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Love lives here!

The heart that listens can hear the quite
above the noise.

10:34pm December 31, 2012

Everyone is born with a special gift
all wrapped up inside of him.
As the years flow quietly by
the gift unwraps a little at a time
when we've lived long enough
the gift inside we will find.
10:27pm December 31, 2012

May the sun rise in the morning
May love set at the head of every table
May peace reign in the hearts of everyone
And May all find rest when the day is done.
10:19pm December 31, 2012

Farewell to a year
that tested my soul
and tried my faith.

May I forget not
in the coming year
to fill each day
with love and
with lots of heart.
December 31, 2012 6:01pm

Blind is he who cannot see
the prince of darkness
moving in the waters
surrounding his soul.
9:55pm December 30, 2012

Each country has contributed
to the rising monster which
will soon be released on the
world..... Look within for the
answer does not lay beyond
the sea.
Those you think to be
are not your enemy.
9:45pm December 30, 2012

If I knew this day my life would end
that there would be no tomorrow for me
I would pray that those I love
would find comfort in knowing that
Jesus walked all the way with me.
7:08pm December 30, 2012

I no longer live in yesterdays
and let memories have their way
I no longer worry about what will
happen in the day.
I live in the moment thankful for
all things . . .
Satisfied just to breathe in the
peace that the moment brings.
6:49pm December 30, 2012

Today, I felt the sadness in my child's heart
I wanted so to ,once more, spare her from
life's reality; I wanted so to draw her nearer to me.
But I could not; I must now watch from afar as
she learns on her own , unhindered by my love
I must set her free to fly; to be and to become
all in this life that she can be..... satisfied
knowing she will always be a part of my heart
and a part of me.
6:33pm December 30, 2012.

If I fail to give thanks to my god
than I am not worthy of His
presence in my life . . .
For it was in the darkness
of my life that my god
reached out His hand to me
with a lit candle of hope
for me to see more clearly
the path back home
that lay at my feet.
10:47pm December 29, 2012

The wind is howling outside
as it rocks my world with its
gusty breeze ... and I set here
listening to the song it sings.
9:05pm December 29, 2012

I was just thinking
soon it will be a new year
and there is so much in my
yesteryears that still tug
at my heart- and on the
sunniest day can still
bring a tear.

Yes, every new year is but
a reminder of how quickly
some things come to an end.

A reminder that years have no
power over the memories that
I carry in my heart.

A reminder . . .
that a new year begins with a day
and before its ends, a year can
take so much away.
12:06am December 29 2012

There is peace to be found
in the eye of the storm......
There is hope to be found
in desperation's arms
when one's faith is stronger
than his fear.
11:45pm December 28, 2012

Today was peaceful
filled with everyday things
that catch my eye, and
people who touch my heart.
Let the outside world pass
me by, and leave my world
11:29pm December 28, 2012

May your day be filled with happiness
The New Year filled with love and kindness
and your cup of life be filled with God.
12:13pm December 27, 2012

One endangers his spirit's well being
by keeping anger inside.....

The world has no need of words; words
flow everyday....most meaningless to a
man's soul.

It is not the words alone that makes one wise.

Being human is a weakness in itself.
11:41 am December 27, 2012

O, God, my god, what would you have me do
I have lived long but still I need you to take my
hand , show me the way, and walk me through.

There is a darkness in this world that blinds the
hearts of men; that seeks out their weakness, eats
away at their spirit; takes away their goodness; and
kills them from within.

God, take my hand this day; feed my heart with
your love; and when I'm face to face with the foe,
walk me in the direction that you would have me go.
10:47am December 27, 2012

Let those who seek find what they seek
Let those who love love unconditionally
And if their be those who must hate
let them hate in earnest the evil things
that corrupt the soul of man..
10:34am December 27, 2012

Light a candle for your brother
Light a candle in your heart
and in your life; let your candle shine
through the things you do
let it shine through the darkness
in you; that others might see it and
find their inner Light, too.
10:36pm December 26, 2012

Faith the size of a mustard seed
if one processes it in time of need
will lift the spirit to bigger and
better things.
I once walked in dark places
with only my faith to shield me
from harms; and in the darkness
I slept safely wrapped in faith, in my
Father's arms.
10:17pm December 26, 2012

The lessons learnt are worth the pain
to the truth seeker.
Walk softly among the flowers where the
thorns grow.
None caught up in the outer world can
survive his inner war.
Would one but feel with his heart
the truth would be known; and the liar
would be overcome by the love.
11:40am December 26, 2012

My thoughts are on those
who fail to understand
their part in nature's god's
plan.; on those who do not realize
what is taking place right before
their very eyes; Their lives
are out of tune with the warning
of a pending doom. Would but
they count the steps that evil
has taken in the last one hundred years
 they would tremble in fear; they would
flee beyond the reach of decay.

12:50am December 26, 2012

note: I sometimes write things and wonder why I would
write something about that. About one-hundred years ago world war l
was fought for four years, leaving in its wake a toll
of death and destruction such as the world had never seen.
December 26, 2012 10:44am

Blind is the deceiver who deceives no
one but himself.
He who loses his spirit loses his soul.
Truth can be twisted until it resembles
a lie.
Truth will always shine through the
An open heart can see into the heart of another.

8:08pm December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Everyday is a gift.
Everyday filled with loved ones
is a blessing.
December 25, 2012    12:09 am

I know that as dark
as times can get
I am not forgotten;
tho my tears would
have me believe
11:56pm December 24,2012

Everything has its time
everything has its place
tho at times I feel so
out of place .... .
11:49pm December 24, 2012

May tomorrow bring happiness back
into the lives of those saddened by life;
put love on the table of the lonely; put
remembrance into the minds of
those who have forgotten the meaning
of the day; and put understanding
in the heart and minds of those who
morn the empty chair at their table
as they bow their heads to pray.
9:13pm December 24, 2012

The dark has fell and again I am alone
with my thoughts; Today is almost
tomorrow; and more precious time
Was spent untouched by yesterday's
Many nights I have set alone and
watched the stars from my window
and thought about my life and all
the things it did sow; I thought about
the times when all my children were small
and how their laughter and their innocent smiles
set my heart aglow; I often think about the
brighter spots in my life; and the children
I still love so ; and ask myself, setting
here alone; what happened to all that innocence?
Where have those happy children gone.
8:57 pm December 24, 2012

Life's sweetest moments are those spent with a child.

December 24, 2012    6:15pm

Some people use the past
to lock out things in the day
and blame their short comings
on some event that happened yesterday.
The truth is, it is easier for some to blame
others for their mistakes than it is too
blame themselves for their bad choices.
6:58pm December 23, 2012

All are but one breathe
away from death.

Before we could be heard
we had to take our first breathe.
Before we in death lay silent
our last breathe we will  take.
6:51pm December 23, 2012

To hope is good to keep faith is better.

Friendship is either friendship or its not.

Walk upright in the day to see above
those who stumble and fall.

The key to the heart is the key to life. 

A wise man knows the importance of
the inner man.

Judge not blindly the ways of the stranger.

A child is innocent of his parents sins.

What tastes bitter today
will taste bitter tomorrow.

The size of a man's heart
is determined by the love
it carries inside.

One who seeks to know all
will know little.

Love is not casual love is eternal.

12:51pm December 23, 2012

"Respect for ".......Let me see
Once every small child learned
the importance of showing respect
to the old; because they earned it for
their individual contribution to society; to those in the
military for striving to keep us free; to Judges, for
filling justice's seat; to preachers for spreading
the light of God in churches ,and on streets; Children
were taught the importance of showing respect
in their every day encounters with their elders.

But then, again, children were protected from
the evils of society......way back then....Way
back then when women were women and men
were men---

Today is but the shadow of a
time when people were not afraid to fight tooth,
nail, or any other way-when good things
were threatened by the bad in the day.
10:16pm December 22, 2012

For every bad thing
good things follow
Behind every Winter
comes the Spring.
9:50pm December22, 2012


Today, my thoughts are many
going many different ways.
Still. I live in the moment
I breathe in the moment
and I do in the moment
of my today.
2:01pm December 21, 2012

Moments come one at a time...and
we seem to always get through life
one moment at a time----
Even when the moment is robbed
by thoughts of future time.

Life gets shorter the longer we live.....
Be happy in each moment and the future
will be bright with little thought.

I am never to busy .....I just create
things to do.

What our hearts touch in life
we can touch with our dreams.

One cannot command one's feelings
on matters of the heart.
The heart will have its own way.
December 21, 2012 1:25pm

What is age but a set of numbers
that some use to label others.
I do not count the years
I count only the moment I am in.
5:41pm December 20, 2012

Why do some fear other peoples' religion?
Is it because they doubt their own beliefs?
My god I reach through Jesus, and I care
not what another chooses to think.
I live my day the best I can and make no
excuse for what I believe; I have found
the god in my life who asks only that
I follow , faithfully, where he leads me.
I worry not about who's god is the biggest
and the best, I just follow my god and pray
I pass  His test.

O yea of little faith; take up the cross of your
fathers; carry the burdens and the woe; for
none shall find easy the answers, of things,
not meant for them to know.
2:58pm December 20, 2012

Lord, You walked with me in my lonely time
and when I reached the crossroads
in my life; You turned me down the road
that you wanted me go....I will always be
thankful for the many times you helped me
carry my heavy load.
I ask, before I lay me down to sleep, that
in the morn .......
you place my feet back on the right road.

It's cold, and night calls me to sleep.
Thank you Lord for the day passed
and for the night of rest that awaits me.

Thank you for the cold, and for the
warmth I shall find beneath the sheets.

1:21am December 20, 2012

Love will never bow down to hate.

May the sun shine down on us all
and together may we endure the
evil rains that are sure to fall.. For,
in this world we share and divide
many things; the sunrise; the nightfall
and what the new day brings.
9:39am December 19, 2012

People who despise those they do not know
unleash hate into the world....for no other
reason than lack of understanding.
9:32am December 19, 2012

The word was before all things were created.

One can learn from an opposing view
Things he otherwise would never know.
When one seeks to know another
he must accept that no two people
are alike; and it is their differences
that make them worthy of our attention.
9:20pm December 19, 2012

The day went by
unhindered; no bad news to
give me the blues; nothing
to mar the joy in my heart;
nothing but sunshine
in this world of mine.
Lord, thank you for this day
and the love that filled
each moment . . .
and thank you for never
leaving my side in all the days
come and went.
9:08pm December 18, 2012

I am human; I am a living soul
In the flesh I am made weak
In the spirit I am made whole
In the flesh I sometimes get lost
but my soul can always be found in me;
In the flesh my eyes see the worldly
In the spirit I see things the eyes
cannot see.
12:49pm December 18, 2012

Sometimes in a day I find pieces of yesterday
hidden away.... And a piece out of my life time
falls back into place.
12:25pm December 18, 2012

My life has passed by as if it wore a pair of wings
Yesterday I hurried into each tomorrow
and longed to find what tomorrow would bring.
Today as I look around me at all the worldly things
I long for nothing in my tomorrow and I
give thanks for what each day brings.
7:07PM December 17, 2012

Today I found again the peace that lives
in my world
It was hidden behind yesterday's worries.
6:59pm December 17, 2012

I have nothing to give but the love in my heart
for some, even love is not enough to satisfy
their greed.

For love, as priceless as love is, is not
what a greedy man seeks.
2:35pm December 17, 2012

If a day is easy lived be thankful; for there
are those who strive just to survive.

When we take for granted the air we breathe
the sky we see; the earth beneath our feet; and
the love we receive ~of none we are worthy.
2:32pm December 17, 2012

Trickery, evil uses
to tear families apart
Next time before I judge
I will judge first with
my heart..

I judged wrongly today
the words I cannot
erase; God, help me
overcome whatever
hidden anger rest inside
that I not
use my hidden anger to
break another's heart.
3:15pm December 16, 2012

Mistakes are made everyday
Some are correctable
Some are not
I thank my god with all my heart
That my sister is safe
where she's always been
It wasn't my sister dying
It was another's next of kin.
My prayers and thoughts
are now with them.
3:06pm December 16, 2012

My god is my strength ....

Lord, help me to not be bitter
as I ponder in this day
the lifetime I call mine; help me
to hold back the tears
as another mountain I must climb; and
Lord, bless those who hate me ; and
strive to break me....if you don't mind.
For once they showed me love
In another day and time.
8:59am December 16, 2012

There is a ragging storm all around me
and all the storm's rage touches me
and I ponder what does it mean; as I ask
my god once more to give me strength.
Why has so many turned a deaf ear
to my cries for them to make me
understand why my sins are any greater
than theirs.......why do they seek to be
only my foes, when I have done nothing
but love them; I devoted my life to
them at great price; and for their happiness
they expect me to live with a man I have
grown to hate; a man they call daddy; what
about me; am I less worthy than he. Am I to
exist that others might be happy? Is that
all a mother's worth? I think not! Today, I
weep because I was told my sister is
dying; be proud of yourselves my children
you did not destroy one family; you destroyed two;
8:47am December 16, 2012

To my sister:
I was just told that you are dying
as I write these words to you; Sister
I know that you are tired and I may never
get the chance to see you again in this life;
I hope that you can see into my heart and
see the love I have for you. I don't know
why this life pulled us a part; but it did....
and for whatever reason we lost the
closeness we once had. I have asked
my god to watch over you, and no matter
which way you go-to your earthly home
or to heaven- to always walk with you.

There is nothing I can do, as much as
I would love to kiss you my sister
and tell you I love you I can only stand off in
the distance and say a prayer for you.

God, you know my sister's heart; you know
the dividing line where I stand today; comfort
her loved ones; if her work on earth is done
and she ask to go into the light please don't
refuse to let her in......take her hand as you
once held mine so long ago and let her touch
your light's glow. But please God tell my
sister that I love her and ask her to hug my
brother who will be waiting to embrace her
if you let her in-----cause you know I
was not there for him.

 It truly hurts to be shut
off from family and watch the devil have
his way........but I know there is a purpose
for everything...... if you see fit to take my
sister and she is never again to see the morning
sun---I will understand the emptiness; my god,
let your will be done.
6:21am December 16, 2012

The seeds of love
that we plant in our lifetime
will multiply in kind
Given time.
12:16AM December 16, 2012

What about our children's tomorrows
What will we leave to them?
Will we leave the bitter taste of our sorrows
for them to reap?
Will we leave them the turmoil we nurtured
with hate, wars, and unkind deeds?
Are we to expect their futures to be bright
and their lives to be happily lived
when we take so much from life and never
think to give?
12:10am December 16, 2012

Tonight peace surrounds me
my heart is filled with the kind of
contentment that can only come from
having a sleeping child near enough
to hear the child breathing.
11:54pm December 15, 2012

My god is my strength in my time of weakness
My god is my pillow of hope in my time of hopelessness
My god is my sunshine on my darkest and cloudiest day
My god is the crutch I lean on when life's burdens
cause me to sway......
My god was with me in my youth
My god lives through me in my old age.....
I make no excuse for loving my god; to each his own
My god is worthy of my love; He never deserted me
He has kept every promise, and he has never left me
to suffer alone.
1:51pm December 15, 2012

Man cannot know life's secrets
for there are to many to know;
still some strive to unlock the
secrets of life..... knowing not
they are robbing from their very soul
and unwinding each secret in part..
For none holds the key to the
book of life but He who blew
life into the nostrils of man.
What God created He can destroy
by taking the breath he gave away
When man thinks himself equal to his
creator......Mankind will enter
Judgment Day.
1:17pm December 15, 2012

The heart is the doorway to the soul; the eyes the window.

1:01pm December 15, 2012

Those who seek answers to questions of life
are not always willing to accept the answers
life gives.
12:57pm December 15, 2012

May the morning bring with it
A  greater understanding to those
who ask "why?"

Tonight my thoughts are on those poor souls
whose very faith is being tested by their lose.
There are no words that can ease their pain;
and nothing that can fill the void left in their lives.

Faith cannot die.......tho the believer's faith
is tested every day; we must never stop believing in
the god who never walks with us just half way.
2:05am December 15, 2012

There is an evil let loose
in the minds of men
and in their madness they
kill the innocent; and the mad
cannot stop their madness
for they know not that they
are mad.

God, only you process the
power to put light into the
darkness inside the minds
of men ...only you, my god,
can give understanding to those
hearts that morn for the innocent
caught up in the evil unleashed by
tormented spirits upon the world.

Evil again moves against the waters
and the wind waits for night to fall.
1:24am December 15, 2012

I have cried my morning tears
I am now ready for the day
Let life's storm if there is to be one
find me waiting stronger than before
For, through my tears I have once more
found the place my faith is stored.
I will endue because my god stands
in battle with me.
O how I love my god
that only my eyes have seen
when a sinner my god reached out
his hand to me.

