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   Love lives here!


 Everything in life has a special role
to play in prophecy.......
None can control what will be.
Many think to possess a world one only
needs silver, gold, hold in their hands
the power to control the waters and wind
and the means to buy up a world.

How blind is such a man, who sees not
the trap he is setting for his own soul?
The wind and waters know but one
master.......God is always in control.
12:18 pm December 18, 2014

I , like all who have been born,
am born to live and die.
Be my years many or be my years
few, let me put love into every thing
I do.
Let me not succumb to the pain
inflicted on me and my heart
by loved ones and foe.............
Let me walk the paths of honesty
and respect, and use what life
has taught me to sow seeds of love
and understanding
wherever I go.
11:29 am December 18, 2014

What is being alone
when angels sup
with thee?
All who thrive
on the worldly
are bound by the worldly,
and cannot see that they
are never alone in the
spirit that is no part
of the worldly.
11:08 am December 17, 2014

Lord, You brought me to this day
I have no doubt you will carry me
the rest of the way........
My life has long evolved around you
When the worldly sought to keep us apart
you sent your angels to set my spirit free
and through life's burning sands
your angels protected me.
In your time Lord, are all things to be.
Not enough can I sang your praises
For the many times in life
my captured soul was set free.
11:00 am December 17, 2014

 As the sun blankets everything
as far as my eyes can see
I set beneath its covers
Giving thanks for the smallest
of things.
The trees that tower above me
that gives me relief from summertime
heat and protects me from
wintertime's breeze.
The dead grass that in the summertime
is so green and in the wintertime
lay a brown carpet beneath my feet.
The beauty of the butterflies and birds
that in the summertime kept me company
and in the wintertime remain as
sweet memories.
As I set beneath the suns blanket of warmth
and give thanks for the things that were
and the things that are........somewhere
in between the past and the present
my heart has found wintertime's peace.
10:38 am December 17, 2014

The moments spent with loved ones,
family and friends, are moments
captured by the heart and mind,
that years ahead one will relive,
time and time again.
Take not those precious moments
with loved ones for granted......
Never miss a chance
To say "I love you"
To tell those closest to your heart
just how special you think they are...
To be close to those you love
and share your feelings from your heart
that you will have no regrets, if suddenly
you have to part.
3:12 pm December 12, 2014

 As I walk the roads of life
and cross life's streams
I will doubt not the power
of the god,
who works miracles
through me,
The giver of life and
all good things......
Faith in one's god is
the key.
Tho many strive and few
suffer not from want,
Life swallows up
those without heart.
8:42 am December 12, 2014

Life, I have thread your waters
and bathed my soul in your light;
I have ate from your tree of knowledge
and been captured in your whirlpool
of loneliness and bliss;
I have drown in your waters time
and again...picked flowers from
your garden and watched your
strong winds pluck them from my
The waters of your valley are many
and few; your mountain I climb daily
to reach safely the one who
waits there for me.

Let not your waters overtake my
soul until I reach my destiny.

7:43 am  December 12, 2014

Little by little
through out the years
I learnt the importance of me.

I realized ,after life took
everything far from me......
That I had lived my life
with little regard for the real me.

That the me that is, was, and
will always be.
Not perfect but worthy
to live life for me.
6:24 pm December 1, 2014

I'm thankful for this day
and all things in it.
I'm thankful for life's fullness
and how much my life is blessed.
I don't have lots of money
Some say I live in a shack
I don't have fancy clothes
but I have the clothes on my back;
I don't eat out but rarely.....
But , none of these things bother me.
Because I have a lot of heart
and manna from heaven to eat.
6:03 pm December 1, 2014

I looked out my window a hundred times today
and took note, that some of the things here yesterday
are nowhere to be found in my day.

The clouds have replaced the sunshine
drops of rain have replaced the butterflies.

Silence has replaced the sound of laughter,
overcome by the rain.....

O, How my eyes yearn for the sight of butterflies
and my heart ,over come with the peace, longs
to hear the laughter of children, playing in
the rain,  once again.
4:37pm September 28, 2014

Time has a way of reminding me
That time's not on my side..
That life is much to short
we are all born to die.

My yesterdays stand off
in the distance......

My tomorrows come much
too fast.

Nether last forever...

As soon as my daily walk ends
My day becomes the past.
4:17pm September 28, 2014

When I look into the shine in your eyes
I see winter time, and a longing for Spring.
Upon the face of one so young, I see
Written in the shine , longing.
Rest, now, sweet angel , while your
loved ones weep.
10:39pm September 26, 2014

As I strive to understand
why my life is like it is today.
Lord, give me understanding
take the darkness away.

Give me insight into where
evil lays this today.

Then, give me the strength
to take up my shield of faith
until the darkness fades away.
11:35am September 16, 2014

No one gets through
this world untested.

Dry away the tears
that stain your day.

Lean on the promises
of God-

Jesus is the light and
the way.
1:31am Sept 16, 2014

Never think your life
is not important
or that your dreams
will not come true.

Your life is special
there can never be
another one like you.

Believe in yourself,
and your ability
to make your dreams
come true.
1:09am Sept 16, 2014

Yesterday is behind me
all I am is in this moment
I see hope in the morn
Through the darkness that
surrounds me.
May the night bring sweet dreams
and the day be filled with peace.
12:44am Sept. 16, 2014

I have lived long enough
to see clearer
the value of those things
I once took for granted....

The touch of mama's hands
as she prepared me for the day....

The feel of daddy's hands
as he pointed out the value
of always standing firmly behind
what I believe.

My child's first cry
that I will never hear again.
Love's first song
my heart will never sing again.

The beauty in just feeling life
when all things are organized
and flowers, birds, and butterflies
are all the eyes could see.

The times when God, family,
and friends...all shared in creating

A special sense
of being loved- away from unrest-
closer to peace.
1:35pm Sept 12, 2014

Setting here....
looking out my window
to where yellow butterflies play,
I know in my heart nothing matters
beyond this moment in my day...

All that once was, is no more.
With yesterday all things were
changed, into the moment that gives
reality, to the moment I am in.
11:12am Sept. 12, 2014

There has been a stillness
in my world
nothing got in -nothing got out
My heart was silent
as my mind pondered each day
helpless to reach outside
from the realm of my being
to where shattered hearts lay
sleeping, and mankind screams out
in torment and pain.

Then God brought me to this day
and released my heart to speak
of bigger and better things.
10:54am Sept 12, 2014

Jesus Is My Shepherd

Jesus is my Shepherd I shall not want
Together we travel the roads that I walk.....

He prepareth my heart and nurtures my soul
then leaves the choices to me....

He gives me inner strength when I am weak.....
Down every road I take Jesus is in the lead.

Jesus gives me inner eyes to see the flowers
growing among the weeds...

Jesus gives me the courage to stand against the
mightiest wind-in my times of uncertainty.

Yea tho I walk down roads of trial and heartache;
and my day be a burden to me.....

I will walk upright on the darkest day..... Because
Jesus is sharing life's burdens with me.
10:36am Sept. 3, 2014


Can you hear their silent screams
muffled by the blood in their veins?

Can you feel their tears fall upon
the ground you stand on?

Can you see beyond their graves
their dreams of a better day
that was never meant to be?

My heart has heard their muffled screams

My heart has felt their tears roll onto
the ground....

My heart has gazed upon their graves from afar.

My unseen tears have fallen on the ground
where they lay.

My heart has touched their shattered dreams
 in the emptiness they left behind.

Lord, how long must the innocent suffer
for the sins of others?

How much blood and tears must
mingle together, before the
price for peace is paid?

Lord, Give rest to the weary...

mend the hearts that grieve....

and,release love out into the world
that those filled with hate might
come to know peace.
8:16pm August 32, 2014

Silver clouds above my head
Many colored butterflies
dancing gracefully in a gentle
Not moved by anything
but the wind beneath their
outstretched wings.
5:17pm August 31, 2014

Let us not forget
the power of love
in the face of intolerance.
Let us say no to hate....
Let us respect the right of all
to worship according to his own conscious
Let us not forget all that we do this day
to make the world a better place
all the knots of friendship tied-
will determine the fate
of those not born yet.

4:40am August 30, 2014

Jesus' Sail of Love

Under Jesus’ sail of love
I carry my Shield of Faith
Through the passages of life
My heart satisfied.

As I discover my weaknesses
And contemplate my strength
Laughter fills my soul, when I think
Jesus is strong when I am weak.

Jesus’ love is unconditional . . .
His forgiveness, like a gentle wind
Blowing through my heart and soul,
Time and time again.

I know, absolutely, without a doubt
As I journey toward the reunion
up -above……..
That Jesus has His hands on me
And he Shields me with his love.

