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Fairy Land

Fairy stories written by Jan Tetstone

Love lives here!

Sir Swan's  Fairy Rose

Flying over the colorful flower fields  a wilting rose bush with two beautiful red roses growing from it caught Blue Fairy eye... Sir Tom Swan had ordered that the rose bush be removed from his rose garden and placed near Fairy Land after his death.

Flying closer to the rose Blue Fairy eyes widened.... She remembered a day she had seen a gentleman dinning with her parents the King and Queen of Fairy Land. He was very wealthy and dined often with the King and Queen.

"I remember!"

Blue Fairy stood looking down at the wilting rose....a tear fell from her eye on to the rose.....She reached down and gently picked it up.....

"It's time to go home......"

The red rose was a gift from the King and Queen, after Sir Swan's son's death left him a grieving man who grew more bitter every time he\d read the note on the drawing his son did for him as a small boy that he had pinned to his kitchen wall.......

It read: "I love you Daddy."     

With all his wealth Sir Swan could not buy anything to fill the empty place in his life.... His heart morn as he continued to entertain  the rich and greedy...Sir Swan was caught up in a never ending life style of greed......

One day while walking through his rose garden Sir Swan almost tripped and fell at the sight of fhe ghostly figure  next to the fairy rose the King and Queen of fairy Land had given him on his last visit with them..... ... 


"Yes daddy it's me."

Sir Swan had forgotten the king's last words....

"This fairy rose is a doorway that will connect you to your son's spirit... After your death it must be returned to fairy land."

This was the first time the rose bush had bloomed. There were only two red roses on the whole of the bush.

Sir Swan and his son set next to the rose bush and sent much time sharing things they had never shared. Over time Sir Swan realized his son had never stopped loving him and Thomas realized his daddy had always loved him.....

Years passed...Sir Swan fell sick ...... He died laying next to the Fairy rose with his son holding his hand.....

12:17am May 28, 2023   8:40am edited

Story written by Jan Tetstone

The moral of the story: Love never changes. Love is the bridge that keeps us together.



Tiny Fairy

Tiny Fairy set under a beautiful red rose bush. Her tiny hands folded in prayer. Sonya Fairy, her closest friend, had earned her fairy angel wings saving Blue Fairy and flew to Fairy Heaven to live there forever.

Tiny Fairy was very sad, remembering all the times she and Sonya Fairy had set under the same rose bush  sharing secrets...and making each other laugh.....

Tiny Fairy wiped tear after tear away, until she could no longer control them...

Blue Fairy standing on a red rose, watching Tiny Fairy,  took a hand full of sparkling white fairy dust from her bag and dropped it on the ground next to Tiny Fairy.  

Hearing the fluttering of fairy wings......Tiny Fairy quickly wiped the tears from her eyes.

Overcome with happiness  at the sight of Sonya Fairy setting next to her. Both fairies embraced each other.....

"How did you get here?!"

Blue Fairy flew from her place on the red rose to stand facing the fairies who were still clinging to each other......

"Sonya Angel Fairy crossed the bridge of love to dry your tears..."

"Bridge of Love?"

Shaking her head in agreement ..... "I love you Tiny Fairy...".

"I love you... too," Tiny Fairy, who had been watching Blue Fairy, replied... turning toward the place beside her that Sonya Fairy had occupied to find her gone....

Looking back toward Blue Fairy  with a big smile on her face...

"I love you Blue Fairy....".

"And I love you...... both..."

Moral of the story: Love has the power to change lives and build the bridges that connects one's heart to another's.

story written by Jan Tetstone  10:55am May 8, 2023


Sonya Fairy's Birthday

Sonya Fairy was a golden fairy with beautiful blue eyes...She was always doing and saying thing to make all the fairies in Fairy Land happy...She would fly every day just to look for a fairy to help.... She had the biggest heart . The suffering of any fairy would make her cry.....

One day Sonya Fairy was flying across fairy land when suddenly a gust of wind lifted her above the safety zone and set her down in a field of beautiful flowers....