11:12am December 14, 2012

I thought my tears had ended
I thought I was strong enough
to endure life with eyes
dried and clear.........but
one thought of another's pain
has brought me to tears again.
11:00am December 14, 2012

Lord, today, I come to you in prayer
to ask you to guide me in this day
I know you are always there
to lighten my burdens along life's way.
I don't have to tell you what's
going on here down below
You are looking out your window
you already know......I just want to
ask you if you will shine your light
a little brighter; because the darkness in
this world is closing in on me ;I don't
have to tell you things are a little shaky
so many innocent lives depend on me;
God look into my heart and if you
find me worthy please help me
to stand strong against the winds
in my time of need.
10:50am December 14, 2012

I set here in the cold of night
alone with my thoughts
thinking about life, and
those I love more than life; what
shall I leave them when I am gone
that will help them
when they find themselves alone?
If I tell them that even loneliness
has its purpose in this life; that
love does not end when the heart
gets broken; will it help to
dry their tears? Will they find
comfort in my memory if they
know I shall stand guard over
their lives; just as my mother
who has never left my side?
We none live forever
some shall become a memory
and other shall be forgotten
once our circle of life is complete
We shall from this world leave
taking only a fading memory
of the last breath we breathe.
11:08pm December 13, 2012

When my brother died
I did not go to his funeral
He came to live in my heart.
3:37pm December 13, 2012

A man who will not stand faithfully
behind his god or his religious belief
whether he believes in a god or not
is no better than the liar who he
professes to despise.
Let he who believes in something
stand faithfully behind what he believes;
for weak is he who would sell out his god
for peace.
3:35pm December 13, 2012

Today I thought about the time when time
stood still for me; and how lonely it was
being caught up in time that held me
a prisoner of my own thoughts.
A time when every thing my heart held dear
stood off in the distance; and I set gazing
out into the emptiness of space and time;
comforted only by the presence of my god
who shared the time and emptiness with me.
3:25pm December 13, 2012

Reach down deep inside for the courage to over
come the obstacles life places in front of you
For there you will find the strength to endure
the burdens that tempt your soul not to believe.
9:38am December 12, 2012

Sometimes life is like a mountain
to high to climb; a ragging sea emptying out
its waters on me, as I try to swim
in waters not too deep.

Sometimes life is like the wind changing directions
unexpectedly after the course has been set........
Sometime life seems to have a life of its own
as I walk each path set before me on my way home.
9:20am December 12, 2012

Today the rain is falling
as it did during the night
and the sun is hiding
behind the clouds.
And I'm gazing out my window
giving thanks for everything,
that is and the day
will bring.

For it matters not
what the day holds
as long as my god
holds in his merciful hands
my tired and weary soul.
8:58am December12, 2012

I would write of the love in my heart
I have for you
But what good are words when
distance in life keeps us apart.....

What good are heart felt words
when one seeks not
to know what's in another's heart?

I thought about you this morning
as the sun entered the day
of how long it has been since
in anger you went away.

If only you knew how much it broke my heart
to tell you to leave- maybe you would
find a sense of peace.... and consider
not letting your hate for me
rot the insides of your children
in their time of need......

Children are gifts from God
born with pure hearts
it is in our children we sow
life's seed.

I would ask your forgiven but I cannot
I did what I had to do, while
loving you with a mother's heart.
10:40am December 11, 2012

If more people would talk
More hearts would intertwine
and understanding
would be the food of fools.
6:49pm December 10, 2012


Sometimes life seems to
burden some more than others...

I like to think of my burdens as
miracles in disguise.....
Tho they never appear as such
to my eyes.....

Would I be the person I am today
If I had lived life the easy way?

No.... Tho my life has seen its share
of hard times; my eyes have cried
their share of tears; and my heart
has many times been broken......

The hard times-every time I made it
through one, made me, sometimes,
have to be stronger than I felt I was.

The tears I cried, time and time again,
brought me to an understanding of
things in my life that feed my memory
with pain.

And my heart that endured
the lose of love and loved ones, learned
as I lay each burden down, the importance
of putting love in to each day.

My burdens are my own
I will gladly carry them every day
and share my burdens with none
before I would lighten my load
at the expense of going astray.
6:31pm December 10, 2012 

Incase I am gone for a while
think not I have deserted you
Things come in life to us all
that we have to get through.
Wherever you are
my heart will be there too.
5:22pm December 10, 2012

There are puddles of rain
just outside my window.
As the rain drops ripple
the water.....
a calm washes over me
and my house is filled
with peace.
3:39pm December 10, 2012

Feeling sorry for yourself
adds negative to life
If the eyes can see it
the heart can touch it
If the mind can think it
It can be done . . .
to the heart's satisfaction.
Positive thoughts
reaps positive rewards.
9:50 am December 10, 2012

The sun shines
and my heart gives thanks
for everything ...
For he who controls my world
also sees into my heart
and knows my deepest dreams
He who controls my life
controls my destiny. . .
The sun shines, another day
for me.
9:40am December 10, 2012

Some of the loneliest souls
are those who allow the worldly
to rob them of human compassion
When one closes his heart to
the suffering of others ;we all suffer.

Life belongs to no one; a life is
but the extension of other lives.
I am but the extension of my
mother and father; In me
rests bit and pieces of them.
I do not exist on my own
From two lives, into this world
I was born, to live and die alone.
8:53pm December 9, 2012

I spent so much times alone
while raising my children
that being by myself today
is easier for me
than allowing my identity
to be taken away.

I didn't really realize
that the many years
I worried about giving
my children a happy childhood
was time spent nurturing
my own soul....
until much of my happiness was
taken away

Until, I awakened one day to the
reality that if not for the time
I spent alone just my god and me
watching my children grow

I would not know the importance
of living my life with heart;

Being alone I had time to get to
know my god who lives through me.

Living alone has long been away
of life for me ;
even when my world was full
my life was empty-and my god many
times was the only one there for me.

7:20pm December 9, 2012

The day was filled
with the laughter
of children at play; and
my heart was warmed
by the innocence
I held, next to my heart
In my arms.
6:52pm December 9, 2012

Everyday I wake
my heart takes in
the love that
surrounds me in the

I set and ponder life
before the sun rises
to touch me with its

Everyday I give thanks
to my god; for only I
know his greatness
in my life.

Everyday I stand ready
to accept that my god's
will will be done.

Every morn I ask my god
to please stay with me
until my race run.
Help me to be strong
until my work on earth
is done.

8:53am December 8, 2012

The storm has touched my day
I have raised my sail toward heaven
and asked my god to protect me
and my house......

For whatever winds may blow away
I know in my heart I am not alone.
There is nothing worldly that can't
be replaced ....

There is nothing that can be taken 
from me that my god can't give back.

Let the winds blow; let hell fire fall
as long as my faith does not weaken
I will endue it all.
8:28AM December 8, 2012

If I die tomorrow
only a few would cry;
for only a few
have chosen to know me
for who I am inside.
10:55pm December 7, 2012

I now await the storm
that life will surely
send my way . . .
For blessing are
many times
followed by heartache
10:43pm December 7, 2012.

It's not easy accepting
that not everyone I meet
will be worthy of my trust
my respect, or my love;
There was a time in my life
I couldn't see the evil
that eats away at hearts and souls
A time when I looked outward
let outer appearance fool my eyes
and saw only what my heart wanted
to see.
10:20pm December 6, 2012

If we must part
never again
our spirits
to meet
and never again
to touch each other
with our heart....
May your life
gain from
the parting..
a greater understanding
of what it means
to be a part of everything..
12:29pm December 6, 2012

As I set here
my tears are dried
there are no more tears left
for me to cry.
For so long I opened my eyes
in the morning and saw
the world through teary eyes;
For so long-I thought my tears
would never dry.
My tears are dried
there's no more tears for me to cry.
12:22pm December 6, 2012

I cling to my shield of faith
for safety
In my heart I believe
that's all my god expects
from me.
is to do the best I can
and with all of my heart
truly believe.
12:14pm December 6, 2012

Today has a strange feel about it
a lot of unrest is in the air
and as much as my heart longs
to heal a world in turmoil
and hearts led astray; this is
life's way- ...
12:00pm December 6, 2012


My friend has a heart
like few I have ever seen.
I am so thankful
God sent this friend to me.
She's always there
to lend a helping hand
tho we live miles a part
She's became like
a sister to my heart.
Happy Birthday Jan !!!!!!

11:45pm December 5, 2012

The moment I am in
is my life's beginning
and its end.
For in the moment I live
and in a moment my life
could end.

It's not the number of days
one lives that determines ones
fate in the end

It's how one chooses to live
  the moments in the days, my friend.
11:46am December 5, 2012

I don't say things to impress people
I say things because they need to be said.
So many are caught up in the worldly
and don't take the time
to think beyond themselves.
11:39am December 5, 2012

The downfall of humanity is the greed in the world
and the weakness in man.
Blindly, do the rich create a needy world; Blindly,
do the rich serve the rich and neglect the hungry.
The sadness created by the good intentions of the rich
is felt in the lives of those not so rich
and not so poor as we stand against life's storms
 created by greed; every worldly thing we own
safe only by the grace of our god..
9:06am December 5, 2012

Life is full of heartache
for those innocent at heart.
Life is full of heartache
for those misguided in their
Never try to be like others
strive each day to bring out
only the good that lives in you.
7:33am December 4, 2012

Walk tall no matter where you are
don't try to change you, for others
just be who you are....
Don't let the bad in others
smother out the good in you.
Just be who you are...
knowing wherever you are
my love is too.
Just be who you are
God will help you through.
7:26am December 4, 2012

We are all in a battle for our very soul
and none shall be spared the price
for living in this world......
Talk of me all you will
but say not that you were not warned.
For my days have been many
and I have seen the ways of the world; I
have touched evil with both hands
and felt the tug on my soul......
My god I cannot give to another
My faith I cannot place
inside of you..... I can only
tell of the things in my life
and how Jesus was always there
to help me through.
2:10pm December 3, 2012.

There are no words
only a yearning to
share my thoughts.

11:46pm December 2, 2012

Tomorrow may bring unbearable things
that may shake my world and shatter
my dreams;
Tomorrow may bring heartache and pain;
Tomorrow may bring many things
but tomorrow is not here
tomorrow is still in the making.
Show me where I can go tomorrow
that I won't be traveling this day.
Nothing matters to me what a tomorrow may bring
why worry about tears that have not fallen yet
or a day that tomorrow may not bring?
Teach me my god to take each day
one day at a time and to do in the day
what I am called on to do;
for what matter is another tomorrow
if I couldn't share my today with you.
8:32am December 1, 2012

God today my heart is warmed by life's fire;
Let the hearts touched by my life's glow feel the warmth
as it flows .
Wipe away the tears of humanity, of those who believe
and those who believe not; heal the shattered
and broken hearts.
8:12am December 1, 2012

Nothing is impossible to achieve
To achieve one most believe
in his ability to achieve..
10:54am November 30, 2012

Today my heart leaves me once more
to rest with those I love; and my thoughts
are many as I sort through the things
I can change; and those things
I cannot.

God, help me in this day to touch
the world with the love I release from my heart.
The road has been a long one; my faith still rests with you.
Show me in this day what you would have me do.
10:45am November 30, 2012

 Friendship~ like Love~ is a heart thing.

12:15pm November 29, 2012

I am at a loss for words
as I set here in this cold room alone
Thinking of all those whose hearts
are breaking ; and how alone in
their pain they must feel .
I know loss and heartache
but so do so many others.
9:58pm November 28, 2012


Having seen the brilliance of my god's light
and standing next to the one
who had walked me through the
valley of the shadow of death;
after experiencing an uncontrollable
yearning to walk into that light
and begging the one with me to let me go
and become a part of the glow
that pulled my spirit before letting
my spirit go ----- I can understand
why there is this tugging at my heart.
Like many I was so close to death
that past memory was gone
There was no fear just a yearning
for the one who stood next to me
to let me go home.
11:44am November 28, 2012

Only love can heal a broken heart
but in order for love to heal a heart
The heart must let Love in.
10:58pm November 27, 2012

Today I thought about a lot of things that brought
me to laughter and to tears; and I wondered
why anyone would rather live in yesterday
and go through their losses again

People grow apart that's the way life has
always been.......
As much heart as I have left behind
in my lifetime
I would never want to live my life over again

10:29pm November 27, 2012

The beauty of togetherness
comes to my mind every time
I see two butterflies....
Dancing in tune together
above the red flowers
beneath the clear blue skies.
9:39pm November 27, 2012

When another touches my life they also touch my heart .
I once begged my god not to take from me my ability to care
I told my god that without caring there would be no reason for me to live.
My god answered my plea and has never allowed the door to caring to
close on me.

Let the uncaring rich keep their fortunes; and the heartless enjoy
what they can steal -for nothing in this world will they take with them to the
grave but their greed.

If in this life I have nothing but the ability to care for others in their
time of need my heart shall be satisfied with what I take with me to the grave......
and in the hands of my god my soul shall find eternal peace
For love is my god's greatest gift to me.
7:02am November 27, 2012

When truth finds its way into the light
evil withdraws back into the darkness.
6:21am November 27, 2012

One must have heart to survive  this life.....

May this day open the eyes of the blind
that they be able to see even in the darkness;
May this day lift the spirit of those crippled in the flesh
to understand that many who walk upright are
crippled too ;that as long as the spirit leads in the worldly
even they who cannot walk on their feet can walk in their
spirit whole.
May this day bring understanding to those who have
lost their way; and peace to those who will face heartache
and sorrow immeasurable in this day.
9:49am November 26, 2012

When I write with my heart
often time I am overtaken by the tears
and my thoughts buried in memories
don't always turn out so clear.

The sun now shines on my dried tears
and in it's warmth I am touched by
the love from those long passed from
this life.
Let the day bring what it will . ..
9:17am November 26, 2012

My life in this life belongs to me
I strive every day to overcome
the evil which seeks to destroy
my soul; I know as long as I stay
strong in my spirit; the evil can
rip the heart from me and
never touch the one thing
that it seeks to destroy: The
soul that lives through me.
9:03am November 26, 2012

God, I have felt the coldness
of love, holding to my child's hands
both in life and in death; When
I touched the hands of my child
that death took ; the hands were
cold to my touch and the love
my dead child has for me engulfs me
until this day.

No greater pain can be inflicted
on a mother's heart than to feel
the coldness in the hand she is holding
when the hand belongs to the child
walking next to her.
8:56am November 26, 2012

When you were each born
my life was blessed;
Now that time has passed
with all of life's heartache
I love each of you none the less.

Each of you were born
under the wings of motherly love.

I question not why my god
saw fit to remove you from under my wings
and just leave my love for each of you
snuggled together inside my heart.

May each day bring you closer to understanding
Why, now that each are older
 life would have us drift so far  apart.
8:44am November 26, 2012

After I was born I knew nothing
except a child's world
not until I entered into the real world
did I learn that life is not perfect
and that just as surely as the sun shines
both good and bad will have
its own time.

It is in the bad times that
I am taught not to expect life's sun
to always shine
It is in the bad times I reach down
deep inside of me and find the calm.
9:42am November 25, 2012


Forty-four years ago today
my first child was born; and my first experience
with motherhood begun; vividly, even today
I remember the pain I endured
that after she was born so quickly went away.
That baby girl grew up, way to fast; and entered
the world of motherhood too. But as life would
have it her joy ended much to soon; as mothers we
each lost a child; and weep the bitterest tears a mother
can ever be called upon to cry.
I pray that the time will come that my child can
forgive me for not preparing her for the emptiness
she ,like me, enters into with each day.
Happy Birthday, Sabra
I will always love you-try not to be so cold hearted
hate me if you must-but always care about you.
9:12am November 25, 2012

Life does not come in part
life is not flesh and bone
life is more than a beating heart
Life is more than what is on the outside;
Life is more than the first breath I took in
and the last breath I will breathe out again ...
Life is more than me.....
In this life I may get physically broken
and cry a lot from a broken heart
and think life will never be the same again
but in truth I can testify
On the inside all that makes me me
goes untouched by the worldly
Safe is my soul in my god's hands
and as long as that be so
my spirit will live inside my flesh
strong and always whole.
7:17am November 24, 2012

I will face this day like each other day
that have come and gone
The best I can
and when I am faced with defeat
I will seek reasons for my failure
not for another chance at winning
but a chance to understand
my weakness when another
day comes and I am challenged
to fight the same battle again.
6:50am November 24, 3012

Today the thunder roars and the sound is unending
My shield of faith I raise against each lightening strike.
God you know what is in my heart
judge me accordingly.
11:36am November 23, 2012

The silence of the night fills the air I breathe
as I set alone listening to the world's heartbeat.
11:49pm November 22, 2012

With age all things change;
As a child the day seemed to never end
A year felt like forever
A stranger was an unmet friend.
Everyone who had a garden would share
their crop with their neighbors;
When someone needed help ,it didn't
matter what it was, neighbors hurried
over to see what they could do.
Once, neighbors were considered a part
of ones family.........
With time age changes ones views on life
to the point that some lose sight of what
it is in life that gives things their value.
They want to change things for the better
while forgetting; life will never be better
than life has already been--- We can
never go back to the good times; but all
should try harder to recapture the
moral lessons that people taught their children
and practiced , by setting the best of examples
way back then.
The older I get the more it seems
like everything I was touched by in my youth
was ground is some moral truth.
11:46 pm November 22, 2012

Give me a day alone with my memories
and I could so easily get lost in what was and used to be.
9:38am November 22, 2012

The blue rose
reminds me of life's
ever changing hue.
A touch of green
splashes of blue
full of thorns
and beauty too.
9:24am November 22, 2012

There will be empty chairs at my table
but not an empty place in my heart....
for love fills my heart when the chairs are empty
and hold only the ghost of those who once set
and dined on life with me.
8:45am November 22, 2012

Today is Thanksgiving day 2012
and the beauty of life still lurks
outside my window for me
to awaken to.