-Jan Tetstone
By Heartsong

Never Alone

Sometimes, when I am down
and feeling so alone....
I cry a tear or two to release
my self pity- and I think of all
the lonely times, come and gone,
and how ,after drying my last tear
God never fails to remind me
That His son ,Jesus, is always there
for me-and I am never completely
alone ..... unless, I choose to be.
11:49am August 4, 2014

Lord, Take my hand this day
lead me where you would have
me go.
None but you will I follow
None but you do I trust completely
to lead my soul to safety. jt

 Words of love mean nothing
to the heartless......who claim
no beginning ,no end
just an existence, destined to
become non-existent.
How sad it must me to believe
in nothing but one's self ....
never to find the kind of peace
that brings joy to the soul.
How sad in deed it must be
never to be completely whole.
9:39 am August 2, 2014

Counting down the days
before, again, I must be
stronger than I am.
What will tomorrow bring?
I do not know......
I only care about this day
and what it brings
my way.
For, none can change
a tomorrow from where
they stand today.
9:28am August 2, 2014

Today, I hear the birds singing
as they fly from tree to tree
Reminding me that still
there is beauty to be found
growing among the weeds.
9:21am August 2, 2014

God gives us choice
to choose the direction
our life will go in . . .

God gives us innocence
of mind and heart
to prepare us for a world
of sin.

God gives us love, hope
and promise of a better day.

God gives us life, heart, and
Freewill. . .

Then lets us choose the way.
10:23am July 25, 2014

No one's life is perfect
tho it might appear to be.
Everyone has times when
peace reigns, and times
when tears fall. jt

Awaken, with hope, in the day
take up your Shield of Faith,
and ask God to lead the way.

For, nothing is impossible,
From the smallest, to the biggest
when one asks God for a miracle,
Then with his hearts ~truly believes.
8:52am July 25, 2014

I was lost in a world
that did not know me
A wandering soul, lost in
the dark.....
Searching the world for
answers to things of the
heart....seeking love
where love was not,
When God's mighty hand
reached down for me and
pulled me from life's
dreary dark.

8:30am July 25, 2014

 God, the day has just begun
What was now lay behind....
What will be lay before me
In the dawn of day I find
the warmth of your love
the presents of your angels
Waiting to help me through
troubled times.
Again I raise my Shield of Faith
and turn my life over to you.
You are my morning sunshine
Thank you for the day and night
Thank you, for all the times
I strayed, and you brought me
back into the Light.
8:03am July 25, 2014


You were always there for me
Anytime night or day.
When God's angel came for you
He took some of my sunshine away.

No one could ever fill your shoes,
erase your memory
 . . .or take your place.

I lost a special brother here on earth
When the angel took you away.

No one could ever fill the void
your leaving left behind . . .
When God was giving out brothers-
I am so thankful . . . that He made you

July 15, 2014

Wrote in Memory of my brother Jimmy.RIP

If one does not know why his heart gets broken
and why he is exiled from another's heart,
how can one fill the void, and find understanding
as to why their heart was broken-and how it is
that love can shine so brightly only to leave
one standing in the dark
holding in his hands pieces of his own
breaking heart?
11:29am July 14, 2014

When ego gets the upper hand
a lot of tears will water the soul
of love. jt

The day is done . . .
The night that waited
for the morning sun
as I lay beneath the stars
gave way to tomorrow
only to awaken to the tears
in my day...
So . . . bitter to the taste.
11:03am July 14, 2014

If a heart must be broken
let it be the one
that beats inside of you.

If you take that step
into tomorrow
and leave shattered hearts

In your own heart no peace
you will ever find.

If you must move on
with your life ,don't do it
to hurt the ones you
leave behind.

If a heart must be broken
let it be the one
that beats inside of you.

when your heart is breaking
that after all is said and done
tomorrow will come..

Yesterday's broken hearts will
mend . . .
And love will warm your heart
1:51am July 11, 2014

Up until I got disconnected
from the world outside
I was falling into a dark hole
and in danger of weakening
my spirit . . . and destroying
my soul.

I am so thankful today
that God took the darkness
away, and showed me where
the weakest part of me lay.

Because I can only see through
my eyes, and my heart's eye
I see things in different ways
I see the outer- what the flesh
wants me to see .....
And the inner that only my heart
can see.

Shut off from the worldly
I took back control of my heart
and my destiny....
and found peace once more
in my life-and the heart
inside of me.
9:05am July 9, 2014

Today, as I set here
thinking of yesterdays
gone bye . . .
So many things awaken
my spirit
to just how blessed
my life has been.
I can complain and carry on
All I want too . . .
But the truth is
I have been blessed my
whole life through.
8:41am July 9, 2014

I do not fear being loved
I do not fear giving love
I ,only, fear being unworthy
of the love that's given to me.
8:55am July 8, 2014

If one could read my mind and know
the memories that linger there
Their tears would mingle with mine,
And neither, peace would find.

If one could feel the beating of my heart
from the inside, and know the love spent
and taste the love locked-up inside,
They would understand why my life is so full
and empty at the same time.

If one could know all of my worry and woe,
Heartache and sorrow-hidden behind the smile,
and carry my Shield of Faith for a while, they
would find, that no matter the joy and sorrow
Jesus will be  there  in my yesterday,  today
and  tomorrow.

We each have our good times and troubling
times ~ Times the rain falls, and times when
the sun don't shine.

The roads in life are many...Not all will one
travel down.
Choose wisely your path-Your destiny....

For none can read my mind ,feel my heart from
the inside, or make my journey through life -
but me.
8:48am July 8, 2014

My heart is beating out its pain
I find I am being tested once again.
It saddens my heart to see the roses
dying ...
The grass over-taking every beautiful
thing . . .
Yesterdays' beauty slowly dying away.
Silence without peace . . .
The turmoil growing inside of me . . .
The darkness coming through on a
bright sunny day . . .
And, finding myself alone with
my Shied of Faith in hand,
Asking God, once more, to help me
8:24 am July 8, 2014

There was a sudden mist of insight
as I set here...a cloud of darkness
lingered in the mist, long enough
to move my spirit to attention.
Looking through the mist, I saw
eyes piecing back into my eyes
and what I saw hidden there
was pictures of what is to come,
the nakedness of wailing
and total despair....
grief and suffering everywhere.
I saw in the mist warning signs
of what rests ahead for all
10:35am July 6, 2014

The sun is shining through the morning clouds
and my heart is rested from last nights sleep.
With faith I enter this day tearless and unafraid.
9:07am July 6, 2014

I've stumbled through life
fell, got up, and fell again
trying to move ahead
and leave behind where I'd

I've made mistakes that
I couldn't undo....I've walked
through hell on earth a time
or two.

I've misplaced my identity, and
pretended all was right in the day
when in my heart I wanted to run

I've learned that everything in life,
like the rain and the sun that shines,
has its own appointed time.

That it's my faith that gives me the
courage and strength to survive the
winds of life's spring and wintertime.
12:35am July 6, 2014

Tonight, my soul is so weary
and my heart so filled
with tears.
But, still, love finds room
inside my heart.
Still, God's goodness
touches my world
to remind me that beneath
my shield of faith waits
my inner peace.
11:09pm July 5, 2014

God lift me above
my self created pain
Help me understand
the dark times
I'm living in.
Help me to be
the better part of me
and when I am blinded
by human weakness
and self pity, please,
Don't give up on me.
10:59pm July 5, 2014

If tomorrow finds me gone
and there be a void filling
life's gap where I lived long.
Waste not a tear over my grave
when alive none came to comfort me
and wipe my tears away.
Empty not your pain out over my
grave-let me rest in peace.
Waste not a tear on my memory
For a memory is an empty thing
and cannot comfort the stilled
heart that lays broken in the grave.
10:37pm July 5, 2014

Everyday, I awake and find
another bridge to cross
another mountain to climb.
Another bridge to burn
another path to find.
Another heartache to remind me
of yesterdays pain
Another memory of what was
and a thought of what might have been.
10:21pm July 5, 2014

One can not be more than they
were meant to be....
Own more than they were meant
to process.
Know more than what life
has taught them through living.
Love more than the heart can give.
One can not find peace in life
until he has found peace within.
8:00pm July 1, 2014

You can judge me, even curse me
and it just does not matter anymore.
I use to think I deserved the pain
that you inflicted on my heart......
That the tears you caused me to cry
were nothing more than a payback- for
all the mistakes I have made in my life.