"What is this place?" She asked the presence she could feel but could not see.

"This place is where good fairies gather for all eternity.." a gentle voice replied.

"What does that mean? I have never seen this beautiful place before....Who are all those beautiful white fairies with glittering silver wings?"

"They are angel fairies......They all once lived in Fairy Land, too."

"Does that mean I can't return to Fairy Land?"

"Follow me........"

Suddenly the biggest and brightest fairy Sonya Fairy had ever seen appeared, and they were standin at a window. "What do you see Sonya Fairy?"

"I see Blue Fairy. She's talking to all the fairies gathered.... Some of the fairies are wiping tears away.... I need to be there .... I love all the fairies in Fairy Land..... Their tears make me sad..."

"Sonya Fairy, you spent much time making sad fairies happy.. You have earned your place among the fairy angels.... Your love and kind deeds made Fairy Land a better place... Now, listen with your heart to what Blue Fairy is telling your friends and loved ones..."

"Sonya Fairy's last deed in Fairy Land.......Will live on in the tales fairies tell to all future generations... It is because of Sonya Fairy's love and bravery that I am able to stand before you this day ... "

Sonya Fairy suddenly changed into a beautiful blue eyed ,white angel fairy with white glittering wings.

Moral of the story: Every life has meaning in and of itself. Love is the greatest gift of all. 10:03am 
April 29, 2023

Story written by Jan Tetstone



Happy Birthday Sonya.... I love you

My daughter Sonya was killed IN 1993 after swerving her truck off the highway to keep from hitting a boy riding a bicycle - who, according to his mother, had headphones on... jt

Fairy Princess

Once upon a time there lived a beautiful fairy princess....

One day the King and Queen of Fairy Land decided to fly to the magic forest. They were met by an evil magician who cast a spell turning them into dust....They never returned to Fairy Land.

"Princess Fairy....we have searched every where....."

Dismissing the captain of the fairy army, Princess Fairy fell to her knees crying. She had never felt so alone

She loved all the fairies but the King and Queen never allowed her to play with them fearing she would get hurt or mar her beauty.... Her time was spent learning fairy magic ,and other important things from the old fairies..... who's duty was to prepare her for the day she would rule over all the fairies in fairy Land....

After giving much thought to her responsibilities as Queen Fairy..... and the idea of changing her title to Blue Fairy.....

"Yes....I shall from this day on be called Blue Fairy...."

The old fairy who had just flew through the door.....stared strangely at Queen Fairy.

Blue Fairy smiled , welcoming the still staring fairy, as she used the fairy seal for the first time.

When all the other fairies heard this they asked themselves and each other....

"Why would a queen fairy even consider changing her name to Blue Fairy...? It's so plain!"

Blue Fairy called for a town meeting....

"Welcome fairies...."

Blue Fairy noted that not one fairy replied to her welcome...

"From this day forward you may call me Blue Fairy..."

Still no sound from the crowd of fairies.

Then Purple Fairy stepped forward and approached Blue Fairy...

"You have the duties of a Queen fairy to protect Fairy Land, and all the fairies here.... If you want to be called Blue Fairy........Blue Fairy it shall be!"

The crowd of fairies shaking their heads in agreement....... came a live echoing Purple Fairies words.....

"Blue Fairy ...it shall be!...Blue Fairy...it shall be!"

The moral of the story: A person is more than a name.

Written by Jan Tetstone
 April 18, 2023



Fairy Lost in Flight

Red Fairy set under a red toadstool waiting for the rain to stop...... Her wings were soaked. Fairyland wasn't that far, for a flying fairy, but trying to get there on foot would take a fairy days...if not weeks.

"What are you doin under my toadstool......!?"

"Sorry Mr. Frog........My wings got wet ... I needed a place to rest while they dried...."

Mr. Frog jumped under the toadstool.....
"I guess since there's enough room for us both....you can stay til your wings dry."

It rained and rained non-stop for hours...

"What were you doin flying this far from Fairyland alone...?"

