December 20, 2013   Me in the middle of my two daughters Renee and Katie.

Love lives here!

Christmas Day

It's not what's beneath the
Christmas tree that makes
Christmas time special to
the faithful heart.....
It's the joy of knowing
what Christmas day
truly means.
Christmas day came to be
when in a manger
a child was born
to hang on the cross
and wear a crown of thorns
For you and me.
May your Christmas day be
filled with God's gift of
love and peace.
11:46am December 25, 2013

When Time Come For Us To Part

When the time comes
to shed this worldly form
I pray, my lips fall silent
not until the last ounce
of love in my heart
finds words of comfort
for those I leave behind.

Remember not the times
life pulled us apart.....and
dulled the good memories
with broken hearts.

Remember ,only, that
I lived and died loving you,
When you think of me.
2:06pm December 23, 2013

Many will have barely enough to eat
on Christmas day, as others
gather at tables full and over-flowing
with food bow their heads to pray.

Many will be happy and content just
sharing a cup of love with loved ones,
while others dine, drink fine wine,
and share their Christmas time...

Christ is in Christmas for a reason

10:00am December 23, 2013

 I do not doubt God's love for me
His love embraces me in my
good times, and in my times
of need. jt

O heart of mine, Take the helm
of my life with your love and compassion,
and guide me through life's stormy seas.

For, you have been broken, healed, and
love has made you stronger with time.

With love setting the course of my life's
destiny- I fear not life's stormy seas.
9:29am December 22, 2013

Lord, the day has just begun
The night has lifted on
another race to run.........
Give me the strength and
courage, to overcome
my weaknesses.........
Make me wise enough
to understand that even
on the darkest day
all things unfold according to
God's great plan.
8:55am December 22, 2013

If I fight the good fight
with truth and honesty,
and lose the battle

If I enter an innocent plea
and justice turns a blind eye to me
[tho truth stood behind me ]

I will not accept it as defeat
but as a battle between good and bad
that was meant to be.

It is by the examples we set
that the young learn life lessons
they will never forget.

Let the old lead wisely, the young
follow their wisdom and youth will
grow up to be defenders of truth
and honesty.
11:31am December 21, 2013

I am not seeking advice on
how to change trial date.
I look forward to "my day in court."
I am not an attorney but I fully believe
justice stands behind honesty and truth-
when it is represented by facts.
Defeat is certain only when one fails
to defend his/her rights.
10:47am December 21, 2013
[This was written concerning my
upcoming foreclosure non-jury trial.
I was moved to repost it here.]

The world is filled with wandering souls
lost in the darkness of flesh and bone;
crying out but never heard; destined
to thirst and hunger for peace.
Let not the darkness overtake thee.
9:42pm December 20, 2013


O but would many a heart
be changed, if it knew that
the love it denied
was the love it
had drawn from, in this life.

Remember, that the names
of those one loves are sealed
inside the heart; that

Life has a way of pulling
people a part......

Making them strangers
to the ones they love with
all of their heart.
1:13pm December 20, 2013

Wasted are words that
fall on deaf ears. jt

The spirit inside is never fully broken
its suppressed by the flesh.

Never doubt your life's worth
It was given value at the time of your birth.

Only the 'me' can destroy hopes and dreams.

Believe in your ability to climb life's mountains
and swim in Life's seas. . .

Regardless of the heights and depths life take you
Believe in your ability to succeed.
9:47am December 14, 2013

 A bird is singing outside my window
The roaring of a plane passing by
Quitted its song. And, to my ears
Silence falls.
O the beauty the morning has brought
To capture my eyes, and move my
9:27am December 14, 2013

Life is an endless chain of heart and soul
holding together- the living, the dying,
the dead; the young and the old.
An endless chain of hope and dreams
Where faith increases strength in
the weakest of links.
3:56pm December 13, 2013

Lord, I feel the rising of the tide
a storm blowing in...... You know
my heart; you know my thoughts.

You know where my life is headed.
You know where my life has been.

So. I know you will understand
if I ask for your help again.

With every storm, the waters
take a toll on me.

Help me rise above the waters
high enough to see
beyond the clouds that threaten
to send the rains down on me.

Help me accept the loss of what
the waters wash away.

Prepare me, O Lord, for the tears
and turmoil the storm will surely
bring, without your mighty hand
holding it at bay.
3:07pm December 13, 2013

It's better to be who you are
than to be recreated by another
in to who you are not.

Never let another lead your spirit
to wander where their spirit
has been.

You have a lifetime in which to live
and learn life's lessons in.
2:10pm December 13, 2013

Setting alone
with only my thoughts
to keep me company....
I am content just
being me.

A free spirit
not bound by the worldly.
Cherishing the peace
I find being alone
with only myself
to keep me company.
1:31pm December 13, 2013

Not always will the day be bright,
and only good things come your way.
Some days will be cloudy, and dark
enough, to hide the sun that fills your
Look for the silver lining, when the
day is the darkest; hope for the best
when things seem to be at their worst;
Grasp with your heart faith's truest
meaning; be silent and feel the
presence of God in your life.
1:17am December 10, 2013

No words can I find
No thought worthy
Still, I long to share
Bits and pieces of
my heart, with words
I cannot find.
It's not the words
that inspires me
It's the love inside my
1:02am December 10, 2013

 God hears a tear drop
before it falls....
A song before it's sung
The first breath
before it's taken.....
A prayer said
before it's spoken...
A heart break
before it is broken....
A baby cry
before it's born.
Nothing falls so silently
far or near
That the ears of God
cannot hear.
11:06am December 7, 2013


The journey through life
one makes alone
With others to keep them
company. jt

In the stillness of the moment
love seeks out love's own. jt

Never take those closest to your heart
for granted........
Never miss a chance to hug a loved one.
The words "I love you" mean so much
but, for one reason or another, rarely
are used among the closest of family
and friend.....

Sometimes, we all need to reinforce
knowing we are loved with hearing the
words, "I love you."

Never miss a chance to say
"I love you"..... to those you love......
You may never get the chance again.

8:04am December 6, 2013

My Angel Mother

The first tear that fell
from my eyes
was wiped away by
the hand of another.
Before I learned to crawl
I was carried in the arms
of another.
The first steps I took was
holding on to the hand of
I was born helpless and weak
To protect me from harm God
placed my life in the care of
a guardian angel -who I gave
my first love to, and have
since, called my 'mama.'

The hands of no other
will ever take the place of
the hands of my angel mother
that held me up so many times
and , lovingly, helped me
hold my world together.

7:38am December 6, 2013

I have so much to be thankful for
And I thank God every day
for both, the good and bad times
in my life.

I'm thankful, that God helped me endure
what life sent my way; that he kept his
hand on my life every day; and, that
I got a taste of the tears, that fall
when one makes mistakes.

I am thankful, for the second chances
God gave me time and time again
when I was lost from His Fold and He
reached out His loving hands
and pulled me back in.
8:30AM December 5, 2013

Looking out my window
I can see the Winter marred
The dead flowers barely
hanging on to once green stems,
in a clutter of brown, dried-out
Wintertime! O Wintertime!
You have changed even the color of
the once green leaves, on every tree,
and created brown and golden beauty
with your cold and chilly breeze.
7:52am December 5, 2013

When morning arrives
to replace the night
A page in life turns. jt

It is easier, not to make
some mistakes
than it is to correct them
once they've been made. jt

I once sought a childhood dream
and a life's story with a happy
I once searched for the pot of gold
at the rainbow's end, and for
the luck a four-leaf clover would bring.
My life was, once, filled with thoughts
of reaching the unreachable things.
Oh, the power that an innocent mind
and heart does process-when all things
still lay ahead....and the future still
wears chains.
9:16am December 4, 2013

The thing one seeks
oftentimes loses its
value, once it's found. jt


Lord, a new day is breaking
and I ask that you walk through
it with me.

There is so much loneliness
beyond my realm of things.

I need the peace and quite
I always find beneath an angel's

You are my strength; my heart's

Lift me above my weaknesses
and help me not to stray

As you hold me in the palm
of your hand, and carry me

Thank you, Lord, for opening
my eyes, to see the things
You would have me see.

And, for teaching me how
important it is to
thread through life's waters
more gently.

For you, my Lord, are my world
and my world's very heart beat.
8:10am December 4, 2013

Today, I was touched by yesterdays
memories just long enough to feel
yesterdays love. jt

Life was never intended to be easy.
It's not an easy life that gets one
in heaven's gate.....

It's being faithful to one's god,
and enduring anything, and everything
that comes one's way...Believing
with all your heart, not in the things
that are or the things that have been
but in the things yet to come.

For, a faithful heart may morn
But, it is in the falling down, and
getting back up, that one's faith
is, time and time again, reborn.
12:09am December 1, 2013

If not for the arms that held me
close to another's heart
where ,so many times, I heard love's beat.

If not for the hands of friendship,
so many times, that were offered to me
when my life felt empty....

If not for the love shown to me
in my loneliest times and
times of need......

I would be silent, and my heart
and your heart, would never meet.

The love and caring I received from
others, during my life's journey,
nurtured the caring, for others,
I carry inside of me.
11:42pm November 30, 2013

The spirit in one is the spirit
in all.....but not all spirits
are joined. jt


Today, the devil tempted me
to lose control....
He used the ignorance in man
to venture onto angel- guarded property
Unaware of the eyes watching over
all who share my world with me.

As quickly as I was moved to anger
my faith in God took command
and I realized, that the devil cannot
destroy truth with lies.

I own nothing in this life,
because God gives me all on loan.

If I own nothing, and all is taken
away, I lose nothing, and -still- keep
procession of my soul.

Never forget: God is- always -in control.
10:12pm November 30, 2013

 Take time to spend time
with those closest to your heart.
Never miss a chance to tell them
how much you cherish them in
your life.... Then, if unexpectedly
you have to part-it's easier to let go,
knowing that the last time you said
goodbye, you told them you loved
them (straight from your heart).
Nothing in this life lasts forever
Just as life brought us together
death shall cause us to part.
1:56am November 29, 2013

May the love setting at your table engulf you
as you set down with those at your table
to enjoy the holiday feast.

And, may the number of family members and
friends, sharing this day with you, grow
in numbers and never decrease.

Happy Thanksgiving!

10:46 am November 28, 2013

One is not born wise, knowing, and
understanding all things.

It is from living life, enduring life,
and learning from life that one gains
knowledge about life.

Just knowing about life doesn't
make one wise.

Wisdom is double edged sword
that cuts two ways.

A wise man knows and understands

that all things work according to
 God's Plan.
1:08pm November 27, 2013

When I was in prison, an angel disguised
as a blind girl, with a seeing-eye-dog,
came to visit me.

I have never forgotten her kindness.

She was not able to see my face but she
saw into the heart of me.

That was forty years ago.

I can't remember the angel's name, but,
my heart remembers the warmth from her glow.

This angel, with the seeing-eye-dog,
Touched my life more than she will
ever know.
5:16pm November 26, 2013

What Might Be

I am at a loss for words
that would be of value to another.
My mind is occupied with thoughts
of how I would hold my world together.
Not that my world is falling apart...

I've been blessed with everything
I need.....My needs are met daily.
And my world is filled with lots
of caring hearts.

I know, that God will always make
a way for me; and, that He has the
power to hold back the storm, and
still the ragging sea.

I know, that in this world there are
good, and faithful souls, thirsting
and hungry, who are worse off than me.

Sometimes, like today, God shows me
where the devil is working in my life to
take everything from me.

And, my thoughts turn to pondering
not what is but what might be.
4:41pm November 26, 2013

Manna To My Soul

The sky is the color of an angel's eyes
The air I breathe in is cold......
The sights I see outside my window
are manna to my soul.

A family of quail hurrying, to hide
in the tall brown grass.......

Red flowers dawning the morning
with their beauty......

A pink rose that only my eyes see.

The warmth of the sun outlining
the shadow of the oak trees
as their leaves fall in a wintery breeze.

The sky is the color of an angel's eyes
The air I breathe in is cold......
The sights I see outside my window
are manna to my soul.
9:00am November 25, 2013

A Piece of My Heart

Before you were born,
I carried you inside of me,
beneath my heart.

After you were born
I carried you on my hip,
next to my heart.

Many times, in your life
I held you close to my heart

Now, that you are grown
with babies of your own

Wherever life takes you
A piece of my heart
tags along.
10:29pm November 24, 2013

Love is like a gentle
unseen and unhindered
making itself known-
by its touch. jt.

A man loves his country.

The land holds his heart.

Yet, every day, those who
pledge  allegiance to none-
work to own, and run
them all.

Keep the tradition of thy
fathers, that teach one to
value the things that nurture
a good spirit...

that teaches one from youth,
to respect the old-who once were
the country's keepers; the teachers,
the soldiers; the young parents who
sacrificed for all who would inherit their 
 duties, and benefit from their labor.

Peace among all countries is possible
but only when it evolves naturally.

It can not be forced by the labors
of the wicked.

Let not thy mind and heart be deceived
Every country gives birth to good and
bad seed.
7:57pm November 23, 2013

The wise man never
let's his guard down
when something inside
him feels ill-at-ease. jt


There is a giant that kills
the spirit, with the drawing of tears.
That strips away at a man's very soul-
until there is nothing left.

There is a giant, created by men and
women too, that crushes homes and hearts
that feeds off the dreams of those who,
unaware, become the victims of their greed.

If a man's heart gets broken
love can mend it......
If a man's spirit gets broken
Faith can heal it......
If a man loses his will to fight
he loses the battle before the fight begins.

In our daily lives , in this life, when it
comes to heart and home- fear not the
giant of greed......faith and love are things
the greedy can never own.

Keep faith! Fight the good fight!
Never doubt the power of the smallest stone.
8:04am November 22, 2013

There is only one breath between
living and dying.

Take life not for granted.

To quickly life passes
from the first breath taken
to the last breath. jt

If tomorrow brings me sorrow,
I will wipe away the tears, as I did
in my yesterdays.
If tomorrow my heart should break
I will accept heartache, like the tears,
as being part of being alive....
Just as we are born to die
we are born to cry.
9:54pm November 21, 2013

Sing, O heart of mine
Sing the tune I carry
inside of me....
Sing softly into the breeze
that the winds might carry
love and peace ;and
 those touched by the breeze
might life's greatest gift
Sing of love, O heart of mine
loud enough for the closed ear
to hear.....
Sing, softly, O heart of mine
Sing softly into the breeze
that the winds might carry
love and peace.
9:26pm November 21, 2013

Material riches is the fire
that burns away at a man's soul.
Lost in life's shine is the treasures
belonging to eternity........ that those
with an unending hunger for worldly riches
shall never find.
I cannot imagine an unending desire to process
more than one needs.
Where there is too much there will also be
too little.
6:22pm November 21, 2013

As dark falls over day again
I wonder why the sun so bright
gives way for the stars the night..jt

One of the devil's tools
is his ability to deceive
the weaknesses of the flesh;
and convince one whose live
is filled with love,
that they are alone, and no
one cares.

Evil is as real as the good
that works through man.
10:21am November 17, 2013

In life it's the choices we make
that will, in the end, determine
our fate. jt

What does it matter
what another thinks
about your life?
Life is an individual thing.
Ones thoughts and deeds
is the foundation of ones
daily living.
Waste not your life
on trying to live
someone else's dream.
10:08am November 17,2013

Love can overcome anything. jt

One who looks for the worst
in a man can find it.
Those who search for perfection
will not.....
There are two sides to a man
and the worst side often
hides his heart.
9:51am November 17, 2013

Gazing out my window
to a new day unfolding
My heart is filled with thankfulness
for the many times my life has been

May the warmth from God's love
continue to flow throughout this day
beyond my world to where the faithful
kneel and pray.

Let the love of God flow through the
hearts of men that even the unfaithful
might find love enough to hope again.

For, sometimes life can be cruel
and even a faithful man can get lost
in the maze of life we all walk through.
9:08am November 17, 2013

If your world feels like
its falling in all around you
and you fear the worse
is coming your way, don't
give in to your fear.
Raise high your Shield of Faith,
and pray.
12:29am November 17, 2013

If it were in my power

I would erase all heartache
and pain...

I would mend every broken heart
and they would never break again.

I would destroy hate among men.

But, there is only so much I can do.

From experience, I know that
sometimes God uses one to help another
11:48pm November 16, 2013

The words are hard to find
to share what's in my heart
and on my mind.

Like all the rest, this day
was blessed, and in it I found
the fruits of my labor abound.

Never let disappointment cause
you to lose focus of the most
important things in your life.

Many a heartache awaits those
who take things for granted.

Be thankful, for what you have,
be it plenty, or just enough to
get by on.
Money comes and goes....
Love is never gone.
11:13pm November 16, 3013

The heart that can feel
for a stranger in despair
is worthy of another's love. jt

Lord, Prepare me for the battle
that await me in the morn.

Make me wise enough to overcome,
with truth, the treachery of the evil
that is born.

For, I will be walking in the dark
among an un-seeable enemy.

Make me wise enough to know
when to bend, and when to stand
unmovable, against a just and unjust

Give me the strength and the courage,
That I will need to face and defeat
my enemy.

Lay it on my heart not to judge
but to treat fairly those who
would take my happiness from me.

Lord, when my eyes open to see
another sun... whatever
battles I fought, lost or won,
Let me not doubt, that your will
was done.

3:02pm November 13, 2013

What matters is not what was
What matters is what is....
What was tested our spirit
what is tests what we have
learned. jt

The moment
of truth......
draws nearer...
Fear clouds the
minds of men....
And all that is
will fade away
into the beauty
of nothingness
where all things
7:45am Nov. 2013

Time has no power over
the spirit...Only, on flesh
and bone.

The body will turn to dust
The spirit will live on.....
to nurture the spirits left
behind, as they journey on.

Seek not to process the
temporary that in time
will vanish away.....

Nurture the spirit with
a loving heart
let kindness and compassion
take the lead in each day.
7:33am November 12, 2013

We often search for truths
we already know, unaware......
Not to disprove but to compare
the truths of human existence.
We live- we die- searching
for what the world has
hidden from mortal eye.
This life is nothing more than
another door to enter in to,
live through and reap from its
Do in the day what your heart
leads you to do- seek truth and
righteousness, and to yourself
be truth.
For this life is a battle field,
that the living must all pass
9:46PM November 11, 2013

Lord, I carry a burden that, sometimes,
gets to heavy for me to bear.
I thank you for helping me and for
always being there...

While others may not believe in a god
they cannot see
I know your power. You have shown that
power to me.
For the many times, I have fallen and
you have helped me stand again.....

I want you to know that tho I still carry
my burden it is easier to do......because

In my weakest moments, I have no doubt
that I can always count on you.
9:18pm November 11, 2013

Every day I find
a little more understanding
of this world I call mine.
Oh, if only I had known
the importance of a day
before my world was shattered
and a piece of my heart
was taken away....
I would have said 'I love you"
more often, and spent more
time with you......
I would have made more memories
and filled them with you.....
I would have never took for granted
the time we shared in a day.....
before you were ,in the twinkling
of an eye,  taken away.
9:01pm November 11, 2013

In the dawning of the moment
rests the fullness of our day.

Tomorrows hold the moments we
may never awaken too.

Yesterdays hold the moments we
have already lived through.

The present is the moment we
live in......

Once the moment is gone it will
never be our present again.

Life changes moment by moment
those changes can last forever.

The moment holds our destiny.
Time never stands still.

Tomorrows hold the moments we
may never awaken too.

Yesterdays hold the moments we
have already lived through.

