Love's Magical Spell


Love's Magical Spell

Our love was unintentional
I was not looking for love
Neither was he . . .
We were just two lonely souls
searching for someone to hold.
It never crossed our minds
We would embrace each other
and not want to let go.
We fell deeply under love's
magical spell, he and I.
Unintentionally, we fell in love.
When we were together, love's
magical spell bonded our hearts
to each other. . . Then, something
happened-the spell was broken
and in tears we parted knowing
we would never feel the magic
created by love again.
Our love was unintentional
I was not looking for love
Neither was he . . .
We were just two lonely souls
searching for someone to hold.
Unintentionally, we fell in love
Unintentionally, we had to part
Unintentionally, Love got inside of
both of our hearts.
6:21pm January 5, 2013
By Heartsong

A Love Remembered

Our love was one to remember
It was a love that tasted so
sweet to my heart . . .
A love that was doomed from
the start.

There is no doubt our love was
real---- Ours was the kind of love
two hearts feel , when they are
beating next to each other
when two lovers are together.

Much to soon life pulled us apart
shattered our dreams and broke
both of our hearts.

Our love was one to remember
It was a love that tasted so
sweet to my heart . . .
A love that was doomed from
the start.

If one were to ask me if I'd
ever been in love . . .

My reply would be
What we shared was close enough
to love, for me.
December 31, 2012 11:25pm
By Heartsong

A Love Such As Ours

How does one define a love like ours?
A love that happened in a moment's time

A love that grows stronger with every
passing day

A love that we share from our hearts
that none other can take away....

How does one define a love such as ours?

A love that brought us together heart
and spirit ....

kept us together long enough to leave
a memory of a special love
that neither shall forget.

How does one define a love such as ours
that just day .....

When life brought us together, for such
a short time-before we parted ways?
6:00pm August 3, 2013
by Heartsong

A Lovers Walk

One day we'll walk the mountain side
You and me, hand in hand ,until we find
the place where flowers bloom in the winter time...

There we'll lay down in the fragrance of the wild flowers
together, lovers, your heart beating next to mine
as the snow on the mountain tops shines its approval
and we make love, as we did in the spring time...
5:41pm November 2, 2012
by Heartsong

A Thought of You

You and I were destined
to be together from the start.

As different as we were,
as fate would have it,

I fell in love with you
and I gave you my heart.

The time I spent with you
remains forever memories
I reach for when I need
to fill the gap, of not
having you here with me.

Just a thought of you
stirs my love for you
and rekindles inside of me
thoughts of what might
have been, if fate had not
taken us by the hand,
and pulled us apart.

Just a thought of you
overshadows all else
still warms my heart.
1:32pm January 17, 2013
By Heartsong

A Touch of Your Love

My Dearest Love, tho I am wrapped in your love
I have a need to be touched by your love; a burning desire
to feel your heart beating next to mine; a need to know
our love is real; a need to touch you just one time.

I need to be touched by your love, that my heart might feed
on the nearness of you. No longer is a dream of you enough
to satisfy the longing to be touched by your love.

Come to me . . . For my love I give to you sight unseen
Knowing in my heart our love is more than an empty dream.

12:38am November 2, 2012

A Trail of Tears

Throughout the years
I have left a trail of tears
in places I have been
but never will be again.

I have cried over love gone
I have cried over mistakes made
My tears have fell like rain on
a dark cloudy day.

I have cried over my first love
when love went away...
I have cried over my last love
went love could not stay.

Throughout the years
I have left a trail of tears
in places I have been
but never will be again.

I have cried a river of tears
in my lifetime
Over love that was not
the kind of love that
comes from one's heart.

A trail of tears on the ashes
of love ,I have walked on
Just memories ,now, of loves
that could have been....
Left behind in places
where my heart will never
be again.

A trail of tears that brought
me to where I stand today
looking for love
but knowing that love......
Will always have its own way.

By JanSanford61
2011 JanSanford61 (All rights reserved)

Don't Wake Me

If our love is just a dream
that will never come true
Don't wake me, let me sleep.

I want to be with you.

The days are so lonely
and the nights are too
until I fall asleep
and find myself laying next to you.

How can a heart love someone so
and it 'only be make believe?

I like to think you are my soul mate
reaching out to me, and the only
way you can touch me ~ is in my

If our love is just a dream
Don't wake me, let me sleep.
7:00pm August 5, 2013
By Heartsong

Farewell To Love

Farewell, Champion of mine heart
Yea take with thee my love to
thine grave . . .

Rest in peace my knight, knowing
with your last breath, you carried my
heart with thee

And every ounce of my love I have
emptied out onto thine grave; with
my tears I shall now lay down alone
with thine memory . . .
As my love falls asleep inside of thee.
December 27, 2012
By Heartsong

Forever I Will Wait For You

Every moment you are away I die a little inside
Standing among the rocks where you once held
me in your arms, my heart yearns to once more
beat next to your heart, my love.

