when our pain
causes us to forget
how good that life can be
how much love has been in it
that all is lost that could have been
if only we had not given up,
On finding the courage to live again.
Look at the world the way it is
It is more then a broken promise.
For, as long as you can look at the world
And see the things in it
There is hope yet.

-Janice Sanford


If everyone stopped caring
all at the same time
can you imagine
the shock of
waking up one day
to the emptiness
created by our own

-Janice Sanford


Why not believe in yourself
and get on with your life
when mistakes have been made
and you have lived through the strife;

Why not hold your head up high
along with the best
You can't change what's already done
Everything in life is a test;

A test of how much we are willing to learn
And how much our soul
is willing to allow us to forget...

Why not believe in a better tomorrow
And accept that yesterday
with all its heartache and sorrow
was a small price to pay
For the happiness
in your life today.

Why not believe with your heart
that everything happens for a reason
good and bad~ like love and hate
have their time~ and last their season.

-Janice Sanford


As I walked down the roads of my life
not knowing where my life would lead~
I often stumbled and sometimes I fell
Those were the times that tested my soul
But never was I completely alone
Strangers became my friends
each in turn sharing with me
unknowingly ~the wisdom of their years.
Now, as strange as it may sound,
I learned a lot about caring
from some of the most caring souls on earth
who contributed ~in ways they will never know,
to who I am today-
Strangers who helped me to see my own self worth,
And helped a young girl to grow.
Though I did not know it at the time
Those strangers,
I met along life's way,
stayed a part of my life,
stayed with me in my heart
and in my mind. And became
some of my most cherished friends~
Separated only by time.

-Janice Sanford


Not every day begins with smiles
Some days begin with tears
Other days begin with questions
Still other days begin with fears
Not every day begins smiles
But the days that begin
with heartfelt prayers
Have a way of drying the tears
Answering the questions
And calming the fears.

-Janice Sanford


We are all in this world together
Whether we live far away,
very near, or right next door
We should love one another.
We should try harder for
We should all pull together.
For ~if I pull one way
you pull another
allowing our differences
to keep us a part
How can we ever know
all the many ways that we are alike~
If we never give understanding its chance to grow?

-Janice Sanford


Today's children are tomorrow leaders~
It is their voices that will teach, preach, and judge
the things of the future.
It is their minds that shall accomplish
the greater things that we shall leave undone.
It is their hearts that shall fill the world with the love
that this generation shall leave behind.

When we look into the face of a child
We look tomorrow directly in the face.
When we touch the life of a child
We touch tomorrow.

-Janice Sanford


There is hope
When you think you're at
The end of your rope
And no one cares~
That your life is a mess
You are crying inside
And you've done the best
that a person can do~
There is hope
for the worst of times
If you search for that hope
that lives inside of you.

-Janice Sanford


A beautiful day~ A beautiful day,
But not for the ugliness
We create from our loneliness.

Like a whisper heard by the angels
so is a falling tear heard by the heart.

You are never alone but by choice~

Don't judge to harshly those you do not know
Like me~ All search for peace of soul~
And the best of things to help understanding grow.

-Janice Sanford


When the day comes and goes
leaving nothing behind
And taking nothing with it
Only the angels in Heaven know
why the sun rose so high
Only to sank so low.

-Janice Sanford


With your sweet name on my lips
And love's arrow through my heart
I will close my eyes
And lose myself in my dreams....
And welcome your nearness
for another night
And, until morn
With you laying next to me
in my dreams
I shall love you ~O so gently,
before daylight comes
~to take you from me.

-Janice Sanford


An empty hand waits for
another's hand to hold;
A tear stained face
waits for a smile to unfold;
A broken heart waits for love
to come and fill its soul.
O if only another's hand,
an unfolding smile
and enough love to
mend one broken heart
was all that was needed
to bring you happiness
I would gladly give these things
to you~ my unknown friend.
For these are the things that cost one
nothing and mean so much in the end.