The way you choose to live the
 moment, is up to you.
12:10pm November 9, 2013

My life would be far different
than it is today
If not for all the hearts
that touched my heart
Along life's highway.
It's easy for me to love others
because it was the love
of others that mended and, often,
held my world together.
9:57pm November 8, 2013

The greatest gift one can give
to another is love......
The kind of love that comforts
a heart in morning;
that stills a restless spirit;
and eases a troubled mind.
The kind of love that strengthens
the bond between two hearts
and never tries to force love to be
something that love is not.

The greatest gift one can give is love.
The kind of love that comes straight
from the heart.
9:46pm November 8, 2013

No matter where my life
has taken me
Life never took me
out of love's reach. jt

Nothing can rob you
of my love....
Always, it will be true
Always, it will abide
with you. jt

God is in control
Accept, His will
be done......

Let none doubt
and all believe
that all things work
to the good of
those who believe.

Keep faith
Keep your shield of faith

Never let doubt
get the upper hand
in the day.

7:43am November 7, 2013

Believe in your ability to succeed.
Trying and failing is its on kind
of victory. jt

With each passing day I am drawn
closer to the unknown.

I awaken in the morn in a world
filled with treasures that
none can own.

I lay down at night knowing I might
awaken and find some of the treasure

The treasures I seek to find
at the dawning of the day
don't always shine brightly
for others to see........

The treasure in my world is the
love of those who share my world
with me.

Love cannot be held in the hands
of selfishness-or heated and molded
like silver and gold into a form not
its own.

When the heart of love stops beating
Love lives on.
10:17pm November 3, 2013

Love never needs to love again
Love is forever and a day
Love has a beginning with no end.

There is love and- there is love
And there is love.......

Once you give your love away
A piece of your heart is gone.

You can love many but you can only
love once. jt

Everything in this life is only temporary
I entered the world naked and alone
Bringing with me nothing but my innocence
Which is now gone.
When I leave this world , I will leave alone
Clinging to my faith- I will journey on.
5:12am November 2, 2013

Life is more than what the eyes see.
More than what the hands touch
More than what the mind can conceive.
Life is more than flesh and bone.......
More than a heartbeat........
More than the air we breathe......
Life is more than the "me."
4:47am November 2, 2013

The day stands alone
hindered not by the future
or the past.....

All that's left is the moment
and it slips away so fast.

Let yesterdays bad memories
stay buried in the past..

Make good memories
that will last.

The certainty of the moment
is all we've got.

Be thankful for the day ....

Live your life with heart.
12:08pm November 1, 2013

Setting here
looking out my window
I witness the peace
moving through the trees
and hear the song of innocence
coming from the lips of a child
skipping through the moment's
10:21am November 1, 2013


Picture taken October 28, 2013

When you think you have gone
as far as you can go
and your face and body
are showing life's toll....

When your skin has lost its
youthful glow.........

When your knees get to hurting
and you start walking real slow..

When the years turn your dark
curls gray

And the lines on your face
increase in number each day.....

Try to remember you are not
growing old alone

That at every stage of our life,
there is a set toll; a price all
must pay
if our soul is to get safely
back home, one day.

Thank you God for every thing
that moves me closer to you....
I have faith I can  endure
anything, as long as I have your
angels walking next to me-to
make sure I make it through
on my way back to you.
3:34pm October 28, 2013

My son's birthday is today
It's been thirty-five years
since I chose man over God
and made that mistake.

What a lesson it has been
I lowered my shield of faith
committing my son's fate
to the hands of men.

Only, by the grace of God,
My son is here today.

It breaks my heart ,still,
to know how much he's
suffered, because of my

Don't lower your shield of faith
if you ask God for a miracle

If your heart is heavy burdened
and a loved one's fate
depends on you......
Before you make a fatal mistake.
Ask yourself
"What would Jesus do?"
12:08pm October 28, 2013

Picture taken October 27,2013 ,about 3:15pm

I looked out my window
up into the sky
and many bridges to Heaven
suddenly caught my eye.
Never before had I seen
such a beautiful sight
an endless trail of steps, going upward
the color of the purest white .
4:09pm October 27, 2013

God, guide me to the place
You would have me be.....
Give me insight to see the
dangers that lay before me.
Give me the strength and
the courage-to face and
defeat the enemy.
Make me wiser than my foe
Wherever you want me to be
Let love lead me, and let
your angels not desert me,
In my time of need.
6:21pm October 20, 2013

Sometimes, I just want to run away,
Find an Island of my own
and live out the rest of my days
Watching the sun rise and set
Where sea and sky meet.

I can think of nothing more peaceful
To the ears than the sound of the sea's
heartbeat, while walking in the warm sand
with my bare feet.

Oh, just to find that kind of peace
That comes when one's spirit is free
to wander without worry.

Sometimes, I just want to run away
To a place I have never been,
leaving everyone to live their own lives,
And begin my life again.

But...The here and now is my reality
And in my heart I know, and accept, that
What will be , will be.
5:43pm October 20, 2013

Long have the innocent suffered
at the hands of greedy men
Families made homeless; spirits
bent but never broken. jt

The attack on my world has begin
but little do the attackers know
that truth is waiting at my door
to give there lies a deadly blow.
That their wounds shall be filled
with shame and their own houses
shall fall down around them.
8:41pm October 19, 2013

Lord, I stumbled today
And you caught me again
before I lost my sense of
right and wrong, you touched me
to remember the things
I fought to forget
for so long....
Here I set in a drunken state
no arms to draw me near
no one to hold me
and tell me things will
be alright. Alone, am I
To face the demons I create
if only in my mind.
4:48pm October 19, 2013

Two Americas

I once started writing a story called
"Two Americas".....

It was about a nation divided
much like during the Civil War
The country was split half in two
But only one's  flag was Red, White
and Blue.

It was a story that never got finished
Its pages were tucked away.... with the
thought of writing an ending to the story
one day.

That was back in 1992......... The
beginning of two countries with only
one's flag of Red, White, and Blue.....

After writing the beginning of "Two Americas"
And now watching as the events
I told of ,in my story, today, unfold.........

There is no doubt that We, the American people,
are in a battle to save our country
from the things that would destroy our soul.
8:57pm October 15, 2013

When I worry about the little
things going wrong in my life....
I remind myself that there are
others going through bigger
and worse things in their lives. jt

Keep Faith

Faith has no room for the negative.

What one professes to believe in
is the sum of the man.

God does nothing in part.....
Everything that touches a man's life
must also touch his heart.

Faith has the power to overcome
the negative that life puts into the day.

Love has the power to create a bond
 between a miracle and ones faith.

For a miracle to materialize
Put  the negative away , and truly
believe that God has the power
to perform the miracle-you are about
to receive.

Keep faith... Dry your tears..
for your prayers, through your faith,
like the sound of your beating heart,
has reached God's ears.

6:52pm October 15, 2013

Twenty -six years ago, today
Angels came for my mama
and took her away.

I know she is at peace now
but I still miss her everyday.

If you have a mama whose
smile graces your day
don't miss a chance to tell her
you love her before she goes away.

One can't imagine the heartache
that a mama's dying leaves behind
until the angels come and take her
in the twinkling of an eye, and all
that is left of mama is a memory,
as they wipe their tears away.

I still love and miss my mama
More than words can ever say.
I love you Mama and miss you
more with each passing day.
8;12am October 14, 2013

Lord, this day has found me
wanting in many areas of my life
I need to count my blessing
and stop feeling sorry for me...
I have so much to be thankful for.
I need to stop and remind myself,
that what one sows 0ne will reap.
And, no doubt, I need to give
more thanks to you, than I do,
for always stepping in
to offer a hand, when I needed help
to get me through. Thank You,....
4:35pm October 12, 2013

The saddest thing
my heart has ever known
is being denied by those
who never took the time
to know me... by any name
but mama.. jt

There is a thunder
off in the distance
I can hear-as another
storm in my life
draws near...

God, take my life in your arms
and spare me from another
of life's storms.

For you, and only you
can know what I go through.
No one sees the tears I cry
but you.

God, prepare me for the
pending storm----for I grow
weak from time to time-
and need to feel the safety of
your arms.

I am tired of hiding
from life's rains
and weary from enduring
life's pains.

God, can you please
take the reigns?
3:18pm October 12, 2013

Once there lived
a little girl.....who lived
in a make believe world.

Try as she may-Try as she
might-nothing in her life
seemed to turn out right.

One day the little girl
grew up, and could no longer
pretend it was a perfect
world she was living in...

All of her hopes -All of her dreams
were washed away by reality
as she realized ; tho she
had tried-and loved completely
not all things in life are meant to be.
2:53 pm October 12, 2013

May your life be filled
with love and happiness
May all your tomorrows
be void of sorrows.
May the years bring joy
to your life....
may God keep his
hands on you
through all of your strife.
May all of your tomorrows
from this day forward
be filled with the
togetherness you feel
this day ....and may
the love that is in your hearts
never fade away.
2:41pm October 12, 2013

Worry not! For the wings
of the angel, that was sent
to watch over you.......
cannot be penetrated by
anything but  love..... jt

Which is stronger
love or faith?

Every day, that I awake
I ask God to guide me
through my life's maze.

For, many times I was
lost ,with only my tears
to keep me company

Until the Light of Love
appeared in the maze
dried my tears, and
from the darkness, 
of my life's maze
I was saved.

9:30am October 10, 2013

Our day is not over
until death delivers
eternity to our door.
and our spirit is set free
among the stars
to soar.
9:20am October 10, 2013

There are those who create
beauty for eyes to see
and those who create illusions
of things they want one to believe.

We walk through a world
filled with truths mixed in with

Beware, of the evil that sometimes
appears as a sheep.
9:05am October 10, 2013

Life is a many changing thing
Those who seek a place
in the worldly follow blindly
worldly dreams.

Life only offers a way
we choose the direction
we walk in.....

Life, sweet life, you are
shared by many-
Still, at times you feel
so empty.

What is life, you say?
Life lay beneath the flesh
Life emerges as the outer
fades away.

Live life with heart
as the Light emergres
from the dark.
8:38am October 10, 2013

When one places earthy family
above God...he will weep
much sorrow.
For God, knows the heart of all
and if that heart be true....
The dead cannot rise up
and your memory of the dead
will die with you.
God gives but God takes back too
those we selfishly cling too.
I live my life one day at a time
Through losing those I love-
I have learned, as much as I love,
nothing is mine.
7:18am October 9, 2013

Not always will you find your
journey, through life, an
easy one...
Sometimes your heart will sing
other times your heart will morn.
Sometimes the path will be easy
other times the path will be
a hard one.......
Do in the day what your
heart would have you do......
Walk always the paths that
God places in front of you.
6:59am October 9, 2013

The sky is a little cloudy
The air is a little cold
as another day of my life
slowly unfolds.
Caught in the middle
of yesterdays gone
and tomorrows
that may never come,
I wonder at the things
that have brought me
to this day......
6:18am October 9, 2013

Tears can not bring back the dead
but love can not die.....and for
as long as love lives, I will carry
your memory inside. jt

When one can no long feel
for those whose lives
have been shattered by
injustice..... When one can
no longer shed a tear
for anyone but a chosen few,
lost is his humanity.....

When one stops caring
What is left to live for?

Without the ability to care
mankind would soon disappear
into the nothingness of the
black hole created by the
heartlessness that eats away at
the soul of mankind-
One heart at a time.
11:17pm Oct 5, 2013.

Mama Is Here

Thinking about the mama killed
in Washington D.C., my heart 
Grasps her fear...

"Don't cry baby, everything
is okay, mama is here ."

I can feel the hand of the evil
reaching out for her, as men,
sworn to protect the innocent,
with guns in hand, draw near.

"It's ok baby. It's ok, mama
is here."

And my heart feels her pain, and
her fear.

My heart is heavy laden, as her death
draws near, and she whispers,
just loud enough for her baby to hear,
wiping away her tears:

"Don't cry baby....Mama loves you.
Mama is here."

Written in Memory of Miriam Carey. [R.I.P]
10:00am October 5, 2013

And when the time is near
certain things must come
to pass before eternity

Worry not; for angels shall
line the heavens and watch
over every good soul.
4:01pm October 4, 2013

When anger sets at the helm
unrest can be found
stirring the waters. jt

Egos At Play

My dad is bigger than your dad...
My mom is prettier than you mom..
My car is shinier than your car....
On and on-- goes ego's star.

Today, egos, in the world of politics,
are at play.
Like children bickering over who's
ball is the biggest---- childlessness
rules the day..

Oh, how needed is one with courage
enough to step in between
and, remind these adult-children----

That all the picking, and name calling
in the world won't change a thing.

The USA is in a mess today, and getting
worse day by day- as the President ,and Congress
of  the greatest country on earth, let's ego dictate
what is and what is not the American way.

Lord, the USA and its people, those who
have long relied on you to put truth and right
back into play- truly, are in need of
your wisdom and guidance for all those
who let ego and bitterness rule in the day.

3:17pm October 4, 2013

May my loved ones rest in peace
and their angels continue on
to walk with me. jt

There may not be a place for me
to enter into another tomorrow...
Today I could come face to face
with my destiny.....
And what would matter yesterday's
Live in the day...Be thankful
For the moment.
There is no guarantee that
any of us will awake to another
12:44pm September 29, 2013

Long ago, God touched my life
Knowing in the flesh I was weak
God touched my soul and gave
me inner strength.
While, it would be nice to be
 loved just for being me - I accept
 the place in this life that God
created just for me to be.
12:31pm September 29, 2013

It's ok that you have shut me out of your life
I wish you peace in your time of strife.
It's ok that you feel I don't matter anymore,
I wish for only good things to enter at your door.
It's ok that you deny me before your chosen
friends and family.....
I wish for you and your house the Light of God
to always shine brightly.
It's ok for you to judge me, if it brings you peace.
12:10pm September 29, 2013

The Lessons Learned

Let not what is over and done
keep you from doing in the day
the things that you need to do
that will bring peace and happiness
to you.

Let not what can never be again
shadow the moment you live in
or haunt your dreams.

Life is unfolding, as it was meant too.
The way you choose to live life
is up to you...

You can let yesterdays eat your
spirit alive.....
Or you can lift up your shield of faith
and walk safely through life.

None but you have control of the choices
you make.....

We all are born to make mistakes.

It is the lessons that we learn
when we fall down and get up again
that controls our fate.
10:43am September 28, 2013

I awoke to a gentle falling rain
knocking on my roof.
A comforting rain, without thunder
or lightening strikes....So gentle,
the rain, that the leaves on the trees
sway with delight, as my eyes beheld
the splendor of earth's nature
and heaven's rain.......following the
9:16am September 28, 2013

A Letter to God

God, the sun is shinning today
and, tho the clouds in my heart
are filled with tears ,I want to thank you
for never deserting me through the years.

It hasn't been easy living under the shadow
of my past; there were times, I felt
I deserved all the bad things I
was going through....

And, tho my heart was breaking, I would
pretend not to feel the pain .

It didn't matter that people shut me out;
I figured, I deserved the loneliness, and the
tears I cried when no one was there.

Many times, I wanted someone to share my
burdens with me....many times that wasn't to be.

You God were the only one who saw my need
and at the lowest points in my lifetime
You sent your only begotten son to comfort me.

God, I never asked you why my life was like it was-
 both full and empty at the same time...

Or why my cup of life was filled with the bitter
and the sweet.

I never questioned your right to steer my life's

As a child, I grew to love you with all my
heart ..... and never doubted  your love for me.

I want you to know, I'm not sorry I gave my heart
to you...

and, I know, no matter what lay ahead, I won't be
going through it alone;
I'll have your son Jesus to lean on and help me

Thank you God- for loving me and being there for me
Throughout my lifetime in my time of need.
10:40am September 27, 2013

Guardian Angels

When we are born
an angel is sent below
to cover our life with
angel wings and watch
over us as we grow.

We can't see our angel
following us around
during the day, or guarding
us while we sleep at night
wherever we lay.

We just have a knowing that
our angel is there protecting
us from bad things-
covering us with her angel
11:11pm September 26, 2013

Alone, I walked with Jesus
In the waters of my death
Not missing what I left behind
Longing for what lay ahead.
10:43pm September 26, 2013

The First Warning

The world is on a collision course
with its destiny........And the evil
tremble at the things they cannot

Wake, thy sleeping spirits, take up
your Shields of Faith.....For the day
draws near when choices must
be made.

And the few shall condemn the many
to  times foretold long ago,
of the struggle between evil and good
to own the heart beat of every wondering

Cut off the voice of reason will be
as mankind struggles to hold back
the winds of destiny.

Oh, how blindly, the sheep to slaughter
follow after the worldly.

Left unguarded, their very soul
that cries out in its time of need-
as on the alter of eternity
it burns and bleeds.

Heed the cries ,oh, faithful ones
for their cries are the first warning
to take cover from this world
final storm.
5:49pm September 26, 2013

Note: I write what comes from within me,
for those with inner eyes to read and

Yesterday's life- pains can only hurt you today
if you let them.

This is a new day to be thankful for all things.
To open your heart and let Jesus take the helm.

Nothing is impossible for those who truly
believe in Him. jt

My home is where my god
would have me be
Regardless of what I want,
My god gives me what I need. jt

Note: From time to time I will make
a plaque from one of my thoughts.

Lord, I hear the cries of hate
mixed with despair......
And my eyes release a
stream of tears-for the pain
another must bear.

For the lost shall cry out
and curse their life giver
and the raft of God shall
strike their heart dead.

For, love don't live there
3:55pm September 24, 2013

Today I awoke to a gentle rain
washing the dust from everything.

The air that I breathe has been
washed clean, by God's gentle

And, through the clouds ,I see, the
Light from heaven, smiling down on

9:24AM September 24, 2013

What would you have me do, Lord?
My life belongs to you....

Open the doors here on earth
that you would have me walk

What would you have me do ,Lord,
What would you have me do?
8:49am September 24, 2013

Open Your Heart

So many times I have fallen
to depths of hell here on earth
that many have been spared.

I have walked through hell holding
my shield of faith, and always,
Jesus was there.

My journey through life has not
always been an easy one...

Much of my suffering and pain
I brought on myself.... because
I was lost in spirit, and my heart
was torn.

My spirit was beaten down, many times.
But never did Jesus give up on me
not even when I gave up on myself.

Never! No! Never!

Never did I awaken in a day and not find
the arms of forgiveness reaching out to me.

If you, too, are walking through hell
here on earth- you are not walking alone.

Jesus is walking next to you and
is always ready to take your hand
put out life's burning flames, and walk
through this world with you.

But.... You see, before Jesus can help you
you must open your heart and let him
12:36pm September 23, 2013

 An Uncross- Able Bridge

Long, I  sought the path
that would take me to heaven's gate
where loved one wait, and
found the path hidden deep inside
of me........

Trust your heart to lead the way
to where loved ones wait to welcome
you in .

For, the world is but an empty place
we wonder through seeking what is
not in it.

The answers to all things rests inside
of you....
Always, to God and your faith be true.

The time shall come when the Gates of
Heaven shall open wide-----
The heart is the key to getting inside.

The heartless may rule in this world
but at Heaven's Gate-entrance-
shall be denied.

Wasted is a day without the kind of love
that builds an uncross- able bridge
to heaven above that, can only be crossed
by love.

9:24am September 23, 2013

Where Faith Lives

Faith is the key to all things
Where faith lives, God reigns.
Where God reigns - possible
are all things.

I live by faith, everyday..
When I rise up in the morn, my
faith is reborn.

When I lay down at night, with
my faith sharing my bed with me.
I sleep, peacefully.

Keep faith-and God will make
a way for you in the day.....

God has the power to bring us
to our knees or raise us up to
bigger and better things.

Faith is the key to all things
Where faith lives, God reigns.
Where God reigns - possible
are all things.