I wait for you but dare I believe that you will return
to me the same true lover that went away.

For hours I have walked this sandy shore, waiting
for you, my love, to return to me once more.

As the warmth of the waters edge rushes over my
bare feet it sends the warmth of your memory
surging through me.

For together we once lay in the warmth of the
waters now washing over my feet.

Every moment you are away I die a little inside
Standing among the rocks where you once held
me in your arms~ my heart yearns~ to once more
beat next to your heart, my love.

My life has long been walking next to the lonely
sea, with nothing but your memory to keep
me company.

Can you not hear from a distance the beating
of my heart echoing from across the sea, assuring you
My love, that I will wait until you come back to me.

I love you, please, hurry home to me. Then together
once more, we can bathe in the warmth of the sea
as our love washes over you and me.

Soon, my love, the warmth of the water, now standing
still at my feet, will be moved by our love.
By Heartsong

Forsaken Lover

You entered my dreams uninvited
and cast a love spell on my heart
Your uninvited arms holding me
to your heart.

I could not fight the waves of desire
as your teasing lips touched my lips
than moved away.

You entered my peaceful sleep and
awakened a hunger in me with night
time promises that left me weeping . . .

Dare you enter my dreams tonight, you
will find me waiting a picture of desire
ready to pierce your heart with love's
arrow . . .

For it was in my dreams you captured my
heart and teased me with the touch of
your lips; It was as I lay sleeping
that you caught me unaware and made me
desire to be one with you; then left
me weeping.
You entered my dreams uninvited
and cast a love spell on my heart ;now

I sleep and wait for your return.
9:35pm December 28, 2012
By Heartsong

For Thy Love

My Dearest Love, turn not from me
I have waited a lifetime to gaze upon thy

Time and time again , I have found thee in
my dreams
Held thee close to my heart
Only to awaken and find, I still searched
for thee in my day.

Now that I have found thee and gazed upon
thy beauty, I would die, willingly, for just one taste
of thy sweet lips.

My Love, give me thy heart...And my love
I shall give to thee.
For my eyes hast taken in thy beauty, and my heart
has claimed ye worthy of all my love.

My knight, like ye, I have held ye in my dreams
and surrendered ye to the day
I have searched for ye, a lifetime....come my love
taste my love before ye ride away.
by Heartsong

His Eyes Drew My Love In

It was not lust that drew me to him
it was his eyes that drew me in....
His presence took my breath away
I never wanted that first look
into his eyes to go away.

I could not eat, I could not breathe.
I could do nothing but yearn to be
near to him . . . To look into his
captivating eyes and see
the image of me encaged by the sparkle
that lit up whenever our eyes did meet.

The denial; the wanting to forget
the bottomless pit of longing inside of me
and not having his eyes resting on me,
I was alone no matter where I was
or how many were there with me.
Without his presence even a full room
was empty for me . . .

When I left him,
I thought I was still alive again.
When I saw him it was like
my very being coming alive
all over again.

He could put those fingers
where they would just barely
touch my skin . . .
and it was like electricity
shooting through every essences
of every part of me.

No one has ever affected me quit
like him . . .

Our love was:
What could have been, but never was
What was denied, but really was.
1:42pm December 3, 2013
By Heartsong

I am Incomplete Without You

You have never stood close enough for me to touch
except when you stand next to me in my dreams.

Yet, I feel your love inside my heart as if I have
always loved you and we have never been a part.

We have never embraced or shared a first kiss
Yet, my heart knows the feel of your heart . . .

My arms ache to feel your realness

My lips hunger for the kiss we have never shared

My life feels so incomplete as my heart waits for
the love that it has never found until my heart
found you.

You are a special part of my life
A dream come true . . .

Though I have not told you yet

My whole heart is wrapped up in you.
I Love You . . .
By Heartsong

I Breathe Your Love In

Yours is the sweetest love
I have ever known....
It reaches out over the sea
to embrace me.

Your love is all the love
I will ever need
From afar I can feel your
heart beat.

Your sweet love touches my heart
tho we are divided by the sea
and will never in this lifetime
meet...I know the heavens created
your love just for me.

I love you, with every beat of
my heart.... with every breath that
I take- I breathe your love in.
10:28pm October 22, 2012
by Heartsong

 I'd Love You All Over Again

Our love was the sweetest love
my heart has ever known
And tho what we shared
came to an end,
I'd still love you all over again.

Yes, Darling, I'd go through
losing you again, and again ,
and again
Just to feel again the way your love
made me feel way back then...

Just to feel your arms around me;
just to share our love one more time
like our love was before she walked into
your life, and he walked into mine.

Our love was the sweetest love
my heart has ever known
And tho what we shared came to an end,
I'd still love you all over again.