-Janice Sanford


There is hope
When you think you're at
The end of your rope
And no one cares~
That your life is a mess
You are crying inside
And you've done the best
that a person can do~
There is hope
for the worst of times
If you search for that hope
that lives inside of you.
-Janice sanford

The length of the day

May each day be a reminder
of all the things
That brought joy to your life~
May each hour be a reminder
of the heart it takes to live in time of strife~
May each passing moment
be a reminder of
how fast a day slips away?
And once the morning is gone
and night time falls
Remember that the length of the day
depends on how long
it lingers in our memory.
-Janice Sanford


I carry my heart on my sleeve
for all the world to see~
In hope that love from my heart
might stain the hearts of those
who's hearts have grown cold
waiting for some kind of assurance
that someone in the world still cares.
For if I hide the love that lives inside of me
How would anyone, besides me,
know how much love lives there?
There will always be reason to hope
When love shows the would it cares.

- Janice Sanford


'Tis Mother's Day 2002
my thought of "Mother"
belongs to you.
Mother, the one who was
always there for me
when no other
wanted to be~
Mother, the one who
always saw good in me
when I could see
no good in myself~
Mother, the one who
showed me
always with love
the beautiful things in life
that awaited me-If, I was strong enough
to believe in all that
I can be.

Thank you Mother
FOR loving me.

-Janice Sanford
(May 12, 2002)

In Memory of my Mother
Maxine (Hodges) Manning
1930- 1987

Another rip in my heart today

I stood there looking down at you
as you lay there fighting
your demons knowing
there was nothing
that I could say
that would lighten
the burden that you carried
inside of you
those we shared our tears
that was not enough
no that was not enough
And now I can picture you
lying there all alone
because some where in your life
you lost your way and the will to go on.
I can feel you laying there on that bed
with tears again falling from your eyes
And I can feel the darkness of the night we share.

-Janice Sanford


If one hates a thing to much,
And~ if one is not careful
One may become one
With the things one hates~
For life is not always kind
to those who allow hate
to over shadow
their good judgment.
It is true! To love
is to grow in understanding~
To hate is to destroy oneself
by degrees.
If you must hate turn that hate
towards those who inflict pain,
and suffering on the timid and
the weak.

-Janice Sanford


I remember how it use to be
Mother Dear
When you were here with me
Before God took you to heaven
And set your spirit free.

I remember how hard you worked
To raise us children to know the meaning of "family"
I remember the times when even your silence
Had a lot to say to me.

I remember how it use to be
Mother Dear
When you were here with me
Before God took you to Heaven
And set your spirit free.

I remember how you never minded
doing anything that made life a little better for others
I remember wanting to grow up and be just like you Mother Dear
I remember all the things you taught me by action and deed
about the importance of Mothers.

-Janice Sanford


The flames from your eyes
burnt into my own
sending sparks of warmth
throughout my being
And for one firry moment
Our hearts were touched by love
Conceived when
our lonely eyes met
and we shared a moment.

-Janice Sanford


Did I forget to tell you
before you went away~
That forever will never
mar my beautiful memories of you
That I acquired from
Sharing life with an angel in disguise~
Did I forget to tell you
Before you earned you Heavenly wings~
That your love for me and my love for you
is by far enough to help me through?

How could I forget when
These are the things my angel
Always knew?
How is it possible to forget
Who is a part of you........?

-Janice Sanford

The length of the day

May each day be a reminder
of all the things
That brought joy to your life~
May each hour be a reminder
of the heart it takes to live in time of strife~
May each passing moment
be a reminder of
how fast a day slips away?
And once the morning is gone
and night time falls
Remember that the length of the day
depends on how long
it lingers in our memory.

-Janice Sanford


Mothers and Fathers:
Take those little hands
that are reaching out to you today~
And lead the children forward
with deeds of love and kindness,
As you guide them on their way~
that when it comes their time to lead
they too might lead
their children
With deeds of love and kindness
That in the end
Peace may fill every home
And love might fill every heart
Through the deeds
That Mothers and Fathers
have done
a daughter or a son.

-Janice Sanford


Mother~ there was magic in your voice
when you spoke gently
and my fears disappeared;

Mother~ there was magic in your touch
when I hurt
And you kissed my pain away;

Mother~ there was magic in your eyes
as they watch over me
day and night;

Mother~ there was magic in your love
as you wrapped your love around me
And held me o so tight;

Mother~ there was magic for me
where ever you and I went
And now that you are gone
I know that magic was Heaven sent.