1:40pm September 22, 2013

The world can take it all from me
leave me nothing but my tears
and I will still stand proudly
Holding my shield of faith
for all, the rich and the poor, to see.
For many great things have come
to those who lost everything....
but their faith.
10:41am September22, 2013

The day has brought me
happy tears....
Tears that fall when
you find an old letter
that you tucked away
that says
"Mommy, I love you. You mean
the world to me."

My god always gives me
what I need-----at the time
I need it.
Thank you God for the little things
that means so much
to my heart.
10:22am September 22, 2013

None will walk through this life
untouched by its tears.
The most innocent will cry
at the happiest of times
while standing strong against
life's winds.

Be they tears of happiness or
Tears of sorrow,
the tears will fall from
every eye, until the last
9:09am September 22, 2013

Today the sun shine down on me
and I realized
I had strayed from the path that
I had been called to walk....
Instead of sharing my thoughts
I am guilty of pushing
my own beliefs.
Silent now my heart must be...
for I am unworthy of the gift
my god has given me.... jt

2:38pm September 21, 2013

The Birth of Unconditional Love

My Mama was there for me
at a time none other could be
When inside her womb she
carried me....

Her heart beat singing me to sleep
as I lay safe against her heart
She nurtured me with her life's blood,
and blanked me with her love.

When the time came for us to part......
into her waiting arms, her pain and
tears washed me out from beneath her

I love you Mama, with all my heart...
Thank you, for loving me unconditionally.

9:30am September 21, 2013

Thank you, Jesus

Jesus, I come to you today in prayer
to thank you for always being there
when my heart was breaking and none
other seemed to care.

Thank you, for the times that you
hurried to my side, and saved me
from myself....when I hurt so bad
I wanted to die.

Thank you for the many cups of
understanding you poured for me
in my time of need.

Thank you, for being there for me
to lean on when I was to weak
to make it on my own.

Thank you, for the many blessing
you continue to send my way....

And, Thank you, Jesus, for watching
over my loved ones every day.

You, my Lord and Savior, make life
bearable- when in this world's
darkness  I sometimes lose my way.

9:50am September 20, 2013

We Are ~ Who We Are

We are who we are
No one can change
That fact.

You may not like:

Who I am
How I dress...
How I speak ...
How I think ...
Things I do ...

But, my life does
Not evolve around you.

I dress for me ...
I speak for me ...
I think for me ...
I do for me ...

We are ~ who we are.

No one can change
That fact.

Pretending to be
Who you are not
Will, eventually,
Kill your spirit
And break your
12:02pm September 19, 2013

If you are not fighting the devil every day
you must be doing something wrong.....
For, you see, the devil only attacks
good people, while leaving the sinner alone. jt

The saddest thing about life
is living it without all the
people you love being a part
of it.

Many choose to leave our side
As life would have it be.

Others choose to stay by our
side, and ,given a choice, would
never leave.

Some, not by choice, leave our
side to live imbedded in our
heart- as a cherished memory.

The dead leave all choices
behind....Things in
this life are left for the
living to decide.

1:56pm September 18, 2013

There is no one perfect
in this world.

No one who hasn't said
an unkind word in anger
or looked for the worst
in a stranger.

No one who hasn't told
a lie or caused another
to cry.

No one who hasn't turned
to their god, for help
and promised to sin no

There is no one perfect
Except he who knocks on
the heart's door.

No one perfect lives in
this world anymore.

Perfection hung on the
cross at Calvary....
When Jesus Christ died
for me, and all who
11:12pm September 17, 2013

By The Road Side

A bit of my heart rests
by the roadside....where
you took your first step
on the staircase, that took
you to Heaven 's Gate.

I want you to know, my
angel daughter, having you
as my child, for a little while,
was a blessing, I shall always
be thankful for.

When you took your first step
up the staircase, I could picture
the smile on my mother's face...
As you entered heaven's gate..

Oh, how happy, the angels
must have been ,at the site
of you, walking up heaven's
staircase-with that beautiful
smile on your face.

If you look out heaven's window
and see me crying down here
below-from time to time ....
It's tears of happiness- remembering
the time, on earth-When I called
an angel mine...
8:33pm September 16, 2013

There is a storm standing off
in the distance,
Held back only by the loving
arms of Jesus, that threatens
to pour its thunder and raging
waters over my very heart beat.

Lord, thank you, for living and
dying on the cross for me....

Thank you for the love and the
many times you sheltered me from
life's storms....

And thank you, Lord, for the peace
and comfort, I -always- find inside
your loving arms.

If the storm seeks to destroy my soul,
I will not fear.
I will put my faith in thee,
Who has the power to save my soul and
wipe away all my tears.
3:13pm September 16, 2013

Life is not always as prefect as I
would like life to be...

And, sometimes, life's  imperfections
take a toll on the heart inside of me.

These are the times that test my soul,
and  if my faith in my god
is true.

These are the times that I  kneel
 in prayer-in spirit, and ask my friend Jesus
to hold me up-until I make it through.

The world is not perfect, nor can it be-
as long as imperfection lives
inside of me.

Seek and yea shall find in your time
of outer need that, through Jesus Christ,
One can find inner peace.
1:14pm September 15, 2013

Age is as much a matter of heart ,
as it is a matter of time. jt

Would you still love God today-if
he decided to take your child away?
My life does not evolve around family
and/or friends.
God is number one in my life.
God's son ,Jesus, is my dearest friend...
God gives and God takes away
someone's much loved child every day.
Make peace with yourself and God-and
all else will fall into place.
11:55am September 14, 2013

Worry not about what others
think of you....

Just live the best you can
Try not to bend to the whims
of others~ but, never refuse
to give another a helping

This world is full of lost
souls, who stand at the crossing
of the roads......

Worry not about the direction
they will take or the choices in
life that they will make.

Hold high your shield of faith
and choose, wisely, the road that
you will take.
2:45pm September 13, 2013

Every day is a test of ones faith
Sometimes a day brings, with it,
lots of pain and heartache; and
when the day is done, things we
often wish we could fall asleep
and forget.....

Sometimes a day brings , with it,
peace and happiness; and
when the day comes to its end,
we lay our head on our pillow,
give thanks, and wish we could
live the day again.

Sometimes a day seems to drag by
Other days, days just seem to fly by.

This day is all we've got, and it
holds no promise of a tomorrow...
Hold tightly to your faith, and
live each day with heart.
2:54am September 13, 2013

The night is still, and the silence
is filled with my thoughts.....

Thoughts about life, and how
fast life flies by......

Thoughts about love and how love
affects my life....

Thoughts about death, and those who
have taken the journey home;

and how their lives affected my life,
and how their leaving still affects
my life.

In the silence, alone with my thoughts,
many things come to mind that moves
my eyes to tears, and my heart to
remember both

~the full and empty years.

2:26am September 13, 2013

We enter the world, alone.
We leave the world, alone. jt

May yesterday's tears wash away
all of your sorrows, in all of your

May yesterday's heartaches mend
safely in the arms of love today.

May your cup of happiness be always
filled with peace and love

And, may you find a peaceful sleep,
waiting for you, wherever your head
lay ~ at the end of your day.

12:07 pm September 10, 2013

Walk through life
one day at a time
wasting not the
For, the day holds
your hopes and
but in the moment
in your hands
rests your
7:46am September 10, 2013

God, it seems, here lately,
I'm been asking you ,quit a lot,
if you would help me make it
through something that was
burdening my heart....

I know my heart would have
broken in two, if it had not
been for you...

And your never-ending love,
 giving me the strength
 and the courage, to rise
above my heartache, and do
 the things I needed to do.

Thank you, God, I want you
to know, my life is made so much
brighter, because in each day,
I know, I can find you.

6:23pm September 9, 2013

The roads of life are unpredictable
Sometimes they take us down a
road we don't want to go..........

Sometimes, the road takes us to
places where demons take a toll;
and angels walk with us to save
our soul.

The roads of life for some are few
For others the roads are many.

Whichever road life takes you down
be prepared to stumble and fall
for on life's roads, good and bad
experiences--- happens to us all.
12:33am September 8, 2013

The maple tree stands gracefully
as a gentle breeze, playfully,
moves in and out
threading itself, invisibly
into the branches of its green leaves.
10:12am September 8, 2013

I looked outside today
and saw the weeds
smothering out the

The vine that for so long
gave me privacy
from the outside world
laying, rail and all,
on the ground......

Birds and butterflies
happily Playing
all around.....

Found hope in the day
among the weeds and the
wood's decay.....

Sought my god's ear
and gave thanks for the
things in my day.
10:50am September 7, 2013

I may not know where I will be
tomorrow but I know where
I stand this day. jt

As I set here thinking about
those who were for so long
apart of my life; but who are
now gone.....

I pray, they overcome the past
and are thankful for the things
in their day.

That they give thought to life,
considering all things, with
their hearts.

I will always love each of you.

No matter where your lives
take you.....

remember that, living in this life
you need more than friends and
family- to get you to heaven's gate,
where your loved ones wait.

My god comes second to none
in this life time.

I would sacrifice all for Him
who gives me the strength to endue
this life, when my heart pours out
its tears.

I wish each of you love, understanding
and happiness....

For, you see, even in the worst of times,
I know, without a doubt, my life is blessed.
8:26pm September 6, 2013

A mother doesn't stop being
the mother because her children
grows up.

For every things she does
the same rule applies...
"I'm the mama that's why."
7:52pm September 6, 2013

When your mind is troubled
your heart is heavy
and it's hard to hold back
the tears...
Do what you can, with
what you have, then, let
things be.
For, the smallest trouble
can get mighty heavy
when worry is allow
to run free.
9:39pm September 5, 2013


Today, my soul was tested
and my god, reached out
to me-in my thoughts, and
memory and filled my every

For, through my tears
I sought understanding
with all my heart;

Through my pain I sought
comfort and reassurance
that things would be alright

And felt love and comfort,
once more, filling my world
to its brim.

I am weak, in this world
standing alone.....
My god is my strength, and
my courage, when I can't
make it on my own.

8:46pm September 5, 2013

 May my sorrow bring you joy
and my memory flee far from
your door..... For, when you
are old, it is sweet memories
that you shall turn to for
comfort.... or bitter memories
you shall seek to forget, that
shall torment your soul.

If my tears be your cup of joy
and my pain the manner you seek
Come Sup at my table-and let
your appetite be satisfied.

For, only then can you know
that my tears are not for me;
they are shed -for those who
 betray a mother's heart.

8:13 pm September 5, 2013

Lord, I know your power
you have been with me
my whole life through...

I ask you Lord to reach
out your hand to those
who have turned their
backs on you.....

Touch the hearts of
the broken hearted.....

The way you once
touched mine .......

My Lord and my Dearest Friend,
Give them understanding
and the strength
to raise their shield of
faith again
10:58pm September 4, 2013

I cannot change my past
or would I if I could.
I followed my heart
in all things-and it brought
me to this day.
10:32pm September 4, 2013

Every thing has its place in life
Its time-its purpose for touching
our life.....
A tear falling from the eye, a star
falls from the sky, are as natural
as rain falling from heaven
and love pouring our from ones heart.
10:19pm September 4, 2013

I used to cry about a lot of things

Still do cry, about some things....

The things I stopped crying over
are the things in my life, I cannot

The things I do cry over
are the things that deserve my tears.
9:58pm September 4, 2013

Today, the sun touched my world
with its warmth......and peace
replaced the threatening storm.
9:50pm September 4, 2013

Those who survive the tides of life
~will swim in peaceful seas. jt

Release the tears and let them flow
into the river of faith and hope.- jt

I was lost and losing control
tho, none knew, but me.....

I was in a spiritual war
to save my soul..........

And those things that meant
the world to me.....

It was hard just getting by.
Only I could see the evil
in my life ... seeking to
destroy me.

That had so many times made
me cry.

Time and time again, my faith
was tested.....and bits and piece
of my world slipped away......

never to return - or - be replaced.
4:02pm September 1, 2013

Beneath my bosom, I carried you next to my heart
We shared all that I am-before you were born.
How can it be, now, that you have forgotten my
heart beating next to yours?
3:43pm September 1, 2013

The eyes that sleep
see not, that
they are dead. jt

Like sheep to slaughter
men follow..... jt

Today, I found unrest in my spirit
that I did not understand.
My heart was heavy burdened
and worry lay ten-fold on my mind.
Then, I was reminded, by a memory,
of the importance of taking one
day at a time.
Each day is a beginning and
an end ,in itself.
Nurture the best things in a day
and tomorrow shall feed on your faith.
3:15pm September 1, 2013

We Won't Forget 911

Let every American give thought to America's
First look at blood, smoke, and tears mingling
together on It's streets . . .and the feeling
 of horror, which changed into  a picture
 of strength.

In accordance with the promise made by
the first Americans, to always stand ready
to defend our homeland, to fight, and to die,
if need be, to keep America free.

Let us as Americans, with American hearted blood
running through our veins; give rise to the American

As, together, we proclaim, to the rest of the
world, and to the families that have wept
since ....

"We Won't Forget!"
12:04 September 1, 2013

Name one thought
that has never been thought.

One word that has never
been spoken......

One heart that's never been

Name one time there wasn't
poor living among the wealthy...

Or, bad traits abiding with the good
in one.......

Name one who entered this world
without being born......

We entered this world through
a woman's womb and were given
free will----

From the moment our flesh was born
It was destined to decay and fade away,
or, to be returned-sometimes, much to soon,
to where the journey of life begin.

Name one who has never wept over the
grave of a loved one.....

Life's journey takes one from beginning
to end, back to where life begin.

4:51pm August 31, 2013

I shall weather life's storms
whatever they may be.....
and give thanks always
for whatever portion of life,
my god sends to me.
4:20pm August 31, 2013

Looking out my window
at the weeds over taking
Everything....I see flowers
in full bloom....and,
off in a distance,
a storm brewing.
4:08pm August 31, 2013

When your heart is breaking
and you think nothing
will ever bring joy to your
heart again; When you think
you've come to your end.....

Remember back to the time
arms , waiting to hold you,
  were easy to find.

When you think pretending not to
 feel  will take away your pain....

Remember back, to when
it was easier just to be who
you were...... because, in
your heart you knew you
were loved.

Don't let life break and mold you
into who you are not....

Remember back, to when your
life was filled with meaning
and with so much  heart.

Don't let life destroy the best
part of you.....

Cling, tightly, to the memories
of those good days, when life
was easier to get through....

Remember back, to when
 loving self and others was
 a natural part of you.

1:19am August 29, 2013

Never take life for granted
When you wakeup in
the morning
take time to ,just look around.
and count your blessings.

If, you have someone who's there
for you-when your heart needs
a taste of love.... That's one...
But, 0nly, if that love is true.

If, you can find a reason to smile
at the beginning of a day
That's a blessing.............
That's number two.

And, if you awaken to the day
and find your faith, in your god,
is getting stronger -and there is
nothing you need in the day

This is the blessing where all
other blessings lay.
4:52am August 27, 2013

Do not judge ,to quickly,
the stranger. jt

I know my life may not be what many
would consider normal
but what they view as un-normal is
a way of life for me.....

I choose not to live my life for
others ...

I will always be here when I am needed
but I will not venture out to be apart of
worlds I no longer fit into.

I survived my life because strangers
helped my wounds to heal.....

I no longer pretend everything is perfect
in my life-pretending carries a high
price tag......

I pretended to be strong, for so long
that people really thought that I didn't
need anyone.

It's a horrible feeling to be judged
by those who should know you better than

I accept, that I am different
in many ways...but during everything in
my life, I managed to hold on to my
ability to care beyond myself.

And, I owe that, to never losing my faith
in my god.
1:01am August 25, 2013

The butterflies have returned
to drink from the flowers outside
to create peaceful scenes for me
to gaze on......
Have you ever watched a butterfly
during a gentle rain, setting on
a green leaf, waiting for the rain
to pass?
Their wings are folded together
much like hands fold in prayer.
12:27am August 25, 2013

Tho this day has moved me to tears
after I said I would cry no more.

I realize that tears will always
be apart of my life; that there will
always be a tugging on my heart; and
an empty feeling inside....
and more tears will fall
.that I won't be able to hide.

God, you alone make my life bearable
And, I thank you, for the lessons
you teach me ....
Every time I start feeling sorry for
myself, and trip over a hurtful
9:59pm August 24, 2013

May your day be filled
with good friends who
love you for being you.

May your day be filled
with happiness and cheer
as the day passes and
nighttime grows near.

May your day and night
be filled with God's love
as angels watch over you
from Heaven's window
up above.

8:53am August 24, 2013

Everything has its season
its purpose ..and its
reason. jt

God, gave me many blessings
in the form of the babies
he placed in my care....

I took care of them for
as long as I thought
they wanted me there.

When my god called
the first baby home
I just knew my heart
would break in two;

I survived, only because
God was there for me
to lean on.....

When my god called
in his second loan....

I couldn't cry -it hurt me so,
to have to let her go...

I felt so empty
and alone....
and again my god
wrapped his arms around me

and called to my remembrance
All the reason I had left
to journey on.

It took all I could do to
 be strong-and pretend
for the sake of the other babies
that things would be alright-

when the truth was, in my heart
I knew- if not for my God
holding me up, I'd
never make it through.

It is the hardest thing I've
ever had to do.
10:10pm August 23, 2013

The thunder is roaring
like a hungry lion
stalking its pray.
As I set here safe inside
hidden away.

Roar thunder, roar
as loud as you can
create your lightening
bolts too.....

For I am safe inside my
house, and my shield of faith
stands between me and you.
Roar thunder, Roar.....!
12:56pm August 23, 2013

Love is the, only, weapon
that can defeat hate. jt

Each day holds miracles unfolding
right before our eyes;

Wishes that flower into reality
Wishes asked for, not yet received.

Endless love circling around
In a world where love shines
tho, love for some is never found.

Each day contains the reflection
of a past; that pulls us back
to toy with our heart;  before
revealing to the eyes, that
can see, traces of blood and
tears....... staining the glass
of reality.
8:23am August 23, 2013

I feel so lost and all alone
But I know things will
get better, if I can just
find the strength to go on,
And, weather the storm
until its gone.
1:19am August 23, 2013

I am a stranger passing through
a world gone astray..... yet, my
heart often weeps, for those
I do not know- because they
are blinded by the worldly-
and in their own darkness....
are so easily being deceived.
7:16pm August 22, 2013

If you were born
you were born
to, at times,
feel like you have
the weigh of the world
on your shoulders.

Then, at some point
in your life you realize
your tears had been few,
compared to the tears,
that others, have cried.

With each new day
somewhere someone is drying
 their tears away...

Someone some where's cup of life
is full; and somewhere someone's
cup of life is almost gone.

Many have gotten lost
on their way back home
and have forgotten- or,
just never learned, that

The one who seems to have lest
of everything . . .
is-oftentimes- the one in
procession of, the most
important thing: faith .

6:40pm August 22, 2013

Hold close to your heart
the sweetest memories of
yesteryears . . .

For, tomorrow, they may be
all you have to comfort your soul
 and dry your tears.

Give thanks, always,
for the things in your day..

For, tomorrow may bring
life - storms that takes
everything away
4:45pm August 22, 2013

Today, I searched for answers
and found insight into a world
of tears.

I pray that my god will guide
me down the path of righteousness
and truth; and

That for every tear that falls
from the eyes of the helpless,

That by the hands of justice
evil shall be chained-up, with
the lies from its own lips...

And the eyes of the faithful
shall be forever dried.

Guide me, my god, to see where
the evil does hide.

Bless those who sacrifice
for your higher good.