On this day, like every day
I give thanks to my god
for the day he gives to me
and for those who share this day
with me.

I give thanks to my god for the
food he provides
when my selves are empty
and for each sip of knowledge
that he pours for me
to quench my thirst and fill me
with his majesty.

And with all my heart, I give thanks
to my god on this Thanksgiving Day
for the lamp of light that burns
inside of me . . .
for the blind in this old world to see.
8:22am November 22, 2012

Life is not always
the way we want life to be
and we don't always get through the day
untouched by heartache
Life is just not that way.
Life never changes
The changes are made in the day.

Some have never known anything
but heartache and pain
and still they find the courage
to overcome what life brings.
Still, they stand against life's
bitter winds....faithfully, they reap
what is given them in the day
and savor the bitter with the sweet.
11:33pm November 21, 2012

Like a candle burning
in the wind
The flames of life flicker
and grow dim.
11:06pm November 21, 2012

Today I left my safe little world
and found that people still cling
more to the worldly than
to spiritual things.
I looked into the faces
of those who age had striped
of youth . . .
None knew I could feel their
None, knew not, that in passing
I had touched them with my heart .
10:51pm November 21, 2012

Each day I give thanks to my god
for everything
Knowing with the day I enter into
my god awaits to help me through.
11:06am November 21, 2012

If I complete the day
safe in my faith
Let me not terry long
in the feeling of safety;
for there will always
await me
days when nothing is safe
until I meet and defeat
the evil that lurks ready
to devour my shield of faith
and me.

10:59am November 21, 2012.


Seek with your heart and you will find your god.

The moment is not very long
Its like the twinkling of an eye
one blink and the moment 's
12:09 November 21, 2012


All my life I have searched for my purpose for being
and find today, that I am no nearer than I was
when my search begin.; because my purpose for being
comes from  within.
2:13pm November 20, 2012

God you have given me a task to do
now give me the insight to see clearly
as I set among the lies filtered out as truths.
10:01am November 20, 2012

I awaken to find peace in my day
and the sight of children outside at play.
What is there left to want
when one has every thing
in one's day
that gives life meaning?

There is no sound
that can match the peace
found in the sound of innocent laughter;
on a bright sunny day
or no sight so soul - calming
as setting at one's window
watching innocence at play.
9:27am November 20, 2012

The sun shining through the window
feels warm to my cheek
as flesh and sky meet.
9:14am November 20, 2012

It's not the things that lay ahead
that makes us who we are
It's the things that lay behind.
10:51am November 19, 2012


Remembering Grandma and Grandpa

I have come to realize
how truly blessed my life has been
as I remember all those who loved me
way back then ....

My biggest regret
is all that wasted time
spent on thinking about me
during my growing years

That I could have spent with
grandma and grandpa
helping them in
their needy years.

How many times
they must have wondered
if their children, or their
grandchildren really cared

as they set alone together
holding on to each other
wiping away each other's tears.

My grandma and grandpa ~
were very special people
in my growing years.
10:22 am November 19, 2012

Years ago, when I was young
My life was perfect in every way
I just didn't know it until today
When I faced one truth
of how innocently blind I was
in all those years of my youth.
10:07am November 19, 2012

With each teardrop
my pain washes away
and I see differently
the things that
made me cry.
2:55am November 18, 2012

 One day at a time
I enter in too
One step at a time
the day I walk through.

My god does not promise
me a tomorrow
He gives me the day
with no promise
it'll be void of sorrow.

My god only promises me
He will meet my every need
as long as I walk in faith
and follow where he leads.
2:37am November 18, 2012

Losing a child to life
is far worse on my heart
than losing a child to death.
2:03am November 18, 2012

 Anger causes one to lash out
without thought to the long time consequences
of the words and deeds done and said in anger.
Many times we unthinkingly strike out at those
closest to our heart,
And it's not easy to say I'm sorry
when you weren't angry with them at the start;
When you were hurting and no one seem
to care you were suffering from a broken heart;
aren't the ones who truly love you suppose to
to understand; aren't they suppose to care
when someone they love
is carrying a load to heavy for them to bear.....
Maybe I am wrong to have expected
those I love to understand; or even to care.
1:46am November 18, 2012

May this day bring comfort
to all within love's reach
who serve their god and creator
May this day bring closer to their god
all lost sheep who feed on the worldly
while their soul weeps.
May this day bring a needy world
everything it truly needs.
11:41am November 17, 2012

One can find darkness in anything
they touch; even in the flowers one
picks with unclean hands.
11:29am November 17, 2012.

If I am left with nothing
in this life
and my fate be to leave
before I reach my dream
little does it matter
to the soul inside of me.
For, I do not live for self
but to serve.
11:18am November 17, 2012

There are a lots of things
going on in this old world
that the human eye cannot see;
that is only seen by the inner eye
that sees through darkness, and dreams.
11:10am November 17, 2012

Someone challenged me
to write a bit of poetry
About living with someone
and still feeling empty...

I tried to write of
the loneliness the
challenge touched upon
inside of me....

The time spent
not being in love
just trying hard to please;

And wrote this poem
from a memory
of sharing life with one
who always made me
feel so empty.
12:57am November 17, 2012

To touch the heavens
I have only
to think of you.
12:18am November 17, 2012

Nothing Worldly Belongs to Me

I believe that my faith has the power
to overcome the worldly; because the things
I lay claim to don't really belong to me.

I once took things for granted: until my god
taught me not to cling so tightly to loved ones
and to worldly things; that I couldn't bear the pain
of one day not having them again.

We come into the world innocent of our nakedness
we own nothing but the life we carry inside the body
that nature's god provides; and in the mind, the memory
of what was is left behind.

During our lifetime we touch many sides of life
collect and give up many things; we find somewhere
in our lifetime people, and things that we feel are ours alone;
we cannot imagine a life with any of our treasures gone.

Then one day our heart gets broken into so many pieces
when life or death strips our world of a loved one; that we
questioned how life ,and even our god, could be so heartless
and so cruel.

By now, long forgotten is our beginning of entering this life
alone; destined to endure; and carrying an invisible shield
of faith meant to shield us from the worldly; until we once
more remember; this life is only temporary; we were born
to leave this life we now call home- the way we entered into it
with nothing, and all alone.

I can lose nothing in this life but my soul!

Everything else is only mine on loan.

12:32pm November 16, 2012


Life's Pot of Gold

The road has been a long one
filled with twists and turns
now I can see the rainbow that
waits for me at the end of life's road.

The rainbow's colors are many, wrapped
in a brilliant shine.

There are two buckets at the end of life's rainbow
one belongs to a distant traveler; and the other one
is mine........

Until I reach the end of my road
I do not know what I will find.

11:47am November 16, 2012


The worst thing one can do in this life is to let his soul go wanting....

2:04pm November 15, 2012

I fear not the evil that seeks to destroy me
for nothing can prevail against the love
my god has for me.
I may weaken and tears may fall
but I know my creator watches over all.
2:00pm November 2012

My god don't need help from me
My god is all that I will ever need.
When my heart reaches out to comfort
or to touch another's heart with understanding
I know everything I do my god sees-I also know
the evil eyes watch for my weakness for the
chance to destroy me.
1:55pm November 15, 2012

God, I need your help the devil's moving toward me; ;please, calm my spirit down; I know you are watching over me-but right now I feel so weak.

12:49pm November 15, 2012

Like many I carry memories; some that I want to forget; Others
that I want never to forget. Good memories makes the bad memories bearable;
Lord, thank you for the memories I carry in this day; for each memory
good or bad was created by me. To change what was would be to change
my past ,my future, and me. I'm not perfect Lord, and never can be-I am
who I am- I am more than my memory.
11:06am November 15, 2012

What need have I to leave where I am this day?
There are those who would strip me of everything
and take everything I love away.....
I live in the world my life created ;where I can set and
look out my window and see tiny sparks of life's
wondrous glow.

What need have I to go beyond the distance my eyes can see,
when my god has filled my world with a walking miracle,
and beauty for my eyes too see.
10:44am November 15, 2012

Everything has a reason; Every word has a purpose
for being heard... Every beginning has its own ending.
Every heart its own love.

1:56am November 15, 2012

I believe that when I die and go to sleep
my spirit will live on; unseen I will stand
guard over those I love
just as surely as my loved ones, who now
sleep, from their graves watch over me;

And if this be nothing more than wishful
thinking on my part, when I die and go to sleep
I ask the Lord my soul to keep.. and to please send
 an angel to watch over my loved ones for me..
1:38am November 15, 2012

I have had more than my share of love;
Enough love to keep me going forward
in life; the kind of love not measured by degree
or time; Yesterdays' love unyielding to those who
would have me return love as if it was never given.
The love that was given to me in exchange for my
love belongs to my heart alone; Those I love may
choose not to love me today-but the love they gave
I can't give it back, and they can't take it away.
12:46am November 15, 2012

What does not come from the heart comes from outside in.
Take things to heart before you let them out again
that the truth of your words mend, and not cause
another's faith to bend.
10:45am November 14, 2012

God today I count my blessings, and  think on
how close you have always stayed by me;
No matter what I did, you were always
within my reach;
10:22am November 14, 2012

God after years of following after you
calling you my father and my savior too
I have learned no matter what one calls you
you answer their prayers, and love them too.
10:17am November 14, 2012

Today, a flood of tears have touched me; and I cry because
another's heart is broken so needlessly; if only I could send my child
a picture of the love inside of me;

Never again would doubt cross my child's mind;
and my child would know " mama loves her child all the time."

As a mama, I can not cancel out the love my heart gave
to you the moment you were born; I love you with the same
heart we shared when I carried you and we were one.

My love for you is the forever kind of love; the kind of love
that even today still has the power to take my sunshine away.
10:12am November 13, 2012

As I set here thinking about life
and the many ways it changes
over time; and how fast a lifetime
slips away; it saddens my heart to
realize that with each passing moment
time divides farther hearts that
have already grown a part.
12:11am November 13, 2012

The way to survive the memories
you want to forget
is to accept their place in reality
Live in the day and let yesterday
rest in peace.
4:14pm November 12, 20012

At times  I  think about

when life  had a glow

about it that even shine in the nighttime.

 Loneliness as I know it
Is caused by remembering
not to forget......

It is easy to remember
the things I want to forget
The things that shattered my
life as it once was...... before
I sentenced myself to exist
in a world that knows not
the heart of one trying to forget
something they have not learned
to cope with yet.
12:10pm November 12, 2012

There are many hearts seeking love
There are many hearts shutting love out
People search for that special someone
to give their heart to . . .
Someone too love forevermore.
I search for love in its purest form
A love that I have never known
since the day before I was born..
11:44am November 12, 2012

God, thank you for the day
I just passed through
and for the love I found there;
I owe so much to you.
12:15am November 12, 2012

God, I woke this morning with a heavy heart
and tears of self-pity; Put my life back on track;
Please, forgive my weakness and give me the
strength I need to do in this day the things you
would have me do; wipe away my selfish tears
that my eyes might focus more clearly on the
things closest to your heart--- that I ,My God,
might be worthy, in my heart and mind- to
follow in the footsteps others, who faithfully
have followed after you, left behind.
9:27am November 11, 2012

Today, clouds cast their shadow over everything
as far as my eyes can see.....and there is a sadness
in my heart ; for I cannot control the tears or the past
that caused my tears to flow.
I am helpless to change what was, what is, and what will be;
I must faithfully follow the paths that my god places
in front of me; for nothing I love is truly lost; for now
just placed beyond my reach.
9:05am November 11, 2012


I know not what tomorrow will bring
It could bring sunshine or might bring rain
It could bring peace and harmony
or might bring heartache and pain.

I know not what waits for me
beyond the moment I live in
It could be the beginning of of
something-or might be the beginning
of the end.

Live each moment to its fullest
for once the moment has been
lived, it can't be lived again.

There is no going back to time spent
and no promise life is longer than
the moment I live in.
7:51pm November 10, 2012

Listen to the song of life that I sing
When I was born life lit a lamp for me
to follow in its light my whole life through
from beginning to end--In the beginning
life's lamp shine brightly for me;
Then one day the light in the lamp grew dim
and I stumbled in life's darkness, not seeing
the evil that lay within waiting for me to lay down
my innocence in exchange for a taste of sin.
Beware, of the enemy's trickery, when the light
in life's lamp grows dim.......keep faith, when evil
comes to tempt your soul; for no man gets through
this world untouched by sin...
3:55pm November10, 2012


If I had the power to touch the hearts of all mankind
with wisdom, knowledge, understanding, or love
which would I choose?
Would I choose to make all wise ,when wisdom in and of
itself ends when the wise man dies?
Would I choose to make the mind of all blind leading all
to believe all knowledge begins and ends with them?
Would I choose to give understanding to all and leave
them nothing to think on, to wonder about, or dream of?
Unless all three I could give to all - I would fill the hearts
of all with love never ending-and let each find his own
degree of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding
in the songs of life his heart sings.
10:32am November 9, 2012

Today, the sunlight shines through the blanket of cold
Mr. Wintertime left during the night as I lay sleeping
beneath my covers; even the air inside is cold as I
breathe it in ~ and breathe out the warmth, that just
being alive brings to my very soul.
8:19am November 9, 2012

In life there are no escapes from inner thoughts
no getting away from the mental anguish caused
from a breaking heart . . . No way to erase those
things in life that cause sleepless nights.

Thoughts connect me to reality,
as imperfect as it may be . . .

Just as thoughts can hurt ~ thoughts can heal.

12:20PM November 8, 2012

As my heart beats out each word
from deep inside of me---- I, at
their exit, feel a sense of peace and
For many have kept hidden their
deepest thoughts and paid highly
for the secrets they keep.
11:58 am November 8, 2012

I try not to feel sorry for myself
anymore-not like I did before
when the loss of my child
took me by surprise
and my whole world shattered
right before my tear filled eyes.
When all I wanted was to hear
my child's voice , to feel my
child's touch, and to be wrapped
in the arms of the child I loved so much.
It was not easy letting go of the child
I carried beneath my heart; until I
realized my child now touches my
life every day with her angel wings;
she lives in my heart and watches
over me while I look for her in my dreams.
9:01pm November 7,  2012

With each day I face reality
that life is not always as perfect
as I would have it be....

That there are times for loving
and times for setting free.

That there are times my heart
will weep for those I lose in life

and times that I must accept
that nothing in this life
is mine to keep.

God, If I abuse another's heart
knowingly -and cause another tears
knowing how much it hurts
when a loved one turns away
remind me to be more understanding
of human weakness
as you walk with me through this day.

7:12 am November 6, 2012

God, this day starts out with tears
after a night of peaceful sleep
help me as I step into whatever
awaits me with the morn
 send yours angels closer
to those I hold dear to my heart
too watch over them and keep
them safe from harm.
6:56am November 6, 2012

I am just a lonely soul on a journey
that begin the day that I was born
my travels in life have taken me
down many roads of twists and turns
where illusions and temporary happiness
were the norms. I grasped for the love
that presented itself to me at every
bend in the road; I wanted so to fill the
void in my life; and I needed
only the promise of love to find
reason to stay in places I did not belong.
8:46pm November 5, 2012

Lord, you walked through another day with me
and held me up when I got weak; I want to thank you
for lending me your strength; and tell you if not for your
love for me, I don't know where I would be. I keep you
close to my heart everyday knowing that if the whole
world turned on me; that you Lord would still be there
for me-that you Lord would never leave me alone to carry
life's burdens on my own.
1:19am November 5, 2012

I walk into this day with my shield of faith raised high
knowing that the only thing that can cause me to stray
is not the things of the world- but the things I carry inside.
10:16am November 4, 2012

Whether my needs be many

or few.........

I carry my burdens alone
because I choose to do so
no one can help me in this life
if I choose not to let them know.
10:08am November 4, 2012

I started to write a poem today
I didn't finish it;
Because it wasn't really what
I wanted to say.

It was a poem about need
and how my god filled
my needs everyday.

I went as far as to put the
time and date at the end.

Then I realized not a word
that I wrote would have any
meaning for those who read it.

So I decided I would write
another poem that all who read
will understand.

There is a longing for someone
to share the emptiness in life
with me;

a need for more than a

a need to share my inner
most thoughts with my god,
and my dearest friend.

When I fall in the day
as I sometimes do and
my weaknesses come to the

I feel so alone that
the emptiness is almost
more than I can bear...

Then just as
my weaknesses move in to
torment my soul-

 I reach down deep inside
 and retrieve the faith that for
a little while

my weakness had put on hold.
9:53am November 4, 2012

I do not let yesterday dictate my today
I awaken to the morning, accepting
that I have just awaken to the first day
of the rest of my life; a new day to
do the best I can; a new day to be thankful
for all things; a new day for remembering
my god  who watches over  everything.

