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God. many years before i was born
you united a many blooded people
into one....
you blessed the land from shore
to shore and opened freedom's door
you created a country for all
mankind who were willing to sacrifice
their prayers, blood, sweat, tears
and life if need be to keep
America free

Today is Memorial Day the year 2023
Many living the American dream...
live in self created worlds of make
Many who live on
American soil have never shed tear,
sweat or blood, to water the liberty

all they appear to care about is making
money, the stock market- and the economy.

God, by birth I was born an American...
Raised on American soil ....Life was not
always easy but I had what I needed
and lived free.

I want you to know God this Memorial day
Americans have not forgotten the part you
played in the creation of our country...
or the heroes whose blood has been shed
to protect the liberty tree....

Americans are not a perfect people but
we know the meaning of slavery, the American
dream, and the responsibilities that come
with being born and living free.

God Bless American!

11:11am May 29, 2023





Kate finished chemo.....she is scheduled for surgery around June 20th... Please continue praying for Kate and all in need of healing. Thank you for your prayers.11:17PM May 27, 2023 .....

This is Kate before her fight to live ....God is good all the time. Kate's strength  is in her faith.



PHOTO HINTS for those who stopped counting years as Birthdays and switched to counting decades.....

1. Natural light coming from behind you really helps to hide makeup mistakes...

2.  REMEMBER to let the love in your heart show on your face...

3. If you take a picture of yourself that you  don't like  throw it away and keep on taking pictures until you get the ones you like...

4. Be who you are...Inner beauty  like love is more valuable than silver and gold. 6:25pm May 22, 2023


It's my oldest son's 46th Birthday today. I sent him a Happy Birthday message today and his reply brought a few happy tears to my eyes... Mothers who love and try to embed the best of values in the heart of a child- often go through life wondering if they had succeeded in teaching them the things that would help them grow to be the best of who they are......... Good mothers would sacrifice all for their child.... I have been blessed with good children who have grown up knowing right from wrong..... Any sacrifices I may have made in the name of 'motherhood' and raising my children was worth it all. Thank you Joe.... 5:47pm May 21, 2023


Thank you mama.
I love you and
everything that
you've ever
taught me
about right and
wrong I'll apply
or at least
I try too
thank you
for everything
I miss you





Love and Faith

Faith not Fear

Never take Life for granted......

Above picture taken May 17, 2023  

God is good! Thank you for your prayers. Please, continue to pray for Kate and everyone who needs healing. God bless each of you and your families. jt  10:43pm May 18, 2023  

Tomorrow Kate will go 16/16 chemo treatment.. after her 16 treatment she will ring a bell ...Please, say a prayer for Kate and all in need of healing....... I could be there to see my daughter ring the bell...... but I chose not to..... I put Kate in God's hands He has no need of my presence- Kate's faith has got her through the treatments-It is her faith in God that will continue giving her the strength  to get through the bad times in her life.......  I love my daughter very much.... Thank you for your prayers... and God bless each of you.......11:39pm May 16, 2023


Happy Mother's Day..... Mother's Day 1993 changed my way of thinking about  the meaning of the day.....For me, it's now  a day for remembering that mothers will always be a part of their child's life... That it is from the labors of mothers of all times that mothers today have learned the duties and  responsibilities that come with motherhood.... Life like love is a gift....through the wombs of mothers both are born into the world.  

On Mother's Day 1993 my daughter was laid to rest next to my mama.... I got a Mother's day card signed by my children...

The world would have this generation believe having children is bad.... Motherhood is a blessing...  What is bad is the mindset of greed many in powerful positions in life have....... Mothers are teachers its what we teach our children that they will pass on to their offspring.  The world is still safe this day because the majority of mothers have determined themselves to embed in their children's hearts the best of moral values.

Mothers know that the children from their wombs are blessings ,and if their child lacks in human compassion-it is because we were lacking it in our selves. Mother's Day is a time for taking a long look at how we help determine not just the fate of our children but how out actions or lack of actions contributes to the fate of all humanity. 

When God calls a child home -it breaks a mother's heart.... On Mother's Day 1993 I realized  my children are not my own- a child is a blessing and only mine on loan.

Happy Mother's day .......  10:19pm May 14, 2023.


