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Yours To Lose

Love doesn't always
bring happiness to
the heart welcoming
love in.

Some times the one
the heart loves
cannot love, because
of where the heart has
already been.

Love doesn't always
stay the same, heartfelt
hurt can cause a love
to change.

Love makes no promise,
that the one you love will
stay with you, your
whole life through.

Love sometimes gets
washed away by to many
tears; and too many empty
nights, that turned into
to many bitter filled years.

Love doesn't break hearts.
Life changes people . . .
Love is the same today
and always.

The love that leaves is
the love that never was
meant to stay.

One cannot rightfully
blame love for breaking
their heart....
Because two people in love
somehow grew apart.

Be thankful that the one
you gave your heart to was
yours to lose.

So many crave for just
a taste of love; and yearn to
hear the words 'I love you'
From the lips of the one they
gave their love to.

-Jan Tetstone
3:49pm September 24, 2018
By Heartsong

Be Happy

If your day started
out all wrong
and you're feeling blue
How your day ends
will be up to you.

You can accept defeat
and settle for less
or you can keep on striving
and giving life your best.

A life that's worth having
is the life that makes
you happy.

You can accept where you are
and call it your destiny
or determine yourself
this is not how my life is
gonna be.

-Jan Tetstone
12:26pm Sept 23, 2018
By Heartsong

Chosen Memories

A memory can be the kind that brings
A smile to the face or a tear to the eye. . .
Makes one laugh or makes one cry.

Memories are made and stored on ones
heart, and in ones mind, for remembering
the most important things, in life's winter

Memories are touches from yesterdays come
and gone, that live inside one when life finds
them all alone.

Memories of what was, and is no more,
Memories of how life use to be
when one was young, and life was sweet.

Memories that have the power to comfort or
re-break a heart that makes one realize as their
life draws to a close ....
That the only memories keeping them company
Are the memories that they chose.

-Jan Tetstone
10:30am September 26, 2018

Shield of Faith

Faith is positive
no doubt
no second thoughts
No worry about what
might be.

Faith is believing
in the power of God
sight unseen.

Faith is hearing Jesus
softly knock on your life's
door and welcoming Him in
when you hear Him call.

Faith is the shield
that protects the faithful
night and day
And lifts them up when
they stumble and fall.

Faith is watching your
world crumble and fall,
knowing God is with you
through it all.

-Jan Tetstone
9:15pm September 23, 2018
By Heartsong


What does being an American
mean me ?
It means I'm a defender of

That with liberty comes duty. . .

What does ' Defender of Liberty'
Well, you see, God gives everyone
Natural rights to be born and
live free.

The Declaration of Independence
was signed and the American Revolution
was fought by the first Americans
all in the name of Liberty.

Freedom is a God given right but many
men would stripe freedom from you
and me.

The United States Constitution spells
out what government can and cannot do
'WE The PEOPLE' are Americans devoted
to guarding and keeping safe, our natural
God given right to live and die free.

Patriotic Americans are called, 'Defenders
of Liberty.'

Some wear uniforms, some do not
but all love God and Liberty with all their
American heart.
-Jan Tetstone
4:26pm September 7, 2018
By Heartsong

Broken Circle

I remember yesterdays
filled with children's laughter,
tears, and their hearts breaking.

The laughter they shared
the tears they shared
and the loss they shared.

I remember how happy and
complete life was, before the
family circle was broken one day
and a special angel was taken
from my mother's bouquet.

I remember how strong children
can be for each other, when their
hearts are breaking right along with
their mother's.

If your family circle has yet to
be broken, thank God, today. . .

Because, Someone's child is carried
away by an angel sent from heaven,
every moment of every day.
-Jan Tetstone
Written in memory of a child
11:11pm September 10, 2018


Never give up on
your dream

Reach for that star
your heart desires

Believe in better

Endure the heartache
and the sorrow
that life sends your way

Endure life at it's worst
and at its best ...

Learn from mistakes
and eat from life
what life puts on your plate.

Endure the things
that weigh you down...
that rest heavy on your
heart and mind....

Live in the day and
love always the one who
returns your love in kind.

None are perfect-all are
destined to live but one

Worry not of what is to be
until it reaches reality.

-Jan Tetstone
7:08pm September 29, 2018

Not Buried in the Grave

Tears for Mama . . .
Tears for Daddy, too.
Life has changed a lot
Since I lost both of you.

Now, that I'm a mama
I understand so much more
What a mama and daddy
go through.

Because now that I'm a mama
I'm going through the worry
and the woe of loving and
raising my children,
and having to let them go.