Red Fairy pretended not to hear Mr. Frog.....

"Why did you fly outside of Fairyland alone...!?.......Now what.....!" Mr. Frog shouted, looking toward hundreds of tiny fairy lights coming toward the red toadstool.....

Blue Fairy motioned to the others that she had found Red Fairy....All the tiny lights went dark.

"Will someone tell me what the Red Fairy was doing flying alone!?"

Blue Fairy walked over to where Red Fairy was setting wet-winged..... like magic her wings dried the moment Blue Fairy touched her arm.

"I guess you ....you ain't gonna tell me.....!" Mr. Frog crocked at Red Fairy before hopping from under the toadstool.....


Blue Fairy looked at Red Fairy and winked..... Red Fairy smiled.

"Mr. Frog wouldn't have believed me anyway....."

"You are right who would believe hundreds of fairies got caught in a rain storm and only one got lost?"

Moral of the story: Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. 10:19am March 15, 2023

Fairy Land

Welcome to fairy land where the unexpected is to be expected....

Where what is real and what is not Depends on what is inside ones heart.

Where stars come out at night to play and twinkle brightly on a sunny day.

Where children carry sacks filled with candy, and fairy clowns are always handy.

Welcome to fairy land where reality is checked at the door And the only place to set is on a fluffy cloud floor.

Where angels and fairies fly together side by side hand in hand across miles and miles of make believe land.

Come one come all be you big or be you small When you enter in you become a child again.

Laughing and playing no worries no cares just lots of sweet and special treats And a taste of yesterday's joys for all the girls and boys.

See the fairies dance so high The fairy dance of peace and love you are in fairy land come on give it a try... spread your fairy wings and fly Don't worry if you don't get it right the first you try.... Before you leave fairy land you will with the fairies fly.

Come often and stay as long as you like when its time for you to leave pick a beautiful fairy flower or two to take back with you..... To remind you of where you have been

And come again to fairy land where the unexpected is to be expected.....

Where what is real and what is not Depends on what is inside ones heart.

Note: "Fairy Land" was posted on thestarlitecafe.com site in 2006. Here I am 17 years later still writing about fairies...... jt

11:20pm March 6, 2023


 A Lesson for Glitter Fairy

"Where's all the fairies going?"
"We'll be back..." Blue Fairy replied, before she too flew away.
"How can the older fairies expect me to learn anything if they always leave me behind?" Glitter Fairy yelled back....

Determined to show the older fairies she was ready to fly with them on the yearly journey, Glitter Fairy grabbed a tiny backpack and filled it with things she thought she would need: fairy cookies, and her tiny glitter blanket... and flew off....

Stopping to rest Glitter Fairy ate a fairy cookie....then another.... then another....until all the cookies were gone....

"I don't feel very well....."

Taking the glitter blanket from her backpack... she found a comfortable spot .....laying down she covered herself from head to toe with the glitter blanket.

Returning to Fairy Land to find Glitter Fairy was no where to be found the older fairies formed search parties to look for her.

"It'll be dark soon..... hopefully Glitter Fairy knows she will be safe as long as she covers herself with the glitter blanket." Blue Fairy said, looking toward the magic forest.

The older fairies nodded their heads in agreement.... as they lifted their colorful wing and flew off .....

Blue Fairy watched....Then spread her blue wing.

The older fairies returned to fairy land.....all wearing a sad face.

Blue Fairy... still searching for Glitter Fairy in the dark was getting tired.....Then she saw sparkles of every fairy color lighting up the sky.....

Reaching the area she saw a tiny form beneath the sparkles of glitter.......

"Glitter Fairy!!!!!" Blue Fairy called ...flying over to where the tiny fairy lay.

Glitter Fairy was so happy she tripped over the glitter blanket.....

Everything got dark.

Blue Fairy's ability to see in dark places allowed her to see the tiny fairy setting next to the blanket crying... She picked the glitter blanket up and put it in Glitter's tiny back pack.....The backpack lit up like a lantern.

"Let's go home."