-Janice Sanford


Take heart when you see
the sun coming up in the morning
For wrapped in all of that light is the day;

Take heart when you see the sun going down
For the night is time for rest ,
and reflecting on the day~ as it readies itself
to welcome tomorrow.

Take heart in everything you do
For even in the darkest time
A little heart will see you through.

-Janice Sanford


Hate like love has many faces
Hate is found in many places

Hate is found in a heart that
Is broken in two
When the dream of love
don't come true.

Hate is found in a life
that's filled with strife
When loneliness pierces
the heart like a knife.

Hate can be found
in the things that rob us
of our happiness
~Standing next to love.

-Janice Sanford

Water My Soul

Inside, my heart beats
count the moments
~as if to lose one
Would turn me from the course
for which I was born~

Outside, my eyes behold
the earth and all things in it
But what I see
cannot be seen
by anyone but me.....

Life is not always as sweet
as I would like life to be...
But like a rose quenching
its thirst with the morning dew
My life is sweeter
Just knowing I have you
.... and your love, to water my soul...

-Janice Sanford


Yesterday seem so
filled with breaking hearts
of every size;
Trembling hands and teary eyes
silent thoughts and painful cries;
Hours that seem never to end
As the earth reached up to touch the skies.
Then night time came ~I closed my eyes
And awoke in the morn to find
That the newness of the day
Had brought me peace of mind.
And my heart filled with joy
At leaving all that misery behind........
Reach up and touch the skies
And dry your teary eyes remembering always
We get through the days
One moment at a time.

-Janice Sanford


It is a new day
Filled with things to see
And do~
May each and every moment
hold a blessing just for you.
And may you find
peace of mind
that will carry through
Into tomorrow.

-Janice Sanford


Tears that stain the heat
~darken Life:
For a troubled heart
which weeps alone,
Knows not
Kindness of Humanity~

For darkness is not the night
To the untrusting "It is
The blackness of one's soul
~as reflected by his eyes~
Which keeps one in darkness!

Wisdom, knowledge, understanding

A man seeking wisdom
Must first open closed doors
For experience makes man wise~
And he who dares to enter in
has the knowledge of those within~
For the doors of one's life, the
effects of entering and leaving
leaves man with bitter memories
or sweet understanding~

The painfulest things in life
are giving up things or loved ones
We do not own ~given to us on loan.

For life is a test that ends at the grave.
As those who keep faith endure all
Faithfully waiting for Heaven's Call~

-Janice Sanford

I recently found these writings. I didn't change anything.
Because this was me 10 years ago.

Every human being will define life differently
because of individual beliefs.
These beliefs
are arrived at through
experiences or from listening to others.

Life is the time spent
Between birth and death.

Before life~ is life before birth
Now life~ is life between birth and death
After life~ is life after death
Life is~ before, between
and after.
-Janice Sanford
(Jan 6, 1992)


I see you in the brightest star
Blowing kisses from afar;

I see you waving from the moon
Telling me we will be together soon;

I see you when I dream at night
Telling me things will be alright;

I see you in each ray of sun
Telling me your work was done;

I see you running with the wind
Playing catch the star with heaven's children;

I see you in everything everywhere
Telling me that until we are together again
You will be waiting when I get there...........

I see you my children with your faces a glow
Resting in Heaven where angels go.

-Janice Sanford


Forgive me if I pry,
I never meant
To make you cry;
Tho we are strangers
And have never came eye to eye
Our spirits have introduced us
As friends.

-Janice Sanford


I cry when I see another cry
I get angry when I see the strong
attacking the weak;
That is my only excuse
for reaching out;
I know what hurting is all about~
I know there is an evil in this world
that would divide the spirit from the soul;
That would keep blind the eyes
within the bosom of mankind
That allows our heart to feel
another's suffering.

-Janice Sanford


Beyond this moment,
Only, thoughts can go beyond reality....
Beyond this moment ,worry as we will,
Tomorrow watches and time waits~ still;
Beyond this moment
There is nothing the hand can touch
There is nothing the heart can love
For all is in the moment we are in.