But by the grace of God, I no longer
feel that way....
You used everything I hold dear to bend
and mold me into what you wanted me to be
but the truth is, I finally realize
what has always been right in front
of my eyes:

Every time you broke my heart
you broke your own in two
Every time you caused me to cry
Tears filled your own eyes.
Every time you turned your anger on me
and tried to mold me into someone
I could not be- you robbed yourself of the
better part of you.
Every time you thought you hated me
You knew in your own heart
That my love would always be with you.
7:08pm July 1, 2014

Seek not to burden another
with your worry and your woe
God see all things and your
needs he already knows.
Hang tightly to your shield of faith
let none take your faith away...
For, always does the liar hate the truth
and always does evil work its wickedness
from behind a shield of deceit.
Keep high your shield of faith
never weaken in love, never try
to live in tomorrow
before you defeat the demons in the day.
4:36pm June 30, 2014

When the day is darker
than the night to your soul
Reach down deep inside
your heart and seek God's
guidance in the dark.
4:27pm June 30, 2014

Today, yesterday's sun still shines,
tomorrows encounters still wait,
and memories are waiting to be
made. jt

I do not know what tomorrow will bring
or what night time dreams I will dream.

I do not know where this life will take me.

I do not know the heart of another
or what things brought them to this day.

I only know what yesterdays brought
my way...
I only know my night time dreams
and the things that brought me
to this day.

I only know the heart in me
that has both loved and grieved.
7:40pm June 22, 2014

Today the sun caught me
thinking on yesterdays.....
and the first sunbeams
reflected off my tears.

I was thinking of times gone by
when all that mattered to me
was my family ties.

When my dreams were not for me
but the small child whose head
rested against my knee.

When I built my world a round family
and unknowingly was losing my own

and of all the times, I changed me
hoping to fit in to the world
I had created for them.

The Lord has shown me the errors
of my ways, much to late
to change the way things were
way back then.
8:38am June 22, 2014

Because man is not perfect
neither is his ways...

Strive not to be perfect but
to be true to yourself.

None can make you
smaller than you want to be.
7:22am June 19, 2014

My eyes have awaken to a new day
in which yesterday's sun still shines
tomorrows encounters still wait, and
memories are waiting to be made.
7:18am June 19, 2014

The enemy of the soul
rests not in the outer world
it rest within the man.

Life divides only what is not
suppose to be together.

The lips speaks many languages
the heart only one.
7:09am June 19, 2014

Broken Hearts

I have looked into the hearts of many
and saw pieces of yesterdays.

Engraved on each piece
the word love.

And the sight saddened my heart.

There was no love beating in harmony
Just pieces of broken heart.

One cannot be tortured so, from within,
and easily open his heart again.

Such a heart can only bitter be
to have loved so many
cried so many tears, only
to awaken one day to find
itself empty.

Had I the power, broken hearts
I would would be
whole, and every broken heart
would be filled with love,
and the desire to love again.
12:09am June 19, 2014

Old age,
is an issue
of time.

The old heart ,
like the young heart,
Is moved by love ...
by dreams.....
by life......
by destiny....
by the desire
to be.

To harness youth
and rob the world
of the wisdom
that comes with
is not times' place.

Enjoy the beauty of youth
for to quickly
the years pass away.
9:54am June 16, 2014

Tho I be judged a hundred times over
by those in the world I'm living in,
I will not turn my heart against any.
Tho distance divides my heart from yours
and a blanket of darkness lay over your
heart... my love rest next to yours,
in the dark.
7:25am June 16, 2014

Again, my heart is made heavy
by things beyond my control
and, again, I set here thinking
its not worth  my tears.
Too many tears I have cried
Too many times I have believed
that I am not worthy...
Too many times I have trusted
and opened my heart only to find
tears in place of happiness.
Lord, every time I reach out
my heart gets broken...
I need a place in this world
where my heart can mend.
Put your arms around me
and heal my heart again.
9:01am June 10, 2014

What is in ones heart is not always
reflected in ones daily life.

Worry not that the day is darkened
by the past....

Give thanks for the way things were
and the way things are today.

Tomorrow depends on the direction
our life takes us in this day.
7:06am June 10, 2014

I did not know the loneliness that
you were going through
in this world you left behind.

I was to busy with a life of my own,
and I never took the time.

If only I had taken the time
to visit you and hold your hand

when you needed someone around
and no one could be found.

If only I had known the heartache that
was inflicted on your heart

every time life took you and your children
farther and farther apart.

But there was no way I could have known

until I reached the place in my own life

where I had to live in this world alone

after one by one my children left my side
to face life on their own.
7:19am June 8, 2014

When the heart's in morning
Life itself sheds a tear. jt

Oh, child of my womb
my heart bleeds ....
For what used to be
when your life was innocent
and you walked through the
flowers with me.
If setting among the flowers
I taught you only one thing
let it be, that in life one
can always find flowers
growing among the weeds.
9:19am June 7, 2014

Yesterday, I was tested
to see what I would do
when doors were opened
and shut, and I could not
go through.

Often we build relationships
on memories and not
on reality.

Once bridges are burned
there is no going back
to the good times and the
way things used to be....

Tho love remain forefront
in ones heart
there are no bridges
that will ever again
allow some hearts to
meet half way in between
what was, what is, and
what might have been.

Tho love remains locked
forever inside my heart.
and your place in my life
has moved to a lower plane
The memory of better times
inside my heart will

 forever remain.
9:00am June 7, 2014

Cling not to tightly
to what does not
belong to you.

All things fade away
at the grave.

Nothing will one
take with them on
judgment day.

Into the world
we are born
to taste the rain
and feel the sun.

To live, then die
once the race
is run.

11:08pm June 6, 2014

One travels many roads in ones lifetime..
Taking memories with him and leaving
memories behind. jt

I am not a pretender
I live in the real world
where people fall out
of love with those
they never fell in love with.

Where people pretend
to have more than others
when they have far less.

My world has no blinders
around close out

I live in the real world
somewhere between real
and make believe.

I am not a pretender
I live in the real world
where hearts get broken
more often than they get mended.

Where people that should be loved
are pushed aside, and forgotten.

Where growing old is welcomed
and considered far easier to do
than struggling in life to get through.

Where giving up ,for many,
is easier than keeping faith
that God will make a way.

I live in the real world
the one that can tear your heart
out with the promise of love
and never shed a tear.

My world has no blinders
around close out

In my world, heartache
through prayer
gives way for peace.
10:42pm June 6, 2014

I wish I could cry, and then find that
it was not worth my tears;
Oh heart, let not the worldly
use your love; love with understanding
that broken hearts touched by your love
might heal.
Love with a heart that has been broken
and mended ....
that others might learn to love again.
10:18pm June 6, 2014

Not always does one show
the world the better self. jt

For days my spirit  wandered
to places beyond the sea
where sights beyond the eyes seeing
were in the spirit revealed to me.

Hatred filled the hearts of many
whose souls cried out in mortal pain
as war was waged against my soul
and arrows, at my heart were aimed.

The hearts of men  burning and
blackened by loves eternal flame
wanting my heart, to quench their
 thirst ...knew not .....
that my spirit drew its power from
the love rooted deep inside my heart.

My spirit, morning the sights that it
had seen, reached out and gave
those thirsty souls my heart's key.

Not to unlock the love in my heart
but to release the love in their own.
11:06pm June 3, 2014

Tonight I set here alone,
giving thanks for the day
 that just past and the day
that has just  begin.

And in the stillness of the night
I open my heart wide and asked
Jesus, my friend, if he would come in.

For, long ago, when life broke my heart,
and the world offered me no comfort
my tear fell like rain, until
I met Jesus , and in the midst of my
suffering and pain.....
forever my life was changed.
2:23am June 3, 2013

It is never easy, explaining
ones feeling to another
When it is something
they do not want to hear. jt

God's time has no beginning
God's time has no end
From the moment we are born
Our time on earth begins.

God's time is like no other
Time is God's alone
Time, like life, is only ours
for a short time, on loan.

1:45am June3, 2014

My Grandma

Her hair was like threads of silver
Her eyes blue like the blue in a sunny sky.
Her clothes were plain and simple
protected by the apron that she wore
Her life was not an easy one
her loses were many after she was born
Her love was the silent kind
she never told you she loved you
but somehow you always knew.
My grandma was a special lady
Her death, sad in deed
For many times throughout
her lifetime she went out of her way
to help someone in need.
Her faith she wove into her daily life
for the world to see.
My grandma loved and suffered long
to earn her angel wings.....
My grandma was a special lady
Her memory gives me strength
and inspires me  to take
faithful steps in life
and to be all that I can be.
11:35am  May 31, 2014

In the days that lay ahead
rests my destiny
Let me walk bravely
to meet it. jt

In The Blink of An Eye

No one knows what moment
their life on earth will end
when God's angel will be sent
to take them home again.

No one knows what moment
all dear to their heart
will morn
when death pulls them apart.