Moral of the story: There's a time and place for everything-All that glitters is not gold- it could be anything. There's a light inside of us all....sometimes it needs switching back on. 
11:07am March 4, 2023 written bt Jan Tetstone


 The Red Fairy Flowers

Blue fairy watched the little fairy as she flew from flower to flower gathering nectar....Flower nectar is used to treat sick fairies. ...

"Why so much nectar purple Fairy?"

Surprised ....Purple Fairy turns around.....

"The old fairies found Green Fairy laying lifeless , they had barely enough nectar to save her....They sent me to gather more incase other fairies get sick..."

"What happened to Green Fairy?"

"The old fairies are still trying to figure that out.....Green Fairy has no visible wounds..... and can't remember what happened."

Blue Fairy remembered times when other fairies were found lifeless and with no memory of what happen.

Flying to where the old fairies were standing, talking among themselves about Green Fairy's illness.....

"Where was Green Fairy when she was found?"

"In the berry patch...laying next to a plant with red flowers....why?"

"The field of wildflowers was planted by old fairies ; after the fairies moved to the Land of Make Believe; to test the will power of young fairies ....The berry patch is next to the field of wildflowers....Green Fairy must have touched the red flower....that explains the memory loss and finding her lifeless .... "

The old fairies shook their heads in agreement...

"Why didn't we think of that...."

Watching the old fairies one by one fly off in the direction of the berry patch to remove the red flower before another tiny fairy touched it, Blue Fairy smiles....

The Moral of the story: Sometimes the simplest things are made hard...

Story Written by Jan Tetstone on 
January 11, 2023



Fairy Names

Tiny fairy gave Magic fairy a strange look....

"Magic.....? Exactly....what kind of name is magic for a fairy?"

"I like my name...."

Tiny Fairy almost fell over .... Magic Fairy had read her thoughts....

"Tiny...? Exactly...what kind of name is tiny for a fairy?"

Tiny Fairy stared at Magic Fairy....

"I am tiny....."

Suddenly... Blue Fairy appeared...

"Magic Fairy is tiny......I am tiny...too.. all fairies are tiny....."

Now...both Tiny and Magic stand speechless waiting for Blue Fairy to tell them more about fairy names...

"All fairies are born tiny..... and nameless....when a fairy is old enough to take on responsibility ....The old fairies meet to name the tiny fairy....."

Magic Fairy laughed.... Tiny Fairy didn't move.....

"When am I going to get my fairy name?"

Blue Fairy unfolds a tiny piece of paper....

"Not yet..."

"Not Yet Fairy!!!......What kind of name is that for a fairy....."

"Tiny Fairy.....that's not your fairy name.....The question the old fairies had to answer ...before naming you was: Is the tiny fairy ready...... All agreed "not yet".....

The Moral of the story: A good name comes with responsibility.

Story Written by Jan Tetstone   
January 2, 2023

The Thorn

"Twinkles....why are you crying...?" Blue Fairy asked as she put her tiny arm around Twinkles....... Twinkles was crying so hard she tried to speak but her crying only got louder.

"Twin--kles," Blue Fairy said softly after noticing a thorn in her wing...

Blue Fairy tried her hardest to get it out but it wouldn't move.....

Twinkles' crying grew louder....

Blue Fairy took a tiny bag that she always carries with her; loosened the strings and sprinkled a blue power on Twinkles....

Twinkles stopped crying.....The thorn was gone!

A smiling Twinkles thanked Blue Fairy....

"It wasn't me...."

When Blue Fairy tried to remove the thorn and couldn't she knew right off what had happened to Twinkles; Twinkles was going through a phrase of a fairy's life when the fairy's inner fairy powers are tested....

"Buttt you sprinkle me with blue dust......"

"Yes, I did but it was your inner fairy power that removed the thorn....."

The Moral of the story: Faith the size of a mustard seed has the power to heal.

Story Written by Jan Tetstone on December 
29, 2022 posted 8:03am


Fairy Christmas

Every fairy in fairy land gathered together to sing Christmas carols and open the gifts that Fairy Godmother left.

