Remember the American Soldier

Memorial Day, is the day Americans set aside
to remember America's champions of liberty
Those who sacrificed and died
that people might live free.....

A day to remember those whose deeds
done in the name of liberty
ensured that Liberty's flame would continue
to burn just as brightly for you and me.

A day to remember, as we kneel beside
the soldier's gave, or shake a soldier's hand
that there is one thing an American soldier is
always willing to do- to keeps America free.

A day to remember the soldier in the coffin, the
soldier in the grave, and the soldier beyond
the sea.....

Whose love of country out weigh his love of self
proved by his determination-in peace and war,
to keep America free.

May Americans long remember the American
Soldier and his unselfish deeds........
For the American Soldier is the defender
of our right to live the American dream.

Thank you, American Soldier for a job well done!

By JanSanford61
2011 JanSanford61 (All rights reserved)


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