Together Forever



We have always been together

We have never been apart

Since  the moment  we fell in love

and swore to never part.

Wherever life has taken us

whatever trials  and test life has

put us through-you've always had me

to lean on and I have always had you.

We have shared love's springtime

and love's wintertime and all times

in-between..... We, together, my life long love

have hand in hand, heart to heart shared  our

most inner thoughts with each other, been each other's

trusted friend-who after years of being together

realize; we have a special love for each other

that at times may bend but will still be safe inside

our hearts until the very end.

by Heartsong

10:20am November 3, 2012


Written for my friend god1948 and his wife Debbie whose pictures together touched my heart to write this poem just for them.






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