Tiny Fairy

Tiny Fairy set under a beautiful red rose bush. Her tiny hands folded in prayer. Sonya Fairy, her closest friend, had earned her fairy angel wings saving Blue Fairy and flew to Fairy Heaven to live there forever.

Tiny Fairy was very sad, remembering all the times she and Sonya Fairy had set under the same rose bush  sharing secrets...and making each other laugh.....

Tiny Fairy wiped tear after tear away, until she could no longer control them...

Blue Fairy standing on a red rose, watching Tiny Fairy,  took a hand full of sparkling white fairy dust from her bag and dropped it on the ground next to Tiny Fairy.  

Hearing the fluttering of fairy wings......Tiny Fairy quickly wiped the tears from her eyes.

Overcome with happiness  at the sight of Sonya Fairy setting next to her. Both fairies embraced each other.....

"How did you get here?!"

Blue Fairy flew from her place on the red rose to stand facing the fairies who were still clinging to each other......

"Sonya Angel Fairy crossed the bridge of love to dry your tears..."

"Bridge of Love?"

Shaking her head in agreement ..... "I love you Tiny Fairy...".

"I love you... too," Tiny Fairy, who had been watching Blue Fairy, replied... turning toward the place beside her that Sonya Fairy had occupied to find her gone....

Looking back toward Blue Fairy  with a big smile on her face...

"I love you Blue Fairy....".

"And I love you...... both..."

Moral of the story: Love has the power to change lives and build the bridges that connects one's heart to another's.

story written by Jan Tetstone  10:55am May 8, 2023





Where flowers grow..... butterflies fly and love lives, there the best memories are made .....  Many a happy memory was made where these flowers once grew. Now, the flower seeds have sprung up, and soon flowers will cover the ground again in another place and time. It's the good memories made  that never fade..... Plant a flower- make happy memories....... and give some flowers away. 1:20am May 8, 2023





Kate is a beautiful example of what it means to be beautiful on the inside and on the outside...

My daughter Kate getting her makeup done.... She's getting ready for her friends' wedding today. And I thank God for another blessed day...Please continue to pray for Kate and all who need healing....... God is good every day. jt   12:36pm May 5, 2023

I have 7 decades behind me - but, I am not helpless. Even if I did MESS UP THE MAKE-UP FOR THIS PICTURE....  Smile.... nobody's perfect..... Live one day at a time.. AND never stop caring about your self or anyone else.... God loves you and I love you.... love your self and be who you are. 12:22am May 4, 2023

Kate goes for her third ' Red devil' treatment in the morning. PLEASE pray for Kate and all in need of healing.... Thank you from the bottom of my heart. jt 8:50pm  8:50pm May 2, 2023

The day belongs to no one. There are no promises made that we will be in it at the end of the day. It doesn't matter what one wants from life if they make no effort to obtain it. One is never to old to learn something new....The most important thing at the end of the day is that you lived it being you. 10:05am April 30, 2023



Sonya Fairy's Birthday

Sonya Fairy was a golden fairy with beautiful blue eyes...She was always doing and saying things to make all the fairies in Fairy Land happy...She would fly every day just to look for a fairy to help.... She had the biggest heart . The suffering of any fairy would make her cry.....

One  day Sonya Fairy was flying across fairy land when suddenly a gust of wind lifted her above the safety zone and set her down in a field of beautiful flowers....

"What is this place?" She asked the presence she could feel but could not see.

"This place is where good fairies gather for all eternity.."  a gentle voice replied.

"What does that mean? I have never seen this beautiful place before....Who are all those beautiful white fairies with glittering silver wings?"

"They are angel fairies......They all once lived in Fairy Land, too."

"Does that mean I can't return to Fairy Land?"

"Follow me........"

Suddenly the biggest and brightest fairy Sonya Fairy had ever seen appeared, and they were standin at a window. "What do you see Sonya Fairy?"

"I see Blue Fairy. She's talking to all the fairies gathered.... Some of the fairies are wiping tears away.... I need to be there .... I love all the fairies in Fairy Land..... Their tears make me sad..."

"Sonya Fairy, you spent much time making sad fairies happy.. You have earned your place among the fairy angels.... Your love and kind deeds made Fairy Land a better place... Now, listen with your heart to what Blue Fairy is telling your friends and loved ones..."


