Crystal Ice


You lit a fire inside my heart
with promises you never meant to keep until the
blood in me turned to crystal ice.

And now you wonder at the coldness.
You wonder why my heart too turned to ice and
why the sight of you sends chills down my spine.

Well. If you really think you can survive
the tongue thrashing my cold heart will
put on you .....here goes:

You never cared for anyone but you.
You wanted what you wanted at cost to anyone.
Including me. The one you let others think
you adored more than anything.
It took years for my heart to turn to ice
at the mire sight of you.
But at first I really thought you were different
from all the other men I knew.
You did not care that while your life was so full
my life was so empty.
At the time I had the children to fill in for you.

Love. You didn't know then, and you don't know now
the meaning of the word.
You always put you ahead of me.

Hurt. You hurt me every time you treated me like your maid
 instead of your wife.
To me there are no words to describe
the mental hell you put me through........
or the lonely nights and days I spent while you
were off hunting with your friends.

Well, today is my coming out.
I'm finally learning what living is all about. And I
want you to know its no longer about me and you.

It took years for my heart to turn to ice
at the mire sight of you. But at first I
really thought you were different
 from all the other men I knew.
The hurt I went through today, I will survive.
But I'll survive it without you.

By fireandice
© 2010 fireandice (All rights reserved)

Thoughts of mine

Today a cloud covered the sun and the blue sky
It was so dark that cloud it was; so dark it was that by its
pure existence it broke my heart.

For a time it looked as though the dark cloud was here
to stay.....The sun was hidden behind the dreary
dark mass. The sun it could not shine through. And my
heart , which had been broken by the sight of
the dark cloud, wept to see the sun again.

As my heart longed for the sun to show itself,
The cloud grew darker still. And the very soul inside
of me wept for the sky that had been robbed of
a part of its splendor.

Then out of the cloud's darkness a speck of light
caught my eye, as a gentle wind pushed the darkness
to another part of the sky.
[July 6, 2010]

The past weeks have found me oftentimes in tears
with only the angels to comfort my broken heart.
[July 6, 2010]

I have felt the sobs inside of me and trembled as the
tears streamed down my face. I have felt loss, as God
claimed new angels from among my own to call home.

But deep down inside of me there is no doubt that for
every angel gone home a lot of love was left behind.
God, the day has been filled with yesterday's memories
of the living and the dead; loss and gain. Now it's time
to go to sleep and dream again.

When I lay me down to sleep in your hands my soul
do keep until the morning when once more I seek you
in the day.

When I wake set my feet on the path that you would have
me take and give to me a heart that I might process
that precious gift called love. And God let me not forget to
pray for those whose lives have touched mine along the way.
Sleep calls and dreams wait...

Thank you God for everything the day and night times brings.

[July 7, 2010]
By fireandice
© 2010 fireandice (All rights reserved)

The Darkness in Me

My world is turned upside today
as I seek a better way.
I feel as though my
weakness in spirit
is draining me of any desire
to make the journey back in life to
where it once lived.
Oh, heart do you still beat? s there enough strength inside
each beat, to make the climb again?

Why is the world so dark and the spirits in it so dead?
The darkness that covers my world in my weakest moment
is not of this world.
The darkness surrounding me comes from within.

God, you know my heart. You know my needs.
Please, turn the light back on for me again.

By fireandice
© 2010 fireandice (All rights reserved)

Look Around you

Those who have tasted both sides of life
 know the value of the lone traveler we
meet along life's highways.

Every stranger has his story
his hard times and his moments of glory....
but how often do we really try to see
the man behind the face?

By fireandice
© 2010 fireandice (All rights reserved)

To Be Old

To be old. What is old?
Where does youth flee
when life is so cold?
Old is a state of mind
craved into every line
A bit of yesterday
written on the face
A journey in time
charted by every line.
Old is a lifetime lived
with nothing to do
but die.

To be old. What is old?
Where does youth flee
when life is so cold?
Old is a life left only with
eyes that marvel at life with
spirit and soul.

By fireandice
© 2010 fireandice (All rights reserved)

The Best in Me

This day is the beginning of the rest of my life
I will in this day be the best in me
Knowing that if I do the best I can
I can do no more.
By fireandice
© 2010 fireandice (All rights reserved)


I should be crying over the ending of so many years of us
But there are no tears
left and now there is only me in my life to put first.
For so many years I built you up as a hero
in the children's eyes now I regret
letting them grow up on fantasy and lies
about daddy and his family ties.
The children are all grown up now
and of course you are still the hero in their
grown up eyes.

It's sad looking back at the last family picture
you and the children took together
without me,
 It's sad because no one ever really questioned why.

My life is still full, even without you,
but it could have been fuller if only I had
not built you up as a hero in the children's eyes.

I should be crying over the ending
of so many years of us
But there are no tears left and now
 there is only me in my life to put first.

By fireandice
© 2010 fireandice (All rights reserved)

My Prayer for This Day

What will I do with this day?
 It's 24 hours long: that's 1,440 minutes
 to face in the day alone and thousands
of moments to live in this day and pondering
the reasons to go on.
Dear Lord, please, continue to have your angels
 show me the way.
My life is now totally in your hands.
There comes a time in life that each must
learn to stand.
In this day Lord show me what you would have me do.
Take my hand Lord and this day walk me through.
The weakest part of me is my heart.
But the strongest part of me is you.

