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How long did Terri Schindler and Michael Schiavo date before they got Married?

The court is not required to rule on this issue since it does have the benefit of the testimony of his brother and sister-in-law. As with the witness called by the Respondants, the court had the testimony of the brother and sister-in-law transcribed so that the court would not be hamstrung by relying upon its notes. The court has reviewed the testimony of Scott Schiavo and Joan Schiavo and finds nothing contained therein to be unreliable. -Judge George W. Greer's 2000 Court Order

Question asked Michael Schiavo:
Is there anyone in your family that has
a particular reputation for having a good memory?

My brother, Scott. We always tease him
about having the mind of an elephant.

Scott Schiavo's Testimony


24 Q Good morning. State your full name for
25 the record, please.


1 A Scott Schiavo.
2 Q Mr. Schiavo, where do you live?
3 A In Carmel, Indiana.
4 Q How long have you been there?
5 A A little over three years.
6 Q Where did you live before then?
7 A In Trevose, Pennsylvania.
8 Q Approximately where is that located?
9 A It's, I guess close to northeast
10 Philadelphia.


21 Q Are all the brothers living?
22 A Yes. They are.
23 Q What about are they married?
24 A Yes. They are.
25 1 Q So you have how many sister-in-laws?


1 A I have four.
2 Q So Theresa Schiavo, Michael's wife, is
3 your sister-in-law; is that correct?
4 A Yes. She is.
5 Q When did you meet her?
6 A I believe it was around October. I
7 believe it was of 1983.
8 Q How did you meet her?
9 A At a family gathering at my brother's
10 house.
11 Q What kind of gathering was this?
12 A If I remember correctly, it was my
13 brother's birthday.
14 Q Was this a date or something that Mike
15 had with her?
16 A Yes.
17 Q They were not married yet?
18 A No. He brought her there on a date to
19 meet the family.

Joan Schiavo Testimony

11 Q Do you know Theresa Schiavo?
12 A Yes. I do.
13 Q When did you first meet Terri?
14 A I met Terri at a party that my husband
15 and I had years ago. She came to it. It was the
16 first time she met us.
17 Q Was she married to Mike at that time?
18 A No. They were dating.
19 Q I notice you had a smile on your face
20 when you said you met her at that party. Was
21 there anything that happened at that party that
22 was particularly --
23 A Terri and Michael had come in. Michael
24 had introduced us to her. She was sitting beside
25 me at the time. My husband was out front at the


1 time. Everybody was drinking. And he was
2 somewhat loaded at the time.
3 He came walking in the house goofing
4 around. He told everybody -- there was a song or
5 something on the radio. He came in dancing. He
6 yelled out, "Everybody drop your pants," and Terri
7 cracked up laughing. I knew then that we were
8 going to get along just fine.
9 Q In the time period that Terri and Mike
10 lived in Philadelphia, which was I think about the
11 beginning of '86 -- let me backtrack. Do you
12 recall when it was you first met Terri?
13 A Well, I was married at the time. I
14 don't recall the year. I had already had B. J.
15 '84. Maybe '82, '81. I don't recall the definite
16 year.

Michael Schiavo's 2000 Testimony


1 Q Tell the Court, please, what your
2 educational background is.
3 A I went to community college for about a
4 year-and-a-half in the Philadelphia area. Bucks
5 County Community College, starting, I believe, in
6 1983. Don't hold me to the dates. I'm not good
7 with dates.

8 Q Is there anyone in your family that has
9 a particular reputation for having a good memory?
10 A My brother, Scott. We always tease him
11about having the mind of an elephant.
12 Q Please tell me how you and Terri met?
13 A At Bucks County Community College in one
14 of our classes. I can't remember which class it
15 was.
16 Q Tell us a little about your courtship
17 with Terri.
18 A Terri and I dated approximately about a
19 year. We did the usual things. Family parties.
20 Movies. We went to dinner a lot. We were engaged
21 probably about a year into our relationship. We
22 were engaged for a year before we got married.-
23 Q When did you and Terri marry?
24 A November 10, 1984.

Micheal Schiavo's 1992 Deposition
p 9
4 Q What was your age when you got married? I
5 can compute it from this, but --
6 A I was 21.
7 Q And how old was she?
8 A She was 20.
9 Q How long had you gone together?
10 A Two years.