Yes, Darling, I'd go through losing you again,

and again ,and again, just to feel the way your
love made me feel-way back then.
3:52am April 12, 2013
by Heartsong

I Love You

I love you more than words can define
I love you longer than time
I love you the depth of eternity
I love you with my heart and mind

I love you when night kisses the morn
and I awaken to your arms
I love you all day long
I love you in the night when day's light
is gone.

I love you in so many ways
I love you with a heart that's true
no other can light up my world like you do
You, my Darling, are my everything
And I will always love you.

I love you today... I will love you tomorrow
I love you ..... I love you..... I love you
You are my everything-my dream come true.
And if I die tomorrow, I would die loving you.
I love you.....
by Heartsong

Indian Love

I feel you as I close my eyes and
my thoughts bring you near to my heart;
and my love reaches out beyond
where I stand to lay next to you;
the longing to feel your lips against mine;
the emptiness of my arms hanging limply at my sides
as my love draws your spirit to mine
and our love stands naked against the running stream
as the mountains guard the trail of love
our hearts leave as our spirits intertwine . . .
11:35pm November 7, 2012
In My Dreams

The days have come and gone
Yet, my wait for you, my love
Never ends. for your touch
My heart hungers on....

Oh, My Love..........

The years have found ,and left
Me wanting to feel your heart
Beating next to mine
As in my dreams it has done so
Many times....

Am I destined, my love, to live
And die waiting for your arms
To reach out and draw me to you...
Must I carry my desires for you
Unfulfilled my whole life through?

The sun has risen and set on my
Love for you; though you are only
Real in my dreams.... How long
My love must I wait for you?

My Love, I have touched you
Over and over again in my dreams
And your heart has time and
Time again swore to love only me.

My Love, in my dreams you promise
Me that if my love for you be true,
In my life as in my dreams
You will be with me my whole
life through.....

I will wait for you, my love....
My love.... my dream come true.
By Heartsong

In My Heart

When the years
finds me gray and old
I will still love you and
remember a love more
precious than silver and

My heart still belongs to
only you
Tho the years fade into
And in life we parted ways
I still love you for loving me
when I needed love to
help me through the days.

There is a place in my heart
that belongs to only you.....
Together or apart
the love we shared lives on
in my heart.

I love you more today than
yesterday....and there is no
doubt in my heart or mind
that I shall love you
more every day, until the
end of time.
2011 JanSanford61

I Send My Love To You

My Darling, I send my love to you
on the tips of a purple rose
you are the one my heart has chose...

My Darling, I send my love to you
on the wings of a white dove
it is you , My Darling
who my heart shall eternally love.

My Darling , it is you my heart
will always belong too.

Wherever you are , My Truest Love~
you carry my heart with you.
10:05pm January 18, 2013
by Heartsong

I Would Die For Thee

My Dearest Love, I tremble at thy touch, and tho my heart would bid me stay, I must leave thee ...

Release me from thy love's spell...for just a little while, that I might do battle with but one thought of a speedy victory...

Hopefully, I shall return quickly to thee...But, if the gods do not smile on me, and I fall in battle... my last thought shall be of thee....I love thee, with all mine heart...

My Dearest Love...If need be, I would die, for thee.

I shall pray, to the gods, that thy return quickly to my side...
For, if my love can insure thy safe return...surely, thy shall return, safely, to me...
Go, now, my love, before my heart takes me off guard, and begs thee to stay.
By Heartsong

Lay Next To Me

Wilt thou cometh and set next to thine's heart
that beats inside of me ?

For it is love for thee that mine heart hath
surrendered too.

Come my heart's love, lay next to me in the
flowing stream of life...

Pull me gently to thine heart...
Caress every part of me- and not
until our love is sealed with love's sweetest kiss,
part with my heart.

I wait for you in places where water falls, and
standing under the falling waters bid thee come
and bath in the flowing waters of my love.

Love me as the water of life intertwines
our two hearts into one ... and we rest together,
content, in each other's arms.
[11:10am October 3, 2012]
by Heartsong

Lay Your Lonely Heart Next to Mine

When you are lonely and a lover
and a friend you cannot find
Lay your lonely heart next to mine.

When in the moment your heart cries out
for someone to love it
and there is no one near you can find
Lay your lonely heart next to mine.

When your heart craves to beat against
another heart as you lay sleeping
in the night time,
My love I will send to you and the love
in your heart will live in your dreams,
as your lonely heart beats next to mine.

Many times I have tasted loneliness
and found another's hunger for love in
my dreams only to awaken wanting
for the love locked inside my dream.