By fireandice
© 2010 fireandice (All rights reserved)

It's Never to Late

It's never to late to find strength
When one's spirit is strong.
It's never-ever to late to seek love.

Be strong in the spirit, live on in the day
 and I can assure you God will send an
angel to show you the way.

Be strong in love, if the spirit in you
 is to live on
Most of all ,always to yourself be true.

For none other can feel your pain, or taste your tears;
none other can see the world through your eyes.

None other can live your life but you.

It's never to late to find strength
in ones time of strife
 when ones heart possess
enough love that it does not mind
 leaving some love behind
for another troubled soul to find.

Love truly is the greatest gift of all
Be happy in the day and no matter where you are
dare to dream on and follow your star.

By fireandice
© 2010 fireandice (All rights reserved)

Another Chance

From the moment one is born
he receives a blessing every day
Every time he opens his eyes in the morn
he gets: a new beginning for things ended
the day before ; a chance to make amends;
another chance to hold those he loves and
adores; and another chance to open closed doors.

Every time you enters a new day
you get another chance to decide which direction
your life will take, on life's sometimes dark and
lonely highway.

By fireandice
© 2010 fireandice (All rights reserved)

Bitter Love

When a heart gets broken
the spirit comes apart
All emotion dries up
No feeling left inside
a lifeless heart
that no longer craves
what it once longed to

By fireandice
© 2010 fireandice (All rights reserved)

The Light in my Window

The light is in my window.
Once again I welcome the sun and willingly let its light
The night has left me awakened to the newness of the day.
Lord, please, take my
hand and guide me
As I make decisions point me on my way.
The laughter reached my ears.
Grandchildren draw near and my heart gives thanks for
so many joys in my life.
I don't get to see all my grandchildren but my love's time
and distance embraces them all.

Today I open my window to the sun
and the doors of my heart to all in need.....
no doubt, my own needs were fore filled, long ago standing in
the dark craving for the
light that was within my reach but I could not touch.
Have a blessed day.

By fireandice
© 2010 fireandice (All rights reserved)

God's Sunshine

When life becomes a burden in the day
and the sun doesn't shine in your life
or in your heart, God will make a way.
When things are the darkest
God sends the sun to shine on the day.
By fireandice
© 2010 fireandice (All rights reserved)

My Life's Prayer to My Lord

Lord, this day I turn to you because
things of this world are more than my heart
can bear
 please let me lean on you;

Lord, I am weak but you are strong;
You are my pillow of hope in everything I do;
my life awakes and rests with you.

Lord give me direction for my life this day ;
teach me what you would have me know;
then set my feet on the path you would have me go.

Lord, I turn to you in my time of need and strife,
with self pity in my heart ,and heartache in my life ;
please take me in your loving arms and
keep my life from worldly harm;
take pity on me, your wondering child,
 as I make the journey back to you..

Lord, if you find me worthy this day of following after
 you please send me the tools of angels
with a list of the things that you would have me do.
 I promise I will try to follow through .

Without you in my life Jesus I am nothing.....
With you in my life Jesus I can do anything.

By fireandice
© 2010 fireandice (All rights reserved)

God Is Holding My Hand

I have been down this road before;

after the closing of a door; but never have I
had to walk alone.

Though the day may break my heart and

 the night time may leave me standing in the
day alone;

I have never awakened to a day that

God wasn't abiding with me; that my
house wasn't filled with faith and

God didn't make me a way.
For years God reached out his hands to me

then one day his hand touched mine; and
he whispered ' Come, my child, I am here now.

 I will lead the way.'
Since then I have left things in God's hands.

He has never carried me down a path
that he did not for me pave the way.

Thank you God for the company on my journey;

thank you for filling my world with
love, mercy and understanding as I stumble after you.
Though everyone may desert me at the crossing of the roads;

the roads of life be filled with troubles and sorrows;

and all hope seemingly gone- I know deep down I
never have to travel alone.

For years God reached out his hands to me

then one day his hand touched mine; and
he whispered ' Come, my child, I am here now.

I will lead the way.'

By fireandice
© 2010 fireandice (All rights reserved)

Thoughts of Mine

One must first know self
before trying to figure others out.

Each breath is the chain we have to life.

Dreams are for the dreamer

who is satisfied with dreaming.

Dare to step into your dream.

A dream cannot come true
if the dream stays locked inside your heart.

It doesn't matter what the world think of you
It matters how you view yourself.

Live in the day
Keep faith in
what ever it is
you believe in
then do the best
you can
That's all that one
can possibly do
don't push good
things away from you
or worry about
tomorrow and
how you will make it through
be who you are today
let joy and peace
live through you.
By fireandice
© 2010 fireandice (All rights reserved)

My World

My world is full today
though no one is here
My world is full to the top
with memories that ever flow
so near
and heartache that just
won't stop because of the tears.
Because I love those I love
whether or not they break
my heart.
Life will go on but never again
will my heart be broken
for there is not one shiver of
my heart left to break.
By fireandice
© 2010 fireandice (All rights reserved)

I Didn't Mean Go and Be With Me

Get on with your life and my family
Don't bother me just don't bother me
When I said you had to go I wanted
to be free-I didn't mean go -and be with me.
Get on with your life and my family
Don't bother me just don't bother me
My love for you was over when you walked
out the door-I ain't your maid- any more.
When I said you could come over when
you needed a friend I didn't mean come over
to be with me.