"Sonya Fairy's last deed in Fairy Land.......Will live on in the tales fairies tell to all future generations... It is because of Sonya Fairy's  love and bravery that I am able to stand  before you this day ... "

Sonya Fairy suddenly changed into a beautiful blue eyed ,white angel fairy with white glittering wings.

Moral of the story: Every life has meaning in and of itself. Love is the greatest gift of all. 10:03am April 29, 2023

Story written by Jan Tetstone


Happy Birthday Sonya.... I love you

My daughter Sonya was killed IN 1993 after swerving her truck off the highway to keep from hitting a boy riding a bicycle - who, according to his mother, had headphones on... jt




I'm planting flowers. making a walkway, and trying to make a path for the water to drain away from my tiny house when it rains. It will be worth all the hard work....just to set on my tiny porch , watch the birds, look at the beautiful flowers, knowing if/when it rains my yard won't turn into a muddy boggy mess.

When we stop doing the things we can do- we'll lose the physical ability to do much of anything... Never let others do for you what you can do for yourself.  11:32pm April 25, 2023



weakness....doesn't have two nn...can't blame my spelling on old age---but sometimes  my typing skills  and mind don't work at the same speed......

Yesterday April 23, 2023 

My beautiful daughter Kate.....When I saw a larger version of the above picture, I made a comment to Kate about all the lines showing on my face... She told me I was beautiful and said she hopes she lives to get those lines.... God only knows how self-centered and selfish  it was of me to even make such a statement..... Kate is a warrior....She's a wife, mother, daughter, sister.... who like thousands of others is fighting just to live. Think about it, what many of us take for granted "Life" every day Kate and all who battle cancer every waking moment know how precious and dear life really is.

Please, continue praying for Kate, and all in need of prayer.  God bless you, and thank you for the prayers. jt  8:41pm April 24, 2023.

April 23, 2023

GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME..... When I saw these pictures-  What these families did for my daughter brought happy tears to my eyes. God will bless them all- for their show of love and support for Kate.  Thank you!  11;00pm April 21, 2023




                I have so much to be thankful for.... The birds are singing to let me know they are always near.....God has blessed me all of my days- in so many ways.... Faith reigns over the peace as angels watch over those I love and me. Don't lower your shield of faith---where there is a will there is a way. ..keep walking the paths that your god lay ....God loves you and I love you too.   Don't give up on you or the power of faith that works through you. jt  6:54pm April 20, 2023


Kate goes for her second treatment of a cancer drug called 'red devil' in the morning... She will still have two more treatments....The treatment are done every two weeks.... Please, pray for Kate that God will give her the strength to endue and over come these bad days in her life....... and pray for all in need of healing prayers...   Thank you... and may God bless each of you.   jt   11:34pm April 18, 2023


Fairy Princess


Once upon a time there lived a beautiful fairy princess....

One day the King and Queen of Fairy Land decided to fly to the magic forest. They were met by an evil magician  who cast a spell turning them into dust....They  never returned to Fairy Land.

"Princess Fairy....we have searched every where....."

Dismissing the captain of the fairy army, Princess Fairy fell to her knees crying. She had never felt so alone

She loved all the fairies  but the King and Queen  never allowed her to play with them fearing she would get hurt or  mar her beauty.... Her time was spent learning fairy magic ,and other important things from the old fairies..... who's duty was to prepare her for the day she would rule over all the fairies in fairy Land....

After giving much thought to her responsibilities as Queen Fairy..... and the idea of changing her title to Blue Fairy.....

"Yes....I shall from this day on be called Blue Fairy...."

The old fairy who had just flew through the door.....stared strangely at Queen Fairy.

Blue Fairy smiled , welcoming the still staring fairy, as she used the fairy seal for the first time.

When all the other fairies heard this they asked themselves and each other....

"Why would a queen fairy even consider changing her name to Blue Fairy...? It's so plain!"

Blue Fairy called for a town meeting....

"Welcome fairies...."

Blue Fairy noted that not one fairy replied to her welcome...

"From this day forward you may call me Blue Fairy..."

Still no sound from the crowd of fairies.

Then Purple Fairy stepped forward and approached Blue Fairy...