And , my god, please, give me the
courage I need- to stand against
the tide.
1:33pm August 21, 2013

Today the sun outshine
the clouds that hung
over my heart.

And my god reminded me,
through one I love dearly,
That what comes tomorrow,
whatever it maybe,

Does not affect this day.

Live and love, before the time,
you have, slips-silently- away.

One can do no more,
than do the best they can
day by day.
12:10am August 21, 2013

Let silent lay words of anger
Let ,unmoving, rest the hand
of disobedience . . .

Let words of love fall from
lips of understanding;
and good things rise up
from busy hands.
11:57am August 20, 2013

Believe with your heart
what the eyes cannot see
for the heart is the gateway
to the soul - and - eternity.

Wipe away your tears
This day
With the hand towel
of your faith.
11:46am August 19, 2013

You Are Special

Anyone can be a copycat
but only one can be you.

The thing about being who you are
is that nobody can be you but you.

10:52am August 19, 2013

No one knows, but me and my god,
the thoughts that go through my head;
Who the love in my heart belongs too;
The price I've paid in life to survive
one day at a time . . .
Just too make it through.
10:42 am August 19, 2013

My days are not always easy
the sun doesn't shine in my life
all the time.....
And, sometimes, I feel lost and
lonely ,too.

But, deep down inside of me
I know my god knows my heart
and that He'll always see me

In my lifetime, I've cried a million
tears, and my god has lifted the
covers of confusion from me, more
times than I can count.

I know, a million times over,
if I ask him ;
Because He knows my heart,
He'd lift the cover of confusion
from me again.
12:31am August 19, 2013

Sometimes, life takes an unexpected turn
And for awhile a blanket of confusion
covers the days, and brings sleepless

Sometimes, one's faith is tested so, that 
life itself seems to have lost it's glow.

These are the times that test the soul.

If your life takes an unexpected turn
and a blanket of confusion covers your
days and robs you of your sleep at night;

Don't given in to fear and worry
Wipe away your tears. . .

Reach down deep inside of you; reclaim
your Shield of Faith, and ask your god
to guide you through the dark time-
and take the blanket of confusion off
of you.

God has the power to heal you

and brighten your days again.

All He asks  for, in return,
is that you put you faith and trust
in Him..
12:01am August 19, 2013

Without a cause there is no solution. jt

Things come together
when you put them
in order. jt

Add to world peace by adding to the peace
that is in your part of the world. jt

One can no more control the heart-
than they can the rain. jt

In lonely times
draw from a memory
of better times.

In times when the heart
is breaking....

Draw from A memory
of when love was yours
for the taking.

In times of total despair
When you need help to
see you through,

Draw from the well
of living water
that nurtures
the soul inside of you.
11:42am August 17, 2013

Wise is he who opens
his inner eyes to see
the things in the world
around him.

For the beauty of being
is in the seeing.

To really see, one must
see through the eyes of
the blind man.
11:28am August 17, 2013

How does one
make their heart known
When those known
to the heart
are gone? jt

There are worse things than being poor....

There are worse things than struggling through
this world alone..........

There are worse things than never having your
dream come true...

There are worse things than loving some one
who don't love you-

One can rise above poverty- If he handles his
affairs wisely.

One can find someone to walk with If they seek
friendship earnestly.

One can dream other dreams when one dream don't
come true.

Loving beyond oneself is the natural thing to do.

What is worse than living away each day as if the
day belonged to only you.

or having money you can never spend-but are to
selfish to give some away?

I would not trade my poor life for all the world's
silver and gold

If it meant, in exchange, I had to surrender my heart
and lose my soul.
3:50pm August 15, 2013

My faith is tested this day
Lord, raise me above
my weaknesses...
Make me stronger than
I am ...

Put your hands around
my world, and all that is
dear to my heart.

If I fail, on my journey
home - let it be at
your hands alone.

For, all that I am

All that I could be

all that I was,

could not be, without
your mercy and love
to sustain me.

Forgive me, Lord,
if I am found guilty
of having
too little faith.

I try, so hard, to live
by my faith every

Make me stronger
through my weakness
 Help me ,in my struggles,
the rest of the way.
12:02pm August 14, 2013

When darkness opens its door
close it with your faith. jt

No one can know your thoughts
your feelings, your dreams
Anything of your inner feelings
that makes you who you are.

Many hide from the world
those things that bring them pain.
Don't cry - be who you are
trust in your inner god
and find your inner peace.
10:39am August 11, 2013

May this day bring sunshine your way
May your heart sing a happy song
May you find rest at the end of your day.

And, may your sleep be filled with peaceful
dreams and you awaken to bigger and
better things.
10:25am August 11, 2013

We are given free will-
to chose right from wrong

While I believe in life
after death- I believe
its a sin for mortals to
force a spirit home.

I believe that those who
judge another on quality
of life are lacking in
their own spirit, and that
eternal darkness will
one day be their home.

I believe the things I do
because all my life
my god has showed me proof
that he has his hands always
on the faithful.
Who are spiritually whole.
11:35am August 7, 2013

My god is no ones
but my own
I cannot choose him
for another....
To each his own. jt

I believe in angels
I believe that those
who loves me best
are appointed to watch
over me.
I believe in my god
His mercy,
His goodness and
His Light of Love
~sight unseen.
11:23am August 7, 2013

Life is like a treasure chest
we decorate to suit our self
We fill is with heart that we,
from time to time, give to another.

We add to it lots of daily faith ,
that we take out in our time of need
and share, by example, with our
worldly sisters and brothers.

To insure our treasure chest will last
forever, we make room for God-and invite
his son Jesus in......

Our treasure chest is never locked. . .
tho at times its hidden from mortal eyes
who would kill the soul inside.
11:14am August 7, 2013

Never let the things of the day
get you down when you
are sad at heart.

Out of hurt, many have said

unkind words
that shattered their world,

and broke another's heart.

Once a word in anger is said
no matter how unintended
the hurt caused.....

you can't unsay the words
or wish away the pain
your words caused.
10:49am August 7, 2013

The sky is a little dark today
it looks like it's gonna rain
May the storm pass you by
and the sun come out again..
For in the midst of a storm
many a tear has dampened
the ground.
10:44am August 7, 2013

Remember, when loneliness
knocks at your door
that Somewhere in the world
Someone loves you;
That none are alone ;
That we are all travelers who
sometimes gets lonely and lost
in a world that we are only
passing through.
9:31am August 6, 2013

When times are hard
and nothing is going
your way;
When your heart is troubled
in the day;
When you feel so down
that you want to cry
take out your shield of faith
and hold it high.
For, nothing befalls you
in the day
that cannot be over come
as long as in your
soul and heart
you cling to your faith.
9:19am August 6, 2013

When one tries to hard
even the easiest thing
can become hard to

Do the best you can
with what you have at hand.

Trying and failing
is better than never having
the satisfaction of knowing
you tried.

Bitter driven is he
whose ego is the driving
force in his life.

Never let hate determine
your fate.

Love once hung on a cross.

A religious man forgives those
who hate him;
and embraces his enemy
with kindness.

Love cannot be killed.

Even through death love

For, while a man takes his
love with him to the grave

The love he gave remains
in the hearts of those he
gave his love too.

The flesh dies but not
what is inside.

Love is never wasted...
Love like hate
has a place and time
as determined by ones fate.

2:02 pm August 4, 2013

Forgiving one's self opens the way
to forgiving others. jt

 If yesterdays tears finds
their way into the day...
It's time to wipe them away.

Hurt can hurt a long long time.

Overcoming heartache takes a toll
on the heart and mind ...

Overcoming the bitterness, and
all the hurting feelings that
hate builds up inside, often takes
no mercy and can last a life time.

If you must hate hate without pretense.

Between love and hate there is a thin line.

It is a mistake to cut someone from
your life and still blame them for your
inability to accept your part of the blame.

Perfection wears wings.

Time will pass for all things.

11:53am August 4, 2013

Life don't always treat all the same

but life gives all the chance to advance. jt

When the sounds of the evening
reach my inner ears,
night is not far away, darkness
is drawing near.

Setting here with the fading sun
kissing the paper I hold in my hand,
Watching the sky darken to the sound of
of birds singing , sweetly, in the trees,

I wonder how many people take the time
to let their spirit roam free,
While setting in the silence of nature's
natural peace.

Take time to nurture a peaceful spirit

Listen with your heart to the singing

of a gentle breeze.

6:15 pm August 3, 2013

Silence finds voice in a heart
full of memories. jt

The past is echoing throughout
the day....
As waves of heartache prepare
to flood a world gone astray.

No one sees the un-seeable flood
of evil drinking innocence's

To deny the spirit of goodness,
is to deny the goodness of soul.

One does not disprove the existence
of God, merely, by choosing
not to believe.

Evil takes no prisoners..

Evil eats away at the flesh
to kill the spirit within.......

Think not, that the day of doom
is far off in tomorrow;
prepare thy heart and thy house
for the pending flood of sorrow.

1:45 pm August 1, 2013

Life is the testing ground
for what is to be.....
We stand this day in
the footprints of time
that leads to the grave
and eternity.
Follow, wisely, the path
that lays before thee.
For, wise is he who gives
thought to what lays
ahead-lest, he stumble
over his own heart.
6:55am July 31, 2013.

The right thing
is sometimes
the hardest thing
to do. jt

I went beyond my world today.....
Which I rarely ever do....
and found a church door locked
To keep evil from coming through.......

Standing outside the locked church door
I wondered, if those inside knew
Satan created the lock for the door
to keep God's lost sheep from coming

Is this what Jesus had them do?

Would He put a lock on the door
or would he trust His Heavenly Father
to protect his house of worship
from harm.....?

Don't those who turn the key
that locks the church door know....
that through the blood of Jesus Christ
through our faith we are safe
in our Heavenly Father's arms?

The worldly fear for the things
of the world, tho this is only a
temporary home.....they lock out the
good with the bad- to satisfy their
need to feel safe inside.

Oh, yea of little faith, how worthy
are yea to unlock the door to
eternal life?

The believer does not lock the door
to his house or his heart-He puts his
trust in God everyday-knowing in his heart
that his Shield of faith will keep
him safe.

1:44pm July 30, 2013

Today is all that matters.
Today is all we got.
Do not worry about tomorrow
Live today with heart....

For, it is in this day
where all that matters lay.

Reach not into tomorrow

Draw near to your heart
those dearest to you
 in the day


that whatever trouble -
whatever sorrow -comes
 your way

that as long
 as faith lives in your life
in your heart, and in
your day,

 that no matter
 what happens to you

You can always count on God
to lighten your burden and
 help you through.
12:56pm July 29, 2013

I let the worldly
draw me to the worldly
and forget for awhile
the need inside of me
to live, to love
and live in peace.
12:26pm July 29, 2013

We do not get to choose
whether or not we want to be

We do not get to choose
the length of our life or if we
want to die or not.

We are born free spirits to
grasp from life all the knowledge
that with time
will make us who we are
and determine if we have
a heart or not.

We do not get to choose
for others the way their
life is to be lived ...

We were given free will at birth
and as hard as life can be at times
we ,by our choices, give
or take away from our
life's worth.
6:58pm July27, 2013

As the new day is being born.
The darkness of the night melts
into a misty morn.
2:00am July 22, 2013

My thoughts are my own
None can think them for me
Life plants and nurtures
the thoughts inside of me.
My thoughts are my own
I can keep my thoughts to
myself ...
or I can set my thoughts
No one thinks my thoughts
but me.
12:56pm July 21, 2013

Today, I stand in awe
at my god's wondrous
ability to raise me above
troubling times.
If not for my god's blessings
in my life, I could not speak
of his endless power
and the miracles
that He performed
in my time of need.
12:48pm July 21, 2013

I sing
praises to my god
A never ending song
of thanks giving.
Night and day, I sing
my song....
to a god who is
my everything.
12:36pm July 21, 2013

 Life, I have traveled
the roads you have taken
me down.

I have walked through the shadows
of uncertainty
stumbled in your darkness,
fell on my face ,and prayed
on bended knee.

I have lived in your spring time
and loved continuously
all the days of my life.

Now, winter time is upon me
and spring time is but a memory
as I sip from my life's cup
the bitter, with the sweet.
1:27am July 21, 2013

Let lay those things
buried in the past
For what is left behind
is not flesh and bone.

Yesterday is gone
into the shadow of
what was.

And from yesterday's
 shadow emerges what is.

From yesterdays
our memories are created.

Let lay those things
buried in the past
For nothing in this world
is made to last.
12:59am July 21, 2013

True faith weakens not
in the face of trial
and tribulation.......

The faithful know that
the closer they walk to
their god..... the more
heartache they are destined
to endue.

Stand in the light of truth
as your heart knows truth to be.

Never hide a lie the liar told.

Tested, always, is the strength
of ones faith.

If the darkness of evil things
knock on your door- let your faith
rise up and answer the knock.

9:57pm July 19, 2013

Lay down your hate
lift love high.
For all share this life
until the day we die.
Let your faith overcome
the anger and let God
be the judge of us all.
For the faithful hold true
to their belief; and the
unbeliever will
be quick to judge.
Calm the rages of hate
with love.
1:37pm July 18, 2013

A life is only wasted
when it serves no good
thing. jt

What matter is a tomorrow
that is empty today?
What matter is a yesterday
one cannot enter again?
What matters is not what is
not here; or what has been;
what matters is the day I
am living in.
1:25pm July 18, 2013

None can see through my eyes
The things my eyes take in;
None can feel with their love
the things my heart touches.
1:17pm July 18, 2013

Pondering the stillness of the moment
I find an emptiness; a space void
in my life; that can never be filled
again with yesterdays joys.
And in the midst of the emptiness
my spirit weeps; as my heart grasps
for what is no more.
I am the center of my void; for it is
I who carved the emptiness; that I
created for myself.
1:12pm July 18, 2013

Hate cannot survive
where love lives. jt

My faith in my god
fills the empty in my life
with peace.
My god is my strength. jt

Lord, I awakened to the birds
singing right outside my window
then I heard their warning-for the
song that they sing was followed
by silence, that took away my
Lord, help me not to cling so hard
to those closest to my heart.....
Let me not forget that we all
are living on borrowed time
that as much as I love those
closest to my heart -there comes
a time for flesh and spirit to part.
10:27am July 17, 2013

Heartsong's Thoughts

The anger in the world
can deafen commonsense.

Do not take up another
man's fight blindly.

Justice is not to be found
in the tip of a bloody sword.

Those who seek to cause
strife among the innocent
brings hell fire down on

A broken heart will mend
but a heart filled with hate
causes other hearts to break.

Lost among the mob of destruction
is the high ideas that civilizes
and nurtures the better part of man.

When one is blinded to the better
side of others-his worst side
12:27pm July 16, 2013

One can only pretend
to be who they are not.
In the end
they will come face to face
with a face in the mirror
they do not recognize
as their own.
Age does not decrease
when the curtain is drawn.
1:41pm July 15, 2013

To My Angel Brother

You were my big brother
non-other can ever take
your place......

I did not bid you farewell at your
grave site-I bid you welcome
to a forever place in my heart.

I was not among those who
stood over your grave and
wept together.......

I was alone holding on
to every memory my heart
contained of you, my angel

I was not there at the gathering
where stories of you were being told

I had only you, my angel brother,
to listen to my crying, and  only your
 memory to dry away my tears.......

Happy Birthday My Angel Brother
12:55PM July 15, 2013

Your memory brought you
near enough for me to touch
Tho I know you are an angel
with no worry or no woe.......

Your memory brought you
near enough for me to feel
the warmth of your angel glow.

I could not help but shed a tear
knowing you , precious angel,
are so far but yet so near.

Your memory brought you
back to me long enough
to feel the joy of having you
in my life-and the pain of
wishing that you were here.

Oh, selfish me ,
how cruel that would be
to strip you of your angel wings
just to have you here with me.

written for my angels
10:56 am July 15, 2013

Let the heart give answer
to matters of the heart. jt

Why does the sun shine so brightly
then disappear when we sleep?
Why does the sea divide humanity
Why does the baby cry when he's born?
Why do flowers grow among the weeds?

The sun shines in the day that we may see
and goes down at night that we may sleep.
The sea divides humanity that ship captains may
explore the sea......
The baby cries at birth to make his voice heard
before he learns to speak.
Flowers grow among the weeds to multiply in number
and scatter God's good seeds.
11:02am July 14, 2013

I cannot find words
for the feel of the night
that engulfs my mind
with the sound of
birds singing as I listen
to the peaceful songs
that nighttime brings.
Sweet is the feel of peace
this night has created for me.
Birds that sing in the night
that I can hear but cannot
3:09am July 11, 2013

Growing older does not
make one wiser...... jt

There's no going back

No turning back time

No mending of hearts

No more time to hope

for the better to step out
from among bitter words
and yesterday's pain.

For, where understanding
is not allowed in
anger and self-pity
will not let the heart mend.

Many a soul has died
wanting what was wasted
away in a lifetime.

Unlike, hate that rejoices
at another's pain-

weeps always for the
broken hearted whose
life is shut off from love

they chose
not to let understanding in.
1:18pm July 5, 2013

My life did not make me
who I am today......The
way I chose too live my life
did. jt

One does not have to love
to put out the flames
of desire.
But such an act leaves the
heart wanting. jt

I searched for happiness
where misery lived
and found heartache.....
I searched for understanding
where confusion grew wild
and flowers died in the Spring
and found the hand of peace
reaching out to me-in my
time of need.

I searched for a place in life
where love reigned supreme
and found an empty place
to fill with the love from
inside of me.

From heartache and misery
from walking among
the flowers and weeds
I found that understanding
comes in the form of many things
that one cannot understand
what one has not lived.....

Life takes from us many things
But, in return-- living, understanding
3:25pm July 3, 2013

Heart Vows

I will love you today

I will love you tomorrow

I will love you for all eternity.

Not until my heart loved you
was I complete in every way...

You are the star that sparkles
in my night

You are the sunshine that lights
up my day . . .

You are my true love

You are my heart beat

You are my everything.

You are the other part of me

The part that makes my life

I vow to love you, my whole life


To seal my vows~ I give my

heart to you.

by Heartsong
1:24pm July 3, 2013

Weep not for things
that are no more......

Shed not a tear for lost
treasures of yesterday....

For there is nothing taken
away before its time

nothing that is no more
that we don't carry in our
memory .....

The greatest treasure is love

Love may wear many faces
but love never dies

Love is never lost

Love is life's treasure we carry
in our heart, safe inside.

Weep not.... for what has
always been yours to keep.
9:32am July 3, 2013

There's a storm brewing
far across the sea
and its gusty winds are thick
with deceit and trickery.

The eagle's eyes are on the storm
As America's dead raise up
from their graves to protect
the land of the free.

Sleep not good soldiers
guard well the skies and liberty
until truth and righteousness stills the 
 storm brewing across the sea.....

For if the storm reaches our shores
many shall die and many shall weep.
Sleep not good soldiers
until once more the storm is overcome
by death's sweet peace.
8:58am July 3, 2013

One flicker of life's flame
One star among the many
Still. Some think themselves
Forgotten is the journey
that begin inside the womb
and will begin again
when this life comes to its end.
8:55pm July 2, 2013

Let not the day rob you of your faith
or cause you unnecessary strife....
Hold fast to what it is you believe
as you travel the paths of life....
There is but one god- be not deceived
in a world of many beliefs.
In the end all will come face to face
with the one true god-until then
keep faith-seeking always
to be found worthy of the glow
that stems from your soul.
1:43 pm July 2, 2013

We were born sisters
but, with the passing
of the years, we grew apart.