If I lived my life remembering only yesterdays,
I would have learned nothing from my past
heartaches and pains; and would chance everyday
making the same mistakes again.
11:50pm  November 2, 2012

If in my lifetime I have made a difference in another's life

let it be for the better. 11:21 November 2, 2012

Only my god knows why my life
has been as it was, and how it
is today.
I do no question my god's
plan for me.
All I ask of my god
Is that He show me the right
way . . .

2:50am November 2, 2012

Use Your Inner Eyes

Never under estimate evil
Evil has been around since
day one....
Evil has had its eyes on you
Since the moment you were born.

Take care when you feel evil near
prepare for some hard times,
and get ready for the tears.....

Never try to live beyond
the moment you live in . . .
Never take life for granted
Watch always for evil with your
Inner eyes

And, don't think that bad things
only happen to others
or you may get caught off guard
and get handed an evil card.

2:14am November 2, 2012

Nothing New

There is nothing that I can say
that someone else hasn't already said
There is nothing I can dream about
that hasn't already been in another's dream
There is nothing I can cry about that hasn't
already moved another to tears....
Nothing my ears can hear that hasn't been
heard by another's ears.....
Nothing my hands can touch that another's
hands hasn't already touched....
There is no taste bitter or sweet
that hasn't already passed another's lips.
There is nothing new under the sun
even the paths life takes one down
others have already walked or run.
11:01pm October 31, 2012

I wish I had the power
to create for everyone a perfect day
without outside interference trying
to take the peace in their everyday life away;
I would dissolve every tear with sunshine
polish all the fading love that I could find
mend every broken heart; touch every life
with kindness; join every hand in friendship
and fill every home with faith and love.
12:15pm October 31, 2012

I can always tell when I am doing something right
The devil don't give me rest day or night....
He pulls every dirty trick he can to destroy my faith
and pull me down...
It looks like by now he would leave me alone
but I guess he will have to learn the hard way
He only gets one shot a day
to take me down
and me and my house are protected by special
angels -who are always ready to go another round.
6:09pm October 30, 2012

I have lived my life....
with all its strife,
it has been a life filled
with its peaceful times too.

I am sharing my writing with you ,
because of my heart felt desire
to touch lonely souls, and  let them
 know "no one is ever truly alone."

2:55pm October 30, 2012

It Takes Courage

It takes more courage to stand alone
than it does to stand in the middle of a crowd.
It takes more courage to defend
the right than it takes to defend a wrong....
It take more courage to be who you are
than it does to pretend to be who you are not.
It takes more courage to walk upright in this world
where every day is filled with trials and tribulations
than it does to close one's eyes to all the injustice
being done under the sky....And, It takes more courage
to live than it takes just to give up and die.

1:54pm October 30, 2012

note:  This poem is for healthy human beings who have choices about their life.

God Is In Control

 I have made it through another day
And begin a new day.
It is a few minutes after mid-night
and I survived a lot of things
yesterday that troubled my heart;
I survived the doubt that caused me
to worry; I overcome the fear that
managed to draw an occasional tear;
I survived another day of unexpected
negatives; and I survived all the other
human weaknesses that played havoc
with my day; by raising my shield of Faith
and pushing the negative away.

12:25am October 30, 2012

Nothing to Say

When I search for words
and find them not to be
from the heart of me
I know that the words
mean nothing; they are
just words put together
by symbols... meaningless
and empty.

When I search for words
and the only words I find
are those locked away inside
my mind. I stare out in to
the heavens knowing
I'll have to wait until my heart
kicks in again....

Some times I just have to much
on my heart  and mind, and try as I will
I can't find words worthy of
the feelings that live in the deepest
part of me

 Where the heart and mind collide

and feelings stay locked
away inside.

4:58am  October 29, 2012


It is still night outside
and the blackness of the night
stares at me through the curtain less
part of the window where I set alone
 remembering times come and gone.

I have much time alone to think a head
remember back; and to think about
where in life my life is at.

How wasted, the time one spends on
looking back; when nothing can change
what lays in the past.

I cry a lot when I think about the
things closest to my heart.

But these are the times, when I let
myself forget who's setting at the
helm ;who charts the course; and
who it is that provides for my needs
on land or sea.... without hesitation
or remorse .....

I may set my course in life but God
controls the sea.
4:12am October 29, 2012

Each A Blessing

This Mother's blessings have been many
they far exceed any of the bad things
with all their hurts and pains;

My blessings take on many faces,
sizes, and forms;
My special blessings come at a time
in my life when I needed one.

I count my blessings every day
Some times the memory of a blessing
brings a tear

for my blessings are blessings that keep
on giving to my heart
whether my blessing is far or near.

Each of my children is a special blessing
that God gave to me at just the right time----

A Blessing that in my heart will never lose
its luster or its shine......
A Blessing that may not truly realize
that it's a  special blessing in this
mother's eyes.

3:15 am  October 29, 2012

Me with my son Billy Ray, and my daughter Katie, on my son's 34th Birthday October 28,2012


Billy Ray with his sister Katie

Today is your Birthday, My Dear Son
I remember your birth as if it
were only yesterday; For many years
I have watched you grow from a baby
to the man you are today.

May God continue to bless you with
wisdom and understanding; May He
guide you through life's journey; and
watch over you night and day; when
trouble times befall you; may God
give you a special angel , who will
wrap you in angel wings and
carry you the rest of the way.

I love you, my precious son
Happy Thirty-Fourth Birthday.
12:43am October 28, 2012

I have made mistakes in my life
and it's only by the grace of God
that I survived life's many storms.
and can say without a doubt today
The storms were many and took
no mercy on my life or soul; evil
touched my life and brought me
shame; evil dressed in innocence
more than once took me for a ride;
many times over, evil waged its war
many times I touched death and
was spared my judgment day;
and my agony prolonged, as I
laughed in the face of death; tormented
to my very soul I wanted to die; Then
my god sent his son to me in a vision
and my life was touched by the Light
I remembered; and my soul cried out
for forgiveness- and Jesus in my vision
reached out to me and bid me "come."
I am a sinner forgiven.

2:24pm October 27, 2012

One day all things in my life will come together
under one heart; but until that tomorrow is entered in
I ask my god for enough courage to fight life's daily
battles; enough insight to see into the products of
yesterdays' tears; enough heart to stand for what
I believe in-even when doing so hurts; enough love
to forgive those who turn from me, and stand
beyond my touch; and enough understanding to
accept that love is the gift that keeps on giving-
even when I can't keep the ones I love.
1:15pm October 27, 2012

The babies I'm watching are sleeping
beneath angel wings
as I watch the clouds  thanking God for
the simplest things
from inside my humble home....
as beyond the scene
the outside world moves hurriedly along.

I would not trade a moment of my life this day
for a million yesterdays past away........
or a life time of tomorrows, without the peace
I find in this today.
12:55pm October 27, 2012

As the wind blows against the window
I set here in the wee hours of the morning
with a heavy heart; waiting for the sun to
shine; tired but sleep does not come; always
faithful that the new day will find me worthy
to enter in.....and night will fall gently on me

I know there is a god in heaven; who watches
over me; Long ago I claimed him for my own;
and when the day begins-tho I can't see my god,
I know in my heart that I am never alone.

God, lift this weight from my heart as the new
day unfolds; help me to see the silver lining
weaved in with life's storms; as I again place
my life in your loving arms.
4:50am October 26, 2012

 I walk down life's lonely highways
carrying my shield of faith always before me
A lonely soul in search of peace
where peace was never meant to be.
Searching the winds of nothingness
to find my heart's everything.
My heart seeks love and my soul
seeks forgiveness.
Long I have searched~ long I have
waited, for what-I do not know.
May my god fill the nothingness
as I continue my walk down life's lonely
highway......and may he help me find peace
in the emptiness  I find in the day.
3:46pm October 25, 2012

God, If I fell to reach out and take
the hand of someone in need- let the hand
touch the heart inside of me and
move me to see the need more clearly.
For oftentimes my own needs blinds me to
the hands reaching out to me.

I am far from being perfect and may make
a few mistakes along life's way.
Please, point my mistakes out to me and
show me how to correct the errors that I've
10:34am October 24, 2012

May peace reign in your
life night and day
and may love reign in your
heart always.
9:49am October 24, 2012

Many times I have raised
my Shield of Faith
In times of danger and strife
and my god sent his angels
to spare my life....

Many times I struggled to
bring life into this world
Many times I sink in  my sin
and wanted to die

Many times I lost sight
of the light before me and
wondered in life aimlessly.

Many times I sought comfort
in my faith on a stormy day
and my god took mercy on me
and spared me from life's misery.

I alone know the power of  the faith
That allows my god to work his
miracles in my life through me.

Their is no faith unless one
truly believes.

Many times I have raised
my Shield of Faith
and asked my god
to help me be strong
enough to
complete the task before me
Never once did my god
not answer my plea..

9:04am October 24, 2012

Sometimes it is better to build a barrier
between love and destiny......
For it is better to release a loved one
than to place them in the middle of life's
Out of sight-but safe in the heart's arms.
3:26pm October 23, 2012

Let this day bring what it will
as I awaken to the morning
for there is nothing in it I fear
except the creator of all things.

I once worried about whether
people liked me or not
lived my life trying to fit in
with other peoples' way of living.

Then one day, I could fit in no more;
to other peoples' reality.
I had to have my own hopes
and dreams-I could not satisfy
everyone-If I was to be true
to me.

Always, there will be this urge in me
to be a part of what is gone
a desire to find a sense of being
in the right place at the right time.

Tho my life is unfolding a part of me
will always sleep in the creases of
the past I leave behind.
8:49AM October 23, 2012

There is nothing more I can say
I set again at the end of the day
looking out at the night
thankful for the day, wondering
what tomorrow will bring-
feeling a sense of peace knowing
my god is watching over everything.

May the world find the same peace
that embraces me.
11:02pm October 22, 2012


There's only a fence between me and my memories
It's hard to leave the past behind
when it lives next door to me
It's hard not to cry looking over the fence
and seeing everything I once cared for
covered with weeds.

There's only a fence between me and my memories
It's hard to think about a tomorrow
When I'm living next door to the place that use
to be my home....when all the good memories are
lost among memories of heartache and sorrow.

It's not easy letting yesterday rest in the past
looking over the fence at the weeds and uncut grass.
But I try to remember that nothing lasts forever
Things change-children grow up---and I'm not the
only one living with yesterday's memories.

There's only a fence between me and my memories
The fence separates yesterday's good and bad times
from today's realities.
It's hard at times just living next door to
where my memories were born.....but the sun don't
shine as often there, and my heart don't live
there anymore.
12:32pm October 22, 2012

What makes a heart care?
Is it the love that is found there?
Can one not love but still care?
The ability to care comes from
deep down inside
It's a heart felt emotion
impossible to hide.
12:11AM October 22, 2012

Wisdom does not come from books
Wisdom comes from what one learns
from experiencing life.

Knowledge does not come from reading
about another's experiences in life
Knowledge comes from living through

Understanding does not come from listening
to other's tell about what their experiences
taught them......
Understanding comes from what one has been
taught from experience.

Wisdom, Knowledge, and understanding
I use to pray for those three things.

All three are obtainable in life
by living every side of life
and paying a very high price.

Wise is he that is wise enough
to see his capability to err.

12:00am October 22, 2012


At times my own words
refreshes my memory
of past things; and I
find myself reliving
forgotten pains.

God, touch my heart
and calm the sea of tears
Let me not forget to always
walk straight ahead
never looking behind
for if I seek out painful
memories-those memories
I will find.

Teach me God to live one
day at a time
And help me leave all my painful
memories far behind.
7:19 PM October 21, 2012



The sun is going done on my tears
night time has found me crying
and there is a sadness in my soul
for someone to tell me everything will
be alright.....

My tears shall dry before morning
and the sun shall rise again
on my faith.
6:49pm October 21, 2012

How many set and ponder life,
while looking out across the sky
and wasting the precious moments
the time, to do and try?

No one has the power to kill your
spirit but you......
No one can make your dreams come true
but you......
No one can live your life for you
but you.

There's beauty to be found
if one will but look at the things
we take for granted every day...
A yellow butterfly sipping nectar
from a red flower on a sunny day...
A child at play...there are so many
beautiful sights one takes for granted
in one's day.

3:07pm October 21, 2012

If not for the tears
I would know not
how to be thankful
for the love that I
carry in my heart....
For, it is through the
tears that I
have the chance
to learn and see life
10:39am October 21 , 2012

Let this day bring what it may
For there is nothing I fear but
my god who's will will be done
long after man's race is run.

In God's hands my life rests
He asks nothing of me but That
I follow my heart in all things
and give life my best.
10:34 am October 21, 2012

A Wintertime Flower

I am a flower that blooms in the wintertime
for lost souls freezing in life's snow
wandering where warmth can be found
wondering which way to go.......

I am a flower destined to the cold; standing
on a snowy hill side where nothing grows.

I am a wintertime flower blooming just for you-
to warm you in your wintertime with love's glow
When your heart is growing cold, and you seek
shelter from life's snow.

10:16am October 21, 2012

I give to you a piece of my heart
The love inside of it belongs to you;
When life threatens to tear you a part
may my love help you through.

For, love is the greatest gift of all
and it takes only a little love to
change a life forever.
2:42pm October 20, 2012

I live with a walking miracle around
me everyday---
And I thank God everyday for the
miracle I call my son.
Never lower your Shield of faith
not even for a day--- because
any time any place ----It all can
be taken away.
2:24pm October 20, 2012

It's time to close the door to my heart
Time to lay down my pen-and stop
living my life in part....... Life goes
by faster than one can dream.......
after awhile one must run to keep up
with life....before its over- and what
was thought to be the beginning was
really only the end.....
2:19pm October 20, 2012

May my dried tears not stain the
hearts of others as they follow
on life's sometime long and
empty road.....

May my heartaches not add an ounce
to another's already burdensome load.

May my life be remembered kindly
by others who seek to understand there

And, may the love I leave behind help
to ease the loneliness that all must
endure if they are to make it  safely home.
9:25am October 20, 2012


Every day my life unfolds
as the sun shines down on me
I can see just a little more
clearly-the things drawing
me onward to meet my destiny.
And what I see is bits and
pieces of me resting comfortably
in the hands of lonely souls
traveling aimlessly in search
of love and peace.....
9:14 am October 20, 20121

God, give me the courage to walk
the path that you have set before me;

The insight to see into the things that
you would have me see;

The wisdom to find understanding When
my cup of understanding is empty

God, fill my heart with enough
love to share with others on Life's
And, please, God, always keep your loving
hands firmly on me.
6:23pm October 19, 2012

There are times
I think about
things of yesterday
and cry a tear or two;
Times I long for
happier times
when my life
was overflowing
with good things;
and I had not
known the feel
of a heart broken
in two.

There are times
When I would
give anything
for another chance
to kiss my angel
before God called
her home.....But
these are times
I cannot return to
things I cannot
undo; pieces of
my life that I cannot
put back together
and still find you.

There are times
That try my soul
that tempt me
to stray.....
Times I beg my
god to take
the memory of
losing you away.

Times when I forget
the angel God sent
for you was only
collecting God's loan
and just taking another
angel back home.

5:56pm October 19, 2012

Who will walk this path
called life with me?
Is there not one to hold
my hand when I am
Has my sins been so
great as to adjudge
me unworthy
of one to stand
in the flesh
next to me ....as
I make the journey
My spirit is not alone
still, there is an
emptiness inside
of me...Still ,there is
a yearning to have
someone share
my journey with me.
Still, I am flesh and bone
making the journey alone.
4:37pm October 19, 2012

Feel the stillness in the air
as each breath you take
expels a gentle breeze
called life....

Feel life
in every breath
you take.
10:12am October 19, 2012

What matters to me
may not matter to you
The dreams I dream
you cannot sleep in;
My footsteps are my own
you can not take my steps
You can only follow
in my tracks
After I am gone.
10:08am October 19, 2012

It 's better
The heart be stilled
Than to beat
Out of tune with love.

For, the heart feeds
The soul;

Love feeds the heart;

And empty is he
Who loves not.

12:49am October 19, 2012

If my tears fall far from
where I am;
Let the receiver gently
embrace my tears
with his heart;
and know that my tears
are not to be any
thing more than
a sweet memory of
two lonely souls
who touched upon
life's sweetest treasure
that got carried away
by life's gentle wind.
7:44pm October 18, 2012

Another, no matter the heart
can touch upon my reason for
being. .
Every day, I take a step forward
in life; still, I advance not beyond
the here and now.
7:34pm October 18, 2012

The eye that never tears
has never been touched
by life's reality.
Not all will journey through
life untouched
by heartache and pain
Not all will fall
and not rise again.
Life has many sides
not all will reach
every dead-end.......
Where misery keeps
one company and life
keeps one blind.
Not all shall witness
God's miracles or
find Jesus, their
dearest friend.
For life has twists
and turns that
only the angels
can make straight.
Not all will take the
same path
tho ,which ever way they take
It will take them to the same end.
1:57pm October 18,2012

Life is like a beam of light
shinning brightly
A sparkle in the night.
9:20am October 18, 2012

Today I awoke to a foggy morn
with a sunshine lining;
Tho the morning was dark
There were sunbeams of
heart and love
touching everything.
9:17am October 18, 2012

The little things in life
bring joy to my soul
A bird singing outside
my window-a baby to hold.