I didn't know as a child growing
up in your care, that being
a mama or daddy could be so
hard a thing to do, until I lost
the two of you. . . You both
were always there, when I needed

Now, that I'm a mama, and my
children, like yours, grew up and away.
Now, that I'm alone-I understand,
the satisfices mamas and daddys make
everyday -even after their children are grown
and move away.

I am a mama blessed and I owe it to the
both of you-who never stopped loving me,
no matter what I put you through.

Your love for me is not buried in the grave
Your love for me touches, and warms
my life every day.

-Jan Tetstone
4:54pm September 30, 2018
By Heartsong

A Little Girl's Dream

Why do I write poetry?

As a child, my voice
was not complete
getting words out
was hard for me.

But being a child
my imperfection
I did not see...

Though the laughter
I received, every time
I tried to convey
my thoughts to others
wasn't funny to me.
I pretended, in my
childish mind, they
were hearing my voice

I was a little girl
who ran, played, and
saw my world as the
perfect place for me
to be and create my

My stuttering voice
was a part of who I
was as a child.
Until, I realized,
no one else's voice
made other's laugh
like mine.

I was a little girl,
but I knew, if I tried
hard enough my words
would find away to be

As a little girl, Words
without voice Filled me,
until I asked God for help
and he gave me a voice
that others no longer
found funny.

Poetry gives my words wings
and fulfill a little girl's

-Jan Tetstone
6:06 am October 2, 2018

The Things Resting in the Heart

When the words don't come easy
and your feelings yearn to be
set free.

Do not release ,out into the
world, the things that rest in
your heart.

There is a time for everything
under the sun..... just as there's
a time to be heard......there is
a time for words.

Listen to the sounds found in the
silence .... do not betray
the thoughts locked away....
just to have something to say.

-Jan Tetstone
5:20 pm October 3, 2018


The Purple Fairies

Once upon a time, in a deep dark forest, in a teeny tiny house, lived a little fairy. Her name was Star. She was a magical fairy.

One day, Star was cutting the purple and yellow wildflowers that grew near her house when a strange looking purple butterfly landed on top of the bouquet of colorful flowers, she had in her hand.

"What happened to your wing," the fairy asked, gently touching the butterfly on top of its tiny head. "I'll take care of you. You can just rest on top of the flowers for a while."

To Star fairy's surprise the butterfly, winking his tiny eye, and giving her a smile, replied, �Thank you, kind fairy."

Being a magical fairy, Star could have used her magic to heal the purple butterfly and sent him on his way, but, she decided to take care of him without using her magic.

Suddenly, it started raining, the colorful flowers surrounding her begin to multiply, and the beautiful purple butterfly disappeared, right before her eyes.

Making her way back to her tiny house, head hanging low, feeling sad that she again was all alone; she raised her head to see purple fairies, all holding a bouquet of purple and yellow wildflowers, waiting for her to return home.

Star fairy couldn't believe her eyes. On top of every bouquet of flowers set a beautiful purple butterfly.

"How can this be," Star asked the fairies, joyfully.

An older purple fairy stepped out from among the other fairies.

"Every purple fairy must undergo the test of worthiness before joining the purple fairies. Today, when you decided not to use magic to heal the butterfly, you proved to be worthy of the magic powers in your procession. Welcome to the family."

From that day on, Star fairy was never alone again, unless she chose to be.
She had all the purple fairies to keep her company.

Moral of the story: Good things come to those who make the right choices.

5:40pm October 7, 2018

Stranger's Song

I set here thinking
of this morning
that started out with
so many tears
and so much gloom.

Why was my heart so sad
why did the tears fall
from my eyes
Did I know someone
I hardly knew
was about to die.

This world is crumbing
right before my eyes,
But few can see the
unseen tears of the
stranger in passing...
or hear the stranger
in passing sing.

Rest in peace dear soul
you have lived a life
of grief- now, you've
found eternal peace.
-Jan Tetstone
12:56pm October 7, 2018

I Am and I Am Not

I am the child of long ago
traveling down a lonely road
wearing the scars of the years
on my heart.

I am the one the years molded.

I am and I am not.

I am the young one of long ago
Journeying through a land
that has burned my very soul.

I am and I am not.

I am the shadow of what was
reflecting off of an old heart.

I am and I am not.

I am a stranger to all who know me.

I am a thread of breath
chained to destiny.

I am and I am not without soul and
without heart.