It is now to late to turn back
the hands of time to better times
for you and I

This world has robbed you of your

I pray
that somehow, deep inside of you,
you kept alive a bit of our sister time.
11:08am July 2, 2013

The leaves on the maple trees
move just enough to let me know
there is a gentle breeze
making its way through my day.

Tho one cannot see the wind
One can feel the breath of the wind
and see the leaves move
as the wind dances through the trees.
10:48am July 2, 2013

Lord, sometimes it's hard to believe
how fast things change; how quickly
days turn into years . . .
how fast a lifetime of happiness can
turn into a stream of tears. . .

Like all do, I once took life for granted
living in the day.
I never gave much thought to the time
that's constantly slipping away.

Until I looked in the mirror
and saw the lines the years
had left on my face . . .

Lord, now, that my eyes can see
beneath the lines left by time
there no longer is a need to pretend
that time is on my side.

All that is will wither and pass away
all things new will grow old
eternal beauty is not  found in the world
The fountain of youth and Eternal beauty
resides in the depth of ones own soul.
8:59am July 1, 2013

My god needs no marble or stone
as testimony of his presence in my life

My god's strength comes not from the thoughts
formed inside of me......

My god was, is, and will always be

my god-and my inner peace.

Let all seeking god find the strength
to endure in their time of need
for tested always is the faith of all
who cling to belief in a god
sight unseen.

Walk upright

Love always

and in your search to find God

- follow your heart in all things.
8:14am June 29, 2013

We are not put on earth
to ponder another's worth
We are put here to prove
our own worthiness.... jt

When I open my eyes to a new day
I know I have been given another chance
to set things right in my world.
While, I cannot undo what has been done
bring back time passed away
change the un-changeable in any way
I can try to
change the things that are changeable
use time more wisely
and no matter the out come
be thankful for the chance
to awaken to a better day.
10:56am June 28, 2013

Not always do my words
paint the clearest word pictures
For it is not easy
for words to capture things of
the heart.....

While love is a thing of the heart
the emotions created by love
cannot be defined.......for hurt,
and loneliness too can also stem from

One can write of love, life, and ones
understanding of love and life
but there are no words that can
transfer the reality of ones truest
feelings to another....

Tho I write of love-I know not
the feelings of love in another's

I can only write of the love
my heart has given to another
and the love the hearts of others
 have given to me.

The love we carry in our hearts
defines who we are and if
we have been found worthy of
another's love.
11:28pm June 26, 2013

One need only to open their heart
to make a difference in the world. jt

Somewhere the seeds of love
we planted in the hearts of others
is nurturing the very heart of humanity.

The love one plants in a lifetime
grows on and on-- long after one is

For, what heart can the touched by love
and not be moved?
What heart can be embraced by love
and forget  being loved?
10:32pm June 26, 2013

Once I saw only what
I wanted to see......
and what I chose to see
was my reality.

I did not see the things
that shook my world
until my reality
caved in on me

Leaving my world
a shell of what
I once thought it to be.

Today I live
my eyes always fixed
on life's reality......

No rose colored glasses
no make believe

Just reality.......

Just reality.......

that begins and ends
with me.
7:50pm June 26, 2013

I am but one lowly-soul
Holding on to everything
and nothing.......
carried by life's breath
drifting on life's wings.
Engulfed by life's reality
A part of nothing
and everything.
11:20am June 26, 2013

Today the sun shines down on me
and with its glow warms my very soul;
Yet. Still. There is a chill that my heart feels.
God, raise me above the things
that seek to cause me pain; place your
mighty hand on those drifting on life's winds
take the chill away, and give them reason
to hope again.
11:00am June 26, 2013

My god knows my reasoning
for the things I do........
He knows where every speck of
my love resides,
My god asks nothing of me
but that I try.

When all in this world is no more
and my heart beats no more
I pray I'm worthy to walk inside
when I knock on heaven's door.
8:58am June 23, 2013

As meek as a lamb
as fierce as a lion
Every trait in man
has its own time.

All, each and everyone,
have an inner strength

that rises to defend
things closest to their heart
with the strength of a lion and

 the weakness of the lamb
that succumbs to fear
from time to time.
8:42am June 22, 2013

Life is a never ending journey
Life's doors open and close
We choose the doors
we travel through
We choose the doors
we open and close
Life's doors only
open one way
choose wisely the door
you enter in this day.
7:40am June 21, 2013

Walk life's crooked mile

Drink from life's springs

Swim life's seas

Wade through life's
unending fields of flowers
and weeds.

Discard those things
that burden your spirit

Hold close to your heart
those who touch your life
with unrest and peace...

Cling not to life's past
that is over and gone

Live life the best you can

Give thanks for all things

and when time comes
to leave

Close your eyes
and rest in peace.
7:23am June 21, 2013

Life is far to short
to live life being
who you are not...

Pretending to be
who you are not
in the end will
break your heart.

No one else can
cry your tears
feel or think the
way you do.....

No one else
can live your life
or dream your
dreams for you.
11:42pm June 19, 2013

I used to dream of growing up
and living happy ever after....

Then I grew up and found that
not every dream comes true.

Like wishing on a falling star
And other things in innocence
we do..........

when we seek good luck
or a wish come true
or a dream come true.

Then I grew up and realized
while I may not understand
why things turn out the way they do

That life is a reality
and like unanswered prayers-----
wishes that don't come true
have a purpose, too.
11:22pm June 19, 2013

As I lay on the sandy beach
gathering shells for my sand garden
and the flowers that the shells
would create......
I watched my loved ones
wadding the waters edge.. and I
thanked my god for all the beauty
he had put in my day.
9:58pm June 19, 2013

My son Billy Ray ,his wife Tonya with their daughter Taylor,
Billy Jr., Michael, Justin, Austin, Tyler, and Wyatt.

My daughter Katie and her husband Josh....

My son Billy Ray's seventh son...Christian.

Me with my daughter Katie....

Ribbons of life are many
colorful are they
holding ones life together
going in so many ways.

Life is a rainbow of colors
fading a little each day.

O how beautiful the colors
of each rainbow
giving each life its wondrous glow.
8:59am June 19, 2013

Tomorrow the sun may not shine
I do not know for sure
But if the morning brings dark times
my faith will help me endure.
Tomorrow , tomorrow
so near yet so far away
Worry not what tomorrow may bring
for we never live in a tomorrow
we only live in today.
1:36am June 19, 2013

Wisdom, knowledge,
and understanding
are obtained at a price
and life's the teacher that
makes one wise. jt

Once more you crossed my mind
And I gave a moment of thought
to you, and felt a tugging at my
heart.... to know you longer than
the fleeing moment that always
leaves me feeling empty, tho
you have never filled the void
and know not......
that from time to time you cross
my mind and for a moment, you
somehow find away to touch
my heart.

1:17am June 17, 2013

The day is long turned to night
and in the nights stillness
I set once more, coffee cup in hand
Thinking on the things the day left behind
that will still find away into my thoughts
when the sun rises again.
Let me find rest in the night and awaken
to a clear mind in the morn.
Let me never forget, under life's
pressures of the day.... that my god will
never put on me more than my spirit
can take....
12:56am June 17, 2013

I walk in the flesh alone.

Alone I travelled into this world
and alone I will one day depart this

In the flesh I am shunned by the worldly
In the spirit I am comforted by the angels
who watch over me.

This world is not my home....I am a
stranger to those who claim to know me
who stand off in the distance and judge me
because I will not accept their guilt as my own.

If I am to be judged rightly-I have no choice
but to walk alone-or stop being me.

The worldly is only temporary - and I'm just
a stranger walking through, on my way home.
6:44pm June 16, 2013

Have you heard the call
that bids you "Come. Follow me
take nothing with you
I will provide for your every need"?
Do you know Jesus' gentle touch
in the morn
as His arms encircles your spirit
to guide you through the day
and keep you safe from harm?
I know the feel !
As a child, Jesus took my hand
every waking day.....
When something frightened me
the feel of Jesus' powerful hand
holding on to mine, took my fear away.
As the days turned into years
and my eyes were opened to sin
I tripped time after time
Many times I prayed to feel
Jesus' hand, once more,
holding on to mine.
Never has my god failed me
When I reach out for guidance
and strength in troubling times
I always find the god I love
standing there with outreached arms
to take me in, heal my wounds, and
keep me safe from harm.
3:35pm June 16, 2013

The worthiness of the spirit in me
who among those my spirit has touched
is worthy to judge my spirit?

I seek not wealth above that needed
in the day.......

What I have, I would
gladly share with friend or foe- if he be
in need.....I seek nothing, because, like
my god promised, He meets my every need.

Who among those my spirit has tarried with
is more worthy than my god to judge the
spirit in me?

I have no need to judge another- for
the world is over flowing with those who
judge harshly those their very own existence in
this life helped nurture into being.

The years have shown me many things....
and made me a stranger to many
for having seen in the spirit things they
strive to hide- from mortal eyes.

I have left many a friend behind who
was a special part of my life- who have
long forgotten our friendship.....

I do not
live my life for worldly gain ......

I have no
desire to explain my reality to any; for
what is one's version of reality depends
on the space one occupies .

My reality is in this moment.

As for the spirit in me............

All men,
having kindred spirits, share
gentle and not so gentle spiritual  qualities
according to the paths in life one's reality
takes him down.

1:56am June 16, 2013

The sky showers the earth
with its crystal clear tears as
those below seek shelter
from the rain.
The water falls an endless stream
on lake and desert the same.
As I marvel at the sound of the raindrops
falling against the windowpanes
the sun from time to time
Peeks through the tears of rain.
12:35pm June 14, 2013

None know tomorrow
until they pass though it. jt

It is a day of weariness
and bliss
love surrounded by
fullness and emptiness
A day quite and still
where a child laughter
is sealed, and echoes
in every chamber
of my heart.
It is a day to reach
down deep inside
and grasp life's oneness
and touch upon my place
among millions of twinkling stars
that masks the darkness
in which my spirit terries
in the moonlight-under the spell
of life's sweet kiss..
12:15pm June 12, 2013

The breath of the wind
is damp this morn
and my soul is weary
from the night's
restless sleep.... but..
still I feel the warmth
waiting in the day
to dry the dampness
and give peace to my soul.
8:08am June 11, 2013

Let a miracle unfold
among the tears of
hurt and sorrow.....give
peace to those who knows not
that one can reap what another
sows. jt

Take it all! And, I still
process the love of my god
who lives through me. jt

Let the light unveil
the darkness; let the heart
empty out onto the hands
of the enemy; and let he
who thinks himself equal
to his god-bend on hand
and knee.
For, into the darkness
we are born to endue
to overcome
the enemy.
Give thanks this day
that evil has not
overtaken thee.......
Give thanks  for the
 angels who guide you
in the day-
and watch over you
while you sleep.
8:41am June 5, 2013

My journey has been a long one
with many accomplishments and
failures, since the day I was born.
My greatest accomplishment
was the children I held in my arms
My greatest failure: loving them
too much.
For, now my arms are empty and
their arms, so full, are emptying
1:56pm June 4, 2013

In a lifetime many things
are faced; many decisions
are made..... We run ,we walk
we swim or bog down in the things
of the day.... we make right turns
we make wrong turns; we do many
things in a lifetime that adds
or takes away from who we are today.
In a lifetime many things
find their way into our heart
and our mind.
4:42pm June 3, 2013

When something is not in tune
with your life ---it's out of tune.
When inner self gives warning
of something that appears harmless
heed the warning- evil takes on many
forms -with the intent to do one harm...
2:39pm June 3, 2013

Today, I taste life's
fullness . . .
and life's emptiness
and find both mingled
with sweetness and
bitterness. jt

Like an eagle's eye
the inner eye sees
and knows all things. jt

Feel the peace that
feeds on your heart
feel the peace within
feel the warmth of peace
as it passes through
and embraces your
 very soul.

Worry not of things
out of your control....

feel the peace nurturing
your spirit
and feeding your soul..

Worry not.....
of things gone or things to come
feel the peace in the moment
as  peace intertwines with your heart.
12:05am June 3, 2013

For everything there is a reason
for every tear there is a reason
to cry....

For every heartache there is
a reason for the heart to break.

For every knee that bends
there is a reason to pray.

For everything past there
was a reason for the time

For every breath we take
a reason to be alive.

For everything there is a reason
a reason to be born and a reason
to die.

A reason for living and reason
 for awaking each day-to ponder
ones reason for being.

There is a reason why some die
young and a reason why some
die old.....

why some lead the
way and others stay behind.
11:39pm June2, 2013

The peace one seeks
rests within..... it is
as natural to the
spirit as the air is to
the wind. jt

It has been a warm sunny day
but my spirit is tired
and I spent to much time
doing things- that just
gave me something to dao .

Strange how things just
appear out of the blue.

I often think about life and
the paths I have travelled
the ways I have wondered
the courses I have set
the whys- the hows of things
the magic of words and
the methods that are used
to harness knowledge,
wisdom and understanding.

dao is a Chinese word
I had never seen or ever heard
until it found a way to harness
my thought and teach me
its meaning..
The dao is set--- it moves not
one must seek his way
with his heart.
9:12pm June 2, 2013

They who look only at the worldly
never see fully with their inner

Life is the oneness of all
and alls oneness with nothing
and everything.
Even a tree is a living thing.

To truly feel life is to set
quietly at peace
and feel your own
heart beating, beneath
your own hand.

A lifetime is measured in 

One chooses his destiny
but not his path.
8:56am June 2, 2013

One need not ask "do you love me?"
If such arises then where is thy love?
I would lay down my life for thee.
Doubt not my love .. betray not
thy own heart.... jt

If one does not know the heart
of another-one cannot know
the love in that heart. jt

Each day is a day closer to eternity....jt

Never try to be
someone that you're not
Awaken to the day being
who you are
Strive to do the best you can do
and live the day with heart.
Never pretend to be someone
you are not-----
5:38 am June 1, 2013

Today I felt the sun on my skin
and the wind's breath on my neck
As I wiped from my forehead
the salty sweat......
Close, always, are those cherished
moments to feel one with everything
when to tired to rest and too weary to
work God sends a little blessing
 disguised as a gentle breeze.
12:48am May 31, 2013

The Other Box

 We live in a box
some live on the bottom
some live on the top.

The box has two ends
Heaven and earth
We live in between
and in the middle
of four sides....

We can't climb up
we can't climb down
We travel round and round.

Standing on earth reaching
for the sun ,moon, and stars
We live in a box inside of a box.
With no where to go
but inside out.

We are the box inside of the box
the height, width, depth and size
of a man.

A man has two ends
A bottom and a top
four sides has he
tho not equal in size
the spirit is encaged
inside of the box.

Those who seek
to open the box inside the box
can only succeed in destroying
the self he believes
himself to be......

For none has
the power of his creator--
who took the earth from beneath
his own feet and molded man in his
own image, planted his feet
on earth at the bottom of the
box inside of the box....

Then gave him free will to choose
to live on the bottom or live on the top.
11:26pm May 30, 2013

Growing up means letting go
of those who kept you safe
for so many years. jt

A Childhood Memory

Way back then, the sun rose and set
on days that seemed to have no end.
And the nights were short and sweet
blanketing me with the moon and stars
as in the darkness I dozed off to sleep
holding onto my guardian angel's hand
with my dreams laying next to me.
7:33AM May 30, 2013

One cannot find inner peace
when their outer world
is turned upside down. jt


Self-hate destroys everything
good in ones life...
and replaces it with bitterness
blindness, and feelings of being

Self hate uses self inflicted
mental pain to push those
who love them away.
Their happiness is an illusion
they cling to everyday.

Hate not yourself or another
For, none can hate ones self
and truly love another.

Self hate creates a world
filled with a few - that leaves
ones world half full and ones
heart half empty.

They cannot see that their life
glass is not full or the love
wasting away on the outside of
the glass.
11:37am May 28, 2013

Sometimes in life
we all must come
face to face with

Whether or not
we like what we see
depends on
many things.

The most important one
is love....

Did you love enough
when things were bad?

Did you lose your faith
and let go of your

What one sees is
not always the reality
one wants to see.

Never let go of
your dreams
without love
life is empty.
11:14am May 28, 2013

Rocking Chair Years

I read the saddest words today
that really touched my heart
They were written by someone
who had lost her dearest friend
and had written a letter to him.

This friendship begin soon
after they were born
And ended here on earth
soon after her best friend
turned twenty one.

You see, this was a very special
friendship, between an aunt and
Who were born a few months
apart...and grew to love each
other with all of their heart.

They grew up together...

They played together.....

They ate together.....

They took naps together....

They set in their rocking
chairs- together....

They talked about things and
shared their dreams..

Two friends who loved each other
with all of their heart....
and were there for each other,
day or night, until it came
their time to part.

Twice her heart was broken in one day:

When her nephew and closest
friend went away.....
and when those who should have
held her close to their hearts
pushed her away.

As the mother ,and the grandmother
of these two best friends:
I watched them grow up together
and am so proud of both of them.

They neither forgot the meaning of family
or that they were (always) each other's
closest friend.

3:44pm May 27, 2013

Leave yesterday's failures
Look forward to what
tomorrow may bring.

Worrying about what's
over and done
won't change anything.
11:44pm May 26, 2013

I feel your aching heart
as if your pain were my own
Tho we are apart, you will always
be a part of me.....I can not
wipe away your tears
like I used to do...but time
and distance cannot mar
the memories of a time
When I used too.
8:17pm May 26, 2013

I hear a beautiful tune
and see beauty beneath
the ugliest thing
for even a thunderstorm
can turn into a peaceful,
 gentle rain.
9:53am May 26, 2013

I was outside pulling weeds
from my flowers when this
thought entered my mind:

"It's better to be
silent in peace
than to be loud
causing unrest
in the world."
11:13am May 24, 2013

 What can I find to say today
that will lighten anther's heavy
that will comfort a heart that
has broken
that will dry a tear or two?

There are millions of words
to choose from-but only
the right words will do.
2:48pm May 23, 2013

The Way to My God

I found my god long ago
standing at a cross road
Exactly where I do not know.

It was at the crossroads of life
that I first met my friend Jesus
and he told me the only way
to get to my god was to make
the journey with him.

I was bent and broken
when Jesus' arms reached out
to draw me in; and he told me
things would be alright that
the sun would shine again.

That was many years ago and
I still stumble every now and then
and can still feel Jesus' arms
around me gently drawing me in,
and hear him say:
'Everything will be alright. The sun
will shine again.'

Oh...how I love Jesus
my Savior and my dearest friend.

8:28am  May 23, 2013

I pray, when it comes my time
to die that my god will have mercy
and not leave my life hanging by a thread
at the mercy of heartless men. jt

 Hospice Hell-hole

Fear lay next to him at night
Fear wakened with him in the morn
Fear set with him and held
his hand, as he cried himself to sleep.

He asked his god to spare him
from another day of loneliness and  misery
in the cold place -he waited to die
so his family could live worry free.

He never wanted to be a burden, you
see, so he lived in fear every day-
In a place he didn't want to be...

Asking his god to strike him dead
that he might find peace in the grave
and be free of the fear of dying
alone-In the hell hole  where he didn't
want to me..
4:25pm May 22, 2013

In memory of Uncle Gene. I'm sorry you were made to suffer

before your life was intentionally shortened. [R.I.P.]