It is the little things
I value more than money,
silver or gold.
It is the little things
that put the joy in my soul.

My treasures do not include
things I shall temporarily
hold-----My treasures in life
are those beautiful jewels
those wondering souls
who in passing touch my
life with sunshine on a stormy
day---and give me a part of
their heart to care for and to

It is not things of the
world I seek to find-its the
key to unlock my soul- I shall
find in the heart and not
in treasures of silver and gold.

I live not for the worldly but

for the godly things

the world holds.

12:30pm October 17, 2012

When I was a child I lived
as a child ~
I had a child's dreams ~ and
I loved with a child's pure

As I grew older I took each
step in life more bolder;
And begin to dream of life
of how ,if I could, I would
change life and do away with
all heartache and strife.

Then I loved for the first time
and the child in me that was
was no more.
4:34am October 17, 2012

We live only to die
We smile only to cry
We love only to feel
the loss..
10:16am October 16, 2012

The decision has been made
now I must prepare
my heart for the pain that
is sure to follow
for still those I love
cannot see me
in the light of who I am;
a soul put on earth
to wonder aimlessly
on a course that destiny
prepared for me; a person
in my own right to be; a heart
broken because those I love
look at me through worldly eyes
and think of me as a failure not
deserving of the love I once
carried inside my womb; but
no more will I be ignored by those
who have many time wantonly
whipped my spirit; I will raise
above my pain and take an
unsure step into tomorrow.
8:32am October 16, 2012

I am a heart writer
nothing I write belongs
to me
Tho I write me in every word.

Let those who would use my words
for profit and self gain
know that you rob from
your very soul
and that can not be rewrote

For this life is the testing field
we journey through but once
and in the end

we each shall write our own
ending to our life's song.
7:19am October 16, 2012

Follow your heart; always
follow your heart and love
will follow after you.
6:41am October 16, 2012

Yesterday I faced the enemy
and stood strong against its winds
Today I must stand unmovable
in that wind; that will never seize
to blow against me as long
as I live.
God, give me courage this day
to keep evil at bay; Open
my eyes to your light and send
me on my way....with my shield of
faith raised high
to shield me from another
windy day.
6:37 am October 16, 2012

When the day begins anew
and yesterday has slipped away
with my dreams
May the sun rise and set
on my faith.
May darkness find my lamp still lit
and love still thriving inside
of me;
And may I sleep again in the
presence of the angels who walked
through another day with me.

6:11am October 16, 2012


Life, how many have sought
your secrets to know?
How many tempted souls
have sought to control
your glow?
I seek nothing more than
to make the journey through
this world; and have no need
to steal your secrets
and leave this world
in more darkness
then when I entered in;
For, your secrets must
remain so
that other travelers
might follow the
ways of the few
who fueled your glow
with the light
from their soul.
11:01pm October 15, 2012

Today, I was struck in the heart
by an arrow of hate; from a child
of my womb's own hand. The arrow
was tipped with my child's hate
for me; no deadlier potion could
there be----because it was that
hate that threatened to rip the
heart from me;

If it were your
intention child to let me know
to what degree you hate me---
then I'm burning in my soul; for
I pray that God not let the devil
have you; that he will release
you from the evil's chain; because
no matter how much you hate me;
I love you and would bear your
misery; If my blood is what will
make you happy drain the blood
from me; for, never would my heart
hurt you knowingly.
11:22am October 15, 2012

God, the evil stood at my door clothed inside my child
and my heart was ripped out of me once more.
Please, put your hand on my trembling soul
and send peace back into my world.
9:55am October 15, 2012

There is not a moment
that my heart stops caring;
not a moment
that I do not feel
The tugging on my heart.
6:03am October 15, 2012

 Lord, You walk with me
Every day
and I have no doubt
that you will walk with me
the rest of the way.
Long ago ,as a child,
I met you beneath the
waters that had
swallowed` me up
You spoke with me
and the waters
spit me back up . . .
I have never forgotten
that day...when I got
close to Heaven's Light
you gave me a mission-
then turned me away.
You said when the
time come
I would know what
you would have
me do . . .
As I have traveled
in life-there
has not been a day
you haven't sent your
angels to walk me through.
I know the Light still
draws my soul
as it did so long ago
beneath the waters
as I walked through
the valley of death
safely because of you.
Many times my mind
has thought back to
that day; many times
since then I try to
remember what it is
you would have me do.
5:45 am October 15, 2012

How many times O Lord
must I hunger and thirst
in my faith?
I have oftentimes fail to do
the little things in a day
that might lighten
the burdens of another
but Lord always
those little things were
in my heart....I just did not
hear the silent pleas
of my brother.
Give me the inner ear
to hear the longing
in another...Then O Lord
give me the means
to wipe away another's tears.
For, Lord it is not because
my heart's love is void of
caring ;Years have taught me
it is the caring in hearts
that leads lost souls
to a closer walk with thee.
Strengthen me Lord for
I am weak
teach me to reach out
with more love in my
heart; as I struggle
down my own path
to get back to thee.
8:16am October 14, 2012

If you are going to love me
love me not
for who you believe me to be
Love me for being brave enough
to be who I am. . .
11:08pm October 13, 2012

There are no words
that my heart can share
for my mind is wondering
Back to a place in time
I questioned the motives
of others whose
beliefs were different than mine.
I believe that a life some say
is not worth living- has as
much value as mine;
I believe that self determination
is non transferable; that if life
choices are to be made that
only the giver of life has a right
to decide if one lives or dies.
2:42pm October 13, 2012

If I happen upon some
poor soul who needs
a helping hand today
let me give him a little
comfort, by reminding
him that God will always
make a way. . .
That being poor is not
a sin......that many a poor man
has been a rich man's friend.
[2:47 am October 13, 2012]

The night is almost over
as the sounds of quietness
speak out in the dark
and I wait patiently for dawn
to greet me through the
[2:34am October 13, 2012]

When you hold a child in your arms
you hold the future.
1:30pm October 12, 2012

God, help those who seek
understanding to find
that there are some things
that are not meant to be

If we knew everything-would
we our self not be equal to God?
12:32pm October 12, 2012

The tears seem endless
as I strive to make it through
the emptiness.
Where will the river of tears
seize to be; no one can feel the
emptiness but the heart
inside of me.
For God I will endure
For God I will stand alone
in my misery; knowing
that I have peace
through the shield of faith
standing within my reach
10:36am October 12, 2012

The First Ride Without Me

May God's angels build a net of safety
around you as you travel through this day;
and peace rise up to meet you every inch
of the way.

May you look straight into the eyes of
tomorrow--and never look back to today
as the winds of life gently carries you

far from me; beyond my reach; in my heart
I hold you dear child in the hands
of peace and hominy.

Look straight ahead--never look back
knowing always the spirit of my love
travels with you.

My love will always be with you; watching
over you from a far; my love will always
be close enough to touch you night or day
wherever you are.

Never look back to the day life's
journey took you away ..Always look
foreword to the future as you journey safely
through the day.

May God never be far from your side
as you journey on in life.

For, my love will always be by your side
as you travel through life
with the wings of angels around you
on life's long and tiresome ride.

8:31am October 12, 2012

I cannot undo yesterday's mistakes
I cannot erase one day from my life
I cannot take back hurtful words
that were created out of my heart's
pain; and my heart cannot choose
who it will love over again.

Yesterday I did not understand
the importance of the day, until
it was over; and I thought about
the things I should have done and

There were so many hugs I could
have got-so many more I love yous
I could have heard~ if I had only
listened closer to my heart.
3:15am October 12, 2012

When the morning comes
I will enter into a new day;
God, help me not make
the same mistakes twice.
Let the first mistake, if there
is to be one, teach me the
importance of the time that
was wasted on error.
3:03am October 12, 2012

The lessons in life are many
The loads one is sometimes
called on to carry oftentimes
burden the body, soul, and mind.

It is from the weight one
carries in life that
the body stays fit
the soul stays safe
and the mind remains clear
in life's wintertime years.
6:37pm October 11, 2012


This day hearts are breaking
unstoppable tears are falling
which would not be
if only the heart had taken
time to entertain understanding.
[6:14pm October 11, 2012]

If not for my shield of faith
evil's arrows would pierce
my heart beyond repair
and I would fall an empty
vessel of failure in the day
among the vessels used to
destroy my soul.
[8:45am October 11, 2012]

It is those closest to my heart,
my love watches over; for it is from
among these-the enemy will choose
his deadliest weapon ~ against me.
[8:40am October 11, 2012]

I feel the unsettledness in the
air I breathe; I feel the reaching
out of something unseen; I see and
prepare me-for the evil at work-I
feel but cannot see.
[8:27AM October 11, 2012]

My inner thoughts are at war
with outer things; and my heart
morns over what it has found in
the day.
[8:23am October 11, 2012]

It is not the things we cling too
The things we try to hold on too
That give meaning to life
It is those things we let go
amide the tears
knowing something good has
touched our life.
[4:19pm October 10, 2012]

I need not your sympathy ;I have it within my power
to over come any short coming I may have.
God, is not only my god he is all that I am.

[3:51pm October 10, 2012]

You cannot judge me any worse than I have judged myself.
One cannot be certain of many things but one thing's for sure
we are all born to lay the flesh down.
If you judge me, sight unseen
how much better are you than me?
Never judge another~ expecting not to be judged.
[3:40pm October 10, 2012]

Blindly, they hate what they
do not understand; condemn what
does, to them, not fit in; all the while
sleeping under a blanket of ignorance
as innocent, of their wrong doing; as a
mischievous child.
[1:41pm October 10, 20112]

It has always been,
God's Words will stand,
a message bound in love;
Words so simple yet
so great...that none but God
knows when life's sentence begin;
where heaven and hell meet; and
what moment one's life will end.
We strive in life to be
what we choose to be
only one day to awaken
face to face with destiny.
[1:37pm October 10, 2012]

I live by faith in the only god
my soul has ever known
I cling to my faith in my god
as a child clings to a father,
mother, sister, or brother.
I put my god above all else
God is the very air that I breathe.
[11:22am October 10, 2012]

The unwillingness to believe
is the safety key one turns
when they get to close to God.
It is easier for a fool not
to see- than to admit that
God is always in control
of all life's very soul.
[11:16am October 10, 2012]

I have love blindly
with my heart... and
weep my just reward.

One cannot place love into
another's heart-and tell
the heart who to love.

Love passes us by everyday
waiting to be claimed.

[9:59am October 10, 2012]

To understand love
one must understand
one's own heart-And
how is it possible
to grasp the width
and depth of love
provoked emotion?

[9:55am October 10, 2012]

I once sought to find the perfect life
filled with only love
void of heartache and strife
I searched for love and found that
love has two sides;
Love is calm until the heart gets
broken .......Then, love becomes
the center of misery....As it strikes
out at all who would rob it of love's
right to be.

[9:51am October 10, 2012]

When our life is touched by another
it is long remembered
after parting ways.
There is a kindred- ship that we all share;
as different as we are;
we are like minded in so many ways.
Each day holds things many will not see
and others will take for granted.
[9:37am October 10, 2012]

The loneliest times are those days
I think about my life, and realize
that the strangers who played the biggest
part in helping me to reach this point
in my life will never know the part
they had in nourishing my heart.
I'm sure that Heaven has a special
place for those who take the time
to care about those in need of a
caring soul in their life.
I was hurting and you eased my pain
I was a stranger and you treated me
like an old friend . . .
My heart was breaking and
you helped it to mend.

[8:18pm October 9, 2012]

Believe always with thine heart
for even faith has its trickery.
[9:01am October 9, 2012]

all things must meet their end
The word will not be silent
even in the darkness it will
find voice in the shadows of
what once was.

Judge me O world
for I find fault
with thee.
[8:59am October 9, 2012]

Taste the sweetness of the day
for not always will
bitterness fill your plate.
[8:52am October 9, 2012]

The real world rises
in the shadow of yesterday.

One can search the world
and never find happiness
One can search everyday
for someone who can
bring them happiness. . .
And not touch the love
in another's heart.

I search for things with
my heart; things the eyes
cannot see.

[8:43am October 9, 2012]

Each time I triumph over self-pity
I am a step closer to understanding
the cause of my self-created misery.

Reality I can deal with----It's the
memories that are hardest to cope with.

A memory can do more damage than a slap in the face.

It's hard not to judge self-when
we are our own biggest disappointment.

God, I have a tugging at my heart
and I need you to help me endure
the rest of this day.
I can feel the tears pushing against
my eye-lids...Please, God, do not
let the first tear drop fall.

I try so hard to do what's right
but sometimes, I cannot understand
how it can be right if is gonna
break my heart.

No one can see into my heart but you
so I'm asking you God, to give me
the strength to pretend my heart's
not breaking in two.

It just gets lonely sometimes
and all I need is a little more strength
to get me through.
[6:39pm October 8, 2012]

There is nowhere that God is not.
I carry Him always inside my heart.

He has been with me on every journey
Short and long-
It is through His presence in my life
that I am made strong.

There is nowhere that God is not.
I carry Him always inside my heart.
He sets at my table; lays in my bed

He is my food; my pillow of strength;
My candle light; my soul's closest

God was by beginning- God will be my end.

He is my everything - My life belongs to Him.
[9:34am October 8, 2012]

I am not a perfect person, therefore,

not everything I do in life will be done to perfection.

[8:30am October 8, 2012]

My Wonderland

When I was a wee child
all happy and gay
I would laugh and smile
Every single day.

I had my own house
I made from pine straw
I rode my pine tree horse
til my bottom end was raw.

No thief would come around
to bother me
I was prepared, you see,
my trusty wood sword
protected me.

Many a day I played in my
that I built with my own
two hands.

I had everything my young
mind could dream up
even invented a pine cone pup.

Then I out grew my make
believe horse and pup
As time would have it
I grew up!

Things were more simpler
way back then....if something
was missing from my wonderland
I would picture it in my world
and create it from nothing
with my own two little hands.

[1:15am October 8, 2012]

Let me not fall when I stumble
If I fall, let me rise up stronger
for having endured the fall.
Let me not tarry to long in my misery
Let me put those things behind me.
Let me not forget the importance of
others-Let me take all to heart
who pass my way.
Let me not forget the past that
nurtured me-but the bitterness
Let me leave behind.
[11:17pm October 7, 2012]

The air is thick with thoughts my heart tries
to capture in words, as the thunder outside
calls my attention to the pending storm
that is making its way to my door... For now, the words
must wait to be found-until after the rain.
[10:59pm October 7, 2012]

The heart of one encompasses the hearts of all.....
For there is but one heart beat that moves the world.
One love the soul seeks to return too.
One breath that blew life into one and is shared by me and you.

[11:51am October 7, 2012]

Judge Not

It hurts when strangers
judge blindly one they
don't care to know . . .

It hurts to be shut out
because of how you look
what you can't afford
how you choose to live
the day.

But those who would judge
another on looks, manner,
style- have no class and
God's test will never pass.

Those who would judge you
by your ability to fit in
their circle of things will
never earn their angel wings.

Those who would judge you
because you don't fit their
worthy person mold are
in danger of losing their very soul.

God gives us the choice
of who our heart chooses to
accept as foe or friend
then lets us decide which gate
we will enter in.

[9:45am October 7, 2012]


Be still my heart . . .

Tonight, I found no words to share,
and I knew- silence needed time.

[12:10am October 7, 2012]

I was lost and God found me
I was in mortal pain and God
healed me.
I needed a friend and God sent
His son to tarry with me.
When I could see nothing but darkness
Jesus lit His light for me.
[6:58am October 6, 2012]

As I step into my today, God,
give me your lantern of understanding
to light my way.
Place love in my heart; strength in my
hands; and enough courage in my spirit
to face any evil that comes my way.
[6:48am October 6, 2012]

The stillness touches me with its peace
and lets me know all is well in my world.
[6:41am October 6, 2012]

I reached out my hand
and could not reach you
I reached out my heart and
drew you closer to me.
[9:42AM October 5, 2012]

Hold high your Shield of Faith

Only God be the judge that deserves
my love, respect and fear
Tho this world finds me unworthy
my faith rest with Him.

For the world is the courtroom
I enter every day.
And God is the judge who will have
the final say.
[8:06 October 5, 2012]

My life is nothing more than an
illusion of yesterday's dream
that I nurture with my heart everyday.
[7:52am October 5, 2012]

Our souls are tested every day

As the cloudy morn blankets my path with
morning dew-and I give thought to the
silence outside - the feel of a presences
greater than the spirit in me
reached out and engulfed the very air
that I breathe~ and opened the things
of the day for me.
[7:44am October 5, 2012]

I awoke to the new day to find yesterday's
reality still here with me
and wiped a tear from my eye . . .
[7:37 am October 5, 2012]

We are the essences of everything
and nothing-We are but we are not
creatures of the day- creatures of dark.

The night has covered the day
and all things of yesterday.

And another day in my life has met
its end, as into tomorrow
I enter in.

[9:56pm October 4, 2012]


God I walk again through your day
looking beyond the clouds of my destiny
to where eternal peace lay.

Guide me God to do your will
in everything I do~ let it be for you.

If pain is to be my lot
let me endure whatever life inflicts on my heart
For I know you have never left me to endure
the pain alone.