-Jan Tetstone
10:04pm October 7, 2018

I often wonder about life
and the hold it has on me
The air I breathe,
The things around me
The things I see and cannot

When I open my eyes from sleep
I see a little more of me
unfolding in the Mirror
called " Destiny."
-Jan Tetstone
10:10am October 8, 2018


Star Fairy Meets Carter Crow
By Jan Tetstone

One day, while Star fairy was flying through the enchanted forest, very fast, she glanced down at the blue water below her, just as she was raising her head, she found herself looking straight into the face of a wide-eyed black bird. The fairy and bird collided and both fell into the water.


Star fairy's head popped up out of the water. Her fairy wings had saved her.

"Why didn't you look where you were going," the black bird screamed at the fairy angrily.

"Why weren't you looking where you were going," Star fairy replied back.

"What do you mean," the crow asked.

"Well...If you had been watching where you were going, you would have seen me long before we collided, and we neither one would have ended up in the water," Star replied, looking the crow dead in the eyes.

Knowing the fairy was right the crow started laughing.......and he laughed....and laughed...

Star managing to lift herself from the water, looked over at the crow that too was, now, flying just above the water.

The crow stopped laughing, "My name is Carter Crow."

"My name is Star fairy. ...What's so funny about the two of us colliding, and falling in the water, asked the fairy, wondering if the crow's head had hit the water so hard that it knocked the sense out of him.

"Apparently, we were both looking down at the water, wishing we had time for a swim, at the same time, Carter Crow answered, starting to laugh again.

This time, instead of wondering why the crow was laughing, Star fairy started laughing right along with her new found friend.

Moral of the story: Be careful what you wish for when flying over water.

6:56pm October 9, 2018

Selfish Love

If every one in the world
valued their own life, and
happiness, above the life
and happiness of others,
Love would die ...
Love would not exist ...
Love would not be ...

For what is love, if not
two hearts willing to satisfice
all, one for the other?

A selfish love is one sided love
while one love thrives
the other love dies.

-Jan Tetstone
10:46 am October 11, 2018


The Purple Fairy Hat
by Jan Tetstone

Star fairy was setting in her tiny fairy chair, unloading the purple chest of its magical treasures. "Where is it!?" she asked herself, as the pile of magical treasures, next to her, grew higher and higher.

Taking a tiny purple hat from the chest, Star fairy smiled from ear to ear.

Holding the hat with her tiny fairy hand, she flew over to the magic mirror, hanging on the wall.

Placing the tiny purple hat on her head, Star watched her image in the mirror, waiting for it to disappear. Nothing happened.

"It's Halloween! I can't go out, unless I'm invisible! There's monsters and vampires behind every tree, waiting to suck away all my fairy energy and magic. What am I to do?Moaned Star fairy, remembering what happened to the last fairy who ventured out on Halloween without being invisible.

There came tap tap tapping on the fairy house door.

"Who is it? Star asked, taking one last glance in the mirror.

"It's me Carter Crow, replied Carter crow, I've come to get my purple hat. I left it here last Halloween. Remember!?

Taking the tiny hat from her tiny head, Star fairy flew to the door, opened it, handed Carter the hat, and shut the door without saying a word.

"I'll see you in the enchanted forest Star fairy, the crow, turning to fly away, hollowed back.

Star fairy's eyes rested on the purple chest for a sliver of a moment. She snapped forward, opened it, and retrieved the tiny purple hat from inside.

Once more flying over to the mirror hanging on the wall. . .

Star fairy places the tiny magic hat on her head, and happily watches, as her image in the mirror begin to slowly fade away.


Never doubt your ability
to climb the highest mountain
and swim in the strongest sea
when your heart is breaking
and your mind is filled with
thoughts of negativity.

Set your course in life...
be the best that you can be.
Never doubt your ability
to reach your dream.
-Jan Tetstone
10:18 pm October 19, 2018

Faith and Determination

The cold of the new day mingles with the warmth
of me,as I wonder outside with my mind's eye,
in search of inner peace.. .

The inner eyes rest upon reality that's sometimes
the outer eyes refuses to see.

Hopes and dreams alone are only the beginning of
what could be. . .
Faith and determination are needed to make a dream
A reality.
-Jan Tetstone
8:37 am October 21, 2018

Journey On

God, as I journey on in life
give me insight into the
things that get in my way...
Let me not stray far from
the path you lay.

Let not the strife I face
destroy my faith.
The paths that I have travelled
have left me tired and weary
and at times the memory of
the paths I have walked find me
in my sleep.

Yesterdays taught me never to
take people or things for granted,
not to worry about getting more
from life but to be thankful for
what little I had, and never to lay
down my shield of faith if I wanted
to walk safely in a day.