When you need a love you can not find
Come to me in my dreams and lay your
lonely heart next to mine.
12:43am November 4, 2012
by Heartsong

Let Me Love You

Let me set and
talk with you
When you need words
to sooth your soul...
Let me hold your hand
inside my own
When you need a shoulder
to lean on....
Let me walk and run
with you, my love,
When joy be your lot....
Let me love you unendingly ,
forever and a day
When you need to know
you are loved
Because, My Dear love,
I love you with all of my heart.
By Heartsong

Love's Brief Touch

You touched my life so briefly
I did not have time to love you
but somehow you found a place
inside my heart.
From time to time I think of you
and briefly my thoughts rests
on you and I wonder
if when our lives crossed
if you felt it too....
It was a special feeling
It is hard to explain ....
It was like the feeling one gets
dancing close too one's lover
in cool gentle falling rain.
Being chilled to the bone
yet warmed by your touch.
Is it love or just
the thought of loving you
that makes me feel so empty?
You touched my life so briefly
I did not have time to love you
but somehow you found a place
inside my heart.
11:38 pm January24, 2013
By Heartsong

Love's First Everything

You were my childhood love
The love that took my innocence
away; The love that moved the
world, for this country girl.
You were my first kiss ; my first
lover ....Concerning love, you
were my first everything.
You were my first heart break
Your love was my first taste
of heartache.
Our love was innocent, drawing
us to each other.....Together
we learned about love and how
easy it is to love someone
with all your heart.....
and still grow apart.
8:20pm January 14, 2013
By Heartsong

Love's Fiery Sea

As I lay with you among the flowers
at the edge of the cool flowing stream
With each touch you set me on fire
and I fell deeper and deeper into
love's fiery sea.
Lost was the splendor of the
sunset reflecting
 off the gently flowing stream.
For I was lost in the arms of love
and the fire of desire that burned
inside of me.
11:00 p.m. January 15, 2013
By Heartsong

Love's Flames

Tonight my thoughts are of you
The one I love every moment of the day,
and in my dreams at night . . .

The one I long so to be with but try
so hard to forget.

The love that touches me from afar
as I wish for you on every falling star.
The Love I seek in the day and yearn
for in the night.

The Love that time can not erase
and no other can ever replace.
The love, my candle light, that burns in my dreams
and touches me with its flames.
by Heartsong
7:40pm October 6, 2012]

Love's Intertwining Beauty

My Love, the day has now passed
never to return again, and
night has cast a dark shadow
over my love;
placed bright twinkling stars
in the sky overhead . . . and
covered them with rain clouds.

O the beauty of the moon
My love savors, as the memory of you
intertwines with each rain drop that
falls against my windowpane.

Come, My Love, weather life's storms
with me. And, as the rain drops fall against the
windowpane, share love's intertwining beauty
with me .

[9:20pm October 5, 2012]

Love's Lingering Memory

You touched my heart in passing
and I felt the warmth from your love
as you passed me by.
I wanted so to keep your love with me always
but that was not meant to be;
the love we shared in passing faded much too quickly
into a Lingering memory
that my heart still carries inside of me.
10:32pm November 2, 2012
by Heartsong

Love's Memory

The years have taken their toll
Life's springtime in the Winter time
has left me lonely , empty, and cold.
As I look beyond the emptiness
for the warmth of yesteryears and
wipe away the tears of longing . . .
I feel the presences of a lost love
intertwined in the air that I breathe.
And, once more my heart is satisfied
with the presents of love's memory.
7:51p.m. January 13, 2013

Love Reached Back In Time

Today, you crossed my mind again
and set my heart to beating so
As I relived once more
the times we were together
as one-in the warmth
our love's sweet glow.
Today, your memory nudged my heart
and pulled me back in time.......
and for just a little while we were
joined together beneath the covers of our love
I was yours and you were mine.
Today, My Love, I felt the warmth of you
as my heart reached back in time.
3:49pm October 12, 2012
By Heartsong

Memories of Love

Memories are all
I have to cling to
when there's
nothing in the day
to hang on too.

Memories keep me
warm on cold winter
nights. . .

When my dreams are filled
with you and every
thing feels so right.

Memories of times come
and times gone. . .

Memories of a love
that never died
but lingers on
down deep inside.

Memories of a love
I once knew. . .

Memories of love so strong
that after all the years
my love for you still lingers on.

By JanSanford61
2012 JanSanford61 (All rights reserved)

Mistaken Identity

A few days ago my heart beat so
Fast, thinking I had found a love
That would last. . . That love was

You fit everything I thought a
Man should be . . .

You were respectful to me
In every way...
You made me feel like a woman
And moved something inside
Of me that wanted you to stay.

I could feel your heart beating
As if I were standing right next
To you..... on a warm sunny day.

My heart for a time warmed by
Your presences and I
For a few hours was in the company
Of the man I thought was the
Man of my dreams.

You were a complete
Gentleman, through and through.
I owe an apology to you:

I was so smitten-ed by your charm
And the idea of dancing, with you
Holding me in your arms.

That I let my heart get out of control
It was a case of mistaken identity
I mistook you for my dream come true.

Silly me...what was I thinkin
Me a barefoot country girl,
Dancing in a ballroom with a real
Gentleman like you....

