When Two Hearts Collide



My heart feels the beating of your heart
and knows your love is true . . .
My love intertwines with your love

and engulfs both me and you.

We have found each in the heart of the other
the love we have searched for our whole
life through.

Can it be that a love such as ours
A love that feeds on flames of need and desire
A love unleashed to seek out the greater love
that bosoms when two hearts collide
is nothing more than the wanting inside
to elude the emptiness left by another?

Can our love, unchained, fill the void in our lives
Do we seek love to know love or does love
seek to know us?

I can feel your heart beating to the sound
of the sea . . . now, I must ask you, my long
sought out love . . . Is there room enough in
your heart and life for me
By Heartsong

2012 Heartsong (All rights reserved)



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