And, life shall tempt my heart and soul
to stray as ~ I travel the long journey home.

God, give me in this day the tools that I need
as I, after a peaceful night's rest, journey on my way.
[7:52am October 3, 2012]

Take Nothing for Granted

I do not know what tomorrow
will bring
When I awaken in the morn
Or if I shall see another light of day
But yesterday's sorrow
tho faded, remains a reminder
that the important things in the day
may not be in my tomorrow.
For, once I took for granted
the love that lived in my today
and in the twinkling of an eye
a piece of my heart was taken away.
[2:17am October 1, 2012]

How can one not see
with the heart, the very breath
of life?
Some see with the eyes
others see with their hearts
few see with both at the same
[10:53am September 30, 2012]

My Life
I die a little every day
engulfed by yesterday's
life sentence on me.....
While my life has been
so full-
today that fullness was only
a dream.
I lived the life that I
are given ...only
to awaken and find
all that I thought was living
was nothing more than
illusions that I formed
with my mind.
What we are deep inside
we can hide, from
all but God.
I will live the day that
God has given to me
but no longer will
I base my life on
yesterday's dream.
12:37pm September 29, 2012

There are loneliness everywhere

everywhere a heart is breaking

and someone thinks 'no one cares.'

Everywhere a life is spent. No time

left, except for the tears.

[12:22pm September 29, 2012]


God, on this day give me the strength and wisdom
to know and walk the right way.

When I come face to face with confusion and strife
give me the understanding that I need to move on
with my life . . .

When I find in my day a situation that brings tears
to my eyes, and cry out in silence- let me find the
courage in my heart to remember that love has the
power to overcome all things.

God, After I have made it safely through the day
Let me not for get  as I lay me down to sleep, that
Just as you are my day's light; you are my guardian
and comforter in my night. Amen

[written 9:30am September 29,2012]

I emptied out
my heart again
reaching out
while trying to
hang on to the
wrong thing --

That wrong thing
was a heart
that would
know me not
Tho we touched
so gently-

A heart
that tasted
my love
before so
passing me

A heart - a
searching heart
that knew not
what it had found.
[7:59am, September 28, 2012]

Time has a way
of slipping away
and leaving
those we loved
so dearly
[8:03 am September 2012]

God, come and walk with me
another mile or two
Life's clouds abound
and my day again
depends so much on you.

Tho the sun is shining
in my world today
I feel a threat somewhere
in it- waiting to take my
sunshine away.

[8:06 am September 28, 2012]

No one can see what lay
beneath the clouds of life
except those in the midst
of the storm....

Take my life in your hands
O LORD, keep me safe once
more from life's storms.
[8:25am September 28, 2012]

My flesh craves to know flesh
my spirit yearns to know only
you LORD. [8:27AM September 28, 2012]

There are no words left
inside my heart...........
I have poured out my heart
drained it of its memories
the ones that for so long
were locked away
inside of me.
and your glass be filled
with love and happiness always

7:53am September 25, 2012


I have known many sides of life
met every kind of person
from every walk of life
and found that each were
searching for the something
in different directions.
I lost my way for a little while
among dreams of music, song,
and allusions of flowers and

The Same Journey

We are all born to live and die ...

To face life head on fearlessly
or to give up and seize to try. . .

To dream of a life that could be
or strive to make a dream a reality.

To feel only the pains that living brings
or to taste the sweetness in life that
we can find in so many things.

We are all born  innocent only to die with
our sins

We are all born to love and be loved
time and time again.

We are all born into a world-where one day we
will part
taking with us only the memories of those
we love -imbedded deep inside of our stilled - heart.

There is a time for everything under the sun
We are only running life's race that others
have already run.

[written 10:02am September 21, 2012]

Hurtful Words

I used the words 'hate
and 'feel sorry for'
in describing my feelings

I hate no one; not those
who have ever hurt me
or those who may choose to
be my enemy.

Sometimes others do not
realize the many ways
they've touched another's

They never allow themselves
to get caught up in another's
pain....or to see the tears
that some wipe away time
and time again.

After saying those things
I took the matter to heart:

It's easy to say things
in the wrong way
when you allow the past
to dictate what you say
in the day.

[written 9:03 am, September 21, 2012]

Life's Stormy Seas

My heart has been touched
by the hearts of many a
drifting soul ,while
struggling to survive
the raging storms of life.

if not for the caring hearts
of the strangers sent my way
- I would have surely
lost my very soul- in life's
stormy seas of heartache and
worldly strife.

I have swam life's oceans
tasted Life's seas
walked on life's lonely
beaches and drifted down
life's gentle streams
and am here today
because of the love others
found in their hearts for me.

[written 7:55pm September 20, 2012]

Love is Never Wasted

We each have our needs, our hopes, and a burning
desire to warm by love's burning fire. . .
We each have things we want to forget that burns
away at us from the inside.....things that cause
us to choose wrongly-because we have been our own
worst judge.

We each have our own roads in life to journey down
There are no short cuts or turning around
Often times our lonely souls in passing are drawn
together, long enough for us to feel the warmth
from the heart of the other.

I know not what is in another heart but many
times while stumbling down life's road, I have
felt the warmth of human compassion from many
a heart.

Love is never wasted-regardless of who we give our
love too....and you never know, one day ,in passing,
someone may return that love to you.
[written 12:10am September 20, 2012]

Never give up on finding love

When we are young and know
love for the first time
We just know our heart will
never love another.

When we are semi-young
and have given our heart away
a time or two.....
We just know that love is not
enough to keep two people

When we are semi-old, caught
up in dreams of love more
than loves reality....
We just know love, how love
was, how love is not
suppose to be, and how

love might have been..

When we are old and have
loved for the last time
We just know we will never
love again.

Never give up on finding love
the kind of love that knows
no end.

for only when a lifetime ends
has there been a heart
that can never love again.

[written 12:33pm September 19, 2012]

A Mending Heart

I set here knowing God's angels
are watching over me
With heaviness in my heart . . .
I did not know
way back then, in yesterdays
gone by, that today I would be
alone, gazing out my window
at clouds drifting slowly
across the sky ....
Feeling so lonely............
Feeling so blue, because my
heart would have it this way
For all the love my heart has
known, so little left. the rest
is gone. Passed with another day.

I did not know the touch of
love could leave a heart so sad
I did never think, I would see
such a lonely day again.

I thought my heart was above
being hurt by love, because I
have always believed love to be a healer
of hearts, a mender of those broken
hearts who believed they would never
love again.

Looking outside at my world today
with eyes to see beyond what lay
outside my own self created world
I feel the need in the world for love.

And, the helplessness in me, to meet
loves ever wanting need.

My heart reaches out through the
window pane but none can touch me
through the glass.
[written 11:42 am September 19, 2012]

 "Never doubt your own worth.
If you doubt your self
others will too."

Letting Go

Some say that love can
over come anything
If two people love each other,
They should be together.
This isn't always true
Love cannot turn back time
erase from ones face
years of hard earned lines . . .
Love cannot change the hand
that fate dealt, change destiny
or control that which was
never meant to be.
[written 7:07 pm September 18, 20112

Dream On

It never hurts to dream
of the way you want things
to be ... as long as you
realize, some dreams are
not meant to come true.

Hang on to those childhood
dreams never give them up
never let them go -keep on
searching for the pot of
gold at the end of the

It never hurts to wish
upon a shooting star
or carry a four leaf clover
in your pocket, as long
as you don't forget
life is what you make
of it.
[written 3:40 pm September 17, 2012]

I Know, Now

God, the time is slipping away
and I feel the fullness and
the emptiness in the day.

There are so many little things
I have a yearning in my heart
to do but everything in my life
comes second to you.

When I was a child, innocent
in the ways of life, you appointed
me an angel to shield me from
harm and strife.

As I grew older a lots of mistakes
were made, on my part-
I really had no excuse, except,
I was only following my heart.

I would like to think I have
served you well, but that's
wishful thinking on my part
I took life as you gave it to me
straight to heart.

Now, that you have showed me
sides of life that many lives
have been blessed never to see,
and given me the strength to endue
the hardships that have befallen me,
I want you to know, I understand now
why my life is so full, and yet
so empty.

It had to be filled and emptied out
There was no living half way
Because of the good and the bad in my
life-I am who I am today.

[11:05am September 17, 2012]

Oh, to set on a hillside among the wildflowers
put aside the outside world and breathe in
the fragrances of nature ,with no thoughts
of where life might take me, or flashing memories
of where in life I have already been.

To release all the built up negative emotions inside
of me out into the gentle breeze, and replace those
feelings with life's more positive feeling that being
one with nature brings . . .

If, only, I could find the flower covered hill, and fall
asleep where butterflies play, with daisies surrounding
the spot where two lovers lay. . .holding in my
hand wildflowers of every kind and hue; singing in my
heart a love song just for you.

[written 10:24am September 16, 2012]


The moments are all that matter
The moments are all that count...
For life comes with no promise
of a next breath beyond
the moment we are in.

Yesterdays are moments gone
left behind the things that might have been
for the things in the moment
that we are living in . . .

Waste not the moments in the day
on pondering what was and what
might be in a tomorrow
that might be taken away.

Be thankful for the moments
as they are the only
promise life has made.
[written 1:37pm September 14, 2012]

Childhood Memories

Today, I got to thinking about my life
and all the days that have come and went
and I tried to figure out where
all my time was spent.

I begin when I was a child
before I knew evil
and everything to me was heaven sent.

I thought about my family:
my mama, my daddy, my brothers and sisters;
all those who shared my childhood with me,
and I took those memories to heart . . .

For, you see, it has been many years since
I was a child and many family members
have died and others have just drifted apart.

As happy as those days were for me way back then,
I wouldn't want to live it over,
because I couldn't take losing my family again.

God, I know that everything has a purpose;
I know I'm not the only one who
has lost loved ones to death ,and life.
I know that tears do not belong to me alone
but sometime memories over power my heart to no end
and it really makes me feel like
all those wonderful people from my childhood
have touched my heart
with the warmth of their memories
and left me all over again.

[written 1:19am September 14, 2012]

Why share your tears with others -

when they have enough of their own?

"I sought to reach the stars and moon
only to get caught up in night's darkness.
I looked to find what was not lost
only to lose what I had.
I felt for love inside my heart
and found my love resides with you."
                       - Heartsong 8-28-2012

True Friendship

A friend is one who
sees beyond the
outer you.

hears beyond the
things you say.

tastes the spirit
of your heart's love
every day.

smells friendship
with each breath
he draws in . . .

Touches your heart
with love

And just knows
without you telling
him . . .
That you are hurting
and need a friend.

10:36am June 6, 2012

An Angel With New Legs

God, Did you see the Angel at your Gate
yesterday . . .
I want to make sure he got there on
both legs and nothing happened to
him on the way.
For you see God this is a special angel
in so many ways.....

Down here he lost both of his legs
and lived out his life hooked to invisible
chains....of which he never complained.

It's because of the special place
this angel holds in my heart
that I write this message to you
with faith that he made it through your
gate and is enjoying his new legs today.

He lay long here on earth and watched
others play.....
When he stands before you
Could you just let him know I am happy that
he made it through and I pray,
I will get to walk and talk with him
in heaven one day.

You know God, maybe if I let you know
he's really missed down here below-
from time to time you'll let him
walk through our hearts so we will know
that he's ok and can feel the warmth
of his angel glow.

10:46 am June12, 2012

Door of Separation

There are many kinds
of people in the world.

None are good all the
time and none are bad
all the time . . .

Some cry while others
smile . . .
Some lead seemingly
full lives . . .
While other lives are
empty . . .
Some dream of things to
come . . .
Others morn for things
come and gone.

There are many kinds
of heartache . . .
Heartache inflicted by
others and heartache
we help to make.

As different as we are
on the outside
Inside us all is a beating
heart and the desire
to be all that we can be
in a world of conflict where
strangers are thought to be
the enemy.

When you close your door
to a stranger you add a brick
to the wall of separation
that has long plagued humanity.

Written by Heartsong
9:37am August 10, 201

The Inner Spirit

I live day by day as best as I can
When hardships get in my way
I ask God to help me understand.

Clinging to my shield of faith,
I pull myself out of the pit of
heartache and sorrow
Knowing God will be waiting,
As he was yesterday and today,
to help me through another

I can bear the unbearable
because there is nothing impossible
to obtain, overcome or be
as long as I keep my glass of life
filled with faith in my god
who watches over and
walks through this life with me.

Written by Heartsong

Our Time

Thank you, for the times
and the moments you
touched my heart.

You will never know
the place you
will always
hold in my heart.

Were you real
or just a passing dream.
I may never know.

But during those

precious moments
lives touched
and hearts
opened wide to let
love inside

I felt in my heart
that our love was real
and not for
just a moment
but for a life time
I would be your love
and you-
would always be mine.

Wherever you are
in dream or reality
I want to thank you
for those loved filled

Thank you for the
moments you
touched my heart.

Tho, much to soon
We had to part
Let me say,
one last time

"I love you"
and I cherish the time
that was yours
and mine.

by Heartsong

The Waiting Would End

Tonight as I lay sleeping
dreaming of places I have
never been...
You visited me in my dreams

And you held me close to
your heart....
And I cling to you never
wanting to let you go
again. Never wanting again
to be apart.

It was so real the feel of
you next to me.....If I had
power over my dreams, I would
have lived in my dream with you
for all eternity....
the wait for you my
love would come to and end
And I would never have to
search for you again.

10:51pm 4-20-2012

 Come and be my Love

When I first met you
And we danced for
The first time
I knew in my heart
That you were meant
To be mine.

There was something
Magical about that
Moment . . .
As we held on to each

It felt like we had never
Been apart . . .
Like we were meant to
Be together.

Loving you is like breathing
To me . . .
In your arms is where I
Always want to be .

I loved you from the start
Now, I want you to know
My Darling, I love you
And only you-with all of
My heart.

'I Love You'

By Heartsong

2012 Heartsong (All rights reserved)

The Starlite Cafe

To all my dear friends at the Starlite cafe
You are in my thoughts again today. . .
I thought about the beautiful poetry
you share with each other and me.
And how each of you, by sharing thoughts
of your own, contribute to making Starlite,
a home-away-from home.

This short poem is to let each of you know
I am proud to be a part of the Starlife Cafe
A place where one can share thoughts and
poetry- and meet a friend, anytime night or

Thank you, my Starlte family!
By Heartsong

2012 Heartsong (All rights reserved)

Healed From Within

I have tripped and fallen
many time in my life
lay by life's highway
been beaten down by
loneliness and strife.

I have cried in silence
not wanting anyone to see
the weakness in me.

I have saw the evil
that lives under the sun
while seeking the path
that will take me home
when my race is run.

I have tasted life in
every sweet and bitter form
been poisoned by hurt
mangled by sin
Sought God's forgiveness
and healed from within.

By Heartsong
2012 Heartsong (All rights reserved)

Let Me Not Stray

God, draw me close to your heart
Again today.
Let me not wander; let me not

Let me rest my weary soul
Spare me from life's wintertime
cold . . .

God, let me for a minute or two
refresh my spirit that lives through

God, draw me close to your heart
Again today.
Let me not wander; let me not

Fill me with enough wisdom,
knowledge, and understanding
to survive the day

And when you think I am ready
God, give me back my shield of faith
and send me on my way.

By Heartsong
2012 Heartsong (All rights reserved)

I am Incomplete Without You

You have never stood close enough for me to touch
except when you stand next to me in my dreams.

Yet, I feel your love inside my heart as if I have
always loved you and we have never been a part.

We have never embraced or shared a first kiss

Yet, my heart knows the feel of your heart . . .

My arms ache to feel your realness

My lips hunger for the kiss we have never shared

My life feels so incomplete as my heart waits for
the love that it has never found until my heart
found you.

You are a special part of my life . . . a dream come true

Though I have not told you yet . . .

My whole heart is wrapped up in you.

I Love You . . .

By Heartsong
2012 Heartsong (All rights reserved)

I Never Think of Death As the End

I never think of losing
anyone to death
as losing them forever

I think of how empty
my life would have been
If I had never known that
person ever.

I never think of the empty
place one's leaving leaves
behind . . .

I think about the angel
who is saving a place for me
in Heaven blue sky
when it comes my time to die.

I never think of dying
as being the end

I think of dying
as going to sleep
and awakening again.

By Heartsong
2012 Heartsong (All rights reserved)


Memories of a Life

The pain of bringing you into
The world faded with time
As you, my tiny baby girl, was
placed into these arms of mine.

The unforgettable - it seemed
forgettable- it was forgettable!
As your tiny fingers cling to a
finger of mine, and I looked into
your beautiful blue eyes and
tried to calm your baby cries.

The day I brought you home
was a happy day for me
You had a smile that could, and
often did, melt my heart.

We made a lots of memories
my second baby girl . . .
It was just me, you, and your
older sister- you were both
my world-my two little girls.

With time our family grew
and God saw fit to call you home
Now your memory lives in my heart
and just a thought of you
can bring you almost close enough
to touch.