"Tis Christ-mas in Make Believe....We ga-ther to dayyyy...to share the day to-gaaather..... snow is falling- Love and peace lives in this landdd-- and in the hearts of fairies........May every home be filled with peace-- anddd --every heart be merry...."

Blue Fairy held her tiny hands up and things quickly got quite....

"We gather not for the gifts we receive .... No! We are tiny in size but we have the hearts of giants. As small as we may be bringing happiness to the faces of the giant' children has long been our destiny...... without fairytales, fables and fairies to fill the empty spots in childhood dreams there would be no fairies gathered here today! No fairies to fill childhood dreams there would be....And no fairies in the land of Make Believe..... Merry Christmas!"

The fairies gathered around Blue Fairy.... and like magic disappeared into the trees of Make Believe.

The Moral of the story: One doesn't have to be a giant to touch the hearts of giants.

Story Written by Jan Tetstone
 December 25, 2022


 A Fairy Christmas Eve  


It's a white snowy Christmas Eve in the Land of Make Believe. The fairies are busy as they can be: baking cookies, making candy,
mounting candles on fairy Christmas trees; happily, waiting for Fairy Godmother to light up every tree.

The fairies love Christmas; Tiny stockings of every color and hue
hang on the back of tiny fairy chairs ; holding sweet treats for Fairy Godmother when she gets there.

And then, in a twinkling of an eye, Blue Fairy heard outside the fluttering of fairy wings; turning around, she saw Fairy Godmother with her out stretched fairy wings She was dressed all in glitter, from her head to her toe, and her clothes were all sparkled with silver and gold.

Faster than eagles, her fairies came, she reached out lovingly, touched each fairy and called them by name::
"Blue Fairy! Pink Fairy ! white fairy!
Yellow Fairy! Green Fairy!"

Wait! All fairies! Take your places on the branches of the trees!
It's time to light the candles! It's Christmas Eve!"

Like magic, all the fairies from the Land of Make Believe appeared and filled the branches of every tree.

Fairy Godmother gave each fairy a tiny bag of fairy dust and at the count of three the Land of Make Believe turned into a giant beautiful Christmas tree ...and the snowflakes danced with the fairies another Christmas Eve.

Moral of the story: Some things are meant to be seen with ones heart .... Faith is powerful when backed by love.. we all are a part of the tree of life. Story written by Jan Tetstone 
7:22pm December 24, 2022

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Love and Peace to you All.....


 Purple Fairy

A beautiful field of wildflowers grow in the Land of Make Believe......

Every day Blue Fairy picks a young fairy to fly over the flowers.... She always sends them off with: "Don't touch the red flowers!"

Purple fairy was chose to fly over the colorful, sweet smelling flowers....

Caught up in the sweet smell Purple Fairy flew closer to the flowers ....

She didn't see any harm...

Blue Fairy doesn't tell the young fairies that the scent from red flowers will cause a young fairy to forget the trip.

The smell from the flowers was so sweet...it drew the purple fairy so close that one of her wings touched a red flower.....

"Nothing happpp..." she said, falling to the ground....

Purple fairy's eyes opened.... Blue Fairy was staring her in the face....

"Who are you!?" she asked the blue fairy.

Blue Fairy flew away ; returned holding a purple flower; handed the flower to Purple fairy....

"Let's go home...."

After the young fairy had fell asleep; the two old fairies who had been sent to watch over her carried her to where Blue Fairy stood smiling...

"The next time Purple Fairy is sent to fly over the field she won't remember this time...."

The field of wildflowers was planted by old fairies ; after the fairies moved to the Land of Make Believe; to test the will power of young fairies ....

Only one fairy ever triumphed over the sweet smile of the flowers... As far back as anyone can remember.....

The moral of the story: little things are forgettable - the important things should never be forgotten. Wisdom has its benefits and its prices ... Story written by Jan Tetstone
11:32am December 24, 2022


Sissy's Tree  

Every year farmer Tom and his daughter Sissy traveled to Tree Mountain to get the perfect Christmas tree.