No one knows what hour
On their journey home
they will blink an eye to find
they have reached their heavenly
8:45am May 29, 2014

Four years today my 21 year old grandson
opened his eyes to find he was home.
Rest in Peace
Michael Ray Tetstone

Today, I begin a new journey
through moments of time
Lord, give me the patience not to hurry
and show me where to draw the line
When thoughts of worldly things
toy with my mind.
8:00am May 29, 2014

If my tears touch your eyes
Let also my love touch your
For love has the power to
change the direction of
heartache's wind.....and give
one reason to hope again.
4:33am May 23, 2014

So tired and weary I journey on
not knowing what lay before me.

So tired and weary I let my heart
A restless spirit in search of heavenly
4:17am May 23, 2014

In the moment, all things rest. jt

There are those who take and take
never giving anything in return
Seeking riches and immortality
And there are those who give and give
seeking nothing in return who
are happy just to be.
Life, itself, is a double edged sword
that cuts both ways at the same time.
Life is a negative and a positive
Life is everything and nothing.
Life is in me and beyond me.
3:54am May 23, 2014

When a loved one dies
Heaven's  gates open wide
to let another angel inside.

When a loved one dies
One who walked among men,
 to fly with the angels,
has been chosen.

When a loved one dies
One who lived on earth
moves to Heaven
to live for all eternity.

When a loved one dies
One who carries burdens, and
worries about tomorrow,
 lays his burdens down
along with all sorrow.

When a loved one dies
during his rebirth -we cry
and endue heartfelt pain
but a faithful heart knows that
earth's loss is heaven's gain.

5:56pm May 21, 2014

The years fly by so quickly.

One day, life is like a twinkling
star shining brightly
waiting to be lived.

Then, suddenly, life becomes
a falling star growing dim
as its sparkle nears its end.

Take life not for granted.
The glitter of the day dims
with the night.....

But the spirit, in the end,
raises up from the darkness
to mingle with life's eternal light.
12:47am May 19, 2014

First Cousins

Dear First Cousin:
When we were young
We laughed, played, and run
happily down dirt roads, and
among the pecan trees, having
lots of fun.

 During our growing years
 we shared laughter and tears.

We were bonded together  by
blood and by love-

From the time we were born
We were destined for life
to pull us apart, and carry our
 childhood memories engraved
in a special place inside our

I am thankful for the happy times
we shared...
Thankful to be apart of a family
that cares.

I may not always be there in person
to help you out- but I always hold
you up in my prayers, when I'm
not there.

May God watch over you, dear cousin,
lighten the burdens you carry.... and
in your time of need, May God touch
your heart with understanding and fill
your life with peace.
11:03am May 17, 2014

I face each day, knowing
I am never completely alone...
That no matter what the day sends
my way, I will get through it
because my god ,through my faith,
gives me strength beyond my own.
Let my heart sing praises for all things
my flesh and spirit endure....let my lips
never cease giving thanks to the
creator of all things.
I am weak but the love of God
abides with me......and nothing
more do I need.
3:47pm May 15, 2014

Alone I set pondering
the things life sent
my way today....Wondering,
how many take the time
to see beyond the bad things
to places where good things lay.
Why worry about what is over
and done- choices after
they are made- a race
that's already been run?
Learn from things past
things that will brighten your
tomorrow......lessons that
will ease mental, and
heart felt pains.....and help you
rise above your sorrow.
3:32pm May,15, 2014

The day brought the sunshine,
the rain and.....
Children sleeping peacefully
soon to awaken again. jt

When words do not
fall easily
and thoughts are not so
clearly formed-
it is time for silence
to capture the moments. jt

As I think on the day
I cannot see beyond the

There is a warmth that fills
my spirit and gives me

I am blessed to awaken
to such a day:

Another chance to be
and do...

Filled with Unsung songs
waiting to be sung...

And, another race in life
waiting to be run.
7:10am May 8, 2014

The stillness of the morning
brings the sound of songbirds
singing. jt

The sun light is resting
in the shadow of the maple tree
atop the uncut grass.
It is a beautiful beginning
of a day once filled with so
many tears.

The birds are singing
as silent you lay sleeping
Stilled by death ...
your spirit set free
far-but never far
from me.
7:18am May 6, 2014

Born: April 29, 1971 - Died:  May 6, 1993

Sonya Marie

I carried you beneath my heart
until the day you were born
I watched you grow up to be
a strong but gentle soul..... content
and happy just to be.
I carried you beneath my heart
and blanketed you with my love
to shield you from life's cold.....
I watched over you your whole
life through...near or far
my love and prayers were
with you.
I watched with a broken heart
the day you drifted off to your
eternal home, to claim your
angel wings.... leaving me
with one less flower, in my
mother's bouquet.
Once you slept beneath my
heart .......
Now, your memory lives
inside my heart....  so sweet.
And your angel wings cover
 me with love, comfort and peace.
I love you my angel daughter.

11:09pm May 5, 2014

I feel the chill in the morning wind;
the warmth of the morning sun
the clouds are holding at bay.

I see beauty in the smallest thing,
I smell the newness that the
morning brings.

As I enter in to another beautiful
day, I thank God for all things the
day contains...

And for always reminding me
at the beginning of each day
that his love is my life's shelter
when the clouds bring the rain.
8:52am May 5, 2014

The world is ever turning
away from the face of God,
as was foretold long ago.
O my god, and my creator
have mercy on my soul. jt

When I am alone
I am closer to my god. jt

Let not your enemy fool you
with his cunning ways,
his forked tongue,
or the warmth of
his hand.

For your enemy is set on your
destruction and must find
the flesh weak, before He can
destroy ones soul.

Love is something that evil
cannot conquer....

If your enemy offers you
his hand, take it, with compassion
knowing what fate awaits
a loveless soul.
10:51am May 4, 2014

The Word is written not on paper
but in the hearts of men. jt

Don't look for life
to return you back
to a yesterday
to find the heart
you left behind...
For, nothing gone
stays the same
with the
passing of time.
10:34am May 4, 2014

The wildflowers cover the
ground that I walk on...
Now, that Winter has
come and gone.
None but God could
create such a carpet of
beauty for my bare feet
to travel on.
10:27am May 4, 2014

One who's greed
causes him to steal
from a friend
is still a thief. jt

The universe is a mystery
Tho the stars and sun
shine for all to see
none can touch the
their beauty or smell
the fragrance
from their flames.
10:18am May 4, 2014

As time passes
quickly, away
so does ones life. jt

Watch for none shall
know the hour or the
time when the waters
shall flood their house
and carry away all

For the waters shall
rise up and cover
every land..... leaving
nothing in its path

Prepare now for
that time.

The waters wait
in the desert
knowing the time is

Fear not, O faithful one
Let none move you
from the path created
for your safe journey home.

For the spirit inside of you
is not of the worldly and
what is not of the world
the waters cannot touch.

9:34pm May 2, 2014

My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ
is my closest and dearest friend
I have never been in want;
Jesus walks with me day and night
when things go wrong
he sets them right
Yea tho I walk amidst life's troubled
waters and life's raging sea
I will fear no evil; because
My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ,
has His hands on me.
7:00am May 1, 2014

Hate hurts no one but
the one who hates.
Only by a physical act
can the hated be hurt. jt

As a piece of my past is being
moved beyond my seeing---
for other eyes to fall on....

I wonder, how many ever give
thought, to the place they once
called "home".
10:30am April 30, 2014

Child of My Womb

I ask God to watch over you
because we are so far a part.

That your scars might be healed,
I ask God to touch your heart.

I ask God to give you
understanding and to take away
your pain, so my love, once more,
you could feel.

I ask God to send an angel
to walk with you hand in hand;
to catch you if you fall, and
to help you stand again.

I ask God to give you insight
into my heart-as this world
you journey through..that you
might come to know how much
love I carry inside my heart
just for you.
8:50pm April 29, 2014

I was tested today to turn from the path
I walk.....
To accept defeat without striking one blow
against the enemy.

My spirit was in torment, over worldly
and spiritual things.....

I wanted to run away, to a safe place, void of
tears and heartache..

A part of me weakened for a little while-then
my spirit ,through the faith in me, rose up
like a lion.

I may lose battles that lay ahead-but, this day,
I shall face the enemy of my soul, and pierce
him with the sword of Truth...
And in the shadow of my Shield of Faith
the enemy of my soul, in defeat, shall lay.

6:20pm April 29, 2014

Today, is my angel's
It is hard to describe
the emptiness and the fullness
flowing through my heart
at the same time.
Fullness because I know
for having her I was blessed-
Emptiness because the flesh
misses the nearness of the angel
that once shared its flesh.
Sadness because she is gone
from here----
Happiness because I know
just having her in my life
I have been blessed.
Happy Birthday, child of my
Your beautiful memory
fills your place in my life.
6:00pm April 29, 2014

God, with today you remind me
to cherish loved ones near and far
to love them regardless of the place
I hold in their heart.