-Janice Sanford


I was born poorer then dirt
But it didn't hurt;
I loved to play in the dirt---
Making mud-pies
was an everyday thing;
I never thought because my clothes were old,
And, I could only admire a pair of shoes on another's feet
That my life would not unfold
any different then the kids next door;
When one is so happy, being poor.
Who in their right mind could ask for anymore.

-Janice Sanford


This moment is all that we have
This moment is ours
to do with it what we will;
We can dream of tomorrow
We can wish for a dream come true
But until this moment is gone
and the moment when your dream comes
is upon you~
This moment is the moment
in which dreams can come true.

-Janice Sanford


Sleep is calling, "Come and rest your weary soul."
My mind replies," I cannot. My heart is heavy...."
I hear the breathing of an angel laying asleep
On the couch next to me.
I look over to where the angel lay
And my heart says a thankful prayer
For my angel laying there.

-Janice Sanford

Another Love

When I saw the tears in your eyes,
My heart weep,
To think my love had caused you such pain
But, when you said the tears were not for me
that from time to time another love crosses your mind,
My tears turned to glass
I could not stand to hear your voice speaking of such things;
Then you reminded me that our love is the here and now.
And my heart knew well the truth of your words.
As I kissed your tears away,
I tasted your love......

-Janice Sanford


Tho, distance is far
And time divides,
I find you in a thought
And love you with my
heart ~my friend.

-Janice Sanford


When we lose someone who is close to our heart,
Their sudden departure tears us apart;
We regret we didn't get the chance to say good-bye,
We think of all the things that never got said,
And of all the things we were planning to do together
But never quite got around to doing; And we cry.
We think about all the times we wasted
And wish we had had one more day
To set together, and share things heart to heart
Just the little things that made your life mean so much to us,
That we never took the time to say......
As we set and morn your going away.

-Janice Sanford


I went to pay a bill today,
And a friend she did say,
'I have something for you
But you must promise you
will not cry."
"O.k. I won't cry...I did a lot of
crying in the by and by."
With a sad look on her face
She handed me an envelope
filled with memories.........
I thanked her for reminding me
That your memory lives on in the
hearts of all who knew and loved you;
And then I took more memories of you
home with me..
where they have always been.

-Janice Sanford


Together, we share life's plate of joy,
And drink from life's cup of tears,
As we travel down life's roads,
With only our faith and each other
To share our heaviest loads.

Together, we walk hand in hand
And heart in heart ,
Knowing, when life's roads get rough
We are never far apart.

Together, we travel life's roads
(my loved ones and friends)
Each footstep safe and sure~
Knowing that as long as we walk
through life together, we will endure.

-Janice Sanford


My heart is so heavy as I think of all your pain;
What can I do? What can I say?
That will make your pain go away?
Am I to blame? Did I let you down?
Did you need me and I wasn't around?
Can you forgive me for not always
being there for you?
My heart is so heavy I just want to cry;
If only I knew what was wrong with you,
I might be able to figure out what to do....
You are such a good person you really are
You were my first born
This mother's first star...........

-Janice Sanford


Let's Remember the happiness
That the years gone by gave to us;
Let's remember its joy and laughter;
Let's remember our sweetest times~
Let our memories cheer us;
When our sunshine turns to rain~
There is hope in tomorrow
When happiness follows sorrow.

Let's remember the lessons
That life has taught our souls;
As we awake in the morn
And continue toward our life's goals.

-Janice Sanford


Can one see a child's tears
And not be touched?
If, man would but look
at all humanity as a child
wondering throughout
the earth ~ looking,
With tears in its' eyes
for someone to dry its tears
Would we not be touched
To see the core of our being
reflecting back at us
from the soul within the tears.....
Would we not look upon all humanity
Much kinder in the coming years?

-Janice Sanford


Lord, you were there when I needed a shoulder to cry on;
You were there when all else was gone...
When I lost my way, didn't know which way to go
Lord, you were always there, and you seem to always know,
For, not just once, but, many, many times
I have walked in the light from your glow;
Lord, you were always there for me
anytime night and day;
When I was alone and had no one to hold on too,
I could always count on you
To wrap me in your loving arms
Until my loneliness went away.
For, your presence in my life
My heart is O so Thankful, night and day.