What was I thinkin!
By Heartsong
[12:30am September 25, 2012]

My Darling, I Love You

My Darling, My Truest Love,
Your presence in my life touches my
heart in so many ways.

Your voice so tender, as together we lay
in the bed of our love.

Your touch so warm and inviting, as to
the feel of your love I surrender.

I shall love you until eternity ends
and want you near to me, heart to heart
forever and a day......forevermore
never to part.

I love you, and the way your touch makes
me feel, so alive in body and heart.

The first time our lips touched I knew I
wanted to spend the rest of my life
loving you.

My Darling you are the one my heart has chose
for me to love ~ my whole life through.

I Love You . . .
8:20pm January 6, 2013

My Dear Love

My Dear Love,
You are the second light from my morning sun
The second breath that I take in when the day
begins . . . The second breath I take in when the
day is done.

You are the wind that softly touches me . . .When
I kneel me down to pray and welcome in God's
new day. . . My dream after the day fades away.

I love you from a far, because our love has only
had a beginning in my dreams, and while I have
loved you sight unseen-
I have often felt your heart beating in my day...
far beyond my reach.

You are the heart beat of my love; God the heart
beat of my life.
written 10:18am September 27, 2012
By Heartsong

My Dream

Dreams can come true:

My dream is to one day find a cabin in the mountains

with a running stream close by and live peacefully with

nature; Take long walks in the woods; pick wildflowers,

wade in the running stream. . . Breathe fresh air everyday

with my true love- who lives in the cabin with me.

It never hurts to dream of living where your spirit can find

peace, beauty, love, and God- all in the same place.

May All Your Dreams Come True...

    [11:30PM  October 4, 2012]

My Dream of Love

For many years
I have wondered what I would do;
how I would feel to awaken from my dream
and be laying next to you . . .

Would the fire we lit in my dream
still burn?
Would your touch cause my heart
 once more too yearn ?

I wonder . . .
What would life be like
if my dreams were to come true,
and I opened the door to my heart
and let my dream lover walk through.

For many years
I have wondered what I would do;
how I would feel to awaken from my dream
and be laying next to you . . .
by Heartsong
11:46pm July 22, 2013

My Heart Belongs to Thee

Whisper my name in the breeze
that the wind might bring the sound
of your voice to me.
Touch the water beneath your feet
that the waters might bring your
touch to me.
Dream of me while you sleep
that I might gaze upon your face
in my dreams.
Love me with all of your heart
For my heart belongs to thee.
by Heartsong
4:39pm July 18, 2013

My Love

My Love, You crossed my mind
again today-like you have
so many times since you went

My Love, You are in my dreams
as I lay sleeping at night
Your heart beating next to mine.

My Love, you are but a memory
that haunts me, day and night.....
Reminding me of a love
that was never meant to be.

Oh, how I love thee.....
As much today as I did from
the start-with all of my being,
and with all of my heart.

1:48am March 18, 2014
By Heartsong

My Love, I Wait No More

The wait is almost over
the end is drawing near
As I lay on this rock by the sea
Where you once made love to me
in my dreams.
No more will I thread the water's
edge, remembering when
you walked there with me.
I release you, my love, of the promise
that, one day you would find me,
and turn my dreams to reality.
I release you my Love, back into
the realm of dreams ... Where I found you
You are free ....
to search out love in another's dream.
For, I am unworthy of such a love
as the one we shared- under the covers
of night.
6:02pm August 20, 2013
By Heartsong

My Love Rests Next to Thee

As long as I can touch you my Love
in my dreams and the deepest part
of me . . .
As long as my heart knows
you are more than a night time dream
I will no longer seek out the love
that for so long I waited for,
That was never meant to be . . .

For long past is the time that
should have been filled with your love
intertwining with mine.

Tho I release my love for you
out into the wind and the
emptiness of evermore . . .
Just knowing you are there
but beyond my heart's reach
makes never having you
much easier to bear.

If in your dreams you find
me there . . .
Hold me close to your heart
until we part in the morn....
For it was in our dreams we met
and our love was born
to only be real in the night.
My Love, wherever
you lay your heart down to sleep
My love rests next to thee.
[written 10:04 am September 18, 2012]
By Heartsong

My Treasure

All the treasure on earth
and in Heaven above
compare not to the love
I have in my heart.

A love that belongs only
to you
A love touched by the
morning dew.....
A love touched by the night
with dreams of you.

A love that if I never love
Begin with you and with you

For you are my everything
here on earth
Our love reaches beyond time
and space
Nothing can keep us a part
For our love is a treasure
created and shared from the

A love blessed by the angels
A love found in dreams
A love touched by the morning dew
Is the kind of love I share with you.