"You have the duties of a Queen fairy to protect Fairy Land, and all the fairies here.... If you want to be called Blue Fairy........Blue Fairy it shall be!" 

The crowd of fairies shaking their heads in agreement....... came a live  echoing Purple Fairies words.....

"Blue Fairy ...it shall be!...Blue Fairy...it shall be!"

The moral of the story: A person is more than a name.

Written by Jan Tetstone April 18, 2023




I recently post a story about a fairy princess- IT HAS DISAPPEARED COMPLETELY from the Rainbow site and my computer....Which is sad  because, to me, it was a beautiful fairy story. 

When all else fails- I'll rewrite the princess fairy story.

Easter Morning 2023

HAPPY EASTER     AND HAVE A BLESSED DAY...... 8:36 am April9, 2023

Please, continue praying for my daughter Kate and all those in need of prayers. Prayers do make a difference. Kate finished the first 12 treatments. April 5th she begin another round of treatment called "red devil" She has this treatment every 2 weeks. Kate has 3 more of the "red devil" She said she calls it " blood of Jesus" because of how red it is..  Thank you for your prayers and know you are much loved. jt


The Importance Of A Day

   When I wake to a new day and all  my loved one are a part of the day....be they near or far away.... a feeling of peace covers me like a warm blanket.

   I learned many years ago not to take those I love for granted. Life begins the day we are conceived; Our journey through this life begin the moment we were born. The length of our life  can be long or short.....while we do not know our time to leave this world.... we know our time to die will come.

Every good and bad thing happens at some moment in a day.

People waste so many days worrying about a tomorrows  that may never come for them..... or for any of us.

With each loss of a loved one, I realized more and more the importance of a day. More important, I realized the importance of telling those I love that I love them every chance I get.

We none have a promise that we will be on this earth tomorrow..... Do what you have to do in the day but don't neglect the most important people in your life that day.

My 33 year old daughter, Kate, goes for her 11 chemo treatment March 22, 2023. Please pray for Kate and all in need of healing. Thank you for your prayers....... jt

11:29pm March 20, 2023 



Lost in Flight

   Red Fairy set under a red toadstool waiting for the rain to stop...... Her wings were soaked. Fairyland wasn't that far, for a flying fairy, but trying to get there on foot would take a fairy days...if not weeks.

"What are you doin under my toadstool......!?"

"Sorry Mr. Frog........My wings got wet ... I needed a place to rest while they dried...."

   Mr. Frog jumped under the toadstool.....
"I guess since there's enough room for us both....you can stay til your wings dry."

It rained and rained non-stop for hours...

"What were you doin  flying this far from Fairyland alone...?"

Red Fairy pretended not to hear Mr. Frog.....

"Why did you fly outside of Fairyland alone...!?.......Now what.....!" Mr. Frog shouted, looking toward hundreds of tiny fairy lights coming toward the red toadstool.....

Blue Fairy motioned to the others that she had found Red Fairy....All the tiny lights went dark.

"Will someone tell me what the Red Fairy was doing flying alone!?"

Blue Fairy walked over to where Red Fairy was setting wet-winged..... like  magic her wings dried the moment Blue Fairy touched her arm.

"I guess you ....you ain't gonna  tell me.....!" Mr. Frog crocked at Red Fairy before hopping from under the toadstool.....


Blue Fairy looked at Red Fairy and winked..... Red Fairy smiled.

"Mr. Frog wouldn't have believed me anyway....."

"You are right who would believe hundreds of fairies got caught in a rain storm and only one got lost?"

Moral of the story: Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. 10:19am March 15, 2023





BIRDS BIRDS AND MORE BIRDS... 3:51pm March 13, 2023


How many birds did my singing run off?




I can honestly say ,I don't know this song ' Amazing Grace' all the way through.......... At least my voice didn't scare all the birds off.......lol  ..........................Just the majority.

....Every day is a new beginning.... it's up to each of us how we use our  days.

Smile and  be thankful for the day. 3:48pm March 11, 2023


When I get down.....I look in the mirror and if I don't like what I see..... I use lipstick, eye shadow, mascara, and power my nose..... and put a long cap wig on.....LOL   I may not look better but I feel better.