"Sissy, it's time to go...We're looking for a special tree this year..."

"A special tree?"

"A magical tree..."

Sissy 's eyes widen "Is the tree for me!?"


The smile left Sissy's face as she sat down next to her father.

After traveling for hours over a narrow bumpy trail the wagon stopped....

"We're here ..."

Sissy jumps down; forgetting the brace she 's wearing ; almost tripping over her own feet; she regains her balance and stands gazing at the trees...

"How we gonna know which one is magic ?"

"The tale has it that a beautiful fairy named Blue , once an orphan fairy without wings, chose the tree because is was smaller than all the other trees on Tree Mountain...."

Sissy interrupted ,"An orphan tree?!"

Before farmer Tom could answer hundreds of colorful fairies appear and form a circle around the tree that a beautiful blue fairy is standing on top of.....

Gazing down at the farmer and Sissy , Blue fairy saw the brace on Sissy's leg and thought how hard it most be for the little girl to play like other children....

Before the Blue Fairy could say a word; farmer Tom put voice to what the fairy on top of the tree had been thinking....

"We've been making the trip to Tree Mountain for a long time..... just today I told Sissy we're in search of a magic tree.... "
A tear rolled down farmer Tom's cheek...."Sissy asked me if the magic tree was for her... It broke my heart ...but I told her no. "

Sissy stood quietly; lovingly, looking at her father as the colorful fairies forming the circle around the little tree .disappeared. Then, reappeared. Each had a tiny bag of magic dust; taking turns the fairies emptied every single bag onto the ground at Sissy's feet...

Blue Fairy's wings lit up ;the light so colorful and bright it was blinding...

When the Blue fairy's bright glow disappeared farmer Tom jumped with joy at the sights of Sissy standing there with no brace on .... and the littlest tree, on Tree Mountain, strapped to his wagon.

Sissy's mother was overcome with joy, and wanted to know what happened on Tree Mountain....

Farmer Tom told her his trips to Tree Mountain were always for the purpose of finding the magic tree.....

Over hearing what her father said, Sissy added, dancing happily around the room, "For me!"

The moral of the story: Things happen in there own time

Story written by Jan Tetstone December 19, 2022

The Wingless Fairy

Once upon a time in the Land of Make Believe there lived a beautiful blue fairy. She was an orphan fairy. She was born without wings. When the other fairies flew happily away to Fairy- Fun- Land she would follow them on foot. It always took her hours to get there. When she did the other fairies were making ready to fly back home.

"Can't you stay for just a little while longer? It's no fun playing alone..."

The fairies pretended not to hear her and flew happily away.

The wingless fairy was so tired after her long walk through the forest that she set down and fell fast asleep.

Suddenly, a loud noise shook the ground; she jumped to her feet turned in the direction of the path and started running back toward the Land of Make Believe.

The longer she ran the harder the rain fell and the more worried she got that the other fairies may not have made it home. She knew fairy wings were no match for the storms strong winds.

Stopping to get a second wind under a purple mushroom...

"Helpppp!!!" she heard a faint cry off in the distance.....

Blue fairy thought the hard rain and wind could be playing tricks with her hearing.

With a big green leaf for an umbrella she stood listening...

"help!!" "help!!"

Still holding the leaf she dashed off in the direction of the voices...

"What happen?" Blue fairy asked the still frightened fairies...

"Our wings got soaked and we all fell to the ground."

They all started talking at the same time.

After falling not one fairy knew the path through the forest that would take them home.

Blue Fairy got a big smile on her face...

"Follow me."

All the fairies gathered around Blue Fairy; each in turn, giving her a hug and apologizing for leaving her alone at fun land.

Something magical happened: after returning to the Land of Make Believe, and getting a good nights sleep; Blue Fairy woke to find herself attached to a beautiful pair of blue fairy wings.....

The moral of the story: Things happen for a reason. Our differences are what makes each of us special.

Story written by Jan Tetstone
 December 18, 2022