7:47am April 29, 2014

I woke to the day
Thankful to be...
Thinking of those
good souls
who loved
and nurtured the
me in me.
9:00am April 28, 2014

Why is it, when people
need each other the most
they build fences to high
for any to cross?

Oh, the misery that one
could be spared, if only,
the fences were not there.

One cannot build a fence
so high, as to keep their
broken heart outside.

One can deny love but
their heart cannot.
12:31pm April 27, 2014

No one gets through this world,
unaffected, by the lives of those
they meet in passing.
We learn from life and living
to value, or not, the love
inside another's heart.
12:16 pm April 27, 2014

Another's words are meaningless
to one with a closed mind. jt

Today, as I look back on yesterday
Let me not, look only for the good
things that yesterday contains...
Least, I be caught off guard
when I find- the rain mingling
in with the sunshine.
8:03am April 27, 2014

This day may not bring
anything but sadness and

My heart may take
a few arrows today
I really can't say
I really don't know.

I only know this day
is covered with clouds,
and holds lessons on
holding on to things, and
then having to let them go.
8:24am April 26, 2014

One who has Jesus
never stands alone.
Jesus is there, when
all others are gone. jt

Lord, I know that
everything that happens
has a time to be.....

But sometimes its hard
accepting the change,
without inner peace.

Guide me in this day
as I seek to prepare
for a tomorrow that
may never  be.

Strengthen my mind
Increase the love in my heart
And Lessen today's worry
that I might grow in
wisdom and understanding
in my time of need.

Forgive me for my weakness,
If I stumble in my faith.
Thank you for everything
and thank you for this day.
8:13am April 25, 2013

I am not my own
I am a wondering soul
seeking the path
that will
take me home. jt

The good in the world shall take revenge
for those who screamed for justice
and were struck down by the hands
of injustice.

Nothing goes un-noticed by God's
watchful servants ,who mingle
among the living.

Cry not for justice o evil ones
for the measure of the mercy
shall be exact, according to
your own acts of mercy.

Let none think himself
to be wiser than his creator.

10:19am April 24, 2014

 My religion does no demand
that I deprive another of the
freedom to believe according
to his own conscious.
3:02am April 24,2014

One who judges another blindly
can not see friendship's
opportunity. jt

Today, a child spoke
with wisdom, far above
his years..
And my heart listened
as he spoke.

"We think friendship
is forever;
that one does not,
with the passing years
leave friendships behind,
Until, the paths of old friends
cross, again.

Then we find two strangers
where once stood two

Pondering the wisdom
my heart had taken in....

I took the words to mean that
the passing of time can dull
ones memory of the best
of things.

While, one may keep the memory
of a dear friend close to their
Others with the passing of time
may not.

"We think friendship
is forever;
that one does not,
with the passing years
leave friendships behind,
Until, the paths of old friends
cross, again.

Then we find two strangers
where once stood two
12:58pm April 22, 2014

One truth can be twisted
into many lies.

When one seeks to dishonor another
without just cause
one brings dishonor to himself.

One must not turn a deaf ear
to the wind.

We never lose what we love....
It's just placed beyond
the here and now.
2:07am April 22, 2014

Today is the day that love rose
from the grave........
and went out into the world
when the stone was rolled away.
2:48pm April 20, 2014

I feel the beauty in the world
with my soul
I see the beauty in the world
With my heart.
2:45pm April 20, 2014

I am blessed
just to be. lt

The heart that feels
the world's heartbeat
can see into
the world's soul. jt

If you want someone
to overlook something
Put it where they'll
stumble over it. jy
11:07 April 20, 2014

Evil uses self pity
as a tool against
a man's spirit.
For, the flesh is weak
and is the gateway
to a man's soul.
2:54pm April 19, 2014

The one who seeks to hide the truth
is the liar. jt

There has always been
tears pouring out into
the world.
And there will always be
tears for the worldly
to taste jt

Lord, for many years
You have guided me.

Sometimes, to places
I didn't want to be...

Other times to places
I didn't want to leave.

Now, I set, with no
place to go but to

I take it to mean, you
are leaving the rest
of my journey
up to me.

Guide me Lord
to choose wisely
the place where
You would have
me be.

For I need
to find the place
that gives one
a sense of inner
1:50pm April 19, 2014

I have given some thought
to why I share my most
inner thoughts with others

In a time when one who
thinks they are bringing
people together....

By their
worldly inter-fearing

Are helping people grow
farther and farther apart.

I think maybe it's because
I realize, that not all
who are in positions
to do good in the world

Can see the evil at work
in their lives, and the lives
of those they seek to provide

Nature has its own way
of balancing out the
scales of life.

I am not in this world
to throw stones
at those who care about

But sometimes good hearts
are misguided in their

And create opportunity
for the servants of evil.

Not always will the
messenger bring truth to
your door...

Seek to be wiser than
the one wearing
the mask of deception.

Look into the eyes
of any man, to find out
whether or not
he brings to your door
honesty and a caring heart.
7:25pm April 18, 2014

 Setting here
looking out
the glass
that separates
the inside from
the out...

I wonder at
the stillness
filled only by
the sounds of
distant thunder

and the nearness
of the birds'
their songs.
4:59pm April 18, 2014

This world is dying
faster, than man can

It's dying from
Starving to death
from spiritual
need. jt

My walk with Jesus
Begin many years ago
beneath the waters
of a man made pond...
Many would say
it's "impossible"
for such a walk
to have taken place.

I did not see the face
of the presences walking
next to me-
But, I know it's possible
for the spirit
to walk on land or
under the sea.
5:05 pm April 17, 2014

The spirits of a hundred angels
came to comfort and strengthen
my spirit today.......

They moved and sing God praise
encouraging my heart not to sway
from the path that I follow
that Jesus lay.

The angels reminded me
with rejoicing and praise
that life here on earth
is only temporary....
a better place awaits
the faithful in the end.

The spirits of a hundred angels
surrounded me with their love
and promised that if I stay
the coarse-
we will all be together again.

The voices of a hundred angels
filled my day with love and
touched my heart to share their
message with those they left behind,
when they crossed over to the other

The spirits of a hundred angels
came to comfort and strengthen
my spirit today.......
Moving and singing praises
encouraging my spirit not to sway
from the path, that I follow,
that Jesus lay.
1:26 pm April 17, 2014

NOTE: I was inspired to write this
while watching a home video that is very old.
The picture of "Gramma" is untouched-
The first thing I noticed was the cross-
that wasn't in the picture
when I took it at about 2:00pm today. jt

Throw your stones
and I will stand
beat me down
and my spirit
will raise me

For you see,
I have no need
of anything....

Because my Lord
and Savior
Jesus Christ
is walking next to me.

8:55am April 17, 2014

I waken to the day rested
with a refreshed spirit...
Lord, use me in this day
to your glory.
Walk with me to the gates
of righteousness
There set my spirit free
to guide me in this day.
Walk with me to the
free flowing water
and there cleanse
my soul.
8:47am April 17, 2014

It's time to rest my weary
soul and let tomorrow wait
on me, to awaken from
my sleep. jt

In this world we are judged
but we are also the judges. jt

Take the time today
to look into the face
of a child ......

Cherish the moment...

Take notes, of the beautiful

Then, engrave inside
the deepest part of your heart
an image of that innocent face
that holds so much beauty
and so much grace.

Never miss a chance to engrave
on your heart an image that you
would want to carry with you
to your grave.

God gives, but God, also,
takes away.
1:37pm April 16, 2014

An angel has a hold
on my heart
and a forever place
in my memory.

I cannot see my angel's face
but, I know....

When the angel is close
 enough for my heart to
 feel- the warmth from her
 angel glow.
12:59 pm April 16, 2014


Lord, wipe the tear
from my eye....
lift the burden
that I
carry inside.

Help me Lord
to stand
against the
strong winds
headed my way.

Give me the strength
to finish what,
so long ago, begin.

I know not what
I will face in my

Whatever it be
I ask you Lord
to keep your hands
on me.
12:32am April 16, 2014

I may stumble
through life
fall every now
and then
but with the help
of my Lord and Savior
I will walk upright
12:08 am April 16, 2014

Be thankful, for this day that
God has made for you.

Today is a step closer
to eternity.

May you be blessed
And in your day find peace.
11:25am April 15, 2014

This world takes mercy
on none.
In the end we all leave
the flesh, to journey on
in the spirit. jt

 Everyone has a page
in the Book of Life
but none ,alone,
can fill the pages for all
the names it contains.

One ,only, has the power
to preserve, or  to burn, his
 own page, in the Book of Life.

