The Sparkle In My Heart



You were the sparkle in my heart for

a long, long time . . .

 Even after we drifted apart

I loved you in my heart, and in my

mind . . .

We weren't together as long as we

wanted us to be . . . and it

tore me apart when the time came

for you to leave . . . I remember well

your last words to me,

"Everybody needs somebody . . . Even me."

I knew then you would find someone

to take my place in your life ..and when I

Married him ,you would make another

your wife . . . But down deep inside I knew,

We would both  carry a sparke of love

in our hearts, for each other,  for a long,

long time. . .

Because, for so long, I was the sparkle

in your heart, and you were the

sparkle in mine.

12:14am December 4, 2013

By Heartsong






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