I was forty when my daughter Kate was born.... and it worried me that I would get old and ugly and my last child would be cheated out of a mother she could be proud of..... I ask God to allow me to keep my health and not age me to fast. God has been good to me all my life...... He has been a part of my life since I was born..... God does answer prayers.....  7:17pm March 10, 2023


https://photos.app.goo.gl/xuUdjdEpjNVLi9qs5   Video of birds visiting  my 'bird tree' today.

God sent the birds again today to let me know all is well in my world today.

Let not the moments pass without taking note of the love each hold. God is good all the time..... The day is the biggest event unfolding in your life..... live it well without regret......Be who you are every day. Never lose faith. jt   8:27am March 8, 2023



Tomorrow my daughter Kate goes for her 9th chemo treatment. Please pray for Kate and for everyone in need of healing.  Thank you for your prayers. jt

  Never take the people you love for granted..... Tell them you love them.. when they come into your day and when they leave.... ALWAYS make sure the last thing you say to your loved ones is " I love you."   10:09pm March 7, 2023

Don't Forget

Don't Forget to say
"I love you"
As someone you love
exits the door.

You never know
if they are exiting it
for the last time- and
you won't see them
any more.

Don't forget to say
"I love you"
every chance you get
to those closest to your
For, many have missed
the chance
and today live with regret.

Don't forget to say
"I love you"
Every chance you get.

11:25 May 1, 2013

From my poetry diary. jt




Fairy Land

Welcome to fairy land where the unexpected is to be expected....

Where what is real and what is not Depends on what is inside ones heart.

Where stars come out at night to play and twinkle brightly on a sunny day.

Where children carry sacks filled with candy, and fairy clowns are always handy.

Welcome to fairy land where reality is checked at the door And the only place to set is on a fluffy cloud floor.

Where angels and fairies fly together side by side hand in hand across miles and miles of make believe land.

Come one come all  be you big or be you small    When you enter in you become a child again.

Laughing and playing  no worries  no cares    just lots of sweet and special treats   And  a taste of yesterday's joys for all the girls and boys.

See the fairies dance so high  The fairy dance of peace and love    you are in fairy land come on   give it a try... spread your fairy wings and fly    Don't worry if you don't get  it right the first you try....  Before you leave fairy land   you will with the fairies fly.

Come  often and stay as long as you like    when its time for you to leave pick a  beautiful fairy flower or two   to take back with you..... To remind you of where you have been

And come again to fairy land where the unexpected is to be expected.....

Where what is real and what is not   Depends on what is inside ones heart.

Note: "Fairy Land" was posted on thestarlitecafe.com site in 2006. Here I am 17 years later still writing about fairies...... jt

11:20pm March 6, 2023




Pictures my daughter Kate took of birds at my tiny house.

I have a small tree I call my BIRD TREE.... More pictures Kate took.

There's nothing more peaceful than waking to the sound of birds singing.... and loved one safe.

Never under estimate  the power of god to work through your faith. We all have a negative side. It's up to each of use to fill our day and our lives with positive thoughts.

Kate will go for her 9th chemo treatment in a few days: this coming Wednesday. Please say a prayer for Kate and all in need of healing.  Thank you, and be blessed wherever you are. jt 6:06pm March 4, 2023




A Lesson For Glitter Fairy

"Where's all the fairies going?"
"We'll be back..." Blue Fairy replied, before she  too flew away.
"How can the older fairies  expect me to learn anything if they always leave me behind?" Glitter Fairy yelled back....

Determined to show the older fairies she was ready to fly with them  on the yearly  journey, Glitter Fairy  grabbed  a tiny backpack and filled it with things she thought she would need: fairy cookies, and her tiny glitter blanket... and flew off....

Stopping to rest Glitter Fairy ate a fairy cookie....then another.... then another....until all the cookies were gone....

"I don't feel very well....."

Taking  the glitter blanket  from her backpack... she found a comfortable spot .....laying down she covered herself from head to toe with the glitter blanket.

Returning to Fairy Land to find Glitter Fairy was no where to be found the older fairies formed search parties to look for her.

"It'll be dark soon..... hopefully Glitter Fairy knows she will be safe as long as she covers herself with the glitter blanket." Blue Fairy said, looking toward the magic forest.

The older fairies nodded their heads in agreement.... as they lifted their colorful wing and flew off .....

