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Michael Schiavo had the funds in 1992 to get his wife the best medical treatment  available. He chose instead to deny her any type of treatment that might have helped her get better. He didn't work for years. ...because financially he could afford not too.


5 Q So basically from the beginning of 1990

6 until 1996 you were unemployed; is that correct?

7 A Yes.

8 Q You were talking about some of the fund

9 raisers that you testified to previously. Can you

10 tell me about some of the details of the fund

11 raisers?

12 A We sold hot dogs, or I sold hot dogs on

13 St. Petersburg Beach. We sold pretzels at the

14 Publix. We had a Valentine's Day dance for her

15 with the association. The association I believe,

16 around Christmas, they put a luminary -- you buy

17 the bag in Terri's name. They did that on St.

18 Pete Beach to help raise money.

19 Q Where were all those funds that you were

20 raising, where were they being maintained?

21 A At First Union Bank.

22 Q Did she work for Prudential at the time?

23 A Yes.

24 Q Did the Prudential employees get

25 together and have a fund racier?


1 A I don't recall. I don't remember that.

2 Q Was there a fund raiser promoted by the

3 St. Petersburg Times, Channel 10 and Channel 8?

4 A Yes. I said I was on the news.

5 Q About how much money did all those

6 different fund raisers raise?

7 A Probably close to about *20,000. I'm not

8 sure. You would have to check on the old

9 records.

10 Q Did you also receive a payment, pay-out,

11 from Prudential from insurance proceeds that Terri

12 was entitled to?

13 A It was her life insurance, yes, that she

14 was entitled to.

15 Q How much was that?

16 A 10,000.

17 Q Did you also receive Terri's social

18 security checks during that time frame?

19 A No. Terri could not get social security

20 because she was still receiving her payment from

21 work.


*Note: According to the Schindlers the different fund raisers raised $50,000

Michael Schiavo claimed time after time that he never had control of his wife's money. According to the "Order Approving Settlement" Schiavo's  claim wasn't quite true.[see below]