 We all seek, for the un-findable.
And in our search we lose sight
of those things and places that
once meant so much.
As we age, worldly things become less
important, as we strive to survive
in a world where all are born to die.
I know not what waits for me at
my journey's end-but I knew not
what lay before me when this
life's journey begin.
We all seek, for the un-findable.
For, what we seek is not of this world.
We are born ;we die and are reborn into
God's appointed world..
10:19pm May 21, 2013

I love you more than
you will ever know
I'm sorry you never
got to know me
we could have become
life long friends.
I hope in time
you will understand
why I do things
the way I do.......
If I could make a wish
knowing it would come true
I would wish
you truly knew the love
on this day, and every day
that I have for you.
10:43am May 21, 2013

It's raining and the rain clinging
to the window pane
against the dark sky outside
is sparkling like tiny stars,
as the sounds of the rain falling
does its drum roll,
rapidly and continuously,
for the listening souls.
9:10pm May 20, 2013

A closer walk with Jesus
is what I need this day
to brighten up my world
and hold evil at bay.
A little time with my
closest friend and all my fears
will fade a way- and
whatever needs mending
will mend.
8:53am May 20, 2013

Many hearts have been broken
that love could have easily mended
had love not been chained
O foolish heart, that has been
broken, why not accept love, let
love mend your heart-and, from
another's love, learn to love again.
6:36pm May 19, 2013

If you seek answers
to questions of love
let the heart be the

For many have said
"I love you" and
given pieces of their
heart away . . .
only to proclaim to another
"You are my first true love.
I will love you until
my dying day."

The first love always lasts
longer than all others.
12:38pm May 19, 2013

I touched a red rose with my
fingertips today and pricked
my finger on a thorn.

O sweet rose your beauty
has captured my heart and my blood
has been drawn by your thorn
Yet, still, your sweetest scent
you give for me to breathe.

11:57am May 19, 2013

Life Is

Life is a never ending journey
filled with mountains to climb
or fall off of.....
Oceans to swim or drown in...
Flowers to pick or watch die
on their stem...
Hearts to break or hearts to
help mend...
Life is a never ending journey
of happiness or sorrow
filled with memories of yesterday
that gives one reason to give up
or to hope for a better tomorrow.

By Heartsong
9:50am May 18, 2013

Those who seek to overpower
the weak shall fall by their
own hands.

For the least amongst us
has the might of truth
and righteousness to guard
the path he walks.

A wise man uses his wisdom
to better the world for all
knowing that sooner or later
the worst things in life have
the potential to touch us all. jt


A Tribute to Motherhood

Motherhood is a battlefield
In a moral war that a mother
must fight in every day
to keep the child of her womb
from total moral decay..
and better the future
in some small way.

From the moment nature
drafts her for motherhood
She plans for the future
of the child put in her care
Every day.

On the battlefield of motherhood
many a prayer has gone up
and many a tear has been spilled
in the trenches of undying love.
A mother knows if she loses
one battle she has not lost
the war.

A mother will sacrifice all
she will go that extra hard mile
She will endue pain and heartache
to win the moral war for her child
Motherhood is a battlefield
In a moral war that a mother
must fight in every day
to keep the child of her womb
from total moral decay..
and better their future
in some small way.

Many a good mother has withered
away; been slain on the battlefields
of moral decay . . .
To make us who we are this day.
1:00pm May 17, 2013

Day light has caught me
without sleep......
I gaze out the window
at the stillness of morn, and
see white  flowers  blooming
atop the green thorns.
6:34am May 17, 2013

The song of love
a love filled heart sings
naturally. jt

Dancing With You

I was just a country girl
In a faded shirt and a pair
of old blue jeans
when we first met
But you made me feel like
a queen.

I knew when you touched
my hand the first time
and my country girl heart
skipped a beat or two
that there was something
different about you.

The way you looked at me
made me blush.....
I was speechless- and all
I wanted to do was get
closer to you.

You asked me to dance,
took me by the hand
and gently pulled my
trembling body closer to

I was just a country girl
In a faded shirt and a pair
of old blue jeans
when we first met
But you made me feel like
a queen.

Darling, you are still
this country girl's everything.

'I love you'

By Heartsong

3:36am May 17, 2013

Our Love

Our love is the first
speck of light
after a love filled

The first ray of
sunlight in my day.

Our love is music
to my ears, and
manner to my heart

My footstool of
strength that keeps
my world from falling

Our love is the lasting
You gave me your love
I gave you mine.

Our love is our day's
and our night's ending.

Our love is the kind
of love many only
find in their dreams

and seek with their
heart all their days

Our love begins and
ends with me and you.

'I love you'

By Heartsong

11:37am May 16, 2013

Written for those who fell in love forever.

.Above all else my god
reigns...... in my day
in my night
in my life. jt

The dark covers
the daytime things
outside flaws are
covered by the night
and in amongst the
twinkling stars shines
beams of streaming
9:01pm May 15, 2013

Our Love Will Last Forever

When we met so long ago
it never crossed our minds
that we would fall in love

We were two lonely people
living in our own little world
When we met for the first time
and love took our hearts for
a twirl.

We laughed and we joked
and pretended it was just a
fling-then love took control
and we became each other's

When times gets hard the
love in our hearts helps us
make it through....
Your love is there for me
and my love is there for you.

Our love will last forever
Like true loves do.
Thank you, my Darling,
For the love you give to me.

I love you. . .

By Heartsong

10:50am May 15, 2013

If I cry for what is gone
I lose sight of what I have in the
here and now.......jt


As the day begins
I look out my window
And feel the eyes of angels
looking below.

In the wind's stillness
I hear the angels singing
 feel the love from the breathe
of their wings.

And  listen to the peace that
the thought of the angels bring.

Angels have a certain warmth
that makes one just know they
 are there watching over things.

A special kind of love angels
carry for those they leave below

As they watch over their lives
with that special angel glow......

and cover them with their wings,
wherever on earth they live or go.
9:02am May 15, 2013


My heart has loved many
and loved many always.
I cannot deny my heart
its due...... or others
the love my heart gave away. jt

One can love with all of their heart
They can love so hard that it hurts
And still love is not enough
to make others love you in return.
That don't mean you are not worthy
of being loved.... It just means
you have not found one
worthy of your love.
12:12am May 15, 2013

Life goes by so quickly
and in its fleeing
moments, so many
waste valuable time
thinking of yesterdays.

We have no power
beyond what is in the
moment; we cannot
live in a day we have
already lived in,
or live in a tomorrow
we haven't lived in.

We cannot relive
our life again.

Waste not the moment
on what is not here or on
 what has already been.
10:20pm May 14, 2013

Pretending that something
wrong is right ... only
prolongs the wrong. jt

The sun is shinning
through the cloud that
is blanketing my heart. jt

My heart morns
for the children of my womb
who are no more
It did not happen yesterday
or the year before.....Each
made the choice to close
my heart's door.....

When they judged me unworthy
to be a part of their life
and left me to wonder what
I done wrong...

when they pulled loose
from my apron strings
and left me to endue
in this world alone.

They took away that motherly
feeling that made my house
their home.

I give thanks everyday
to my Father up above
for the child now in Heaven
and for the two children
I have this day who love me
unconditionally; and choose not
to break their mother's heart.

I know that God has a plan
for every life that's born
that a mother will always
be a mother- but not always
a perfect one.

Some may think I have no heart
or am immune to life's pain
Oh, how I wish that that were true
and all my children were small and
innocent again.

They shut me out and now I too
close the door.

9:50am May 14, 2013

The war with evil spirits
cannot be won in the dark
Evil must be brought to the Light
and fought with heart. jt

A heart that's shattered
knows the importance
of love.....

A spirit that's broken
knows the importance
of God....

I was broken- in need
of repair
God nurtured my wounds
with love and with care.

May  God's love
reach out in your
darkest time
to heal your spirit
and ease your mind.

10:09am May 13, 2013

Lord, I am so weary
and my soul is so tired
Give me the strength
to walk another mile..

Use me for whatever
you will.....
test me with fire, and
heartache, if it serves
your purpose Lord,
empty my life's plate
that your cup of
eternal life might fill..

For, none Lord are greater
than thee.......
Where you lead me
I will follow; Where you bid
me go- I will go.
For, what good is a life
without a soul?
12:15am May 13, 2013

My Mama

My Mama's an angel in Heaven today
I miss the time she shared this world
with me....
I miss her sweet voice
and the love for me in her eyes
I could always see.
I miss my mama's understanding ways
when life handed me the bad days...
I could turn to my mama for anything
she would have given me the world
if it had been hers to give.......
I miss my mama's strength
that just her presents in my life
seemed to give to me..... So, many things
I miss in my life, that mama took with her
to the grave.
I'm glad I took the time to share some
'getting to know you' time with my mama.
Cause, I know, without a doubt,
in my life she was number one
as a person and a mama..........
She was the best part of me
from the moment I was born.
1:22pm May 12, 2013 (Mother's Day)

Love is the key to all
Without love the heart
would turn to stone. jt

I was a flower in my mother's bouquet
she nourished and watered my spirit
everyday.....until she spread her
angel wings, flew away,
and left me holding my own bouquet.

It is with faith in my heart I throw
the flowers of my womb into the wind.

May the spirit that nurtured them
as children watch over and guide them
all of their days........for if my mother's
bouquet must rot -let it not be in my

Blind is a child who know not
his mother's heart.

The heart that he once slept beneath.

The heart that once beat the tune of love
for only his ears to hear.

To the wind of time, that robbed me
of your love on this Mother's Day,
I release the flowers of my womb
to carry in life their own bouquet.
4:40pm May 10, 2013

Let the only true judge
declare judgment in the day
for non-other is worthy
of judging his brother. jt

Bitter-sweet the taste
of accomplishment
and failure. jt

Under the shield of faith
hope is born. jt

It's hard to write of life
when so much innocence
is dying. So much blood
is being spilled out into
the world.. How does
a heart not feel the empty
spaces made void by fear?

There are no answers
to this evilness that eats
away at humanity's heart
and soul. None that the
eyes can read......The
blood runs in the streets, and
my heart morns for the
innocent waiting to be born.

God, hear their screams
as each in turn is returned to
you, and forgive the blind
caught up in a world
where they cannot see.

Open the eyes of those
blinded by the worldly....
let them see the blood
on their hands that stain
the air that we all must

Have mercy on your
lost sheep.
let your judgment
overtake the evil
that reigns
while many sleep.
8:34am May 9, 2013

When it rains
and my roof
lets the rain through
I put down pots
to catch the water.
When my yard
needs mowing
and I have no mower
to cut the grass
I use my hands
to pull the biggest
When my world
feels like its
coming apart
at the seams,
I turn to my god
and He takes
care of me.
When another's
world is falling apart
and there's nothing
I can do
I leave it in my god's
hands-and just ask him
to help us all
make it through.
10:59am May 7, 2013

I have felt the darkness that
thrives on overtaking the
I have walked among the
dead spirits and
heard their screams......
I have passed through
this world's hell on earth
and been burnt by delusion
and disappointment.......
I have been where many
shall never walk and found
peace walking beside me
in the flames.
2:06pm May 6, 2013

The evil lurks behind the shadows, clothed in innocence........
Waiting for the moment to pounce upon the unsuspecting
whose eyes are turned toward obtaining the worldly
and whose hands are tied together by greed.
Let he who has focused his inner-eyes on the lurking evil
see beyond the shadow of what mortal eyes can see.
1:57pm May 6, 2013

Man's only weakness
is his heart. jt

Each day brings a new chance...
Today, I have wiped my tears away
with a loving heart ,and faithful
hands,  I seek only guidance
in those things meant for me
to understand.
12:25PM May 5, 2013

Every life has a purpose for being. jt

Today a storm arose
from deep within
and I found human weakness again.
I cried for things I cannot change
I cried where no one could
see my tears.
I knew no one could see
my pain and hear my
I had cried so many time before
with only the silence to
comfort my breaking heart.
I know it is just the human
part of me getting to
close to the worldly.
Lord, so many times I've
reached out in total
and found myself alone
again I ask you to dry my tears
and make me strong; I can take
the loneliness- I been alone
so long.
I'm really feeling sorry for myself tonight
and that's just not right.
Lord, This only happens once a year
About this time
I think about one of your angels
and the time you let me
call her mine.
I know her smile brightens Heaven today
but I sure do miss that precious angel
since she went away.
4:03am May 5, 2013

There was a time when trusting
came easy
When the judgmental stage
took the back stage
and life ,liberty and justice for all
was on the front page.....

When the old were respected
for the good they passed on
When all babies were cared about
before they were born.

There was a time when
Justice and right went hand in hand
When life's hard times were shared
by people who cared.....

A time when the majority really
stood for something besides self.

The blood of the innocent cries out
but none, but the few can hear.

There was a time when
more people listened
with their heart.
1:54pm May 4, 2013

Don't Forget

Don't Forget to say
"I love you"
As someone you love
exits the door.

You never know
if they are exiting it
for the last time- and
you won't see them
any more.

Don't forget to say
"I love you"
every chance you get
to those closest to your
For, many have missed
the chance
and today live with regret.

Don't forget to say
"I love you"
Every chance you get.


11:25 May 1, 2013

Justice for the innocent
will be when right
shows its might. jt

I felt the evil behind the words
driven by defeat ....
And I realized the wondrous power
of my god.

Worry not in days of trial
and tribulation
for none is greater than
man's creator.
12:02am April 30, 2013

The sun shows through the clouds today
as I count my blessings and watch the storm
in the distance drawing nearer to me.

Lord, make me strong when I ask you to
help me, when I am weak.

When I seek reasons to drift from the
course you have set for me-show me, Lord,
all the reasons you've given me to
hold to the path that lay before me.

When anger threatens to rock my world
Lord, calm me, and turn my anger to
fight Heaven's enemy.
April 29, 2013

Forty-two years ago today
I gave birth to a baby girl.
Almost Twenty years ago today
her spirit left her body and
she went away.

I remember the feel of her
inside my womb
and her touch upon my heart.
Though the years divide us
we- as mother-child -
will never be apart.

Happy Birthday Sonya.
I love you.
11:38am  April 29, 2013

I am filled with hope,
faith, and love
the things none can see
because the dreams
touched by my faith,
in the things I cannot see,
are created inside of me.
11:28am April 29, 2013

 Without trust
there is nothing
just an empty life-cup
that will never fill up. jt

Today, I worked outside
Under God's beautiful sky
The feel of the Sun's warmth
filled me with peace inside.

As I pushed the lawn mower
through the grass and weeds
with no shoes on
just my bare feet.....I was
taken in by the colorful flowers
that grew from wild seeds..

Then, I thought about life
and how God's children are like
the flowers growing among
the weeds.

It was a day of feeling
one with everything.
8:20pm April 27, 2013

There are no words
to cast a magical spell
and create peace
among all men......
for if there is to be peace
that peace must reach out
from within.
1:20pm April 26, 2013

Lord, I find it hard
to believe that so
many reach out
and grasp the air;
hold to things that
are not there....
while neglecting
to fill the void
in their own soul,
which for the worldly
 is placed on hold.

Life is more than
the eye can see;
the hand can feel
more than dreams.
Life is life's own
1:11pm April 26, 2013

There's not a word
of wisdom
written or spoken
that eyes have not read
and voices have not said.
The wisest of words
must find root in the
heart of love.
Alone words are empty
and meaningless
until the author gives them
life and heart.
9:58am April 26, 2013

It is the wee hours of the
morning ...
And I still feel a need to
open my heart and bare
my soul.
But, the darkness
that's surrounds me
bids me to rest my weary soul
covered with nighttime's peace.
1:31am April 26, 2013

Today, I felt the heartache
that losing a child leaves,
all over again......
I felt it in another mother's

It brought tears to my eyes
Reading about her child
who died, I remembered my own
child who walked the staircase
to heaven, when God
called in His loan.......

Setting here amongst
the memories and mother's tears
I am thankful for the time
I called my daughter mine
before God called in His loan
and she walked Heaven's
Staircase home.
11:31am April 25, 2013

I feel the dark outside
and the peace within.
No words can I find
tho thoughts are many.
Do not look for answers
where none can be found,
Let me remember when
I struggle to find words
to say what's in my heart
that even silence has a
purpose for being.
1:21am April 25, 2013

This day the sun shines
on broken hearts
and troubled minds.
So many lost souls
gone a stray
blindly stumbling through
the tears of the day.
Lord, they are your
lost sheep drowning
in the dark pits
they create.
11:17am April 24, 2013

My heart reaches out
to touch others seeking
to understand the things
at hand.
It is hard to explain
reasoning to the wind;
when distances separates
the hearts. . . and hands.
Good must reign
or all shall parish
by their own hand.
From the moment
we are born
good and evil war
for our soul.
Everyday, more,
and more
is revealed ....
What was once
done in the dark
moves into the light
and wears a veil
to mask lies
and make truth
the liar.
10:40pm April 22, 2013

Love is the greatest gift of all
but only when love encompasses all
I'd like to find words to write
what's in my heart today
but if the words come at a time
I have a troubled mind
silence is a blessing
until the words
my heart can find.
For, it is better to ride
the wind
than to create a storm.
It is better to first listen
than to chance
saying the wrong words...
11:58 am April 21, 2013

My heart aches for those
so lost in this world
that they would kill
a part of themselves.
I do not set in judgment
of them
but I set in judgment
of the evil that
has touched their lives.
11:44am April 21, 2013

Time has tarnished the shine
of the old with the youth
of today who were taught not
that a wise man
is honest , kind and
lives life with heart.
4:45am April 20, 2013

The innocence of a child
none can deny
yet, my soul is moved
at the sound of
innocence's cry. jt

Do not blindly judge another
When fear drives your
judgment. . .
For, evil uses the innocent
caught in its snares.

Stand against evil times
for they are at hand....
filtering through the
hearts and minds that dwell
in every land.

Look deep, beneath the pictures
your eyes have framed,
and seek guidance from your god
as you ask in Jesus' name.

For wars and rumors of war
now boldly stand at your door.

12:10pm April 19, 2013

I feel the deafness
of closed minds
and my heart
fails to understand
the blindness.

If the world is to survive
a world of people
must raise the blinds
of their heart.
I am but one soul
wandering in life's
6:04pm April 18, 2013

Not always does one find
inspiration from another's
life experiences.
Be inspired by your own
self-worth. jt

In the wake of the storm
A lonely soul lays broken
and crying
among shattered dreams,
and scattered reality.
The dying of a betrayed
soul -no hope left
to bring comfort
only misery at the
hands that once
served love.

May this lonely soul
be spared
and he find peace
when his soul is bared.

For none can see
his torment
in the wake of
the storm.
12:18pm April 17, 2013

Tonight many things
run through my mind
I think about the bad
things that are done in the
name of someone's god
and how horrible it must be
to hold to a belief so blindly
that one loses his ability
to see what is happening
to his own soul......
My god teaches me
to love the stranger as I
love myself
that there is a time for
everything under the sun
that each of us will face
trials and tribulations
before our work on earth
is done.
What benefit to a man's
heaven is a man's
11:17pm April 16, 2013

In order to conquer a world
it's inhabitants must be divided
against themselves. . . Evil
marches day and night.
In minds and hearts evil cultivates
When a people lose all trust
they war among themselves.
When a world of people lose
all trust they war nation
against nation.
Enter the enemy of darkness
to destroy the Light of the world.
Love is the key that joins
hearts and nurtures
1:43am April 16, 2013

Today blood stained Boston streets
and screams filled the air
as evil watched from a window
the explosion that shattered dreams
with two blasts below..
7:04pm April 15, 2013

When things look bad it's hard to remember
That life has a purpose beyond the 'me'
That even at its worst life is as it's should be.
For, we reap what we sow and sow what we reap. jt

Today brought sunshine
with a dark cloud behind.

Lord, I thank you for this day
and welcome life's storm
knowing all that I love
is safe in your arms.

If tears fall you will dry them
If my heart breaks you will mend it
If I get lost in the rain you will
shield me from life's storm:
guide me and lead me
and keep me from harm.