I gave you everything a selfish man could
ever want -I gave you the best years of my life
Had your children- taught them to love you
even when you wasn't there for me-
You took it all- everything that gave meaning
to my life and I let you because I was your wife
Get on with your life and my family
Don't bother me -just don't bother me
When I said you had to go I wanted
to be free-I didn't mean go-and-still-be with me.
By fireandice
© 2010 fireandice (All rights reserved)

Broken Hearts

When a lover's heart gets broken
the past is being laid to rest
The heart will mend
memories will live on to bring
a tear every now and then
And love will one day return,
the lover's heart to mend.
By fireandice
© 2010 fireandice (All rights reserved)

Thoughts on Life

If tomorrow holds nothing it's because
you create nothing in the day.
Take the time to set direction and goals
Take time to count your blessing among the tears
when you are hurting deep down in your soul;
No one knows what tomorrow will bring
but a faithful soul can live through anything.
When the day begins your future with still lay ahead.
Find comfort in knowing someone in this world
loves you from afar, sight unseen.
Yesterday is gone it was lived as it was destined
to be lived.
Tomorrow is sleeping in this day;
live in the day knowing you control your destiny
By fireandice
© 2010 fireandice (All rights reserved)7-27

Thoughts in the Night

Hear the wind whispering your name
with a craving to caress your skin
Feel the earth beneath your feet
where life and death will one day meet
See the sights that cannot be seen
as if you live them in a dream
Taste the very air you breath
Smell life's scented fragrance flowing
over everything
How can one not love the gift of life
with ones whole heart
when with all things we are one
from the moment we are born?
By fireandice
© 2010 fireandice (All rights reserved)7-28-10

Closing of a Door

It is time to move on
When one feels empty and alone in a full world
When one feels trapped at an open door
It is time to move on
When those you love watch from a distance
your world crumbling in on you
and not offer you a hand to help you
get through.
It is time to move on to open new doors and
walk through
When the worlds you helped to build turns their
back on you.
Walk through that door that lay ahead knowing
that no one has the power to take the next steps
in life away from you- but you.
By fireandice
© 2010 fireandice (All rights reserved)7-29-10

Thank You

Lord let me say thank you for this day
the day has brought sunshine my way:
The sun that shines on my life filled to
the top and running over touches my
world and loved ones in it.... and builds
precious memories my heart won't
soon forget.
Thank you for the memories and thank
you for the day.
By fireandice 7-30-10


Angels are God's servants
he uses angels to lead his children back home
Because God loves his earthly children
and he doesn't want his children to be alone
and unprotected til they get back home.

Sometimes when heaven has a shortage of angels
to watch over God's children
God looks down from heaven and
calls in some of his angel loans.

God knowing this will cause great pain ,
of heart and mind, to some of his children below
leaves behind an angel's spirit to comfort them
every time.

There are angels everywhere one thinks they're not
and the duty of each angel is to love and
guide God's children with their angel heart.

So when you think you are alone~ you are not.
One day at a time is all we've got and
always with each of us is an angel's heart.

God keeps his eyes on his children this day
and every day and because God wants his children home he
does everything he can to help them not stray.

God's Angels come in all colors, shapes and size;
the way to tell a real angel from a fake angel
is to look into an angel's eyes.

For an angel's eyes has a knowing shine that lightens
up the inner skies.

If you are lost on one of life's highways open your heart
and mind to the angel sent to help you
~ peace and direction to find.
God loves you, and so do I.
By fireandice
© 2010 fireandice (All rights reserved)7-31-10

Life's Steps

No one can take the steps for you
No one can hold you down.
Decide what is best for you and
follow through.
Don't let life keep you down.
No one can live your life but you.
By fireandice
© 2010 fireandice (All rights reserved)8-1-10

At the Beach

The breeze is warm as it gently
blows across my skin.
The old oak tree in front of me
seeking the sun light had lost
the ability to stand upright.

Children playing in the sun
on the hot beach sand-laughing.
Still empty is the bench next to me.
Squeaking of wet flip-flops
on concrete draws my eyes to a boat
crossing the sparkling water,

All around sun comes down and
togetherness can be found,
as one lone bird sing a lonely song.

Swimmers in the rippling water
that the boat's motor left behind.
The old bent oak tree standing before me
rests its head on the sandy ground.
Birthday party in the park
Everywhere togetherness can be found.

People big and small taking in the
warmth of the day and the beach playground all.
Still the park bench is empty next to me.
I gather up the paper and pen and go home alone.
By fireandice
© 2010 fireandice (All rights reserved)8-1-10

My Baby Angel

Years ago, God sent me a baby angel
He placed the baby angel in my hands
And tears streamed down my face
my heart screamed I didn't understand
I loved and I hated
as the baby angel lived and died in the
palms of my hands.