Don't live your life for others
Live your life in such a way
as will, make you worthy
on Judgment Day.
11:07am April 15, 2014

 The world is in turmoil
because the spirit
and the flesh
are at war.
A war the flesh
cannot win
because its a war
that's fought from within.
10:53am April 15, 2014

Yesterday, I was overcome
by the human part of me
and suffer in spirit, for it, today.

That's the price to be paid. jt

When hurtful words,
 in anger, are spoken....
Many times, its the heart
of someone dear that
gets broken.
Yesterdays words
can't be unspoken.
I can only regret
saying them, and try
to mend the hearts
that were broken.
Lord, help me not
to use another word
to break another's
I have many things
weighing heavy on my
mind....but that's no
reason to be unkind
to those who have long
filled my world
with love and sunshine.

10:39am April 15, 2014

Messenger From The Sky

Faith is not a sometime
One who talks the talk
must be willing to
walk the walk of trial
and tribulation, with a
willing spirit ,and an
open heart. jt

I know that God is watching
over my life....and tho
I don't understand why
some things happened to me
I know what ever reason
for the tears, the heartache,
the lonely times, I am stronger
in my faith....
I don't understand why, or how,
loving someone can some times
seem to be in vain...... Love is not
a some time thing.
You either love someone or
you do not ....
You cannot love someone one day
and tomorrow take that love away.
There are many degrees of love
but, love in any degree, will love
always be.
10:41pm April 12, 2014

Be watchful....
Seek understanding
and God will give you
eyes to see evil in the day.

Be faithful for one wiser
is in charge of all good and
bad things.

Don't fall victim to your
own rage.

God creates innocence
in the new born babe.

Wise is he who loves
his god more than his own life.

Dreams of power
create the realties of war.
9:24pm April 12, 2013

When one is young
one dreams of many things
but not of growing old.

When one is not young
but is not old
One dreams less about
tomorrows and finding
life's pot of gold.

When one is old
One lives more in the
Spirit-closer to ones soul.
8:41pm April 12, 2014

Dry your tears
let not the world
throw darkness
in your way
with its lying tongues
for words fall
like honey from
the liar lips.
Guard well your soul
test another's words
with your heart...
Dry your tears
and from your faith
stray not.
The liar hates the truth
that lives inside of you.
The liar hates a caring
12:35 am April 12, 2014

If I lose everything worldly
my faith will carry me through
each day.....
For what good are treasures
of silver and gold
that one can't take with them
when they go.......
What good are mansion, fast cars,
and fancy clothes compared to the value
of a man's soul?
12:20am April 12, 2014

The heart that loves
is made stronger
by its caring.

So much love
many hunger for love.

Its as natural for a child
to love as it is for a child
to breathe.....

Nurture the love born
into innocence
and love will never
flee from the heart.

Love heals unseen wounds.

Even the poorest man
has love to give.
11:53am April 7, 2013

One can always find
someone else to blame
for their life's pain...
failures and misfortunes.
In all my years of living
I have learnt first hand,
Life's choices cause the
pain life dishes out...
Failure comes when one
is not prepared for the task,
and being lucky or not
determine ones misfortunes
in life ......
Others are not me
With life comes responsibility.
11:15am April, 2014

There are feelings
of fullness and emptiness
in my life today,
The fullness comes from yesterdays
when life was full of laughter and
The emptiness comes from
a mother's loss
when a child leaves home
for the last time.
10:34am April 7, 2014

Time leaves
its foot prints
on ones heart
and on ones face.

With time
all worldly things
change and return
to the nothingness
it once was.

Time has no power
over spiritual things.

The time we share
with one we love
sometimes is not
long enough.

Time stands still
for none
Not the old...
Not the young.

1:28am April 6, 2014

One day at a time I enter into
Yesterday I have already
lived through. jt

Yesterday's tears have been
dried by the night.
My cries hushed by the reality
that we all are living on borrowed
time and what will be will be.
1:13am April 5, 2014

Love carried you

My child rests inside this casket.....
She had just turned twenty-two
For over twenty years these pictures
were put away- I thought I'd share them
with you for her forty-third birthday.

She was a gentle soul who never allowed
the world to lessen the love she had for her
family......friends, and people she hardly

Many hearts were breaking, and many
tears were cried.......gazing at the casket
with the angel sleeping inside.

How did I survive the heartache of losing
a child? I didn't ...My heart aches every time
I think of the baby who grew into
a caring soul-and how much she loved
life, and how quickly her life came to an

When she was born- people pointed
at us being wheeled into the hospital,
and called her a miracle...... because
God delivered her straight into my arms..
I was the first touch she felt when she
was born.

My lips were the first and the last to kiss
her beautiful angel face.
God, was with me the day she was born
God was with me the day she went away
God, gives me the strength to endure
my heartache, day by day.
9:15pm April 4, 2014

Thank you Lord for this day
and everything in it;
Guide me to do your will, amen....
Make me stronger than I am. jt

Lord, often, I have asked you
To make me stronger than I am.
To make me strong enough to stand
Against the evil and deceit that eats
away at the heart and leads a spirit
to defeat..

Lord, often, I have asked you
To show me the way that
You would have me go. . .
To straighten a crooked mile,
fill a hole in life's bumpy road,
and help me carry a heavy load.

Lord, Thank You, for the angels
you send to me in my time of need.

Many times, Your angel has carried
me when I have fallen, and helped me
to stand, and understand ~ that it is the
spirit in me that makes me stronger
than I am.
11:07am April 2, 2014

 It's hard to write my feelings
this night.....
For there is enough sadness
and sorrow, without
my own.
We each process
the power of being that makes
each of us special.
When we reach out to comfort
another, in his time of need,
good things follow the kind deed.
One moment at a time the night
unfolds on tomorrow.......
2:47am April 2, 2014

Tears will one day
wash the world clean.

Tears cannot form in the
eyes of a heartless man...

Only a caring soul measures
wicked deeds with his tears.

Angels are closest to the broken

Sometimes tears are needed
to clear the way for better things.

May your tears give way
to a brighter day,
and understanding grow
in the trail of tears-we are all,
at times, called to wade.
10:05am March 31, 2014

There is a storm brewing
that shall touch the world
and open man's eyes
to where the enemy of his
soul lie....
And the waters shall come
together with the rain...
Oh, man, prepare for the storm
in the day- Seek shelter
beneath the pulpit of truth, 
clinging tightly to the blade of
For, from the blade of forgiveness
is drawn the power of love.
11:19am March 30, 2014

Many times, as a child
I sing "rain rain go away
come back on another day."
Many times, as a child
I played, in drops of liquid sunshine.
The rain came during the night
leaving a muddy trail behind;
and I awoke to a cloudy day
wishing for the sun to shine.
10:21am March 29,2014

I often feel the moment's
heart beat. jt

When tomorrow comes
and finds me not
but fragments of a loving
and in the place  that
I once filled, there
is an emptiness, and I
am nothing more than
a passing memory
to but one-let the memory
of me fill the emptiness
with peace.
4:02pm March 28,2014

The morning finds me
thinking of you
with a heavy heart
The ones that drink
my life's blood
and are wrapped in
my blanket of love--

And I wonder why after
resting beneath my heart
and sleeping, and awakening,
to my heart beat
you stray far from me.

I cannot, and would not
change who I am
for your love
I will never
cease loving you
you were born a part of me
destined to your own
life's calling.

When you awaken
to each new day
draw close to your heart
those you love, and be thankful
for the time you share;
for with the passing of the years
you will lose so many things.
7:55am March 24, 2014

Beware of believing
everything you hear.
Keep an open heart
to those you do not
We all feel the warmth
of the same sun, and share
the nighttime moon
and stars; we all strive
to find our place in the
We all live ,love and die.
And we all have
at sometime in our life
 drink from life's cup
of heartache and strife.
9:09am March 23, 2014

Everyday, I try to do what
has to be done in the day
Accepting that yesterday
rests in the past where it
belongs......and tomorrow
has no place in my today or my life.
Tomorrows are things to hope on
for when today ,like yesterday,
is gone.
8:43am March 23, 2014

Life is not a simple thing
Living life is like walking
in a maze-
never sure which way to
8:32am March 23, 2014

The time to forget something
is when remembering it hurts. jt

Every time one loses the ability to care
the world loses a piece of its heart. jt

I find as the years
come and go
that no one
gets through life
untouched by

That some just
hide their past
better than others.
and live in a
world of make believe.

Failures and misfortunes
are part of life's reality.