-Janice Sanford


There will be peace
When each of us realize
that we each have a part to play;
Bad can only exist
If good allows bad to stay.....
We can hate those we do not know
But that is not the way of love.
We can blame others for our mistakes
but in the end we our self
Will carry the blame.
There will be peace
When each of us realize
We are all in this life
When the least of us hurt
it touches the soul of all.....
Deny as we will the part we must play
Peace awaits! Peace awaits!

-Janice Sanford


I walked alone beside the sea
My soul lost inside of me
Watching the waves cutting into the shore
Searching the shoreline for something more
My eyes rested on the sun disappearing into the sea
The sight of the new moon dangling in the sky
Renewed the hope inside of me
Melted all of my doubts away, and
Raised my soul from inside of me
To walk with me beside the raging sea......
Until that moment alone with myself
I had found no peace inside of me.

-Janice Sanford


If trouble comes my way
I will stand my ground,
Until another day
When trouble cannot to be found;

For, trouble can only get the upper-hand,
If, I (alone) fail to stand;
If, I (alone) do not
Do what I know to be right
Then I alone must endure the fight.

If one turns his cheek enough times
He soon learns to speak his mind...
In defense of himself.

-Janice Sanford


'Tis like a night without the stars
an angel without wings~
A falling star that never lands
A mother without a child~
A heart that has never beat
A runner without feet~
'Tis like an eternity wrapped
inside a moment~
A love letter never sent~
A world in motion turned
up side down~
A life pasted on
That is not gone~
'Tis like nothing my heart
Has ever know.......

-Janice Sanford


b. April 29,1971 ~d. May 6, 1993)

Has it been nine years since you went away?
To my heart it seem like only yesterday
That I carried you inside my womb
That I watched you take your first step
That I heard you say your first word ("Mama")
That I watched you grow from my baby
Into a beautiful young lady~
That you and I awaited the wedding day
That was to have taken place
Two weeks after you went away.
Has it been nine years since you went away?
To my heart,
We have always been together,
We have never been apart.

-Janice Sanford

'Tis A Beautiful Day

'Tis a beautiful day
When I open my eyes
to all the blessings that surround me...
The sun kiss up on my home
The sound of birds singing their song
A husband who loves me
All the day long
And the precious sound
of children laughing
As the day unfolds anew.
'Tis a beautiful day all the day long
Because God and love live here too.

-Janice Sanford


Once I was a wild rose
Searching for the sun to help me grow
As time came and went
I found the sun
In the twinkling of a flowers eye
I drink in the sunshine
And became a rambling rose
Searching for a loving heart
To change me into a forget me not.
In the twinkling of a flowers eye
Love sprang up all around me
When a handsome spider-plant happened by.

-Janice Sanford


How much blood will it take
How many innocent souls must die
When will man ever learn
To live in PEACE

The blood will run red
until hate and ignorance is dead
The innocent will suffer and die
Until love raises its head
Consumes all the bitter memories away....
And every starving soul,
By the grace of God~ has been fed.

-Janice Sanford


If my thoughts made you think
One poem made you shed a tear
Or brought a smile to your lips,
Then, my soul shall forever
Praise God for the time we
Shared together~
For, what greater love can one
Entrust to the world,
Then it be ones own love?

When dark times come
remember me as a caring soul
Who dared to reach beyond
What mortal eyes can behold
To touch a heart with love, and leave
Footprints of another caring soul
On the Sands of Humanity~
That in the lonely times
You will not feel so alone.
Remember me kindly~
After I am gone.
As I shall remember
The meeting of our souls.

-Janice Sanford


When one's heart is filled with love,
The heart over rules the mind~
And the things we thinks should be done
are pushed aside
to make room for the things
that at first seemed so unimportant...
Until distance made the heart grow fonder.

When one's heart is filled with unchained-love
Love will have its own way~
When we want to run away
Love will bids us "stay"
And our heart smiles
As it sends love on its way.

Love is stronger then hate.
And in time Love will conquer all.