My hands so full of life emptied out
in the flickering of an eye.
When the baby angel died in my hands.
That baby angel touched my life and
my heart in ways only a mother can

God, kiss the baby angel for me
tell the baby angel those precious moments
together left me with a lifetime of memories
of an angel's life on earth that wasn't meant to be.
By fireandice
© 2010 fireandice (All rights reserved)8-1-10

An Angel Came for You

You had just turned twenty-two, when God's
angel came for you. Up until that time
you were mine.

You were making plans for your wedding day
The date was set, but, never to be met
You were killed on a long country highway.

I will never forget my heart was torn in so
many ways when I first heard what happened
on that dreadful day.

They say a few inches and you would be alive
today-but God's angel had already been sent
to cover you with her wings and carry you away.

God knew how much my mother's heart loved
you when he decided to call you home
How do I know this?

Your angel spirit has never once left me alone.
When I feel all alone, I know without a doubt
there is waiting for me a very special angel to
lean on.

God, Thank you, for the memories created in
the time I called your angel 'mine.'
By fireandice
© 2010 fireandice (All rights reserved)8-1-10

Dreams Do Come True

What lay beyond this day
The eyes cannot see
and the heart cannot

Tomorrows are better
lived ~ day by day.

Dreams do come true
for those who have
learned to strive towards
their dreams in the day.

You have a gift inside
of you- the ability to
make your dreams come
By fireandice
© 2010 fireandice (All rights reserved)8-1-10

Setting Here Beneath It

Setting on my porch in my favorite rocking-chair,
wondering about people and places in times gone by,
as I gaze up at the moon lit sky

My thoughts turned to you,
and a tear found its way to the corner of my eye.

' life has a way of changing the way one looks at
the sky above ,' I thought. 'Just as the heart has
a way of changing the way one looks at love.'

Once, in the night, I would have made a wish on
every star up there, and over looked the splendor
of the nighttime sky.

Now, I think ,only, how beautiful heaven truly must be,
to share so much of its beautiful sky with me.

There is peace under the sky above, though many never
find it, and some never seek it.

How truly blessed I am ~ to be setting here beneath it.
By fireandice
© 2010 fireandice (All rights reserved)8-2-10

Write With Heart

God, truly, loves the poet who writes for others.
The poet who ,with heart and soul ,chains each
word together.

What is a world without love? Dark and empty.

What is a heart without love?

A broken soul,
crying out in the darkest part of ones being.

When you take pen in hand, ponder the words
before you give them life through poetry.

For, words alone are meaningless but words
written with love have the power to change
lives' and hearts' destiny.

It is the words we leave behind in poetry that
possess the potential to nurture the hearts
and souls of all humanity.

God, truly, loves the poet who writes for others.
The poet who, with heart and soul, chains each
word together.

Write with heart ,dear poet, in life's darkest times
that your words in the future will for a lost soul

The ability to write with heart is not just a form of
art ~ It's a gift from God.

Write with heart! Write with heart! Dear poet,
Write with heart.
By fireandice
© 2010 fireandice (All rights reserved)8-3-10

My Inner Most Dreams

The echoes inside of my heart

My life's travels and my life's
every dream keeps bouncing
back to me

My dreams are but a shadow
in a world where nothing is as
it seems.

In every chamber of my heart
written in every ounce of blood
that runs through my veins

Are the words 'never turn from
your inner most dreams.'


My heart reminds me that
among the thorns many a
dream has been born.

Dare to listen to the echoes
of your heart's lifetime of dreams
that is pushing you onward
to meet your destiny

My dream come true,
A waits me.
By fireandice© 2010 fireandice (All rights reserved)8-3-10


The tears that one cries in one's lifetime
was water to one's soul in the hard times.
Life is as fair, as one wants life to be.

Feeling sorry for one's self has shattered
many a dream. and broken the spirit of many
a good man.

It's only when one gives up his dream that
one never reaches his dream.

Don't let the bad in the day flow over into

No one can live life for you but you
strive in each day, to make your dreams come

One who knows not self does not possess the
ability to know another.

Live in the day.

For, only in the day can change take place
along life's way.

By fireandice
© 2010 fireandice (All rights reserved)8-8-10

Thank you for your Comments
I am sorry, if I have not taken the time
to thank those who have commented
on my poetry- I have only one excuse
after a lifetime of living for others,
I fill the days with trying to find me.
But, I want each of you to know that
Each day I am thankful, to each of you,
for the moments you took out of your life for
me in the form of comments on my poetry.
Thank you. May your lives always be filled
with love and happiness your whole life through.
Thank you. Thank you- Thank you.

By fireandice
© 2010 fireandice (All rights reserved)8-8-10

An American Sees

No one asked me too write a poem for them
So I didn't have to look in a mirror and wonder
at what I seen.

I looked inside my American heart and saw:

A many blooded people living free.
I saw:

All the people who suffered that I might live
the American dream. and

All the people who suffered that I might live and
die free.

These people put aside their differences and together
built a country under the Red, White, and Blue...

Not a perfect country but a country where the
majority still cling to the belief that ' all men were created
equal with a right to life and liberty.'