Thank you, Lord, for this day, and for
keeping me safe in your loving arms.
11:10am April 15, 2013

My heart is the place where I can touch
the better part of me . . .
My god who lives in every heartbeat. jt

There is a price for self-centeredness
in a world that depends on caring souls
for care and guidance. jt

Like babies at play
Sheep wandering away
All is getting darker day by day
none can see the storm
that's already here
like babies at play
sheep wandering away
in their darkness they stray.

When the storm hits home
their screams will make deaf
the hearer's ears...
and silent will all things lay
in a pool of bloody tears.
11:41am April 14, 2013

What one does in life
determines how one
meets death when
he takes his last breath.
So quickly life does pass.
Waste not the day
for it could be the last.
There is no promise
of a tomorrow.
3:56am April 14, 2013.

What we do or do not do
to stop the suffering of
innocent souls will not
go unseen.
Turn not away from
eyes that tear
hands that tremble
an shake in fear ....
If it touches your eyes
or falls on your ear
you become apart
of the problem
or a part of the cure.
11:37am April 13, 2013

I once was lost
in the bottomless pit of
emptiness and the half
filled cup called life;
Then I was found and

by my Lord
and Savior
Jesus Christ.

11:12am April 13, 2013.

Today, my faith is strong
as my heart aches.....
I have saw my god's power
felt my god's love
and come to understand
that all special to my heart
rests in my god's hands.

God, I turned my life over to you
and placed my loved ones in your care
Tho I see dark things coming
I know in my heart that
you won't put on me more than
I can bear. . . .
As always my shield of faith
is raised.
1:29pm April 12, 2013

Where peace reigns
love guides. jt

Lord, help me in this day
to push bad memories away.
Help me  understand why
innocence is many times
struck down by evil's hand.
Long ago, my heart was
shattered into a million peaces
all in the same day . . .
and still- evil finds ways
to remind me of the evil
things done on that heartbreaking day.
I try so hard not to remember
the life and innocence stripped away
on my life's darkest day.
I need you to calm my spirit's rage
to once more send understanding
to my door.
11:04am April 11, 2013

Let not worry mar the moment
with misgivings and woe
for wasted is the moment
where worry flows.
If something changeable
needs changing-change it
If something unchangeable
worries you
because it cannot be changed
accept it . . . all the worry in the
world won't change it.
1:27am April 11, 2013

Alone I set with my thoughts and memories
sorting through the past; putting each memory
in its place; and wondering why I still have
trouble putting some memories away.
11:36pm April 10, 2013

Some times we push those we love away
to spare them our pain;
Sometimes life pulls those we love away
to spare us their pain;
Some times people grow together and
pull away from their god
other times they grow apart
in life but stay together in their hearts.
9:33am April 10, 2013

I awoke to the feel of love
In a world where love never sleeps. jt

If I could take away heartache
and replace it with love
my love in your heart would lay.
If I could mend broken hearts
with my love
broken hearts would not
exist in this day.
If I could change the world
with love or make a difference
in another's time of need
in that life I would
plant love's seed.
Love cannot grow without
a caring heart.
9:06am April 10, 2013

May this day bring peace
into every life, and love
into every heart. jt

I once stood at the beginning
of my life time
with nothing but the future before me.
Then my future turned in to yesterdays
and the dreams that once were mine
no longer visit me when I sleep.
I stand at the end of my life's journey
and wait for life's end.
Let me remember in old age
the paths that brought me to my today
For, what good is living a life time
if all the memories, with time,
fade away . . .?
6:14pm April 9, 2013

The beauty of the soul
cannot be marred by the years
or destroyed by the hands of time.
For what rests inside is of its own. jt

 Love does not always
leave behind happy times
but even in the coldest heart
love leaves its mark behind.

If you say "I love you"
mean it, or else keep
the promise of love
for another.

To many hearts have been
broken and to many
promises un-kept.
10:11am April 9, 2013

The world awaits its fate
while man wrestles with
his demons. jt

There is not a path that lay before me
I haven't travelled before
no song my heart hasn't already sing .
There is nothing that lay ahead of me
that supersedes things of the past
except death's presents casting
a shadow over everything.
9:58am April 9, 2013

The answer to the end of time
all seek but none shall find. jt

Guard the things closest to your heart
for those are the things worthy of the
love that lives there. jt

There is a feel of trouble coming
I feel it with my soul
but many heed not the warning
their insides have grown cold.

I hear the silence shouting
to be heard
the warning is not clear
for silent fall each word
and dead the inner ear.

I know not what lay before me
Faith be my shield
and my god be
my strength.
11:55am April 8, 2013

Another night has passed by
the day is breaking
in the sky. . .
and sleep will have to wait
until another day  passes by. jt

A long time ago I learned
to stand for the first time
holding onto my mama's hands.
A long time ago I learned
to walk, talk and love
for the first time
under the watchful eyes
of my mama
who was loving and kind.
One step at a time
I learned to walk. . .
One word at a time
I learned to talk . . .
And from one mama's love
 I learned to love
with all of my heart.
2:00am April 7, 2013

I feel the trembling beneath
my feet made by the sound of
I feel the unrest where the
sleeping man lay....
and in wonder I watch
the foretold unfold
6:42am April 6, 2013.

There comes a time in every life
when certain choices must be made
reality cannot be changed
and peace of mind is engaged
with that double-edged sword
called "why."
Why was I born to live and die?
Why was I born innocent only
to die a sinner?
Lord you knew me before I was born
you know my heart better than anyone
You have shared in my joy and my woe
patiently nurtured my spirit
down every road... and still I find
there is so much left I do not know.
4:19PM April 5, 2013

"When one forgets the good memories
all they have left is the bad ones. "jt

I awoke to find the sun
hiding behind the clouds
rain threatening to fall
and felt the peace
reaching out to me
mingling with it all.
10:33am April 5, 2013

I thank  my god for this day
I thank my god for this night
I thank my god for his love
I thank my god for always
being there for me when
my life needed a little
more light. jt

Daddy, It's been a long time
Since, you crossed over to the
other side..... I will never forget
the way you cried.

As you lay in your casket
all dressed up to go away
Your love for family and friends
showed on your face that day...

 You stayed with us as long as you could
tho you had moved on to a much
better place.

Thirty-seven years have passed
and I can still feel your love;
and see the tears on your face.

Mamas are special but daddies are too
To my angel daddy in Heaven
"I love and miss you."
12:03pm April 4, 2013

Happy Birthday Daddy

Always, one can find reason
to doubt
Rarely, one can find reason
to believe in something
sight unseen. jt

To defeat the enemy of the outer world
one must chain the enemy within. jt

To each a calling
from his heart
to seek out man's
greater good
Blind is the eyes
that sees with the
eyes in his head only
and not
with the eyes
of his heart..
10:12am April 4, 2013

This world so full
so empty
to the seer's eyes
beneath it all
the heart beats. jt

The magic in the day
is the love that finds away
to touch hearts . . .and
change lives. jt

Lord, There is a lot of bad things
going on in this old world
A lot of needless suffering
A lot of broken hearts that
need mending; a lot of
lost souls searching for you
among the rot of the world
they're wandering through.
Lord, there is nothing I can do
will you help me understand
why so many turn their back on you
do they truly not believe
are they so foolish Lord
to think that on judgment day
you will over look the times
they turned away from you
believing no matter how many times
they turned  -Lord, you
would find it in your heart to forgive
them for everything they do.......
Lord, put your hand on these lost souls
bring them to their knees.....for that's
the only way to save the souls
of those who truly believe.
2:01pm April 3, 2013\

I fear nothing except my god
who's  hands have long shield
me from harm....... I have walked
among the thorns and picked
the sweetest roses...... I have
stood at the cross roads, leaning
on my god's arm. I have looked
into the eyes of death, felt
death's breath on my spirit and
stood where time stood still. I
need not search for my god
my god lives through me.....my god
is all my soul will ever need.
11:58pm April 2, 2013

So quickly can love turn to a shadow
of what love once was
Where once love comforted and stood
a pillow of strength that no hatred
could penetrate , only, love's ghost
resides..... walking through my memory
sands of love that my heart won't throw
into the winds of time....and my heart
won't let die.
10:18pm April 2, 2013

Not every day will bring sunshine
Happiness and peace of mind
Some days will bring storms
of tears, doubts, and heartaches
But were there not other days
when after the storm
the sun did shine....?
If in the day a storm
you find ----look ahead
to better times.....
For, my god is good
and leaves none alone
to suffer in life's rains.
11:15am April 2, 2013

All search the world for answers
some will find
others will not
When unanswered questions
be your lot
look for the answers
in your heart.
11:02am April 2, 2013

There is peace to be found
when one no longer allows
doubt to push the positive away.

May peace, sweet, sweet peace
find its way into every troubled
Take time to feel the
power of the spirit

Let none steal from you
what is rightfully yours
through the spirit
that gives value to all living things.
10:24pm April 1, 2013

I am setting here
with tears in my eyes
because I cannot find
words to say what
lays heavy on my mind.

I have lived a long time
and laid to rest
peaces of my heart
in many a grave.

In a lot of ways
I am more dead
than I am alive.

But I'll live, and I'll strive
and I'll do the best I can
until it comes my time
to die.

God, calm my heart
give me peace
and strengthen me
according to how hard I try.
10:04pm March 30, 2013

When human compassion
no longer thrives in the heart
of men- all hope for a better
tomorrow ceases to exist....
For, cold and empty is the soul
of men who have no love
for his fellowman in his heart.
Before I was despised
I was loved ;
After I was loved
I was hated
but because of love
I endure.
1:22pm March 30, 2013

I find it hard to understand why
so many get lost in the darkness
they create-when they hold the
Light of the world in the palms
of their hands. jt

Justices prevails when truth sets in the judge's chair...
Few see the dangers in the coming.... or will admit
their failures in the past.
A heart that seeks to understand finds it easier
to love...
The fires in life are many but they all burn the same. jt

 There is a story behind every life.
No one likes loneliness-
We all search the outer world
for purpose ,reason for being
and excuses for being the way we are.
How many would truly lay down
their life for a stranger.?
It is easier to talk the talk
than it is to walk the walk.
We all need purpose in life
to feel needed is a human trait.
I can take the loneliness
and the silence interrupted only
by the voice in me. .. for where
silence rest peace be.
12:03am March 29, 2013

Lord, I turn to you for comfort
and guidance
in a world that leaves my spirit
I have a burden I must carry
that no one can carry but me.
I do not ask you to lighten my burden
I ask you to give me the strength to
carry what needs to be.
I know I don't praise you enough
but you see into the heart of me
and know the weight of the
burden I carry.
Lord, make me strong, and
unbendable, when self-pity becomes
my crutch put more weight on my shoulder
and bring me to my knees.
Lord, I do not ask you to lighten my burden
I ask you to give me the strength to
carry what needs to be.
2:45am March 29, 2013

Another day to ponder
the meaning of life
and remember life is
unfolding according to
nature's god's plan.
That regardless of
who we are, where we are
what we feel about life
we might be the captain
at the helm of our life's ship
But, Nature's God charts the
course of the sea.
3:08 pm March 28, 2013

God, you have brought me to a new day
As I enter in, provide me with a shield of faith
give me your candle light to help me find my way
And send your angels to walk with me
Incase I get the urge to stray.
For God, you see, in the flesh I am weak
and often tempted in the day
to seek things that I don't need.
When these times befall me ,God, please,
have mercy on me, and take the lead.
For, in your hands I know, I always want to be.
Take mercy on this sinner God...I love you
and I need you so to help me through
this day and this world gone astray. Amen
11:06 am March 27, 2013

The coldness of this moment
warms under heaven's sky.

Feel the warmth of love as
in the cold you stand
with heart in hand
10:43am March 27, 2013

My heart has emptied out
into the world . . .My soul
now waits for the branches
to bear fruit.
I planted my heart
in the world and give to my god
my soul.
May my labor not be in vain
and the fruit of my labor not
rot on the vine.
For it has been with love
I planted loves seed
to bear fruit for those in need.
10:19am March 27, 2013.

Child of my womb
listen always with
your heart for the things
that will bring you peace.
This life is only temporary
and it serves only to test
heaven's seed.
Put none before your god
lest the heart be torn from thee
and thee wander through life
questioning that which is
and always will be.
I loved you before you were born
when I carried you beneath my heart
and, for a time we lived as one.
Put none before your god
for it was my god who placed
your life inside of me.
10:51am March 25, 2013

I find in the day what I look for
Available always are the memories I cherish.
At hand in my heart visions of happier times
stand pieces of shiny silver to pay for the
moments of peace I find.
In the depth of my soul I carry my god
In the depth of my heart my god resides
What more is there to life than carrying
inside ones god who is ones everything?
10:42am March 25, 2013

My yesterdays are no more
I am free to fly in my today
unchained from memories of old
that sought to destroy my soul.
I am released from all heartache
and my feet stand on my faith
as my god breaks unbreakable
11:32 am March 24, 2013

I once saw the world through a haze
and my heart beat widely in those days.
I was a spirit bound to the world of fancy
where through the haze I saw
only what I wanted to see.
Through the years the haze drifted away
and my heart was broken into a million pieces
laying before me......
I was a spirit bound to the world's reality.
Now, I see the world of many
with the eyes of the spirit that
lives in me.
11:16 am March 24, 2013

Today the rain is falling
and from time to time
thunder roars and
lightening strikes.
And I compare them all
to a heart that's breaking.
11:02am March 24, 2013

You know not the ways of a man's heart
except that it loves.
Those who would hate another because
of who they are -are not worthy of
anything but pity. jt

The thunder that reaches my ears
moves my heart to stand against the storm...jt

The roads in life are long and many
choose wisely the path you will go
for it is down the road of life you take
you meet your destiny.......and come
face to face with your fate.
1:59pm March 23, 2013

Sisters of Mine

Every night I search the heavens above
for the three sister stars
that are always together, and
never drift apart.
To me, the three sister stars represent
peace, harmony and unselfish love, each
star has for the other.
I cannot imagine gazing up into the sky and
not seeing those three sister stars
To me the three sister stars represent
endurance, tolerance and respect of each
star for the other
Watching the three sister stars
making their way across the sky together,
surrounded by millions of stars drifting apart......
I give thanks for the two sister stars of mine,
who always comes to mind and heart
when I see the three sister stars, together
Sharing the bond of sisterhood
unmarred by the dark..
6:53am March 23, 3013

I would rather struggle in life
to get by, than live in luxury
while others barely survive. jt

The man who searches the world
for purpose of being
neglects the inner purpose
for his existence. jt

Today I ponder future and past
Remembering those gone away
Thinking of those left in my today
and how fast life slips away. jt

11:15 March 22, 2013

Wasted are the moments spent
filled with resentment and woe
for both are stealers of the soul. jt

 I'd like to write my heart out
and get rid of all its emptiness.

If it were possible I would explain
what it is that sets me a part from you.

But, as life would have it, the journey we
are on takes us in different directions.

Silently, I shall watch, from across
the fields, the parting of our way.
11:08am March 21, 2013

I live in a world where my god is king
Where angels visit and children play and sing.
In my world I awake, and I  fall asleep alone
except for Jesus~ who reigns in my humble home.
1:34PM March 20, 2013

God, there are people hurting today
who got lost somewhere along the way
and needs your help today.

They lost sight of their place
in your day to day plan.....and need
you to knock at their door again
and give them a hand.

I feel the tears and the pain
in their heart . . .
and their tears become my tears.

Hold them in your arms today and
give them each a candle of hope
to help them through the day.
10:52am March 19, 2013

I use to cry a lot and feel sorry for me
until I awoke one day and realized
there was no one to dry my tears but me.
No one could look down inside my heart
see the scares, and wear my pain, but me.
I hardly cry anymore, not since my god
saw fit to heal my spirit. And when I do cry
it is no longer tear of self-pity.
2:03am March 19, 2013

I am who I am today
because of my yesterdays
It was the past that taught me
that tears will dry in time
that heartache is part of life
and that hurt and pain is a
part of living.
I am who I am today
because of the lessons
learned yesterday
at the price of loved ones
gone away.
1:54am March 19, 2013

The god I know does not need me to
prove his existence- just as, I have no need
to prove to the world that my god exist. jt

There's is a time set
for death to capture
man's last breath . . .

A time when
all that moves
shall lay still . . .

And all that
is to be will be.
1:25am March 19, 2013

Today is a new beginning
to the rest of ones life.
Marred only by yesterdays
memories of happiness and strife.

Let go of yesterday's pain
Hold onto yesterday's
happy memories......
Cling to your faith as a hungry child
 as you strive in the day to walk life's
crooked mile....
10:17am March 18, 2013

Those we love the most
often think they're loved the least. jt

When our lives cross, in passing ,
we soon forget the meeting.
When our spirits touch, in passing,
long remembered the touch.
10:31am March 17, 2013

Today the air has a cold feel about it
and I set alone once more
chilled to the bone . . .
wondering at the warmth of the spirits
that touch mine and leave me feeling
alive inside.
10:23am March 17, 2013.

None but my god can satisfy my soul. jt

Today I set thinking about those
who made a difference in my life
and the word "strangers" came
to mind. jt

The coming together of hearts
Awakens the spirits that touch.

Love moves more than the man.

Touch a life with love and you've
made a difference in the world.

One cannot fully comprehend
the meaning of life without first
understanding the ways of the heart.

Nurture love with heart and
love will grow stronger.

Love is never misplaced.......

Love and hate cannot
share the same heart.
9:21am March 16, 2013

If I had known then what I know now
I would have done nothing any differently
I lived in the past as I live today.

I got up each morning clinging to my faith.

When times were hard I asked my god
to give me the strength to face whatever
came my way.

And when I laid down at night, sometimes
in tears, and with a broken heart,
I thanked my god for the day.

I would have done nothing differently
I followed my heart , not always sure
where it would take me.
1:19am March 15, 2013

Each moment is a blessing
come in it what may
God don't make our choices
He only gives us the moment we live in
in the day.

Take to heart the moment
for in the moment
our past and present lay.

In the moment we are born
and in a moment
the things we think are ours
can suddenly be taken away.

Live in tomorrow not . . .
In this moment beats the heart

What matters a tomorrow
we may not see . . .
Waste not the moment
Live in the moment
Love in the moment
Find peace in the moment
and Keep faith in the moment
in whatever it is that you believe.
11:12pm March 14 , 2013

He who walks alone walks closest to God.

I look beyond the things my eyes are fixed upon

I hear the sounds of yesterday as today I listen

to the silence of tomorrow.

1:12am March 14, 2013

 In the quietness of the night
my heart beats to life's silence.

A tear falls but never leaves my eye.

A whisper in agony can be heard above
the thunder.

Blind is he who can find no self-fault.

The worst fault a man can have
is self-deceit.

What is as it should be
cannot be otherwise.

The world is over crowded with lost souls
bumping into each other.

As long as heart leads, good things
will follow.

9:16PM March 12, 2013

I awoke to find things unchanged
waiting to be rearranged
None but me can touch
my inner life
None but me can feel
what I alone feel
None but me can take
the next step in my life.
9:46am March 11, 2013

God, thank you for all the second chances
you have given to me.
Thank you for teaching me the importance
of just being me.
Thank you for your forgiveness
When I was lost in the worldly
and could not see.....
God, most of all, thank you
for all the love you have seen fit to give
to me.
12:00am  March 11, 2013

Poured Out My  Memories

11:00PM March 9, 2013

I needed time for me

the silence came from

my need.

One gets closer to understanding

self when  they are their  only company.

Be thankful for the silence

in silence can be found many things.

