Some Day, My Love




Some day, My Love
We will find each other
and when we do
You will give your love to me
and I shall give my love to you.

But, for now, My Love
we must stay a part, we must, alone,
endure the empty time
until life chooses to bring us together
too make me your, and make you mine.

I have waited so long to feel your touch
My Love, we have only met in our dreams
yet, I miss your nearness so much....

If our love is not meant to be more than
a shared dream- Awaken me not!
For, what truer love can there be My Love
than the love we have embedded in our

To know that somewhere love awaits
to take me in its arms, too my heart
tastes so sweet.

My Love, I can bear not the thought
that life would be so cruel as too deny
a love such as ours the chance too be.

11:02 p.m. January 12, 2013


By Heartsong



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