Rose of My Dreams


When I lay down at night
in my empty bed alone
I sleep with you in my
dreams until the night
is gone.

The peace I seek
comes from thee
The one who shares
this dream with me...

Tho we have never
spoken; nor have
our eyes ever met.....

I know you crave
the beauty that
lays with love just
beyond your reach

And yearn for the dream
to soon come true
Just as I love
Just as I do.

Until we are together
I shall dream of you
and how beautiful life
would be...if our dreams
came true and you shared
true love with me.

You are the rose of my
dreams that drinks in the
rain of my unfulfilled love.

My love, I wait for you
to make my dream come
true, in life's river of dreams,
I share my love with you.

by  Heartsong







Love Poetry