The pain of giving life to you
has long been forgotten
The pain of losing you is unforgettable.
By Heartsong
2012 Heartsong (All rights reserved)

 I Have Always Loved You

Dear Love,
For years my heart searched for you
For years I tried not to give in too
the feelings that there could never be
a me and you . . .
I clung to you in my dreams ,as each
night I dream you into my heart's
I reached for your reality every time
I wished on a falling star . . .
Never once were you not sealed
away in the depths of my heart.

My Love, today, our lives and hearts
are interlined as one
When I am with you I no longer feel
the need to wait for you in my dreams
For your closeness is now a reality
and I have no need to look for you
in my dreams.

I have always loved you
And Always will
You are my dream come true.

I Love You . . . still.

By Heartsong
2012 Heartsong (All rights reserved)

Never Easier

Never will not seeing you in my life
get easier . . .

Never will not: hearing your voice,
listening to your laughter, and
holding you in my arms when
you cry, get easier . . .

People who say that the loss
of a child will get easier in time
have no way of knowing the depth
of a mother's pain . . .
When the child who filled an empty
place in her life dies . . .
and lives only a memory of life's
fuller times that can never be

Never does losing a child get
easier with time.....
You can only say that because
you cannot feel my pain
You can only imagine losing the
child that was mine.
By Heartsong

2012 Heartsong (All rights reserved)

You Give Love Meaning

My Love,

When I thought love
was just a meaningless word
You came into my life . . .
and gave love meaning.

When I thought love could
only be found in dreams
and lovers always part
You walked into my life
touched my hand
And, captured my heart.

When I thought love's only
reason for being was to make
other people happy . . .
You came into my life
And gave your love to me.

I love you . . .

By Heartsong
2012 Heartsong (All rights reserved)

Love's Cold Touch

My heart reached out for love
and found love not . . .

My heart was shattered like
crystal ice from love's cold touch.

My heart now frozen to its core
weeps for love's warmth
that formed the illusion of need
and emptiness...reached out to
my heart... laughed at my heart's
weakness and closed love's door.

My heart! Why do you betray me so
Why do you keep giving my love away
then moving me from love's sweet glow?

Will this loneliness inside me be the
death of me?

Must I die chained to the emptiness
created by my own heart?

Is there not more to love than the
emptiness love leaves behind?

I pray, tell me, is there no one who
will exchange their love for mine?

For, if the answer be 'no' I am destined
love not to know.

I would rather my heart stay frozen
by love's touch
then, again, love another to my own hurt.

My heart reached out for love
and found love not . . .
And the chain tightens around my heart.

By Heartsong
2012 Heartsong (All rights reserved)

When Two Hearts Collide

My heart feels the beating of your heart
and knows your love is true . . .
My love intertwines with your love
and engulfs both me and you.

We have found each in the heart of the other
the love we have searched for our whole
life through.

Can it be that a love such as ours
A love that feeds on flames of need and desire
A love unleashed to seek out the greater love
that bosoms when two hearts collide
is nothing more than the wanting inside
to elude the emptiness left by another?

Can our love, unchained, fill the void in our lives
Do we seek love to know love or does love
seek to know us?

I can feel your heart beating to the sound
of the sea . . . now, I must ask you, my long
sought out love . . . Is there room enough in
your heart and life for me

By Heartsong
2012 Heartsong (All rights reserved)

The Search For Love

I have waited so long
to find you my Love

now that I have you
insight of my love,

my heart craves your
heart's touch . . . and

longs to know the love
that lingers there.

I have waited for you
all of my life, and loved
you in my dreams . . .

I have searched for you
at the end of the rainbow
and wished for you on
the stars' bright glow.

I have sought the luck
from four leaf clover
to help me your hiding
place uncover.

I have prayed on hand
and knee that God would
see fit to send my love
quickly to me.

My search for love ended
with you . . .
When my wishes, dreams
and prayers came true.

I Love you . . .

By Heartsong
2012 Heartsong (All rights reserved)

 When I'm Not With You

When I wake in the morning
and you are nowhere to be
found, sky of gray abound.

When I walk alone in the day
I miss you so much I want to
cry . . .

When I lay down at night
alone in my bed, thoughts of
you run through my head.

When I'm not with you my
days and nights make me blue
My life is so empty without
you . . .

When I'm not with you
the love in my heart remains
true; my whole world evolves
around you . . .

I Love you, My Darling, everyday
and I miss you with all my heart
when you are away.

By Heartsong
2012 Heartsong (All rights reserved)

 I Love Everything About You

I love the nearness of you
You are my dream come true

I love the glow of your love
reflecting off my heart

I love the way you make me
feel wanted above all others

I love every thing about you

Your touch -your feel
your smile- your laughter

Everything about you my love
gives my life such a thrill

I love laying next to you
listening to your heart beating
while you sleep . . . knowing

That you are my dream come true
and your love is mine to always

By Heartsong
2012 Heartsong (All rights reserved)


I have waited for you
until I can wait no
longer . . .

My heart is so empty
and feelin love's
hunger . . .

I need someone to
hold me when I cry
not for a moment
but longer. . .

I have waited for you
for a long time
seeking only to
call you mine.

But the emptiness
I feel is to much to
I need a man to hold me
and show care..

Someone who will fill
the gap in my life

Someone who will love
me and always be

By Heartsong
2012 Heartsong (All rights reserved)

The Light of Loneliness

Loneliness, is my companion
Loneliness is always around
Loneliness turns my sunshine
into night and my world upside
down . . .
Loneliness follows me through
the day, and rests with me
when I lay.

I think of you and loneliness
gives my lips a kiss
I think of you and loneliness
takes me in its arms
and shakes my world.
I think of you, my Love, and
loneliness finds its way into
my heart.

I miss you so when we are

I love you, with all of my

By Heartsong
2012 Heartsong (All rights reserved)

 Haunting Dream

My Love, you have not
came for me like you
promised in my dream.

And my days are lonely
still, as I alone face the
day without you.

Will you not come to me
and hold me close to
your heart?

Must I wait for you only
to grow old clinging to
the memory of one who
never was?

Will you find me when my
youth is gone and despise
me for growing old ?

Tell me! Why do you haunt
my dreams, when I lay

Are you just a lonely soul
passing my soul in the night?

Are you my love as lonely
as I?

Are we both caught up in
a dream because of our

How happy my heart would be
to awaken one day to find
after loving you in my dream,
you laying next to me.

By Heartsong
2012 Heartsong (All rights reserved)

My Life Story

If, by chance, my life story
is ever told or written
for the world to read
after I have moved on

Let each word find its
power through the life
I led , after I am gone.

Let the teller of my story
allow my accomplishments
and failures to stand or fall
on their own.

Let each page contain
at least a mention or two
of the part God played in my
life before He called me Home.

Write a paragraph
about my heartache and
sorrow and at the end of
the paragraph add:

'It was faith in her creator
That always gave her reason
to bravely step in to her tomorrow.'

Use my life story to nurture
souls and plant love's seeds
In another's time of need.

And at the end, leave out not:

'While she lived, she lived
her life with heart.'

By Heartsong
2012 Heartsong (All rights reserved)

A Poet's Touch

I can only write of those things
in life that touched my life
People, places, and things that
at the time meant a lot, a little
or nothing to me.

If I write to please others, and I
leave the importance of me out-
all together, where is the poetry?

The words I write are not empty
or without heart . . .

The poetry I form with words are
pieces of my own heart
that come to me as a memory and
are laid to rest on paper in parts.

Every poet has a gift for touching
others with their words and rhyme
A black heart or a heart of gold
A mender of hearts or a breaker of

I do not need another to define for
me the meaning of my poetry ...
For the life I have lived is clearly
defined by the poet's spirit
that lives inside of me.

If I write to please others, and I
leave the importance of me out-
all together, where is the poetry?

By Heartsong
2012 Heartsong (All rights reserved)

You Are A Ray of Sunshine

You are a ray of sunshine
In this life of mine . . .

Your words are so sincere
and your heart is so kind.

You never make me feel bad
unwanted , unloved, or sad.

You are a ray of sunshine
In this life of mine . . .

You are a ray of sunshine
on a rainy day . . .

Your presence in my life
makes every thing around
me shine

You are a special kind of
friend and I am so happy
that you are mine.

By Heartsong
2012 Heartsong (All rights reserved)

Yesterday's Chains

I can write of loneliness
I can write of love
I can write my heart out
for the world to see.

There are so many things
my heart could say
about yesterday and
how quickly life slips away
about the moment that lives
in the day.

There are so many feelings
and way to much pain
I could walk you through
with the words I can find
in my heart . . . if you want
me too.

I can tell of self made rules
that we all are guilty of
making at times and of those
things a heart endures
while in this life passing

But the things my heart can
tell will lay sleeping deep
inside . . . for way to much
heartache lives in the world
today that touches way to
many hearts.

So to the hearts of those
who silently weep let me say
with all the pain and ugliness
in the part of the world your
heart lives in . . .

With all the stored up pain that
you carry inside your heart
much like my own . . .

Live, and hope for the best in
the day . . . reach down deep
inside your heart and unlock
the love that lives inside your

For only love processes the
power to release your heart from
yesterdays chains.

By Heartsong
2012 Heartsong (All rights reserved)

The Sea of Love

One day my truest love
shall find me waiting here

and beneath the twinkling
stars kiss away my tears.

He will wrap his arms
around me draw me close
to his heart and swear
on the stars above . . .

that for all eternity he shall
give me all his love.

We shall walk along the
sandy beach, play playfully
at the edge of the salty sea

Then soak ourselves in each
others love . . .

As twinkling stars watch
from up above

the seas . . .
moved by our love.

I love you and I wait for
only you . . . to swim the
seas with me.

By Heartsong
2012 Heartsong (All rights reserved)

My First Real Love Was You

You have been gone from my life
for so long . . .
I now only have the memories of
our love, now that you are truly

When I first laid eyes on you is a
day I will never forget
It was inside a bar, you had a
white t-shirt on, and rolled up in
your sleeve a pack of cigarettes.

It was magic that brought us
together heart to heart
it was egos that tore us apart.

We had some good times you
and I- we loved a life time
the day that we met ...
that day is a day I will never

But I think we both knew tho
we loved each other-
You loved me and I loved you
our dreams of a lifetime
together could never come true.

We were together for such a
short time- before I did what
I had to do ,knowing you would
never again in this lifetime be

I went back to him and you married
her and that sealed the fate of
you and me on earth.

Tho you died many years ago
I want you to know that
your memory still sets my heart

Tho you are gone my heart
and life goes on . . .
Listen, I'm still playing your
favorite song.

By Heartsong
2012 Heartsong (All rights reserved)

Bounty Blue

Your love is the chain
around my heart
that keep me bounty blue . . .

The dagger through my heart
that won't release me from
loving you.

Your love for me you said was
pure, and til the end would always
be true. . .

Your love is the chain
around my heart
that keep me bounty blue . . .

The dagger through my heart
that won't release me from
loving you.

I am so alone and bounty blue
bounty blue... bounty blue

Walking the plank of our love unending
knowing I will always have a place
in my heart for loving you.

By Heartsong
2012 Heartsong (All rights reserved)

Life's Sandy Shore

Like a boat without a sail
I set on the sands of life
Watching and yearning
for the wind of life to come
and blow me out to sea.

Where once more I can
taste the winds of life
that have deserted me
on this sandy shore

To ponder the seas . . .

To taste the salty breeze
with the few breaths
I have left inside of me.

By Heartsong
2012 Heartsong (All rights reserved)

Ride the Seas With Me

Ride the seas of life with me
you be the captain I will be
your first mate . . .

We will sail through life
on the course set by our
two hearts . . .

Savor the gentle waves
life sends our way
and together weather the
storms of the day.

Ride the seas of life with me
Let us together raise the
flag of our love
for the lonely ships barely
staying afloat to see.

Ride the seas of life with me
and if our ship go down in
death's current- let us together
go down clinging to the heart
of the other.

Come, My Love . . .

Ride the Seas with me.

By Heartsong
2012 Heartsong (All rights reserved)

Love Comes With the Morning

I woke today with
Thoughts of you
as the warmth
of the day touched
the morning dew

My heart realized
that love had found
a way to escape
my dreams and that
wishes really do come
true . . .

No longer to wait for
the night time to come
when the dreams of you
filled my heart and empty
arms . . .

Only, to give my heart
a taste of love
and leave my heart wanting
as the sun fell on the
morning dew . . .

You are my dream come true

I love you . . .

By Heartsong
2012 Heartsong (All rights reserved)

You Were My Dream Come True

For years I fell asleep
to wait for you
in my dreams . . .

For you to take me
in your arms
and make me feel
safe from all
harm . . .

For years I dream of
you my lover and my
friend all wrapped
up in one.

How beautiful were
those dreams when
we were together
How sad I was when
came and you had
to leave me . . .

Now, my Love, I
have felt your heart
beating next to mine
only to find myself
unworthy of a love
such as yours
and mine.

You were my dream
come true
The one in my dreams
I had so many times
clung too.

You were my dream
come true
and forever and a day
I will always love you.

By Heartsong
2012 Heartsong (All rights reserved)

Take Care of Their Memory

We call them 'American Heroes'
They haled from every part of this
great land . . .

American heroes equal in status
in the hearts of every freedom loving
American . . .

It was the Sacrifices our heroes made
for liberty
That paid the price of our share of
the American dream.

Tho their names we may never know
Americans, for all times, will proudly
declare loud and clear, for the world
to hear, standing beside their graves,
'American heroes rest here!'

Let every American stand proud
On this Memorial Day
As Old Glory ripples in the sky
and determine ourselves once more
to never let the memory of our heroes

By Heartsong
2012 Heartsong (All rights reserved)

I Wait For Your Return

I wait for your return my love
from far across the sea
without you my lips yearn
for your sweet kiss
and my arms are so empty.

When I look out across the
sea, and see the sun setting
after another day of missing
you - I wonder if you have
found another and if you have
forgotten me.

Then as I wade barefoot in the
edge of the sea, and a gentle
wind caresses me, I feel your
love for me reaching out from
across the sea.

I feel your love for me
as I lay me down upon the sand
close my eyes and dream.

By Heartsong
2012 Heartsong (All rights reserved)

Happy Mother's Day

To the angel who
bear the pain of
bringing me into this

To the angel who
clothed, bathed
and fed me
with love and care

To the angel who
gave so much of
herself and her time
to nurturing my spirit
as well as my mind

To the angel who
loved me enough
to let me learn from
living life but who was
always there for me
in my bad times.

To Mama, the angel that
watches over me from
Heaven above,

The angel who taught me
the true value of a mother's

Happy Mother's Day!

I love you, Mama.
You live on in my heart.

By Heartsong
2012 Heartsong (All rights reserved)


My Heart Beat

My Love, I feel so empty
without you here with
me . . .

Longing for you . . .
Time goes by so slowly

Just to be near you
feeling so alive inside

Wanting our moments
together to never end.

My heart beats only
for you . . .

My Love, if only you knew
how much my world
evolves around you

You would not leave me
for a moments time

You would stay with me
and always be mine.

I love you every moment
of the day . . .
I love you all the time.

Please, My Love, hurry
back to me.

By Heartsong
2012 Heartsong (All rights reserved)

Meet My Mama

Meet My Mama

My 'Mama' was nineteen when
she first held me in her arms
When things placed me in danger
It was Mama who kept me from

My Mama had a hard life, yet she
never complained . . . She always
looked for the sunshine, even
in the rain.

My Mama spent her lifetime
watching over her children- even
from afar she kept track of them.

My Mama lost her one true love
When he was only fifty-two
A lot of hearts got broken but Mama
was there to help us through.

Twelve years after I lost my daddy
I lost my Mama too.

The driver went to sleep at the wheel
what else can I say.......
Heaven gained another angel but
I lost my Mama that day.

(written 12:25pm 5-11-2012)

'If you have a mama, and she is living
today, let her know you appreciate her
for always being there for you . . . So
quickly, she can be taken away.'

Happy Mother's Day!

By Heartsong
2012 Heartsong (All rights reserved)

My First Love

You were my first love

My first kiss . . .

My first caress . . .

Still the memories
of our first everything
lingers on . . .

So pure our heart's
First love song.

By Heartsong
2012 Heartsong (All rights reserved)

Our Love

What can I say
How can I describe
in words the feelings
that ripple through
me at your touch
as you draw me to

The feelings I feel
as I lay in your arms
or the emptiness when
I am alone without you

What words can I find
to describe the waves
of emotion that beats
against my heart when
you gently pull me close
to you . . .

Oh to be so complete
and whole with you,
my love, knowing all
I will ever need I have
when I am with you.

How does one define
a love such as yours
and mine...?

It's a love that
comes only once in a

I love you, my darling

By Heartsong
2012 Heartsong (All rights reserved)


I Love You Always

My love
Never tires
Of loving you
Morning, noon,
And night
I will love you
My whole life

My love
Never wearies
Of holding you
Close to the
Heart of me

When we are
Together or
When we are
a part. . .

You are
Still with me
In my heart.

My love for you
is so strong
Gentle and kind

And because
You love me
Your love is
the best part
Of mine.

I love you
this day and
Every day
My Dearest
Sweetest Love
I love you always.

By JanSanford61
2012 JanSanford61 (All rights reserved)

My Heart Chose You

My Love for you lingers
like the scent of the rose

But how can this be when
you have not been close
enough for my arms to
embrace . . .
Or my lips to kiss?

