Your Love, Still, Feeds My Heart



Your memories touch me softly
when I thirst and hunger for love. . .

When I am all alone, and my heart
craves your nearness- the thought of you ,my love,
is like a spring day kiss.

When I am alone, and my need to be loved
over powers every other emotion in my day--

The thought of you, my love,

like a gentle blowing breeze, fills

the need of the moment-and takes
my need to be loved away.

Tho the emptiness is always with me....

You, my love, touch me softly through
the memories of what might have been-

and what will never be again.

Your love still feeds my heart . . .
like it did way back then.

I love you... and if I had the chance
I would love you all over again.
by Heartsong

[written 11:38 am  September 30, 2012]


Love Poetry