-Janice Sanford


Without life life would not be
I once questioned my worth
And found life's value inside of me~
Like a child I hungered for life
I drink in the beauty
of everything
I touched God's creations with wonder
And felt the pureness of the rain
As I grew to womanhood
My heart clung to the good
For I dare not tarnish
In memory
All the beautiful times
That meant so much to me.

Life is the gift from God
With our heart
We can see the beauty and
We can become the beauty
for others to see.

-Janice Sanford


Here is my hand
take it
and where you lead me
I will follow....

Here is my heart
take it
For without you
it would no longer beat....

Here is my love
take it
And wherever you go
Think of me.

For until the end of eternity
I shall remember
The warmth that went through me
As you held my hand.
I shall remember
Your heart beating against my breast
And, I shall cherish
The love that you left with me
That tugs at my heart
And lives in my memory.

-Janice Sanford


The day has came and gone
And the night falls over me
As I stand alone,
Beneath the apple tree,
Waiting for my true love
To come and visit with me;
"O my dearest love
Where can you be?"
The wind sing out
I fell to the ground knowing
that my first taste of loneliness
would not be my last~
Your memory
came and visited with me
Until I fell asleep beneath
Our favorite apple tree......
My dreams were filled with you
As your love ,from afar,
Wrapped its arms around me.

-Janice Sanford


I never tire of writing
I love sharing my thoughts with you
But, most of all I love reading
Your poetry......too.
So, when your poem is done
Don't tuck it away
Share it with a friend
really make their day.
For, every poem has a little heart
Every word
And every line
has a little soul.
And, every poem is,
to the poetry lover,
A cup of gold.

-Janice Sanford

O my weeping heart

In the darkness of my sorrow
I looked to yesterday for comfort
When my future rest in my tomorrow.

O my mourning soul
In my time of need
I deserted those
I knew were good for me
For those
I lust for........
Forgetting that the truest
Friends are those who
I love with my heart.......
And not those who
Would expect more from me
Then I can give.

For, my loneliness
I help to create
And my misery
I cannot blame fate.......

For, no one gets through this life
Without leaving a trail of tears......
And, no one is ever alone
by themselves.

-Janice Sanford


When the sun rises in the morning
To welcome us into a new day
Our eyes see the world fresh in all its glory
We see the sun shinning
Before our eyes behold anything to mar the day.
O if one could but break off pieces of that beautiful brightness
And pack it away for the dark times that cross our way~
I would break off pieces of sunshine
and fill my pockets until they over flowed
With the Sun's beautiful glow........
And all throughout the day
I'd leave a trail of light
For other's to walk in, along the way.

-Janice Sanford


Don't let life tear the heart from you
Don't accept defeat
Weakness won't get you through.
Don't dream of the way you want life to be
If you are not willing to be, and do,
To make your dreams come true.
For one gets from life
What one puts into life
For some its easier to give in to strife
then to demand from life
The fulfillment of their dreams.
Don't bend to life
Mold from life your dreams.

-Janice Sanford


The beauty of the moment
Is Time's gift to you.
A moment heaven sent
Meant to help you through....
Every precious moment
That we store in our memory
Becomes a part of our heart,
The air we breathe-
(a part of you and me)
And as long as we hold tightly
To the moments that bring
joy to our existence....In our
Moment of despair.....
A happy memory will be there.

-Janice Sanford


The words that fall from my lips
like a gentle rain
washing over my soul
Are not for riches and fame.

The words that fall from my lips
like a gentle rain
washing over my soul
Have no preference as to
Who's ear hear their heartbeat.

The words that fall from my lips
like a gentle rain
washing over my soul
Are drops of human compassion
Washing out of me~
Moving far beyond my reach.

I give to thee, the water from my soul
least my love stagnate inside of me....
And, my life be lived in vain.

-Janice Sanford


I once looked forward to living in tomorrow
Made plans of a future without sorrow;
And, longed to grow up and away
From all the things of the day;

The years they came
The years they went
And somewhere along the way
I realized
That the only things that give life meaning
Are those cherished people
Who share my dreams and hopes this day.

For it was upon yesterday's dreams
I built my today.....And,
Tomorrow (if it comes) can only strengthen
The love that I acquired along life's way.

-Janice Sanford


Where the heart finds love joy shall be
Least love was not love and
the heart was blind ~ and could not see.