A country (a many blooded country) that owes everything to
those who labored, and died, too insure that all
future generation got a chance to live the American

I see in my American heart, Lady Liberty standing
proudly welcoming all who seek safety in the light
of her flame.

I see the craving of many, for the American Dream, who
misguidedly believe that everyone is entitled to the
American Dream because they are born- forgetting that
in America it is as it has always been: one for all
and all for one.

Let's remember not heroes of another country but the
American heroes who willingly paid in blood, sweat,
and tears that we might live free.

Long live America! Long live the American Dream!
Written by an American of the 'melting pot' variety.
By fireandice
© 2010 fireandice (All rights reserved)8-8-10

Live In The Day

Live in this day....
Do the best that you can
knowing when the day
is done, by your
mire presence in it,
you added a little sunshine
and made the world a better
place with the love
you left behind.
Live in this day....
That is all you have got
Put a smile on your face
And love in your heart,
Set your goals high
then strive to succeed
Keep faith in God and
He will meet your every
By fireandice

My Love Is Locked Away

There is a yearning down deep in my soul
a yearning for understanding for my heart to hold.
Without knowing, many times another's heart in
meeting is left in dismay.
God, give me understanding as I live in the day.

There is a yearning down deep inside of me
a yearning for knowledge that will set my heart
Without knowing hearts get broken in two
because one or the other let love slip through.

There is a yearning deep inside my heart that
causes my eyes to weep for love and my heart's
love to sleep....

For though I love with a wise heart that reaches
out to comfort those in need of love with an
understanding heart....and love's council has shown
me many times another's deepest dreams of love...

my own heart still searches for a love
that lays beyond my heart's reach.

Is it that my heart has learned to well from the pain
I have seen in others hearts.... some placed there
by my own love...that my heart keeps so much of
my love locked away?

There is a yearning inside of my heart to know love
as love has known me.

By JanSanford61
© 2010 JanSanford61 (All rights reserved)

The Hearts Greed for Love

Unrest has moved my heart far from my love
no longer does my heart hunger for the closeness of love's pain...
No longer does my heart seek to know another's love.

For if love can cause such an unbearable pain
as has gone straight through the heart of me
then rip the love out from inside of me...
that I never again know the bitterness of
another's selfish love.

When I reached out for love and love stung my heart-
I vowed never! no never! to allow the love in my heart
to become a victim of another's greed for love.

Unrest has moved my heart far from my love
no longer does my heart hunger for the closeness of love's pain...
No longer does my heart seek to fall in love again.

By JanSanford61
© 2010 JanSanford61 (All rights reserved)

I Loved Not Long Enough

I have lived.
I have loved.
I have lived
I have loved
but not long

By JanSanford61
© 2010 JanSanford61 (All rights reserved)


Sonya you were
A ray of sunlight
to those you left

A stitch in my
mothers blanket
that added to the
strength of our family

A rose among
the flowers in
my rose garden
that graced all
of our lives.

A flower picked from
my mother's bouquet

When God decided
to polish heaven
with another angel's
shine. that day.

By JanSanford61
© 2010 JanSanford61 (All rights reserved)


For all the times I failed you
You never failed me

For all the times I wasn't there
for you
You were always there for me

For all the times I got caught up
in my own sadness and pain
It was oftentimes you Sabra
who reassured me the sun
would shine again

For all the times you reached
out to me and held my world
together, when your own world
was coming apart, you touched
the heart of your mother.

10:14am, December 28, 2010
By JanSanford61
© 2010 JanSanford61 (All rights reserved)

My Angels

I don't visit their graves
and memorialize their dying
I keep them alive in my heart
and bring them close to me
with my crying.

I don't talk about them
I keep their memory
alive in my heart
to keep me company
To keep my world
from falling a part.

I don't ask God why He
took them far beyond my
reach, I accept that
they each were loaned to me
and were never mine to keep.

I didn't stop loving them
because they left an
empty place in my life
when they spread their
angel wings.

My angels live in my heart
a place untouched by hate
and they wade through my tears
every day.

[1:00pm December 21, 2010]
By JanSanford61
© 2010 JanSanford61 (All rights reserved)


Sleep sweet angel.

Sleep in peace

For I shall awaken

you many times in my

memory and

Many times in my


By JanSanford61
© 2010 JanSanford61 (All rights reserved)


When the rain comes pouring down
from heaven up above
It soaks the dry and barren ground
with sprinkles of God love.

When the warmth of the sun
moves the spirit within
to open a heart to love
that love is blessed from above.

When life comes to and end and
lovers do part
love lives forever and always inside
the heart.

When love is unchained and allowed
to fly free
Love creates love endlessly.

By JanSanford61
© 2010 JanSanford61 (All rights reserved)

Another Loved One

Another loved one went home today
She lay her burdens down spread
her wings and flew away.

Another loved one went on ahead
to guard the path home
that will take God's children
to their place before God's Throne.

Another loved one became an angel
today and took flight into God's
Eternal light, to meet loved ones
long gone...
who waited at heaven's gate to
welcome another angel home.

Another loved one left the worldly
Behind today....we shall miss her
kind and gentle ways..
and the heart she put in to her
poetry....before she took the
final step toward her destiny.

