Your Love Melted My Heart


When I saw you standing there
I was drawn to you; everything
about you turned me on; my
heart was so overtaken by the
look in your eyes, as you stood
there looking at me- that it skipped
a beat or two.

I knew in my heart that you were
the one, and I wanted so to be
closer to you.

We hadn't even met but I knew
I wanted too.
There we were standing in a crowded
room, you looking at me and me
looking at you . . . and I knew
without exchanging a word with you
that out hearts had already met
and we would be closer soon.

When you walked over and asked
me to dance with you
the touch of your hand on my shoulder
sealed my love for you.

What begin with a first look turned
into a love that I knew I would
share with you my whole life through.

That love still melts my heart today
tho the feel of your touch I can no longer
feel~ wherever you are I want you to know
I love you, still.

I love You . . .

12:14pm January 9, 2013
By Heartsong



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