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1 Thereupon,
3 the deponent herein, being first duly sworn, was
4 examined and testified as follows:
7 Q Would you state your full name for me,
8 please, sir?
9 A Michael Richard Schiavo.
10 Q And what is your age, Mr. Schiavo?
11 A 29.
12 Q I think we lost your lawyer.
13 A He'll be back.
14 Q What is your address, Mike?
15 A One Boca Ciega Point Boulevard.
16 Q Is that an apartment or a home?
17 A Yeah, it's unit 313; it's 313.
18 Q 313. Does that apartment complex have a
19 name?
20 A No. It's just Boca Ciega Point Boulevard.
21 Q Okay. And what city is that?
22 A St. Pete.
23 Q Where's that located?
24 A In Seminole.

7 Q (By Mr. Deacon) Okay. How long have you
8 been there?
9 A Approximately one month.
10 Q Where did you live before that?
11 A On 5th Avenue North, 453 5th Avenue North.
12 Q 453.
13 A 5th Avenue.
14 Q 5th Avenue North. And how long were you
15 there?
16 A Two months.
17 Q Let me back up a little bit. This address
18 you have at One Boca Ciega Point Boulevard, who lives
19 there with you, if anyone?
20 A I moved in there with my parents.
21 Q Your parents?
22 A Uh-huh. They just moved to Florida.
23 Q What are your parents' names?
24 A Claire and Bill.
25 Q Is Claire with an e at the end?
1 A Actually it's Clara, C-l-a-r-a.
2 Q R-a?
3 A Or something like that.
4 Q And Bill?
5 A Uh-huh.
6 Q Schiavo?
7 A Uh-huh.
8 Q Do you pronounce your name Schiavo or --
9 A Schiavo.
10 Q Schiavo. Okay. And anyone else besides your
11 parents live there with you?
12 A No.
13 Q This address, 253 5th Avenue North, is that
14 an apartment also?
15 A Yes.
16 Q And that apartment number?
17 A 453. It was actually in a -- I lived with an
18 elderly man; he had a room.
19 Q And before that were did you live?
20 A 273 Hermosita Drive.
21 Q What?
22 A Hermosita.
23 Q H-e-r-m-a?
24 A M-o-s-i-t-a. H-e-r.
25 Q M-o-s. Okay.
1 A I-t-a
2 Q Where's that?
3 A St. Pete Beach.
4 Q How long were you there?
5 A A year.
6 Q Is that a house or a --
7 A It was a house.
8 Q Who lived there with you at that time?
9 A My in-laws.
10 Q Mr. and Mrs. Schindler?
11 A Yes.

12 Q And before that where did you live?
13 A 2630 East Vina Del Mar Boulevard.
14 Q Apartment or a home?
15 A It's a home.
16 Q And who lived there with you at that time?
17 A Schindlers.
18 Q How long were you there?
19 A I believe a year and a half.
20 Q Before that where did you live?
21 A 12001 4th Street North.
22 Q Apartment or a home?
23 A Apartment.
24 Q Is that where you lived with your wife?
25 A Yes.
1 Q What was the apartment number?
2 A 2210.
3 Q And how long were you there?
4 A We were there approximately a year.
5 Q Where did you live before that?
6 A I forget the name of the place.
7 Q Was it in St. Pete?
8 A Yeah, it was right down the road from where
9 we lived right then
. What's it called? I forget the
10 name of the place.
11 Q Okay. How long were you there?
12 A Approximately eight months.
13 Q How long have you lived in St. Petersburg or
14 in this area, Pinellas County?
15 A Approximately eight months.
16 Q And where did you live before that?
17 A We lived in Isla Del Sol -- oh, you mean
18 before Florida?
19 Q Yeah, before Florida.

According to Michael Schiavo's 1992 deposition between February 1990 and 1992, he lived at five different addresses from February 1990 to July 27, 1992:

1.) 12001 4th Street North - He lived with Terri at this address

2.)  2630 East Vina Del Mar Boulevard- Terri was brought home to this address

3.)  273 Hermosita Drive - According to Bob Schindler, Terri was brought home to this address.

4.)  253 5th Avenue North

5.)  One Boca Ciega Point Boulevard- July 10, 1992 Schiavo was living at this address, according to the Notice of Dropping Party, Defendant, Joel S. Prawer, MD.