By JanSanford61
© 2010 JanSanford61 (All rights reserved)

Inspire me Lord

Inspire me Lord in this day
to weigh the moments
and choose the right way.

For, you have been the light
in my life's days, and
My hope for a brighter day
when I have lost my way.

Inspire me Lord to choose wisely
In this day
The paths you lay for me.

Inspire me Lord in this day
to weigh the moments
and choose the right way.

For, it is you Sweet Jesus
who I adore
For, it is you Sweet Jesus
Who I live for.

By JanSanford61
© 2010 JanSanford61 (All rights reserved)

love I wait on You

I waited for the rain
to bring the rainbow
as tears fell like rain
from my eyes

I waited for the brightest star
to make my wish come true
as my heart searched for you

I waited for the flower pebble
to come out 'I love you'
as you walked away from me

I waited for the heart
to bring me love and happiness
as I watched you holding her
like you once held me.

By JanSanford61
© 2010 JanSanford61 (All rights reserved)

The Best of Friends

The friend who holds the hand of another
Holds more then the hand

Together or a part
Friends hold on to each other's heart.

So remember dear friend no matter where you are

There is no time, or distance to far
that you cannot touch my love with your heart.

By JanSanford61
© 2010 JanSanford61 (All rights reserved)

Never To Part

In the moment of the day
I think you
In the moment of the night
You are my dream come true.

Since my heart found you
it has longed for no other
Since you went away
Our love keeps us together.

In the moment passed away
I thought of you
In the moment I am in
I long only for you.

Since you, My heart's door
stays wide open for your
love to get through.

I love you always

before you went away
you were the best part
of my life

Now my love, because
my heart refuses
to release your memory

You are the best part
of my heart and me.

By JanSanford61
© 2010 JanSanford61 (All rights reserved)

My Everything

My god is, my light on life's dark night.

My shadow's glow wherever I go.

My friend when my heart needs to mend

My beginning , my everything, my end

My shield of hope for a better tomorrow

My pillow of comfort in my time of sorrow

My teacher of love, life, and understanding

My heart's song moving my life along

All of my tomorrows all wrapped up in one

From the moment I was born

My god has been, all the love my heart knows and craves

The love that is with me in life that will one day blanket my grave.

By JanSanford61
© 2010 JanSanford61 (All rights reserved)


Writings by Janice Sanford

The heart seems never to have enough love
Always it searches for one worthy of the love
Locked away there… (9:00AM)

I speak of my god
Always with love
Because it is he
Who comes to me
To calm my heart's
Yearning. (9:24am)

Angels are here
Angels live with me
Others cannot see
My Angels…My angels
Live inside of me.
When I awake my angels
Awaken in my memory
When I sleep…my angels
Rest with me
In my dreams.

My flesh hungers
But my Spirit is full.
(9:29 AM)

God walk with me in this day.
If evil comes my way
Shine your Light of Truth
That my shield of faith
May have strength.

If heartache comes my way
Shine your Light of love
That my heart of love
May mend.

If someone new comes my way
Shine your Light of friendship
On the hearts of two friends.

If tears find their way into my day
Please, God, send your sweetest angel
To wipe my tears away.
(9:40 AM)

For my heart truly needs you God
In my day.
(9:42 AM)
This day has lingered in my tears. (6:16 PM, Sept 15,2010)

September 16, 2010 Thursday 7:48 AM
I awaken to the thought, though I set here all alone,
That the sun shining through my window
Is a sign that my god is still watching me as my life
Continues on.

God take my hand and lead me on never leave my side
For I am still much too weak to travel on my own.
I know there is something you sent me for
Something I have to do before you will take me home.
I know I have not done it yet, or I would have known.

Just know my god, I know I can find purpose
If you just continue to walk with me, and give me
Understanding and your shoulder to lean on.
(8:01 AM)

I was lost and Jesus reached out his hands to me

I was afraid and Jesus gave me the strength I needed
To set myself free.

I was in total despair and my Lord and Savior came
To me …
(8:07 AM)

God, make me worthy to follow after you…
(8:08 AM)
(7:40AM, Friday September 17, 2010)

I feel the sun’s warmth upon my skin
And again the breath of life I breathe in.
(7:42 AM)

God, I need some direction in my life
And only you can show me the road that I must take.
Lead me down the road for a few steps
Take my hand and let the touch
Be a reminder to me of the promise

I am lost Lord my life is at a standstill
I just don’t know which way to go
So many times I have let my love stand
In the way I am ready now Lord
Just reach out and take my hand
In this day.

Where you lead me I will follow
For yours is loves way.

Like a child who has no mother
I wonder lost and all alone
Seeking life yet knowing
What I seek is my god.

God, please come to me
For I need you in this day…
Your words of wisdom
Your heart of the purest love.

With you all things are possible
Without you I am nothing.
(8:05 AM)

When a woman carries life inside her womb it is a special time; a time for the future and the past to grasp the reality of the moments shared. The mother is aware of the life that grows inside her; yet, the life inside is only aware of its mother’s beating heart.
When a child is born into the world he too soon forgets that his very existence came about due to the willingness of his mother to share her body.

When a child becomes a man he too soon forgets that his very nature came about due to the willingness of his mother to share her heart in ways that his small mind could understand; and to the willingness of his mother to share the best years of her life nurturing his soul.

