Tattered, Torn and Faded



It's a little tattered , torn
and faded this old heart of mine
but it still has enough love in it
for you....
If you don't mind sharing it with
a memory or two.

I'm not looking for a first time love
That loves done come and gone
I'm looking for that  last ounce of love
from . . . Someone
whose heart's been tattered. torn
and faded too.

This old heart of mine, when it gives
its love to you... that love will be forever true
If you want it, you can have it
I'll give the last drop of my love to you.

All I ask in return is that you
give me all the bits and pieces in your
tattered, torn, and faded heart , too.

Together we'll put our hearts back together
as we love for the last time, you and me
Your heart and mine.
11:13pm December 17, 2012

by Heartsong






Love Poetry