I love you beyond the moment
I am in with a love that had a beginning
but knows no end.
By JanSanford61
2011 JanSanford61 (All rights reserved)

Our Love

When the sun comes up in the morning
When the sun fades away at the end of
the day ......
I shall awaken and fall asleep holding
on to a love that never fades away.
My love for you cannot be defined
You are always in my heart and mind
I love you all the time with every beat
of my heart.
Tho separated by distance and time
We have never been apart
Since you gave me your heart
and I gave you mine.
by Heartsong
10:05am November 29, 2012
By Heartsong

Our Two Hearts Touched

Alone, I set, caught up in the memory
of almost touching loves reality
Trying to forget how close we were to
falling in love ,when destiny stole you
away from me.
You were my last love . . .
The love that was but was not meant to be.
The love I had, for so long, yearned to find.
The love unlike any love that I had ever known . . .
You were within my heart's reach only long enough
for our two hearts to touch . . .and then
you were gone.

When our hearts touched, my heart gave its love to you ,
and stole enough love from your heart to see it through
life's wintertime....

My Love, I took a piece of your heart . . . In exchange-
I gave you all of mine.

[10:30pm October 3, 2012]
By Heartsong

Our Waltz

We lost our way for a little while
among dreams of music, song,
and allusions of flowers and

taking one step to each beat
of out heart, gazing into
each others eyes . . .

You held my heart in your hands
and your heart rested in mine

Among the flowers and butterflies
We Waltz together for the first
and the last time.

I Love you, Always
By Heartsong
[11:20PM September 23, 2012]

Remember Me

In the years that come and go
when your first loves are remembered
as vividly as your last . . .
Remember me the one who wounded
your young heart with but a kind
word , when you were searching to
find your first true love.
For it was in the Wintertime of my
life that our hearts touched
While you were still living in your
Spring . . .
In the years that come and go
when your first loves are remembered
as vividly as your last . . .
Remember, in your Wintertime
When Winter's heart touched Spring.
by Heartsong
8:43pm December 13, 2012

Rose of My Dreams

When I lay down at night
in my empty bed alone
I sleep with you in my
dreams until the night
is gone.

The peace I seek
comes from thee
The one who shares
this dream with me...

Tho we have never
spoken; nor have
our eyes ever met.....

I know you crave
the beauty that
lays with love just
beyond your reach

And yearn for the dream
to soon come true
Just as I love
Just as I do.

Until we are together
I shall dream of you
and how beautiful life
would be...if our dreams
came true and you shared
true love with me.

You are the rose of my
dreams that drinks in the
rain of my unfulfilled love.

My love, I wait for you
to make my dream come
true, in life's river of dreams,
I share my love with you.
by Heartsong

Since My Heart Touched Yours
We have never met
Tho you have wondered
through my dreams
a time or two....
And somehow my heart
has touched the heart
inside of you.
Since my heart touched
I find myself wishing
for a dream to come true.
Looking out across the skies
I can feel your heart searching
Incase we never meet in this
life time....
Wherever you are I want you
 to know...
your heart bonded with mine,
and I will always remember
What could have been
in another day and time.
10:08pm September 23, 2013

Some Day, My Love
Some day, My Love
We will find each other
and when we do
You will give your love to me
and I shall give my love to you.
But, for now, My Love
we must stay a part, we must, alone,
endure the empty time
until life chooses to bring us together
too make me your, and make you mine.
I have waited so long to feel your touch
My Love, we have only met in our dreams
yet, I miss your nearness so much....
If our love is not meant to be more than
a shared dream- Awaken me not!
For, what truer love can there be My Love
than the love we have embedded in our
To know that somewhere love awaits
to take me in its arms, too my heart
tastes so sweet.

My Love, I can bear not the thought
that life would be so cruel as too deny
a love such as ours the chance too be.

11:02 p.m. January 12, 2013
 By Heartsong

Somewhere my Love Waits
Somewhere beyond the blue water
that moves naturally
Somewhere beyond
the many shades of purple that I see
Somewhere beyond this empty room
I set in . . .
My Love waits for me
to enter his thoughts
to visit his dreams
and be to him
his heart's everything.
11:22p.m. February 5, 2013
By Heartsong

Sweet Peace

Peace can be found, in the first speck of
light in the morning . . .
Peace, sweet peace !
Peace can be found:
In being awake while loved ones sleep.
In the feel of the hand you are holding
as you walk with your true love on a sunny day
both embraced by a gentle breeze.
Peace can be found looking out over
a wavy blue sea . . .
 Setting on the warm, damp sand
Holding your lover's hand,
Where heaven and sea meet.
Peace, sweet peace!
Peace is the feeling~ that love is heaven sent
The feeling one gets
When one falls in love and their
heart is content.
7:40 pm July 22, 2013
By Heartsong

Tattered, Torn and Faded
It's a little tattered , torn
and faded this old heart of mine
but it still has enough love in it
for you....
If you don't mind sharing it with
a memory or two.
I'm not looking for a first time love
That loves done come and gone
I'm looking for that last ounce of love
from . . . Someone
whose heart's been tattered. torn
and faded too.
This old heart of mine, when it gives
its love to you... that love will be forever true
If you want it, you can have it
I'll give the last drop of my love to you.
All I ask in return is that you
give me all the bits and pieces in your
tattered, torn, and faded heart , too.