When a mother departs this world she leaves behind her heart in the heart of the child she left behind

Fathers have their place but it is mothers who must bear the pain.
(6:19PM, September 17, 2010)

Understanding is present when one embraces another’s sad moments as if they were one’s own. (6:26 PM)

Things of the

The heart of love, wisdom and understanding is short lived without faith; for a wise man understands that love is not unmovable. The love one processes today another may lay claim to tomorrow. (8:14PM)

Love in the day that the heart may find love in the dark times in life. Love always; for a heart that loves not know not the many faces of love in another’s heart. (8:19 PM)

When the day comes to an end untouched by loss, misery, shame or unhappiness, The day was blessed. For so many lives have been touched by heartache this very day.
(8:23 PM)

September 18, 2010- Saturday 7:56AM

A New Day
“A new day has arrived; a day to be thankful for all things life has brought; a day to ponder life and heart…and a day to look toward heaven for the answers you seek.”
Yesterday, regardless of what it contained is now a part of the past. If in journeying through yesterday your heart wept it is a new day. Wipe away the tears look at the sun that has raised on your life with its splendor. Be thankful that God in this day has not deserted you but smiles down on you and your household. (8:04 AM)

My Angels
When the day dawns my angels spread their heavenly wings
Engulfing all that I am…my everything.

All day long the angels to me sing their inspiring song……
Never give up in the day… we are here to pave your way….
Be thankful for everything…be thankful for the day…..

When night time’s shadow falls over my day… and I lay me
Down to sleep my angels’ hands touch me assuring me that
Like the day the night would bring me peace. (8:13 AM)

Life, what value are you without purpose?
Life’s purpose is not to create confusion but to destroy the evil that causes the confusion. (12:09PM)

Wisdom comes not with the knowing but with the living. (12:11 PM)

Nothing in life is totally free…even love has a price. But love is not to be blamed for the actions of the heart. Love is without guilt when it comes to love… love is just love. Love once love always. (3:05PM)

Always put love into the day for somewhere someone is receiving another’s share of love. (3:08 PM)

God, make me wise enough to understand those things that are better left in your loving hands. For wisdom is a two edged blade; one can use for good; or, one can use to his own hurt.

When one thinks there is nothing left to be learnt- he thinks like a fool. For there is nothing new under the sun; but each man only has his portion from which to draw wisdom, knowledge and understanding. What a man knows he has experienced else
He knows not enough to understand. (3:19PM)

Sunday September 19, 2010, 8:14 AM

Each day I awaken I know my journey has not seen its end. (8:16 AM)
The morning brings its song and with it my reasons to take the first step into the day.

The sun bids me come dance in my lights rays as you follow the star that in the future lays. Smile and sing all day long let love be your song. Sing it loud sing it clear sing it so other hearts can hear. (8:20AM)


I was a lost and wondering soul, with the world at my feet and nowhere to go, when Jesus came to me with outreached hands surrounded by a beautiful glow;
My life did not change in the flickering of an eye; but Jesus’ very presence gave me courage and the will to try.

Some say it was a dream I did not see what my eyes have seen….

But I know that Jesus came for me with outreached hands….
I know I had fallen down and it was my friend Jesus whose hand
Took mine and helped me learn once more on my own two feet to stand.
None but Jesus will I follow……None but Jesus reached out to save the drowning man.
(8:34 AM)

Let me assure you the power of love is enough to sustain you and nurture your spirit your lifetime and beyond….when all have forsaken thee Jesus’ love lives on. When your heart is heavy and your eyes are filled with tears and no one hears your cries for help the love of Jesus will never forsake thee; through Jesus’ love miracles are done in his name. Dry your tears. And partake of the love that engulfs your spirit since God gave his only son that you might live. Dry your tears and be happy in the day knowing that the love given you can never be taken away. Never alone, for God’s angels have been appointed to watch over you and your house. (8:45 AM)

As the moments slip away right before your eyes life too goes. (2:01PM)

Let not fear of another man’s god destroy thy shield of faith in thy
own god. For each must choose for himself from among many names the name of his god. Be faithful always to the god of love who has long suffered that the true god of all things might prosper. There is but one God. Let his love and mercy be thy stepping stones to heaven. (2:09 PM)

The times of sorrow tho they be many will pass away in the face of love; for even in death love lingers with the living; even in death love joins hearts one to another. (8:56PM)

Let not thy sorrows blind thee to the goodness that stands with outreached hands; for it is by choices made that one decides his moments be they moments of happiness or moments of sorrow. When the heart is sad the soul weeps. (9:00PM)

One must be strong in love to overcome the evil that linger over us all. For where love lives all bad things hasten to depart. Tho evil knows the scriptures by heart the heart that is filled with love evil cannot know its ways. For angels guard always the carrier of a loving heart. Be happy knowing that love has the power to prevail against the evil in the world. Tho your heart be broken time and time again keep faith in the power of love and your heart will mend. (9:11PM)

Monday September 20, 2010 4:58 AM

God, it’s another morning and I set here alone knowing you are always near. But my flesh is so very lonely and I NEED two arms to draw me near…I am weak but you are strong please God put someone in my life to walk with me the rest of the way. If you can’t find one who can accept me for me I will understand. I am just weak this day and need your helping hand. Forgive my weakness and make me strong for if mortal arms never again embrace me I can make it the rest of the way as long as I awaken to you.

