My Love Rests Next to Thee



As long as I can touch you my Love
in my dreams and the deepest part
of me . . .
As long as my heart knows
you are more than a night time dream
I will no longer seek out the love
that for so long I waited for,
That was never meant to be . . .

For long past is the time that
should have been filled with your love
intertwining with mine.

Tho I release my love for you
out into the wind and the
emptiness of evermore . . .
Just knowing you are there
but beyond my heart's reach
makes never having you
much easier to bear.

If in your dreams you find
me there . . .
Hold me close to your heart
until we part in the morn....
For it was in our dreams we met
and our love was born
to only be real in the night.

My Love, wherever
you lay your heart down to sleep
My love rests next to thee.

[written 10:04 am September 18, 2012]

By Heartsong







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