From living through heartache ,sorrow
and more than a few mistakes
I know if you had not put your
loving arms around me and given
me the strength, the path that I
travel today, would be a lonely one
without you God and my faith.
- Jan Tetstone
8:45 p.m. June 6, 2018


I am awakened to another day
to ponder yesterdays turned
to memories in my mind.

To think on what I've left behind

To bring alive, the things I can
only live in, and touch with an
aging mind.

Like a waterless lake or stream
that the warmth of the years have
touched and drained.

I exist in time a reflection of
my hopes and dreams, chained to
yesterday's memories, as I continue
to swim life's invisible streams.

-Jan Tetstone
8:33am October 25, 2018 

A Special Part of Everything

For those who think
'I'm a no body'

You may not have got
the best of starts
You may feel useless and
un-needed at times
You may be lonely today
but you were born with
an innocent heart
When life sent you on
your way.

Life was not meant to be
easy . . .
Life is meant to be lived
day by day.

For every hard time you
endure and survive . . .
A footprint is embedded
on your heart. . .
A testimony of your life.

You say 'I'm a no body'
out of hurt and pain
Look around you, and you
will find contradictions from
Nature's god that you are
a special part of every thing.

-Jan Tetstone
11:54 am September 3, 2018

Healing Angels of Prayer

Let none want for food when
their soul is hungry feed them
with manner from heaven..fill
their plate of life with love
everyday- that through your
good works the lost will once
more ,overcome the darkness, and
find their way.

Let none want for water when
their soul is thirsty.
Fill their cup of life to the
brim that when Jesus knocks
on their hearts door,they will
joyfully let him in.

Healing Angels of Prayer, raise
up your shields of faith , as you
bow your heads to pray, and work
miracles in the lives of all who
need an answered prayer today.

-Jan Tetstone
8:49 a.m. May 30, 2018


I was born to spread
my wings and fly
to taste life's honey
to feel life's sting
to feel the pain from
broken wings.

I was born to feel the
Hear songs I'd never sing.

Still I cling to my dreams.
-Jan Tetstone
12:58pm October 29, 2018


No one can stop you from reaching your dream
Just like no other can live in your reality.
It takes all kinds to make the world go round
Some wreak havoc and sow unrest - others sow
seeds of love and reap peace and happiness.

- Jan Tetstone
1:34 AM October 31, 2018


Some things are ageless
don't tarnish, don't rust
Tho flesh ages with time
and turns back into dust.

Thoughts that find voice
on the pages of time...
Hearts that find love and
leave love behind...
And the spirit inside one
untouched by time.
-Jan Tetstone
12:10pm November 8, 2018

Author Unknown

I have a gift
my god
gave to me
To write
the unwritten
to unsing the song
to rewrite what
has not been.

I don't write
to impress
the eyes that read
with a closed heart
closed mind.

I write for the
broken hearted
who in a fake
filled world
is lost in the
dreams created
by others.

Some of the
best writers
are those who
touched lives
and hearts
and moved on...

Marked by a greedy
writer's hand
"author unknown."
-Jan Tetstone
4:17am November 15, 2018


Perfection is for
in an imperfect world
trying to create
what does not exist.

Lost in ideas
wondering through
their heads...
that'll rest with them
in their graves
after they are dead.

caught up in
thoughts of how
happy all would be
in a perfect world
created by
their dreams.

in an imperfect world
Bearer of perfect dreams
- inside imperfect men.

-Jan Tetstone
11:19 am November 17, 2018

Dreams Come True

Let not life pass you by
because you dared to dream
but to reach that dream
- you didn't try.

It matters not what others do
Stand upright, head held high,
aim for your star and believe
with all your heart- your
dream will come true.
-Jan Tetstone
5:56pm November 29, 2018


Every life is special, and plays
a role in God's great plan.
Friend, Stranger, or foe, judge not
For only God knows their purpose
and their heart.

'Angels walk among men' has been
said time and time again.
Who among us has entertained angels
unaware... ? who among us has judged
angels as mortal men....?

It's better not to judge than it is to judge

The love in one's heart shows in how they
choose to treat others.

The memories one carries in their heart
is poetry waiting for voice.

None but you control your choices.

-Jan Tetstone
10:25 a.m. May 2, 2018


There are days that bring nothing
but worry and woe...
Days a dark sky robs the day of
its beautiful glow.
Days that life is filled and over
flowing with matters of heart and mind
that another cannot know.

These are the days one needs to walk
closer to their faith-whatever it be.
Seeking knowledge, wisdom and understanding
while praying, " my God, my God, I am lost in a world
that don't know me...
cover me with your love, and please, fill my world
with peace."
-Jan Tetstone
9:25 am December 2, 2018

Where worry and love live together
there you will find grief.
Peace and love... jt

Peace makers are those who recognizes their own weaknesses
while considering the weaknesses they perceive to be in others.

