Snakes In Banking

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Snakes In Banking

Snakes In Banking -

                   Everything has a beginning

Who/what really has been feeding the thriving snakes in banking? Without assistants ,one individual alone, could not have  created such monsters, as  the too big to fail institutions worldwide.

Monsters that are gobbling up the heritage that 'rightfully, belong to the people who live in and were born in the countries the Snakes have chosen to drain the life's blood from.

History has been distorted, in such away  that people find it easier just to claim "worldwide citizenship"  /or claim 'to be citizens of more than one country "duel  citizenship."

I am an American of the 'Melting Pot" and not a citizen  of other countries. The blood running through my veins is a testimony that Americans are still the greatest people-because we represent every bloodline on earth.

I have long [72 years] been proud of my country. To watch it being destroyed, without raising as much as my voice, in an effort to awaken people inside and outside the United States of America,-my heart and my belief in the goodness in all mankind will not allow my lips to be silenced.

Together the poorest on earth represent a majority.

Be proud to know that Americans, such as myself, have been allowed to see the best and worst in countries beyond our own.

 The friends and the enemies to world peace- have long sought to dominate/rule,  they  manipulate  our hearts and minds ,at will, by-way of all forms of media-that they themselves helped to create.

Together , we can make it possible for mankind's offspring to live and thrive -in a world where every country gets to decide what is to be passed on......and  lets us not forget 'World peace' is  possible-as long as the hearts of mankind crave, and seek, to live in peace.      -Jan Tetstone (1:02PM  March 7, 2021)

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