The biggest misfortune
is when...
one let's life's misfortunes
over power their will to
try again.
7:34am March 21, 2014

Life begins with a heartbeat
and a tear...... jt

Today, I felt evil's
detectable heartbeat
beating against the peace.
And was reminded
of how weak and defeated
in life I would be,
without my shield of faith
to protect me.
God, strengthen the spirit
inside of me , stand next to me
and guide me down the road
of peace.
If I fail lift me up
above my failure.
If I weaken
renew the spirit in me.
6:00pm March 20,2014

Many times, I've thought of you
And asked God to comfort
your heart...
and help you through.

Life has a strange way of pulling
the closest hearts a part,
a little every day.

And, sometimes, unintentionally ,
we push those we love away.
1:19am March 20, 2014

Never rush tomorrow
it gets here fast enough.

Life flows always forward
What lay in yesterday
belongs to yesterday.

Experience has a voice
of its own.

Love is never wasted.
Given love is never
thrown away.

Accepting what is
doesn't mean things
can't be changed.

The measure of a man
depends on the man.
10:59am March 17, 2014

  I wish, I could reach out,
take you by the hand
and lead you around
life's troubled ground.
But. Life is a one way
journey that the living
must make....
Each to his on life
Each to their own mistakes.
The secret of life is not to carry
another's burdens
but to help lighten their load.
One cannot truly learn
from another pain, until one
has tasted their tears.
2:23pm March 16, 2014

It's easy, to give up
when things go wrong.
Oftentimes, it's easier
to be weak than it is
to be strong.
Things in life worth loving
are worth fighting for.
Defeat is impossible
when faith leads in battle..
Sometimes caring means
letting go.
2:09pm March 16, 2014

The day is at hand, Lord.
Walk each step with me
Help me to walk upright
and give me the words
that I will need.
9:17 am March 13, 2014

The sun is out, and shinning
brightly, as I ponder the
time drawing near
When, again, I will ask my god
to make me stronger than I am.
10:26am March 12, 2014

The day is a test of a man's faith.
The moment a test of a man's will. jt

Today is filled with hopes and dreams
For a better tomorrow
mixed in with yesterdays sorrow.
Lord, help me sort through the
things that bring my spirit unrest...
Help me not to forget, I am never
alone in sorrow;
that one cannot grow in understanding
when sheltered from life's storms; that
one cannot prepare for life's wars
until one has learned to fight life's battles..
Be strong, for each day is a battle field
and each tomorrow a war
waiting to be fought.
12:54pm March 9, 2014

As surely as I breathe
God's angels watch over me.
If I feel alone it's the
weakness in me---
If tears fall it's the
weakness in me---
If I lose my way in life It's the
 weakness in me ---
It is these weaknesses in me
that testify to my worldly
state of being.
Thank God that my spirit is whole
and even in my weakest times
is strong enough to carry me.
12:13pm March 8, 2014

Lord, this is your day I awaken too
As I strive to service you
Guide me through...
Give me inner eyes to recognize
truth from lies.
Give me strength to overcome
my weaknesses....
Give me patient to move slowly through
the day-too cherish the moments, one
by one, before they fade away.
Lord, give me understanding, and fill
my heart with love as I walk through
this day.
10:39am March 8, 2014

Truth is what all
good men search for.

Truth cannot be otherwise
else it be a lie. jt

A Sinner Forgiven

I once believed, with all my heart
that God would never allow
harm to affect my life; that
as long as I was trying my best
that God's angels would protect me.

Then, one day, that belief shattered
into a million pieces of my heart.
All that I held dear, the values
I had long carried inside got
all mixed up-and I had only
myself to blame.

After that, nothing was the same.
I became my own jury, and judge
and sentenced myself for my sin.

It took a lot of heartache, and
losing, to help me understand
that God didn't let me down
I let myself down.

Not one time did I ever call
out for help was I denied.

I am a sinner, Saved only
by the grace of God.
10:04am March 7, 2014

With each passing day
I find the need to reach out
beyond where I set
to lighten another's burden
and to remind humanity
not to blindly
follow the ways of the world.
We, separately, and jointly,
are nothing more than the
offspring of what once was.
9:15 am March 7, 2014


Long ago, my destiny
took form ,as a babe
wrapped inside my mother's

I know not what lay
before me
the future is not mine to

I only know of yesterday
what life had in store for me.

I know not what tomorrow
will bring, what things life
will ask of me....

I can only pray whatever it be,
that Jesus ,my Lord and Savior
will be walking next to me.
10:28pm March 6, 2014

Truth has a way of finding
its way out from under
the lies, it sometimes gets
buried under.

Truth is often overlooked
by those not looking for
the truth.

Truth can be twisted but
truth can never be turned into
something truth is not.

A good raising is
a poor man's treasure.

A liar defeats himself.

Truth can be hidden for
only a short time
before its light
......on the liar shines.

6:20pm March 6, 2014

"I love you" are words all seek to hear
but often time, to these words,
turn a deaf ear......
Loving someone does not mean
one loses ones ability to love others.
Love is known by the way
love makes one feel.
Love is an endless stream of caring.
Never think to forget loves touch ...
In a moment, love can change
ones lifetime. without them even
knowing it...
Once touched by love,
one's heart never forgets.
12:33pm March 6, 2014

The tears left behind, in ones life time,
have long been dried.

But, the stains from those tears, intertwine
with heart and mind, leave one wanting
for the things that might have been.

Yesterday is gone never to be lived again.

Given time the broken heart will mend
and, the troubled mind shall find peace
from within.

May love, peace, hope, and understanding,
fill your day.

May the troubling times, that lay heavy
on your heart and mind, quickly fade away.

And, may love always fill your heart and
find a place in your day.
12:02pm March 5, 2014

The road to peace
is overshadowed
by war and greed.
Still, it is a road
worthy of the
seekers of peace,
Still, it is a road
that's end has, yet,
to be reached.
10:13am March 4, 2014

When in search of direction
turn inward......For there
you will find the answers
you seek; therein rest
the answers to questions
of war and peace.
The beauty of the outer world
-is determined in the hearts
of you and me.
9:58am March 4, 2013

In this moment
the sun still hides from the day
the day still lay before me
and what will be will be.
Let me wait patiently
as the moments flee
Let me do in each moment
things, from my heart,
that will touch this day with peace.
Let me remember, like yesterday
today will fade away into
a memory.
9:25am March 4, 2014

Happy Birthday, To My Daughter

 Forty-one years ago, today
You passed through my womb
into my arms, and found,
waiting, your place
in my life and in my heart.

Happy Birthday, Sharea
I love you.
8:22pm March 2, 2014

Never worry about
someone giving you love
then taking that love away
Love, real love, lasts longer
than a moment or a day.
Love does not come in parts
and pieces....... or different
shades of gray.
Love is a lasting thing
that all the time in the world
cannot erase.
8:05pm March 2, 2014

One wears many faces
in ones lifetime.
But as many faces
as one wears
ones heart never changes. jt

There are times I have
a tugging at my heart,
a longing to hold
the children that entered
this life through my womb
and tell each of them,
in turn, how complete
each of them have
made this life
for me.

But, as life would have it be,
they have all grown up
and rightfully so,
must learn for themselves
that as mush as one loves
a child- there will come a time
to let that child go.

I cannot hold my
children next to my heart
When I remember
their growing years,
and miss them so.

So... I have placed each of them
in God's loving hands, where
my mother placed me so long ago.
5:17am March 2, 2014

Love doesn't need a reason
to be.....Love just is. jt

Today, my mind is full
and overflowing
with memories of times
gone by.
Times when peace
was always where I was,
at the time.
Times when tears found
their way into my eyes,
and hurt clouded my mind.
How does one forget the
times in ones lifetime
that changed everything
that was?
4:32pm February 23, 2014

If time were mine to seal
I'd steal back
a little more time with you.

During that stolen time
I would hold you close
to my heart, until again
time robbed me of you, the
angel, I once called mine.

I'd steal back every moment,
not one of our moments together
would I leave behind.

I would tell you, how proud
I am to be your mama, and how
sorry I am that I didn't make
more time for me and you.

We would set, me holding you
next to my heart....
until time came, again,
For us to part.

The hardest thing I ever had to do
in my life time, was to let go of you.

But. Time is not mine to steal
You are where all angels go
when it comes their time to leave.

You are an angel, in heaven.....
You earned your wings.......
May you always rest in peace.

No, I can't steal back  time.. But..

I can be thankful, for the time
that was yours and mine.
2:10pm February 23, 2014

I wish, sometimes, that
I could pretend that
life is perfect. But. It's not.
Life is not a state of mind
or a simple state of heart.
Life is a state of being.
By our actions and deeds
we are known- not by
our feelings, or the amount
of love in our heart.
So, cruel perfection alone
would be---so many things
the needing eye would
never see.....
One will not find, perfection
in an imperfect world.
What will be will be...
10:45am February 23, 2014

If I fail to give thanks
for the good and the bad things,
what lessons has living
taught me?

