Love lives here!

Love Is Always On Call

Love is always on call . . .
Waiting as the heart of man...Desires
a love so strong...it sometimes
Crushes them!

And from the thrill of love ...are
Fires of desire lit... sending
Sparks of love to burn the heart.

Love is always on call ....ready
To bring together two hearts with
total bliss....to nurture the heartfelt pain
that love can inflict
when love aims for the heart and misses.

Love is always on call to pick up the pieces
of a broken heart.....For love is a cure
for the misdeeds of love
When sparks of love burn the heart.
[written December 1, 2001]

Promises Made to Each Other

Sometimes, For no reason at all,
Tears fill my eyes,
And my mind turns back in time,
To special moments...

I cry for the good times I left behind,
And, as I release my tears into my today,
I find strength in my weakest time....

After crying on the shoulder of a memory
That escapes my heart through my mind.

Our memories are and always will be
An important part of our today...

For in each memory lives moments of another day
That helped us in some way
To grow into the person we are today.

Every memory has a life of its own that lives in our heart,
to make us strong when we are weak,
and to remind us to keep the promises we made to each other....

When we laughed and loved together.

[June 1, 2001]

Safe in Love's Arms

If you awaken one day to find I have gone away
Remember, that our love is stronger than a day.
And remember the promise we made together, when
our love first begin.....

To never leave each other alone in our time of sorrow
To defend. and protect each other, today, always, and

My love, dry your tears; for I will never take my eyes
off your beautiful face.....

I will watch over you, as you lay sleeping, and I will
answer you, when I hear your sweet voice call out for
me in the night.

My love, try to remember, if I die tomorrow that I made
you one promise that shall never be broken.

I will not leave you, though I be gone!
"You will not leave me, though you be gone."

I will travel on the stars at night, and sunbeams at day,
To protect you, my love.....
Time and space are all a part of me, and my love for you
fills all worlds beyond worlds.....

When I am no more with you in your world, my love for
for you shall stand guard over you... You have always~
Since I first loved you~ been my joy.

Though you will never know that I am there watching
over your every move ~ those who cause you tears shall know.

For they shall taste their own blood; hear their own heart
scream, and die, begging for mercy ~ with love's name upon
their lips.

I will not leave you, though I be gone!

"You will not leave me, though you be gone."
I will fall down on my knees and ask the Guardian of Love
to grant my heart the power to fore fill my promise to you -
my dearest and sweetest love......

My Love, fear not! My love did not die with me!
It did not cease to be, when the dark angel took me from you....
From beyond my grave - my love for you will destroy the demons,
vampires, and all ugly things who mock your beauty and heartlessly
defy the power your love alone processes....

I will not leave you - though I be gone!
"You will not leave me - though you be gone"

I will exist in the air you breath,
rest at night in your sweetest dream, and
until you are once more safe in love's arms- I will not sleep!

[June 9, 2001]

The Waves Washed The Shore

I drew a picture of you in the sand today,
In hope that the waves washing
your likeness away
would take your memory, too.

As the waves washed over the shore,
I bid my love for you "farewell"
And waited for my drawing of you
To be carried out to sea-
Taking with it your memory....

The waves washed the shore clean,
Taking my drawing of you away- but
Left behind your memory
drawn in the sands of time
-Surrounding my heart.

[June 10, 2001]

Thy Heart's Arms

Unfold thy heart's arms and bid me "welcome,"
that love may touch thy heart and warm thy soul;
Reach out thy heart's arms....Feel love's touch!
Fear not the baring of two souls; Know love with
thine heart.....Drink slowly the wine of togetherness;

Taste with thy heart love's bliss...
Share with thine heart thy cloud of desire;
With thine heart, taste love's sweetness,
savor loves fruit~ feel love's passion!
Come...Open thy heart that love may enter
and warm thy soul.
Least love turn from thee, and leave thy heart wanting!

[March 06, 2001]

Chained Inside Thy Heart

"Oh, my heart! You have betrayed thy love and
made promises that have broken hearts and caused tears to fall....

Now, my selfish heart, I shall give thy love to the darkness-
and love shall morn for love as a mother weeps for her child....
And for all the hearts that my heart has broken in love's name,
I shall curse thy coldness, and bear thy shame. For love is forever!

And love shall always weep for its love.....
And the ghost of past loves shall live on, chained inside thy heart
"Oh, my heart! You have betrayed thy love!"

[April 1, 2001]

I Guard With My Heart

I need a little sunshine
To help me clear my mind....
My heart has been broken
True love I cannot find.
I need someone to hold me close,
And whisper softly in my ear,

"I love you and I always
Want you near...
I love you like I have loved no other
I love you with all of my heart
We were meant to be together."

I need to know that love won't hurt me
If I open my heart once more
and give away the key...

I need someone who~ like me,
Believes in love...no matter how
many times their heart has been

I need someone to love me for me.
And then and only then will I give
away the key~
that I guard with my heart,
Deep inside of me.

[June 14, 2001]