Honesty that hurts is honesty that teaches.

-Jan Tetstone
12:49pm December 3, 2018


Youth is a physical thing
Fading away with time.
None can know the beauty
Another stores inside.
Age causes the flesh to
Fade a little everyday......
But the beauty in ones
Heart and soul- time cannot
steal away.
-Jan Tetstone
8:00pm December 11, 2018

Fly Free

I am alone walker travelling through
this life,capturing with my heart's eye
the things the worldly eye cannot see.
I bend for none but my god who lives
in and through me.

I am alone walker I seek not to draw near
to any...yet, occasionally, my heart will
betray me.

Life is to be cherished like life's creator.
Life does not hold one back who yearns, and
strives everyday,to journey through life
a spirit wanting nothing more than
to fly free.
-Jan Tetstone
4:59 pm December 13, 2018

Darkness Shines

For worldly goods do many strive
and die trying to obtain...
Blindly walking the path of destruction
More! More! More!
Swallowed up by greed as the hunger
for riches and fame, laughs and
shuts hell's door.

To have more than another is not
The greedy man/woman wants what
little another has, to fill their own treasure

Woe be to him or her who dares to thread
on life's poor waters.
For where greed abides the darkness shines
in ones soul brighter than the light.
-Jan Tetstone
11:59am December 14, 2018

Drops of Rain

We are all only drops of rain
in the ocean of life.
Together we make up the
waters of humanity.

One rain drop has the power
to move the waters.

The rain drops that fall by the
sea shore, and are carried off
by in coming waves, pollute
the waters one grain of sand
at a time.

Every rain drop that falls
has the potential to be
struck by the sun and for
a moment...
the reflection of a sunbeam.

-Jan Tetstone
12:07pm December 16, 2018

Seasons of Life

Life is a strange thing
Where flowers and weeds
grow together in Spring.

Where Summer and Fall reap
the joy and the woes
that living brings...

Where Winter appears
and the years turn into
precious memories or
sad memories encaged in
frozen tears.
-Jan Tetstone
9:43am December 18, 2018

The worst enemy one can have
is one who hates them enough
to pretend to be their friend,
in order to destroy one,
otherwise, they could not
manipulate or control . jt

Thoughts on Life

Look Beyond yesterdays
that put a damper on your dreams
Even bad days are a thread
sewing together the whole of a life's

Learn from mistakes that life
has no set rules for how one
goes about reaching their dream.

Building up and tearing down
some do well, while others seek
only to build the best the first time

Strive not to tear down other
peoples' dreams while trying
to reach your own.
-Jan Tetstone
11:09am December 20, 2018

Loveless Soul

Let not your enemy fool you
with his cunning ways, his
forked tongue, and the warmth
of his hand.

For your enemy is set on your
destruction ...
and must find the flesh weak,
before He can destroy your soul.

Love is something that evil
cannot conquer or control....

If your enemy offers you his hand,
take it, compassionately, knowing
the fate that awaits a loveless
-Jan Tetstone
1:23 pm December 27, 2018

Seas of Life

The seas of life are many
and few...
Only one sea must one
swim through.

Ones sea another can't
swim without them...

For, each life is a sea
with it's own storms
and waters to thread.

Going up and going down
each moment filled with
old waters mixed in
with the new.

Swim your sea, face each
storm faithfully....

For, in the heart that
knows love rests the key
to calm life's raging seas.

- Jan Tetstone
3:48pm December 28, 2018

Reflection in Reverse

To the evil that dewells
in the hearts and minds
of all who lay claim to
knowledge, ignorantly...
who think they are wiser
than all others:

You are but a speck of
nothingness, because of
your hateful ways.

A seed spit from the mouth
of lies and deceit.

A reflection in reverse
of what you perceive life
to be....

Beware! For angels hands
are tied, but soon....
The creator of night and day
and all things under the sun,
shall pour out the tears of
the innocent over evil's
head and set the angels free.

Wise is he who judges not,and
tramples not on the footprints
made for others to walk in.

Choose not to stone an innocent
soul with unkind words....
least you trip and stumble over
your own words.
-Jan Tetstone
1:40pm December 29, 2018

Happy New Year

on: December 30, 2018, 10:30:57 PM

Happy New Year

From my heart to yours
May love and joy fill each day
and peace follow you.

Give some love away
Make the world a better place
stand still and listen.

- Jan Tetstone