8:55am March 8, 2013

A Mother's Walk

It doesn't take courage
to accept the unacceptable
or to set silent and watch
ignorance destroy the moral
values that have long
been faithful servants
to those drawn to wonder
from the path of right.

It does not take courage
to straddle life's fence
to never take a stand
on a just cause....

It takes forgetting
the importance of
setting the best examples
for future generations.

It takes courage to stand
against freedom's foe
alone, if need be,
in defense of the
high idea that

all men are created
equally, and possess
a god given right
to live and die free.
12:25pm March 6, 2013

Each day, after opening my eyes
my first thought is on the beauty
of the skies . . .
and how blessed I am to be alive.
12:05pm March 6, 2013

A day that begins with love ends with love.

Each day is a new beginning and you
are in control of how it will end.

If I try and fail-let me be inspired by my failure
to keep on trying.

May the words that come from my heart
inspire others to allow their hearts to sing.
March 5, 2013

Today, the warmth of the sun stung the winter's cold
filled my world with sunshine, and lovingly
touched my soul.
7:34pm March 5, 2013

The evil that engulfs the world
embraces everyone in it.
Not one thing left untouched
moral values are in decay
commonsense overshadowed
by selfishness and common
decency fading away.
Many wonder at the happening
in a day....but none move toward
all move away.
And the evil that works through man
continues to make a mess of things.....
and those who refuse to take a stand
remain puppets embraced
by evil's hands.
7:28am March 4, 2013

Lord, I have raised my children
and released them out into the world.
But. Still, sometimes I wish I could
put my arms around them
and be a part of their world again.
These are the times, Lord, when
I forget, I ,too, caused a mother
to wonder through an empty nest.
I hope my mother knew, before
she went away that, tho we were
apart.....she lived with me,
 every day, inside my heart.
5:26pm March 3, 2013

The air is cold that I breathe in
and my thought are frozen inside my mind
I wish for the warmth of a memory, of a time
when the sun shine-even in the wintertime.
5:04pm March 3, 2013

I want to share something my youngest daughter, Katie,
posted on FaceBook :

People always say
I have a laugh
Like my mother does
Guess that makes sense
She taught me how to smile
When things get rough

I've got her spirit
She's always got my back
When I look at her
I think, I want to be just like that

(love you mommy)

I love you, Kate.

Note: Katie, told me the words are from a song she heard....

And the song made her think of me.

The first step in life is but the first of many
as unsure as the first step may be
with time we get sturdier on our feet.
We all fall, in the beginning of our life.
We all stumble when learning to walk.
In life's time, we walk-we run,
we stumble, and sometimes we fall.....

Life is a race we are all called upon to run,
God don't penalize us when we fall
all He asks of  us  is that  we
put our heart into life's race, and
while running the race, we give it our all.
8:20am March 1, 2013

There is nothing more important
than you and the years you've
traveled through.
Before all else, everything in
your world, begins with you.
No one can see through your eyes
or hear what your ears hear....
No one can take your steps but you
No one can dream your dreams
when you sleep....
No one can lift for you your spirit
or raise for you your shield of faith....
that is why you were born
into life to take your own place.
8:01am March 1, 2013

One who will not stand for the right
becomes the weakest link
in the chain of humanity.
While it is true mankind
processes enough knowledge
to do great things
in the name of science
mankind cannot survive
without a heart.
Like a snake he will
crawl on his belly
into the fires of hell.
For nothing done in the
name of science comes
from man's mind
The knowledge was placed there
to create havoc among mankind.
Worry not ,O faithful ones.
11:04am February 28, 2013

I was born to live and die
to wash away someone's pain
with my tears.
May the day bring you Comfort,
Love, and Peace.
May the night swallow up
your fears.
May God shine His Light on you
And- May all your dreams come true.
10:40am February 27, 2013


I live in this world alone
and feel the emptiness
left behind by yesterdays
come and gone .
Yet, my faith helps me
to fill the empty
with hopes and dreams
of better things to come.
10:12am February 27, 2013

I thought today
how blessed my life has been
And I wondered
if I had the chance
would I live my life again.

The answer came, quickly,
to mind; To go back only
to be, again where I am today
how foolish that would be

Yesterdays are gone
never to be relived,
except in dreams
and memories . . .

While there be life in me
let me draw from
yesterday's pain
a little wisdom

From yesterday's
a little understanding

From yesterday's
happy times
a little faith
to help through

Let the stars in heaven shine
Let night find me sleeping
and morning find me
thankful for the day
Knowing as I enter in
I will never enter this day
8:31pm February 26, 2013

My memory keeps alive inside
my heart  those cherished moments
faded by the hands of time- the
visions of hope, and loss
that lay behind.
7:56am February 26, 2013

The rain is washing clean the morning
as I set inside and watch the stillness
of the leaves on the trees.
7:49am February 26, 2013

Always, there will be found
enough faith in my world
to go around.
One need only knock on
my door, to enter my heart.
12:06PM February 15, 2013

Loneliness is a part of life.
Some choose to be alone
and, sometimes, life choose
our loneliness for us.

When words fall from the heart
Tears fall from their author's eyes.
One heart felt word is of more
value then a book of meaningless
words strung together by a heartless
What we say today another
may hear but not grasp the true
meaning of the words.
Some times the heart refuses
to be moved by the thoughts.
11:00pm February 14,2013

Not a day goes by
that God don't
in some way
touch my day.
I feel his touch
in the smallest of things
and worry not
what tomorrow may bring.
For, today the sun shines
and all I love are safe.

10:44pm February 14, 2013

I am just a traveler
journeying through this

There are none, permanent
visitors here.

Tho there be those who seek

We are but specks of dust
blowing in life's wind.

Eventually, falling
into the sands of time.

Forgotten the dust that
once moved the world

As together the pasts
of all, become the presents
of many.

5:04pm February 13, 2013

All life stems
from the roots of life.
Each life is judged
on its actions
all life is judged on
its strengths and
For, you see,
the worldly
lessens the value
of every life....
It's meant to be so
The best one can hope for
upon exiting this life,
is too walk
as an innocent child.....
into the hereafter's
sweet glow
Where all good
souls go..
7:01pm February 11, 2013

Alone we are born
into a mother's arms
and into a mother's heart.
And all our life it is the
mother's arms we seek
when our heart gets
broken in two, and we
need comfort, and words
of wisdom
to help us through.
8:36pm February 10, 2013

I once looked at life
through the eyes of innocents
and never saw danger
where danger lay,
in wait, to take
my innocents away.
8:25pm February 10, 2013

How many tears would
be dried today
If there was someone
near enough
to wipe the tears away?

I know not
For the answer is in
another's heart.
8:18pm February 10, 2013

A stranger
is one we never get
the chance to know.

Today, the sun
shine down on me
and as its warmth
touched my skin
I felt life's peace.
8:10am February 10, 2013

A million tears I have cried
A million tears that were dried ....
Tears no one seen..... because, I hid
my tears inside.
I showed the world what
it wanted to see but never once
let it show, the emotions stored
inside of me......the need just to
be released from the chains inside
that spared the world my inner grief.
A million heartache strong
Not one tear did I waste or
dry in vain. Not one regret for the
times I cried alone
and put my trust
In a god who
knew my emptiness
and filled
the void inside
of me.
10:36pm February 9, 2013

I was thinking, just now
about each of you, my children
and how much we've grown a part
And tho I miss the times we were
together.....I would change nothing.
For, you see, it is those good and bad times
we shared that ciphered down to make us who
we are today.
By now you have learned the lesson that
every child learns in time . , , There is a time
to learn and grow- that prepares us for
the times we have to let go.
A time for being a child, and a time to
watch your own child grow.
I have no doubt that the years spent
was worth every tear.
10:20pm February 8, 2013

I spend a lot of time alone
pondering what lay before me
And questioning why I journey,
still, in the same direction
my life has already gone.

Why is it laid on my heart
to reach out in a world
filled with selfishness ,
self-centeredness- and
unending greed?

Why should I care
when the very ones I care about
would crucify me- knowing not
the gift, for them I have long
carried inside my heart.

I know there are answers to my
questions that I may never know
So, I shall continue to trust my
god to show me the way that
He would have me to go.
5:19am February 8, 2013

 How can I describe
an emotion inside
when smiles and tears
can deceive the eye
when the eyes see only
what they want to see?
5:01pm February 8, 2013

If I could
take your pain away
put back together
your breaking heart;
hold you close
wrap you in love's arms
spare you the pain
of a grieving heart
I would in a heart beat
but your pain is to great
and your loss the kind
that comes from
losing a part of one's self.
A mother cannot be
replaced once she is gone
but through her child
she can ,even after death, she
can lives on........her memory
untarnished by time. Safe
inside the child she once
carried beneath her heart.

5:49pm February 7, 2013
For you Julie. Love you.

Today, I re-learned a valuable lesson
that I won't soon again forget......We
cannot lose those we love with our heart
If that be true that love can die
why cry the tears that we cry. . .
when another breaks our heart----
why question death when
loved ones part? Death has no power
over love...... the grave cannot
chain love to the dust of time.
5:18pm February 7, 2013

When I'm feeling lonely
feeling down and feeling blue
I think about the worst of times
and what it was that
helped me through.
It was the thing
I carry deep in side
called " faith"
that lifts
the clouds away,
and makes me feel happy
as I strive to
make it through each day.
11:00am February 6, 2013

Each life is of value and purpose
Tho some would claim
that life's number decreases the value
of us all.
How blind is he who foolishly believes
one life out shines another
when in reality we are particles of life's whole
beneath the polish and the shine
underneath the raggedy clothes
to the nakedness of the soul
we share but a breathe of life
as together we live each day
and watch the humanness fade away.
2:19pm February 5, 2013

As the years come and go
I am amazed at thoughts
of how those early years
that carved into me the worth of
myself and others, seemed to pass
so slow..
And how the middle years dragged by
to get to the later years, when memory
starts to fade and the years start to fly
From youth to being years old
takes its toll on one's soul.
And it is from the depth of the soul
I have learned to accept that
it is the fate of the flesh to blossom
and grow ,graciously, old.
1:59pm February 2013

I let the worldly tempt me
with promises
meant only to deceive.

But, before I fall captive
to a world of heartache
and certain despair
I remember what I seek
does not live there.

I seek a place where
God is King
where love abides
and intertwines
into the breadth and
width of everything.

A place where night
never enters in
and peace will be
my spirit's friend.
7:14pm February 4, 2013

The things that touch my heart touch my memory.

 God's little miracles happen every day
I awake to find things still in their place
The sun shining down on me
the wind blowing peacefully
The birds singing in the trees
flowers blooming in the winter time
and the Spring
The gaps in my life filled
with sweetest memories
and love still flowing
from the heart inside of me.
6:27pm February 4, 2013

Not a day goes by
that I don't feel loved.

Again, I give thanks to my god above
for His patience with me and His
untiring love.
11:42am January 25, 2013

The days fly by so quickly
and so many tomorrows have turned
to yesterday...... but left
untouched by time is my
love...the love I gave away
that my heart gives again
and again with each passing

We live so fast sometimes
we forget we are but
travelers on life's highway.
12:30am January 25, 2013

Today the sun shines to warm me
as the morning air chills me to the bone.

Let this day pass peacefully
Tho I be alone, without my foe's
company........ evil strives to enter in.

Let none who visit me, and  leave, find
anything but love and peace.
8:59am January 19, 2013

God, gives me a miracle
every time I open my eyes
to a new day
and that day contains
those closest to my heart.
Life is a miracle that man
cannot create from a non- living
As man strives to learn
life's secret
He can only dream of being God.

All things shall pass away but the
Spirit which moved the flesh
shall return to its home that no
mortal eyes shall ever gaze upon.
9:15 pm January 18, 2013

Sometimes what I look for
is right in front of me
and being so close
it takes me longer to find it.
1:41pm January 17, 2013

I threw temptation out the door
For to keep it within arms reach
does nothing but tempt me
There are things one has
no control over and there
are things that come to be
because my will to do
or refrain from doing
Is set free.
6:33 P.M. January 16, 2013

Each day brings its own joys and woes
Sometimes only joy touches our day
while woes wait in another  tomorrow
 to bring us heartache and sorrow.
9:52p.m. January 15, 2013

Thank you Lord for this day
and for watching over me each step
I made. You are my truest friend
Thank you once more for paving
the way..... to a beautiful and
blessed day.
8:31p.m. January 14, 2013

Today, I got a small reminder
of love's enduring power.
When hearts gathered at my house
and made themselves right
at home.
8:20p.m. January 13, 2013

The day has been a day filled
with loved ones far, and loved
ones near.
While the sun always shines
there is still a cloud hanging over
this world of mine.
For a mother's heart knows
her child's heart better
sometimes, than they.....
Not until I am no more
will I shine more brightly
than before.
6:18P.M. January 12, 2013

I am once more cut off from all but a few
and my thoughts remain un -scattered
as I now wait for the next move; for
nothing happens on its own..... all things
exist for a reason; nothing
is where it don't belong.
6:09p.m. January 12, 2013

The night is still; no sounds to rise
above my thoughts.
As silence screams for a voice.
11:45pm January 9, 2013

The Times That Tested My Soul

Lord, I was just thinking today
about my life and how things
have changed...... and how many
times its been shattered and

Those were the times I clung
too tightly to those I loved so
and I had to learn the hard way
sometimes I have to let go.

Those were the times that tested
my soul, and the faith I have in you.
If not for you, I know my world would
have shattered, and I wouldn't have
made it through.

Lord, when I was weak you loaned
me your strength; when I thought
I could not make it another day
You took me by the hand and pointed
out the way.

When I lost those closest to my heart
and life felt so empty, and I felt so alone
You never failed to remind me that
those I clung too were only mine on loan.

And I came to understand it's because
you are a good Father that, from time to
time, you send your angel to collect
your loan and take another loved
one home.

Those were the times that tested
my soul, and the faith I have in you.
If not for you, I know my world would
have shattered, and I wouldn't have
made it through.
10:20pm January 9, 2013
By Heartsong

Everyday we awaken
to a new beginning.

A day resting between yesterday
and tomorrow ~

A present caught between
the past and the future ~

and in the moment we breathe
in our destiny.

We live but one lifetime.

Take life one step at a time.

Live life the way life is given to us all
One breath at a time.

Find peace in the moment

And the hours of a day
will take care of themselves.
8:20pm January 8, 2013

We all have our memories
of good times and woe;
We all have experienced life
life's darkness and life's glow.

We all have been given choices
to make in our everyday life
some make life easier other's
cause strife in our life.

We all have our reality
that we live in each day
that we would change something in
If we could have life our way.

We all have our destiny
a beginning and an end.....
places in life we've been
 places in life  we will never be again.
1:56pm January 8, 2013

The air I breathe is peaceful and cool
And I must seek the warmth of my bed.

There's words that I could write
and feelings I could release ...
but none could understand the depth
of their meaning but me.
11:08pm January 7, 2013

O Child of My Womb

Wipe away your tears ,O child of mine
For in life we are to move in tune with
life, too the beat of our heart's song.

Not always in life are things as they seem;
I loved you for the first time, O child of mine
before you entered this world of trial and turmoil
to have your innocent heart broken ... O child
of my womb, that love has never lessened or
gone a stray....I love you, beyond the breath I take.

O child of mine, know this, from the moment
I awake, I love you; not a day has passed
that my heart has not beat a love tune. . .
for each child of my womb.

O child of my womb, live and be happy
knowing that God watches over you
every moment , as you move through life
to your heart's tune. For, my love embraces you
from afar, sight unseen, child of my womb.
7:16 pm January 6, 2013

Everyone needs to know
that someone cares . . .
I care.

It is now raining
after a day of sunshine.
As the raindrops
hit the wall out side
I ponder how my god
has taken control of
my life . . .
And with his goodness
engulfed my soul.
At the end of this day
I would have it no
other way.
Where he leads me
I will go.
6:45pm January 6, 2013

In 1987, God called my mama to heaven
When I found out she had died I cried;
When I found out how she died - my
heart went out to the one who had to
live with what he had accidently done. . .
It could not have been less than shocking
to his heart and to his soul -to find out the
woman he had killed -had just stopped
to talk to her son, when he fell asleep
at the wheel . . .They said at the scene
he fell apart - the scene had shattered
his young life and his heart.
My mama was a good mama, and I
know God took her straight to heaven
my mama had a good heart
if she could have she would have
gave comfort to the young man
life had just fallen a part.
To this man, I say today
I hope life shines brightly for you
and that my mama's angel found a way
to help you understand
it wasn't your fault that God chose
to call her home that day.
11:56am January 6, 2013

[His name is Keith Miller, the accident
happened on Oct 14, 1987, on I-10,in
Baker County Florida.}

When words do not come easily
and thoughts prevail over words
none are meant to be heard.
8:33pm January 5, 2013

I Miss My Mama Every Day

I thought about my mama today
And how she made life seem
so much easier before she went

When my mama was alive
I never wanted for anything
for very long; mama watched over
her children until she moved on.

Tho I was married and had
children of my own, mama would
drop in every now and then . . .
She was more than my mama she
was now my best friend.

It broke my heart when my mama
suddenly went away . . .
For a long time, I watched for my
mama every day . . . It was hard
to accept, all I had left of my mama
was her love and her memory.

When times get hard for me, I think
about all the things that my mama
went through and how though it all
she held to her faith and came out
much stronger.

I treasure the time I had with my
mama; I just wish it could have been so
much longer.

By Heartsong

January 4, 2013

There are those who cross our path but once
who find a place in our heart forever.
And those we see every day and forget
as soon as they walk away.
Some in passing just touch our life
while others in passing touch our heart .
10:10pm January 3, 2013

The power of faith is ni to none
When faith is weak in any degree.
Faith is not a part-time thing
not if one truly believes.
12:27pm January 3, 2013

I believe in miracles
because my eyes have seen
My hands have felt
and my life has been touched
by miracles that many
would not believe.
I have felt death in my arms
and love and faith
created a miracle for me
as I watched life restored.
My god is an awesome god
He performs miracles
but forces none to believe.

January 2, 2013 4:38pm

I looked out my window to where
once butterflies danced around the
red hanging flowers with joy and glee
and saw a red bird walking around
on a pile of dry, brown leaves.
January 2, 2013 4:26PM

Today, I am free
Free to be
Free to breathe
Free to dream.
Free of fear
Free of worry

Free in life
to reach out
and touch
my destiny.

I choose to live
 My life being
January 2, 2013 4:08pm

I cannot find words to express
how thankful I am that Jesus
reached out his hand . . .
long, long ago,
at a time when my spirit
was so low.
I cannot describe the shine
The beautiful glow... that
stood over me, with an outreached
hand so long ago.
January 2, 2013 3:59pm

The silence surrounds me
as I set here thinking about life
and how everything is intertwined
even emotions in every heart and mind.
Who has not felt love, anger, need,
desire, happiness, sadness-hunger,
All are joined together by the
fiber of our being.....
January 2, 2013 12:47am




I long for the day when I awaken to find
I don't feel so alone . . . When I don't
feel like running away ; going inside
myself where I feel safe.

I long to stand in a crowded room
and say "Here I am . . . Look at me"
And not feel like I gotta hide inside
of me. . .

Because I'm so afraid I won't fit in
and if I try to be apart of the crowd
and find I'm alone in a room filled
with people again . . .

I might not
ever again get the courage to show me,
the me I am inside..... the one in the crowded
room I try to hide.

I long for the day when I awaken to find
I don't feel so alone . . . When I don't
feel like running away ; going inside
myself where I feel safe.
January 1, 2013 11:20pm



January 1, 2013 11:20pm





My poetry is copyrighted in heaven.....
One can not copyright work God owns.....
My poetry belongs to the world.