Many lonely souls search
For the perfect love only to find
They have wasted a lifetime
Looking for their true love
Who had always stood,
with heart in hand,
Right before their eyes.

When love touches a heart
Love shakes a world....

-Janice Sanford


If I have the heart
in me
to love others
then surely
I have the heart in me
to love myself.

-Janice Sanford


When we search our soul
we search the beginning of everything.
When we search our heart
We search for the love to keep us going.
When we search the world
We are looking
for things
we hope to find......
not the price for 'seeing'

-Janice Sanford


The peace maker is someone
who sees two sides to everything~
And, who has a heart
big enough to encompass
the feelings on both sides.

-Janice Sanford


As the moment slips away,
I put another thought of you to rest;
Sleep, sweet thought.
Sleep inside my heart.........
Least another moment awaken you.

-Janice Sanford


Nothing exist in tomorrow
least we bring it with us
when we enter in.....
For yesterday buries its own,
And we live in the moment today
There is no promise of a tomorrow
Its just a matter of time along life's way.

-Janice Sanford


As time goes forward
into the sphere of the unknown,
We follow the path of old
That leads to streets
paved in silver and gold
Where angels guard the Gates to Heaven
And angels kneel before God's throne.
As time goes forward
Into the sphere of the unknown
So goes man's soul....
Wondering on.

-Janice Sanford


Faith must follow belief!
Else, where is the need to believe?
What one believes with heart and soul
One will follow with mind and deed......
Where faith is
there lay man's religion.

-Janice Sanford


God is not what you tell me
that God should be
Your belief is your belief
My belief belongs to only me.
For, when all is said and done,
Will it really matter to those we leave behind,
Who's God (yours or mine) we found
Waiting as we exhale that final breath?
Will it matter to anyone (but ourselves)
that we even believed or disbelieved
In God's existence?
I say, to you," Believe in the right, cleave to the truth,
And regardless of what others' think (or believe)
Your God shall live inside of you."

-Janice Sanford


Not everyday is filled with peace
Not everyway is easy to follow
But, as long as we can find peace
Within, and follow the path that lay before us,
The unrest in the world will take care of itself.

-Janice Sanford


A smile is a ray of sunshine
on the grayest day;
A deed that's done for another
Along life's way
Strengthens the love one has for the other;
A kind word is a beautiful melody
On the lips of a caring soul;
A hand extended in friendship
Is the heart offering to share love
that all humanity
might grasp the importance of
standing together as one entry
Called humanity.

-Janice Sanford


When I first met Jesus
I really can't say,
I met Him so often
along life's way.

I know I met Jesus
as a little girl~
Jesus laughed with me
And shared my small-little world.

I know I met Jesus
Throughout my growing years
Jesus talked with me many times
As He dried my tears.

I know I met Jesus
To often to count on my fingers and toes
Jesus is the one who bare the thorns
For me to gather the Rose.

When I first met Jesus
I really can't say
I met Him so often
Along life's way.

I know I met Jesus
Again today
And He promised me
With me He would always stay.

-Janice Sanford



A child is an angel in disguise
Look at that smile so sweet
And those sparkling eyes
The innocence of an angel
~with wings~
Surely could not hold
a candle to this

-Janice Sanford


I did not know human misery
until I felt it all around me.

I did not know human doubt
until I felt your.

I did not know the world
was hurting so bad
until I felt its hurt through you.

I did not know human existence
could be so cruel
until you told me so
With your tears.

-Janice Sanford


It is easy to shut the world outside
When you don't want to see
all of the ugliness that lives there.

It is easy to harden your heart
When you have only known hurt.

It is the hard times
That teaches us
to value what we have.

-Janice Sanford


Lord when I got to the crossings of the road
I gave to you my burdens and my heavy load;

Now once more I stand before you with a heavy heart
Won't you help me~ once more~ to do my part?

I know you have told me time and time again
That I am never along "angels walk among men"

But, sometimes Lord I feel the need to bend
And just say "Thank you, sweet Jesus, for always being my friend.

-Janice Sanford

These poems by Janice Sanford were posted on the AOL INTERNATIONAL POETRY BOARD,

 under the Screen Name Sanhun- in 2002.