Together we'll put our hearts back together
as we love for the last time, you and me
Your heart and mine.
11:13pm December 17, 2012
by Heartsong

Tears in A Glass of Wine
Your love I may never find
Your kisses may never be mine
Here's to you my love
My tears in a glass of wine.
Your touch I may never feel
Your whispers of love
I may never hear
Here's to you my love
Wishing you were here.
Here's to you my love
My tears in a glass of
sweet sparking wine.....
Here's to you my love
Come drink from this glass
with me.
Let us toast
to the sweetest love
that was never meant to be.
by Heartsong
2:38pm July 2, 2014

The Feel of Emptiness
You are out there somewhere
feeling as empty inside
as I do -- waiting for me
while I 'm waiting for you
only time will tell if our
love is real enough to come true
or if the feeling of
emptiness is all my heart will
ever know about you.

You have lived in my heart
for a long long time
A love I call out to in my dreams
when this life has no love
to offer me.

I love you, much more than you
will ever know-tho you only love me
in my dreams.
How real our love could be
if only
I could find you my love
and you could find me.
by Heartsong
3:33pm November 9, 2012

The Feel of Love
Love is a word used to define
the feelings two people get when
they are together, and would rather
never part but stay together.
The magic of love is in a touch,
a kiss, words of endearment.......
When two lovers are together . . .
sharing the touch and feel of love
with each other.
11:32pm August 20, 2013
by Heartsong

The Gentleness In You
When our two lonely hearts
touched in a moment's time
there was a feeling of warmth
between your heart and mine.
Tho life somehow saw fit
to divide us by distance and time
and we live far apart . . .
You by your gentleness
and welcoming spirit
have entwined the memory
of a moment's warmth
in the deepest chamber of my
1:42pm December 23, 2012
By Heartsong
The Love in my Dreams
You enter my dreams like a thief in the night
and capture my heart with the longing I see in
your eyes ; You pull me to you and willingly
I surrender to your the feel of you awakens
a desire in me, and I melt into you ,under the spell
of love that you cast in my dream.
As I lay sleeping ,like a thief in the night
You enter my dreams and capture my heart, only to
leave me wanting in the again fall asleep
and awaken in my dream to find you laying next to me.
You have stolen my heart, sight unseen and I love you
so much; that I pray the time will come
for my dream to become reality..... And I will awaken
one day to find you laying next to me.
10:02pm November 13, 2012
by Heartsong

The Love in my Heart
Dear Love, I want you to know
I love you , and the love I have for you
is wrapped, sealed, and in a special
place in my heart.
A special place that none other can take.
A part of my heart that belongs to only you.
When our lives touched, there was
a warmth that embraced me . . .That
I can still feel from time to time
when thoughts of you cross my mind.
So quickly my love reached out to you
but for me much to late . . .
I just want you to know that I
will always love you
I think about you every day
and your place in my heart is safe.
12:57am August 9, 2013
by Heartsong

The Sound of Love
The sound of love is everywhere my heart beats ...
As I walk alone next to the raging sea that
reaches out ,to wrap its water around my feet.
Let me talk of love and let the wind and the sea
carry my heart's message of love to thee.
For, I have never let another close enough to my
heart to hear its beat.
There is an emptiness in side of me that I can
only speak about to the windy breeze
and the salty sea resting at my feet.
My love is now a prisoner of my heart . . .
I dare not hope the chain will be broken
because my heart has once more tasted love;
I dare not think to love again.
Let me talk of love and let the wind and the sea
carry my heart's message of love to thee.
For, the love my heart has tasted is worthy
of all the love chained away inside of me.
by Heartsong
7:38pm December 23, 2012

The Sparkle In My Heart
You were the sparkle in my heart for
a long, long time . . .
 Even after we drifted apart
I loved you in my heart, and in my
mind . . .
We weren't together as long as we
wanted us to be . . . and it
tore me apart when the time came
for you to leave . . . I remember well
your last words to me,
"Everybody needs somebody . . . Even me."
I knew then you would find someone
to take my place in your life ..and when I
Married him ,you would make another
your wife . . . But down deep inside I knew,
We would both carry a sparke of love
in our hearts, for each other, for a long,
long time. . .
Because, for so long, I was the sparkle
in your heart, and you were the
sparkle in mine.
12:14am December 4, 2013
By Heartsong

Think of Me
Think of me, when you long to know love's touch....
Think of me, when you need someone to love you

Think of me, the one who loves you, and waits to
be loved by you.

Think of me... for the thought of you reaching out
to me, sight unseen, fills my every dream.

Think of me..... the one who waits to be loved by
you unconditionally.

Think of me, when you long for love's dream to
come true.........

