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A Deer Hunter's Dream

A lot of memories set in one corner of my little world. Dog pens that today set empty, once filled with dogs a hunter dreams to own - Not one left to eagerly wait for the chase to begin-Once pens filled with dogs waitin for huntin season to begin-and wishing the chase would never end....

Yelp! A lot of memories remain to remind me of all the full-and-empty years gone by.

The huntin days-when the boys and girls rolled out of bed before sunrise to make it to the woods in time-for a day of huntin-dogs barking-cb radios going full blast-fast moving trucks----fast moving deer-with only their tracks left behind for the hunters to find, and put the dogs on.......

"Got the deer cornered! Breaker! Breaker! Anyone close by?"

"On the way! Be right there!"

Dogs a barking! Hunters' hearts beatin 90 miles a minute.....anticipating killing a trophy deer.

Trucks from every direction speeding to the scene........ Rifles are loaded-by the truck driver's knee- rushing to get to the chase's end........and to get the first shot in......

Oh, the memories those old dog pens hold-of deer seasons that will never be again.....and the ghost of them good ole huntin dogs still barking and waiting for the chase to begin.
[10:43am October 4, 2012]