How can one miss
the lover one has
never known?

My hearts loves you
as surely as I breathe
Dare I think you
to be more than just
a dream?

Can a lover who
is not
put such chains
around my heart?

Dare I to believe
that soon you will come
to me
And my need for a
taste of your love
be satisfied . . . in

My Love for you lingers
like the scent of the rose
Wherever you are my
love . . .You are the one
my heart has chose.

8:14pm 5-7-2012
By JanSanford61
2012 JanSanford61 (All rights reserved)

If In The Day

If in the day I meet
a hungry man
and share my food
not with him

Let it be only because
I have none.

If in the day I meet
one in need of a place
to rest his head
and offer him not a
place to sleep

Let it because I have
no bed.

If in the day I meet
a stranger in need of
a friend
and do not offer my
self as his friend

Let it be because
I am blind and did not
see him.

6:09pm 5/4/2012
By JanSanford61
2012 JanSanford61 (All rights reserved)

The Doorway to Heaven

When I reach the doorway
that leads to eternity
May my last thoughts be
of the first time
Jesus walked with me.

For in His presents
There was peace
There was hope
There was love
Unending . . .
There was
Forgiveness . . .

And His promise
That he would
Walk with me.

8:48am May 1, 2012
By JanSanford61
2012 JanSanford61 (All rights reserved)

The Warmth of the Sun

As I lay in the pool of water
my water splashed body
drink in the warmth of the
sun . . .

As the wind blew oh so softly
against my sun bronzed skin

I lay, caught up in the peace
of the day engulfing me. . .

No longer a body attached
to the worldly
for awhile I was a spirit set

By JanSanford61
2012 JanSanford61 (All rights reserved)

Memories of Love

Memories are all
I have to cling to
when there's
nothing in the day
to hang on too.

Memories keep me
warm on cold winter
nights. . .

When my dreams are filled
with you and every
thing feels so right.

Memories of times come
and times gone. . .

Memories of a love
that never died
but lingers on
down deep inside.

Memories of a love
I once knew. . .

Memories of love so strong
that after all the years
my love for you still lingers on.

By JanSanford61
2012 JanSanford61 (All rights reserved)

Raining Tears in my Heart

It's raining tears in my heart today
and there's no one to dry the tears

Who'll stop the rain......?
Who'll keep my heart from breaking
Who'll touch my heart with their love
and keep my tears at bay?

How many stormy nights must I
wade through my tears alone?
How many times must I dry my tears
before the tears are gone.

It's raining tears in my heart today
and there's no one to dry the tears

Who'll mend my broken heart
with their love and hold me me in
their arms, and wade with me through
life's storms?

Who'll stop the rain......?
Who'll keep my heart from breaking
Who'll touch my heart with their love
and keep my tears at bay?

By JanSanford61
2012 JanSanford61 (All rights reserved)

The Young Girl's Dream

A young girl once dreamt of how perfect her life would be if when she grew up she would fall in love, marry and have a dozen children. Though not from a rich family the one she had was rich in love. For many years the young girl dreamt of how perfect her life would be . . .

Then the girl of sixteen changed into a woman who tried to fulfill her dream. She married her neighbor's son. Both much too young. After spending too much time alone with only herself, the marriage fell into dismay. Reality wandered in. After years of being together, their close lives came to an end. Torn up inside at her failure to make her dream come true, the woman chose to settle for the dreams of others. She was willing to settle for a part of her dream. The children she birthed became her dream her everything.

Hard years changed the young girl into a woman . She raised the children she loved and adored; left the part of her dream that had never come true; and then found herself alone. Alone on many a day and many a long night. Now her childhood dream lay in ashes at her feet, the woman came face-to-face with her life's realities. She was to blame.

Then, by the grace of God, the woman's life begin to change. She looked around her and started counting all the blessings that remained part of her daily life and knew that part of her childhood dream had come true. Children's laughter could still be heard in her day.

Moral of the story: Stops feeling sorry for yourself and count your blessings.

12:01pm April 29, 2012
By JanSanford61
2012 JanSanford61 (All rights reserved)

I must release you

Now, my love, I must
exit the dream where
I have so often been
held in your arms and
comforted by your

For the time for my
dream to become
a reality has expired
and tho it will break
my heart I must
release you from my

Wait not for me in
your night time dreams
but remember me

As I shall remember

If I had it in my power
I would turn back time

and still

I would wait for you
and our dream to come

By JanSanford61
2012 JanSanford61 (All rights reserved)

Baby of My Womb

You were called home
and with you
a part of myself has gone.

Baby of my womb
you left much to soon
to grace heaven above
with your beauty and
your love.

Tho the years have come
and gone
It seems like yesterday
that the angel came
to collect God's loan.

You were as much a part
of me as the air I breathe
I took your presents
for granted
I never dream so soon
you would be gone
beyond my reach
to your new home.

I will always cherish
our time
here on earth together
and forever be thankful
that God made me
your mother.

Happy Birthday Sonya...I love you...

By JanSanford61
2012 JanSanford61 (All rights reserved)

You were the first in my life


You carried me inside your womb
and nurtured me with your life's blood
the beating of your heart was the first
sound that I heard.....

You endured labor pains and strife
and while I was struggling to be born
you cried out and in the midst of your
tear I enter this life.

Your tears of happiness and joy
at the sight of me
brought the first smile to my face
but you were so happy that
you did not see.

You were the first to hold me lovingly
the first to look deep into my eyes
the first to hear my first cries.

Mother, you were the sky to me
the earth beneath my feet
It was you who lifted me high
and who first held me on your knee.

It was you who many times
took me in your arms
and sheltered me from life's storms.

From your patience with me
you taught me to be patient with others.

From your understanding of some of
the crazy things I did..... you helped
me understand that no one is perfect
that everyone makes mistakes.

Mother, you did so much for me..

Mother, With your love you taught me
many things
You helped mold me into who I am today
Thank you for everything
Thank you for the comfort your memory brings
as you cover me with your angel wings.

You live in my heart mama
Even now your memory lifts me up
when I am down.

Happy Mother's Day
I love you.

By JanSanford61
2012 JanSanford61 (All rights reserved)

Welcome Home

Our fallen soldiers
Who gave their all
Memorialized in stone
On the Viet Nam Wall
Worthy of being loved
and remembered by
this and all generations
to come......

Worthy to live on in
American hearts
as heroes one and all.

May Americans gaze
upon the names carved
in stone
on the Viet Nam Wall
with heart felt gratitude
and say 'thank you,
soldiers...welcome home.'

And For those heroes who
returned only to
have their hearts broken
into by the ungraceful few
Something that's long
over due:

Americans love you Viet Nam
and we thank you wherever
you may be...
for the sacrifices you made
for your country -at such
great expense- in the
name of Liberty.

'Welcome Home!'

By JanSanford61
2012 JanSanford61 (All rights reserved)

Our Love On a Rainy Day

I love to set and watch
the rain

with you my love
setting next to me....

holding my hand inside
your own.....

Reassuring me that the
storm will soon be

As I reach out to trace
your strong chin
with my finger tips.

and we gaze lovingly
into each others eyes

together sharing our
words of love

Beneath heavens open

together our hearts
beating as one

safe from the falling

Safe from the raging

Safe inside
each others arms.

I love you.

By JanSanford61
2012 JanSanford61 (All rights reserved)

An Angel's Birthday

I wonder do angels have Birthdays in Heaven
Just in case they do not I lit this candle to
celebrate my angels Birthday down here below.

The white roses signifies my angel washed
whiter than snow......

The candle stick represents the earth at its
base connected to heaven's eternal light..
and the love sent your way, my angel. on
your Birthday.....

The flame represents the eternal flame of love
that belongs to my angel this day and every day
since she went away.

By JanSanford61
2012 JanSanford61 (All rights reserved)

With Each Rain Drop

As I set here, book in hand,
thinking of you...

the rain is falling outside
my window...

with each drop of rain comes
a memory of you and I

caught up in our love
rain or shine-----

I will always be yours and
you, my darling, will always
be mine.

So sweet the lingering
memories of our love
With each drop of rain
on my window pane.

By JanSanford61
2012 JanSanford61 (All rights reserved)

A Special Star

Life is the essence
of all that we are
Each is born
under a special star

Each is born
to wake to sleep
to rejoice to morn
to laugh to weep
to hide to seek
to lose to find
to love to hate
to hurry to wait
to be on time
to be late

Each is born
under a special star
none are perfect
in a world that
tests our soul
when we are young
and when we are old.

Life is the essence
of all that we are
Each is born
under a special star

By JanSanford61
2012 JanSanford61 (All rights reserved)

Our Dreams Reality

Dear Love,

I am writing this open letter to you.....
To let you know tho we have drifted
a part....I still keep you close inside
my heart.....

Time will never steal from me
the memories of the love I threw
away..... The memories of you.

I loved you from the moment our
hearts touched in passing....
I loved you from the start....
I loved you with my heart....

You felt the tug on your heart too
and I can still feel your heart pulling

And I knew our love was the kind
of love that moves hearts
as our love passes through
the day.

We really did throw our love away.

We had it all, everything our hearts
would ever need belonged to you
and me.

Until, Our dreams of love collided
when our dreams became a reality.

By JanSanford61
2012 JanSanford61 (All rights reserved)

Ashes of Our Love

My Dearest Love
Wherever you are
you have my heart
near or far......

Our love rose
from the ashes of
our broken hearts

Our love grew
from our loves'
desire to love
and to be loved.

Our love left us
to fly free...

Our love was a
love that was not
meant to be...

My Love, the memory
of the love we shared
still lingers with me...

and will my whole life

As I journey through
the ashes of our love
without your love
to hold on too..

Wherever you are
My love
I Love you.

By JanSanford61
2012 JanSanford61 (All rights reserved)

Live Life With Heart

Today I took a look at me
and decided to write the
scene in poetry......

Growing old sure is rough
to survive the process
One must be tough.

Thank God he taught me
years ago that ones
truest beauty rests down
deep inside ones soul.

That when lines appear
with the years
that life is not coming
to an end-its only preparing
itself to be born again.

That being old is something
the inner spirit will never know
and the outer flesh when faded
-will remember not.

We are never alone in pain,
sorrow, loneliness and misery
what one experiences in life
others have experienced...

Be proud of who you are
regardless of your age and
forget not:

The way to survive marks of time
is to live life with heart.

11:29am 4-17-2012
By JanSanford61
2012 JanSanford61 (All rights reserved)

Dear God

Dear God,
All my life through I have lived
life in search of the mission
you picked out for me.....
Sure, I know I made a lot of
stops on life's highway.....
And always left a stop with enough
love to carry me on....
I left pieces of my heart in every
place I've ever been, knowing
my love could never be reclaimed
again.....Knowing with every bit of
love I left behind...I had left for
another to find...I left a part of

God, I have always accepted my
fate in life as some part of your
great plan...I lived in the day.. and
loved those who shared the day
with me...but always God there was
a tugging at my heart, I somehow
always knew you had left me in
this world because you had something
for me to do. But when will this ever
end....God, I know there are a lot
of of lonely souls-who just a little
love could really brightness their
worlds, and I wish that I could light
a fire in their lives for you....But I
live in the worldly, and get pretty
weak at times, and without some
directions from you...I'm not sure
I'm worthy of the trust you give to me,
or even fit to swim in the Light of You.

So, God, I hope you see fit to once
more give me the tools I so desperately
need to continue in this world to
plant your love's seed......because
I know I can do anything as long as I
have You to help me through. Amen

4-12-2012 (9:27am)
By JanSanford61
2012 JanSanford61 (All rights reserved)

Love's Song

Meeting you
was a dream
come true

A dream that
awakened my
heart anew
to the truest
of love.

A dream

A beautiful
dream come

Then the
rain fell on
our love

and we again
in search
of love and
each other
only in

By JanSanford61
2012 JanSanford61 (All rights reserved)

In my life God is King

I get up in the morning
look around me
and say 'thank you God
for the day. thank you
for everything.'
I rise up in the morn
knowing all that faces
me in the day
are the things that were
prepared for me.

And when the day is done
I know when I lay down
at night God's angels
sleep with me.

For my god I live and
I shall die.

For my god is my day
My god is my everything.
My Lord, my Savior
and my King.

by Heartsong
By JanSanford61
2012 JanSanford61 (All rights reserved)

Our Time

Thank you, for the times
and the moments you
touched my heart.

You will never know
the place you
will always
hold in my heart.

Were you real
or just a passing dream.
I may never know.

But during those
precious moments
lives touched
and hearts
opened wide to let
love inside

I felt in my heart
that our love was real
and not for
just a moment
but for a life time
I would be your love
and you-
would always be mine.

Wherever you are
in dream or reality
I want to thank you

For those loved filled

Thank you for the
moments you
touched my heart.

Tho, much to soon
We had to part
Let me say,
one last time

'I love you'

And I cherish the time
that was yours
and mine.

By JanSanford61
2012 JanSanford61 (All rights reserved)

What Drives A Hurting Heart?

When your life is touched by
another's tears
another's fears
another's hurting
that evolved in
their passing years...

Try not to judge them
to harshly
Sometimes the passing
of two opposites
is a blessing wrapped
in another's humanness.

Sometimes God uses
the least among men
to teach others
that it is not
money and fame
that moves the world

It is one's ability
to see beyond one's
pain, with
an understanding heart.

For, a person who
has judged self - to a life
of loneliness
Cannot weaken in
that judgment
as long as he can find
to keep locked
the chains around
his heart.

By JanSanford61

2012 JanSanford61 (All rights reserved)

A Special Kind of Love

If I am willing to love
you the stranger
as my Jesus
instructs me to do

Than you must
understand the kind
of love that I offer you.
My Jesus died on the
Cross for me.

It took a special kind
of love For Jesus to hang
up there and bear the pain
inflicted on him
at Calvary.

So the love I show
toward you dear stranger
is so little amount
compared to the love
My Lord Jesus
passed on to me.

By JanSanford61
2012 JanSanford61 (All rights reserved)

If Only I Could Touch You

If only I could still believe
Our love was meant to be
It would stop the longing
that lives inside of me.
And end my search for
the man in my dreams.

If only I could see beyond
yesterday's pain
Accept your love and never
have to meet you only in my

If only our love was truly
meant to be
and if only one more time
I could believe in love's

and touch you with my love
in life
as my love has so many times
Touched you in my dreams.

By JanSanford61
2012 JanSanford61 (All rights reserved)

Let Me Love You

Let me set and talk with you
When you need words to sooth your soul
Let me hold your hand inside my own
When you need a shoulder to lean on
Let me walk and run with you, my love,
When joy be your lot......
Let me love you unendingly ,forever and a day
When you need to know you are loved
Because, My love, I love you with all of my heart.

By JanSanford61
2012 JanSanford61 (All rights reserved)

There Will always be a Void
in my life
For a mother's job
does not end
When her child's
life begins.....

A mother don't just
She is part of
God's great plan.

My daughter's dying was
the ultimate test of the faith
that I had  lived- by long

before it came my child's
time to die.

God, gave me a blessing
when he
made me a mother

He made me someone
special in my child's eyes
and gave me a lot of
wonderful years
I would not have had
if I had never felt the tiny
heart beat,
that beat inside.

When she was inside of me
she brought my
heart joy.....

when she walked
next to me
my child always
made me
feel special . . .

When she left me
in this life
she left me
with her precious

[written 3:30pm September 23, 2012]


A Look At Me

God, I need a friend today to help me understand
Why my life is this way . . .

I awaken everyday alone, except for you, and
take up my shield of faith to carry me through

but today you lay it on my heart
to let the world take a closer look at me.

You know my every thought-but strangers
only see what I want them to see......

They do not see me struggling in the day
just to survive hard times
or the hurtful thoughts that enter and
leave my mind;

that's because it has
always been hard for me to show the weak
side of me.

No one is perfect-No one is good all the time
I cannot control another's world
but I have long controlled mine.

I seek not to ease my pain; I seek only
to ease the pain of another---- for my pain
is one of loss and emptiness; a void- un-fill-able.
And only God has the power my pain to ease.

We all have our loves and our losses- my losses
allows me to understand another's need.

As I drink my beer, and open my heart to a world
so full of need- I pray that my god will see into the heart of me,
as I beg my god to place understanding within my reach.
[October 6, 2012]
By Heartsong


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I Never Think of Death As the End Misc 7/18/2012 19 2
Memories of a Life Challenge Poems 7/18/2012 38 6
I Have Always Loved You I Love You 7/15/2012 47 0
Never Easier Grieving and Loss 7/12/2012 19 0
You Give Love Meaning I Love You 7/12/2012 44 0
Love's Cold Touch Love 6/25/2012 15 1
When Two Hearts Collide I Love You 6/25/2012 63 3
The Search For Love I Love You 6/24/2012 19 0
When I'm Not With You I Love You 6/24/2012 51 0
I Love Everything About You I Love You 6/24/2012 51 1
Waiting Love 6/23/2012 14 0
The Light of Loneliness I Love You 6/23/2012 22 1
Haunting Dream Love 6/23/2012 10 0
You Are A Ray of Sunshine Friends 6/7/2012 32 0
Yesterday's Chains Life 6/2/2012 16 0

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