The one who loves you, and shares the dream
with you.
by Heartsong

Together Forever
We have always been together
We have never been apart
Since the moment we fell in love
and swore to never part.
Wherever life has taken us
whatever trials and test life has
put us through-you've always had me
to lean on and I have always had you.
We have shared love's springtime
and love's wintertime and all times
in-between..... We, together, my life long love
have hand in hand, heart to heart shared our
most inner thoughts with each other, been each other's
trusted friend-who after years of being together
realize; we have a special love for each other
that at times may bend but will still be safe inside
our hearts until the very end.
by Heartsong
10:20am November 3, 2012

Written for my friend god1948 and his wife Debbie whose pictures together touched my heart to write this poem just for them.

Unfulfilled Dream
My love, today I made a decision that caused tears to fall and broke my heart; As much as my arms ache to feel your embrace; and I long so to be laying next to you listening to the beating of your heart ~ I must release your memory , and try to forget that you ever touched my life .

When we met for the first time, my heart reached out to your heart . I tried not to love you~ but your gentleness in speech and manner cast a magical spell ,that your very presence emitted . . . without ever touching each other, strangers, yet, there was an undeniable sense of having met before.

I pulled away, having sensed what was happening, between you and me, wasn't supposed to be.

It was hard pushing you away with my words, when my heart longed only to love you and feel your heart beating next to my own.

For years I dream of you; danced with you, and loved you in my dreams.

If only time were on our side! If only we had the chance to do all the things we talked of ~ I have never been out dancing; my life never had occasion to learn ballroom dancing~ But, my Love, if time had not saw fit to send us onward in life~ in different directions~ my heart and I would have waltzed with you forever, and a day.

We did not have a chance to do all the things our hearts would have us do~ But, I want you to know that our love was as real as the magical feelings we shared together.

Tonight, when you lay your head on your pillow - share one last dream with me. [9:30pm October 1, 2012]

You Gave Me Your Heart
When the dawn brings the morn
I awaken in your arms
knowing I am loved.

When life causes me harm
I find comfort in your arms
knowing I am loved.

When night falls on my day
It is you who gently wipes my
tears away.

When I need a friend to understand
It is you my love and dearest friend
who takes my hand.

I Love you for always making me
feel loved, and special to your heart
whether we are together or apart.

When I needed the truest kind of love
It was you who gave me your heart.

I shall love you until never is no-more.

I love you . . .

By Heartsong
11:47am January 8, 2013

Your Kind Of Love
Your love is the kind of love
I have only found in my dreams
The kind of love that I have
waited for my whole life through
though I shall never feel the
fire of love that burns inside of you
and I will never feel your heart
beating next to mine
my love for you has set a fire in
my heart that will burn me
forever and a day, through
and through.
May 29, 2014
by Heartsong

Your Love, Still, Feeds My Heart
Your memories touch me softly
when I thirst and hunger for love. . .
When I am all alone, and my heart
craves your nearness- the thought of you ,my love,
is like a spring day kiss.
When I am alone, and my need to be loved
over powers every other emotion in my day--
The thought of you, my love,
like a gentle blowing breeze, fills
the need of the moment-and takes
my need to be loved away.
Tho the emptiness is always with me....
You, my love, touch me softly through
the memories of what might have been-
and what will never be again.
Your love still feeds my heart . . .
like it did way back then.
I love you... and if I had the chance
I would love you all over again.
by Heartsong
[written 11:38 am September 30, 2012]

our Love Melted My Heart
When I saw you standing there
I was drawn to you; everything
about you turned me on; my
heart was so overtaken by the
look in your eyes, as you stood
there looking at me- that it skipped
a beat or two.

I knew in my heart that you were
the one, and I wanted so to be
closer to you.

We hadn't even met but I knew
I wanted too.
There we were standing in a crowded
room, you looking at me and me
looking at you . . . and I knew
without exchanging a word with you
that out hearts had already met
and we would be closer soon.

When you walked over and asked
me to dance with you
the touch of your hand on my shoulder
sealed my love for you.

What begin with a first look turned
into a love that I knew I would
share with you my whole life through.

That love still melts my heart today
tho the feel of your touch I can no longer
feel~ wherever you are I want you to know
I love you, still.

I love You . . .

12:14pm January 9, 2013
By Heartsong

When Two Hearts Collide
My heart feels the beating of your heart
and knows your love is true . . .
My love intertwines with your love
and engulfs both me and you.

We have found each in the heart of the other
the love we have searched for our whole
life through.

Can it be that a love such as ours
A love that feeds on flames of need and desire
A love unleashed to seek out the greater love
that bosoms when two hearts collide
is nothing more than the wanting inside
to elude the emptiness left by another?

Can our love, unchained, fill the void in our lives
Do we seek love to know love or does love
seek to know us?

I can feel your heart beating to the sound
of the sea . . . now, I must ask you, my long
sought out love . . . Is there room enough in
your heart and life for me
By Heartsong