If not for the worry and the woe
Life's upside and life's downside
The darkness that often hides
life's glow

There are so many things
one would never know.
10:26am February 23, 2014

Each day is a new beginning
Put on your shield of faith
and step into it unafraid. jt

Thank you, Lord, for each life I carried inside.
It hurt when you called two of my children home.

It took me a long time  to cope with my loss......
A part of me left this world, the day my babies died.

There were tears.. a lot of tears--- while adjusting
to the empty places in my life; And the void
 their leaving left behind.

I know as much as I will always love them
not a one of them was ever really mine.

The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.

It is never easy letting go of those who carry
a part of your heart with them.

Tho the time we spent together belongs
 to yesterday---

The precious memories our lives made together
will never dull, and can never be  taken away.
7:51pm February 22, 2014

When words don't
come easy
its better to be silent
then unthinkingly
use the wrong words.
A few words from the heart
is better than many words
said, just to have
something to say.
7:19pm February 22, 2014

I have tasted life's bitter side
that broke my heart many times.

I have reached out in total despair
and cried over things I could not
undo, that I wish I had not done.

I  know lonely times
When I felt so alone that I wanted
to die.

I have tasted heartache and sorrow
wish I could change yesterday
into tomorrow.

My life has been filled with the good
and the bad......
That test my very soul.

I thank God every day for every tear
and every bump in life's road.

For it was during the trying times
the love of God worked through
others to lift the burdens- that I learned
the importance of the moment.

It is not what was, that determines what
will be....It is what is.

A single tear has much to teach......

To survive life one must learn
to savor the bitter with the sweet.
7:26am February 22, 2014

The night has faded with the dawn
Day has come - night is gone.

May this day bring you happiness
and peace
May love shelter you from life's storm.

May the sun dry your tears
And God keep you safe
from heartache , worry
and fear.

The night has faded with the dawn
Day has come - night is gone.
7:03am February 22, 2014

Give me not what I seek
Give me what I need.

In my time of need
give me only enough
to meet my need...

For anything else
would be wasted
on me.

When there are so many
with so many needs.

God, you see into
my heart and soul
when my spirit is hungry
you feed me.
6:35am February 22, 2014

All that I am
or hope to be
is wrapped up in me.

If my life comes to an end
and I have not
reached my dream
I will still carry
my dreams
inside of me.

Dreams worth having
are dreams worth
holding on too.

If I have nothing else
in this life
to help me through
I have my dreams
to hang on too.
6:18am February 22, 2014

Tomorrows' hope lives
inside of all who live today. jt

If my life has taught me anything
Let it be, that
There is a purpose, for every tear
For every good and unkind deed
For every heart that breaks
For those who give and those
Who take.
For leaving behind yesterday
and carrying inside (today)
the memories that were made.
10:04pm February 17, 2014

I was raised a poor child
Lacking is worldly things
But my cup of life was far
From being empty.

As a child I learned to
Value the little things
That surrounded me.

The sky above my head
the ground beneath my feet;

A family, a home, lots of love
the things that mattered the
most to me.
9:48pm February 17, 2014

I asked my god to walk with me
to give me strength in the day.

My god 's goodness reached down
and touched me, and
took my weaknesses away.

I asked my god to empower me
with knowledge enough
to help me understand
why some turn and walk away
when they know, in their heart,
help is just a prayer away.

My god brought to my remembrance
how easy it is for one to stray.

I asked my god what can I do
to bring lost sheep into the light

My god lit up the world around me
and breathed love into my night
and said "Its up to each,
 to know wrong from right."
11:45pm February 13, 2013

Let your heart lead and good things
will follow. jt

Only, a foolish man would
value his life above all others.
Two things the rich man and the
poor man have in common
Both are born to live and die.
So much wasted
in the name of "self."
Lord, help me not be selfish
when things don't go my way
let me not forget to be thankful
for the things I have to be thankful
for each day.
9:20pm February 12, 2014

Greed is a never ending
desire to own everything.
A greedy man is never
satisfied with anything in part.
Having too much ,too a greedy man
is like having not enough.
Give a man who is satisfied
with his life a dollar
and he will see himself a dollar
Give a greedy man a dollar and
he'll ask for more.
8:58pm February 12, 2014

We live in a world
where the best of souls
can be led astray.
And, where one thought
to be the worst of man
can be moved by
love's caring hand.
One's ability to care
must be guarded
Else, one day
one stops caring....
and the world reaps
another lost soul.
8:41pm February 12, 2014

When tomorrow comes
Let me enter into the day
unafraid, holding faithfully
to the belief . . .
that right makes might.
Lord, give me the strength
to endure another day
Give me voice
that all who hear take
to heart my words,
and ponder the meaning
of my presence.
Your will be done
in all things....You are
my Savior and my King.
7:57pm February 12, 2014

The road that lay ahead
is shortened by the road
that lay behind. jt

Thank you, Lord,
for giving me
the gift of insight
that allows me
to see beneath what
the eyes can see.

Many times your gift
has helped me find peace
and understanding
in my time of need.

Thank you Lord, for
the moment that is
Thank you, for the love
Your gift has given to me.
1:35pm February 11, 2014

I do not ask for much, from
the world that despises me,
and darkens the light of my

My spirit is not weakened
in the company of the
world and all its greed.
I live each day, thankful,
that God provides for me
in my time of need.

Judge me not, until
our spirits meet.......For,
one cannot rightfully
judge, what ones eyes
cannot see.
12:28pm February 11, 2014

If the day brings tears and sorrow
and your heart is breaking in two...
My heart goes out to you.

None are spared the trying times
and all must taste life's pain...

Heaven deserves only the best
From those who claim to believe
Who are called upon to accept
their heartache as heaven's test...

Be brave, O faithful one, as you
endure life's pain.

For, from your tears of sorrow
All you think is lost, awaits you
In a better tomorrow.
12:pm February 11, 2014

Lord, help me this day
to see behind the darkness
I I strive to follow
the long and narrow line
that in front of me lay.

Open my eyes to the things
you would have me see;
Give my mind and heart
insight to pick the flowers
from the weeds.

Let me walk through the darkness
untouched by evil things
as I strive to find peace
among the turmoil that
awaits me.
11:27am February 11, 2014

Everyday is a test of how
much knowledge has been
acquired in ones lifetime,
and how much wiser a man is
because of that knowledge.

The richest man can buy things
a poor man can only process
in his dreams.

The poorest man's riches
are wrapped up
in heart felt things.
1:18pm February 10, 2014

Bad will always raise up
to cause one tears.
Just as evil will always
build illusions of hate and
for the willing eye to see.

Look not for the worldly
to teach heavenly things.

Trust the heart not to lie.

2:55am February 9, 2014

  Now, I lay me down to sleep
in the comforting arms of love
and peace.....
My shield of faith, that strengthens
me, propped against an angel's wing.
The troubles of the day left behind,
for yesterdays to keep.
2:40am February 9, 2014

With our words we paint
the truest picture of our inner self. jt

When in the day darkness falls
overshadowing your hopes and
dreams ,and your cup of life is
not so sweet......
Remember, faith in a god
one cannot see is the key
to everything.
Even in the darkness,
the love of God can find you.
9:23am February 5, 2014

Somewhere, there will always be
a broken heart for love to heal;
A dream waiting to come true, and
a desire to understand life.
Somewhere, love waits.
9:06am February 5, 2014

After the Rain

The feel of last nights rain
is still in the air I breathe...
As I set on my wooden seat.
What does it mean?
This feeling washing over me?
The traces of rain linger.
Where is the rainbow's
promising kiss
In the dampness of the
morning's mist?
8:56am February 5, 2014

Greed blinds a hungry soul.
Stand firm, always, in thy faith.
Let the heart lead the way. jt

Soon, the day will come
that tries my spirit
and tests my faith.
Lord, let me stand firm
on that day.
I sought the reason why
I wandered alone
in a world that
can never be my home...
soon the reason and I
Shall come face to face
and you shall stand next to me
on that day.
Until that time, prepare my heart
and mind, for the things that
you would have me say.
And let me not lose sight
of the most important things
in this life.
11:21am February 4, 2014

Don't let the world get the best of you
Let the love in your heart stay strong
And every chance you get
pass some of your love on.......

For, what a cold world this would be
if not for the warmth of the love
that passes from heart to heart....

 Love is the key to happiness

and peace....

My love I give to thee.
2:05AM February 4, 2014

In the silence of time
truth overtakes the night,
and the Light shines.
Let those who doubt
turn inward for the secrets
bound up by time.
For, in the shadow of ones spirit
truth waits and destruction bids
the liar "Come," and [truth]
swallows whole-what once was.

February 3, 2014 6:03pm