God, please wipe my tears away and forgive me if I stumble into this day. Tho I am weak you are my strength and my everything.(5:12AM)

The flesh is weak but the spirit in a man is his strength. (5:15AM)

The morning has yet to put away the night.(5:17AM)

Let your heart be filled with love and love’s contentment for so many weep for love. (8:52AM)

There is a world beyond your own strive therefore to enter in and meet your dearest friend. For when one shuts himself off loneliness is to be expected. Dare to be who God created you to be….loving always in his name. (8:56AM)

Each tear is a shiver of hope for tomorrow. (9:07AM)

Happiness at another’s expense can never truly be. For we reap what we have sown……and pretend as we will another’s happiness cannot be our own unless the happiness inside reaches first out from the heart. (9:14AM)

There will be times that God test your very soul; is there not anything you would give up for your god? If God sends his angel for your child would you remember that the child was only a loan from God? To believe in God is to entrust him with everything; how does one rightfully question the giver of life? All that I am I am because my god created me and gave me a free will. If he takes everything from me God has only taken what is already his. (12:54PM)

If I fail in the day it’s because I did not try hard enough. (12:55PM)

When one thinks all is lost its because he no longer strives for anything. (1:01PM)

By JanSanford61

© 2010 JanSanford61 (All rights reserved)

Where Is That Smile

I look at your face
I see a smile turned
into a frown.

Turn that frown
back around....

I miss your smile
your smile caused
my heart to miss
a beat more than
a time or two......

I miss your smile
Your smile lit up
my life through and

The frown on your face
baby is just not you.......

turn it around ...
turn it around...
that frown on your face
is just not you.

You are the kind of man
that was made to wear
a smile...
don't let that frown
get you down.
Just think of me, baby,
and turn that frown
By JanSanford61

© 2010 JanSanford61 (All rights reserved)

Hearts on Fire

My Love, just the thought of you fills my heart with a burning desire
A need to feel your skin next to mine to quench this raging fire.
The stars cover my night time thoughts but nothing but your nearness
can satisfy the craving to have you lay down next to me...... and cover
me with your love.

Come, My Love, lay down next to me, if only in my dreams
wrap your love around me and lay with me in the fire of desire until the
burning subsides and I fall asleep.
By JanSanford61

© 2010 JanSanford61 (All rights reserved)


The Roads of Life

It was during my travels in life far away from home

that my heart learned the importance of spreading love

to those who traveled life all alone.

Occasionally, I would meet someone

whose very presence in my life

reached out and touched my heart.

 It was these loving souls who unknowingly

in my future played the biggest part.

When I strayed down the road of trouble and total despair...

It was the love filled souls who reached out to me

 to let me know that they were there.

When my journey took me down the road of heartache and sorrow...

It was the love that was shown to me in my time of grief that lay

it on my heart to keep faith in my tomorrow.

When I travelled the road of self-destruction and self judgment...

 It was God's angels , that heaven surely sent,

who pulled me along until I could make it on my own.

It was the love and goodness in others

that strengthened my spirit when I was alone

who showed me the road that would take me back home.
By JanSanford61

© 2010 JanSanford61 (All rights reserved)

My God Is

My god is :
my morning light
When the day begins
My candlestick at night
When my day comes to
its end.

My god is my shadow
My god follows me where ever I go
I have always walked safely
In my god's bright glow.

My god gives me the Strength
to travel life's roads
When there is no one around to help me
my god helps me carry my heavy load.

My god was my beginning
when I begin my journey through life
My god has been with me all of my days
in all good times during all of my strife.

My god is my hearts truth
all of my tomorrows
all wrapped up in to one
My god has never once left my side
since the day that I was born.

My god is my teacher
His lessons have taught me well
the things I needed to know
to be worthy to stand, and walk
in the warmth of my god's sweet glow.

My god is the force moving my life along
filling my heart with my god's beautiful love song
My god helps my heart not to miss one beat
as life carries me along.

My god is the love that my
heart knows and craves
the love that is with me in life
and will one day blanket my grave.

My god is pure love from beginning to end
My god has forgiven this sinner's sins
My god is my savior, my creator and
my dearest friend.

By JanSanford61
© 2010 JanSanford61 (All rights reserved)

My Last Day

by Janice Sanford [Oct 20, 2010- 2:50pm]
If tomorrow never comes
and the day be my last
let me be thankful for
all things of my past......
The joy-the woe
the holding close
the letting go....
The love -the hate
The fleeing time
the long waits.......
The friends- the foes
The cautious times
The times when nothing 
The times I lost
what was not mine
The times it was dark
in the sunshine
If tomorrow never comes
and the day be my last
let me be thankful for
all things of my past......
Let me be thankful for
everything that touched
my spirit and moved my
world in such a way
as to bring me to this day.

The World
The world around me is not my home
As I journey through it all alone.
But down each road I must travel
in search of the road
                     ~ that will take me home.
Under its skies I must live, dream and pray
That God will call me home one day.


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