Blue Fairy watched....Then spread her blue wing.

The older fairies returned to fairy land.....all wearing a  sad face.

Blue Fairy...  still searching for Glitter Fairy in the dark was getting tired.....Then she saw sparkles of every fairy color   lighting up the sky.....

Reaching the area she saw a tiny form beneath the sparkles of glitter.......

"Glitter Fairy!!!!!" Blue Fairy called ...flying over to where the tiny fairy lay.

Glitter Fairy was so happy she tripped over the glitter blanket.....

Everything got dark.

Blue Fairy's ability to see in dark places allowed her to see the tiny fairy setting next to the blanket crying... She picked the glitter blanket up and put it in Glitter's tiny back pack.....The backpack lit up like a lantern.

"Let's go home."

Moral of the story: There's a time and place for everything-All that glitters is not gold- it could  be anything. There's a light inside of us all....sometimes it needs switching back on. 11:07am March 4, 2023  written bt Jan Tetstone





I hope my video works.....    My daughters Sharea and Kate got me wind chimes for my 74th Birthday. ..   If the video don't work...is it ok if I blame it on old age?

10:18 pm March 2, 2023


If you forget important dates, blame it on old age.

If you got something to do and it don't get done, blame it on old age.

If you left the car parked at the store and took a bus home, blame it on old age.

With that being said. Remember, anything you don't want to take the blame for, blame it on old age.  11:04pm February 6, 2023



Its been awhile since I posted on the Rainbow site. I could blame it on old age and forgetfulness.... To be honest, I haven't posted because I was allowing to much negative to sneak into what I was posting.

When we forget to be thankful and get to caught up in things (worry about things) that only our god can change...we are allowing negative into our life.

There is no room under my shield of faith for doubt.

Love yourself..... love others..... but love your god first -in your heart and in your life.  8:44pm  February 5, 2023



Sometimes we forget the importance of the day.... and take for granted those dearest to our heart...   Be who you are but take time for loved ones who love you for who you are....  Let not your dreams rob you of the best of your reality... 9:34pm January 15, 2023




 Blue fairy watched the little fairy as she flew from flower to flower gathering nectar....Flower nectar is used to treat sick fairies. ...

"Why so much nectar purple Fairy?"

Surprised ....Purple Fairy turns around.....

"The old fairies found Green Fairy laying lifeless , they had barely enough nectar to save her....They sent me to gather more incase other fairies get sick..."

"What happened to Green Fairy?"

"The old fairies are still trying to figure that out.....Green Fairy has no visible wounds..... and can't remember what happened."

Blue Fairy remembered times when other fairies were found lifeless and with no memory of what happen.

Flying to where the old fairies were standing, talking among themselves about Green Fairy's illness.....

"Where was Green Fairy when she was found?"

In the berry patch...laying next to a plant with red flowers....why?"

"The field of wildflowers was planted by old fairies ; after the fairies  moved to the Land of Make Believe; to test the will power of young fairies ....The berry patch is next to the field of wildflowers....Green Fairy must have touched the red flower....that explains the memory loss and finding her lifeless .... "

The old fairies shook their heads in agreement...

"Why didn't we think of that...."

Watching the old fairies one by one fly off in the direction of the berry patch to remove the red flower before another tiny fairy touched it, Blue Fairy smiles....

The Moral of the story:  Sometimes the simplest things are made hard...

 Story Written by Jan Tetstone  on January 11, 2023 




Sometimes nature shares her beauty for our eyes to see

and through an open window fill a room with peace. 7:29pm January 10, 2023




WRITTEN FOR MY DAUGHTER KATE as she walks her walk of faith...... God is good all the time.... let your shield of faith lead you through the day.   Keep Faith....   jt

Tho I walk through the world
not knowing what tomorrow
will bring......

Today is blessed and holds
my life's everything.....
All that are dear share
this day with me....

Let tomorrow wait, and this day
shine its light of love, comfort,
and peace... for all in need .....

Heal the body , heart and
mind......plant seeds of hope, and
understanding for all in need to find.

God gives.. All things are his to
take away....
All he asks of me in return, is that

I carry high my shield of faith.
10:03am January 6, 2023

posted here 11:05am January 6, 2023




With so much going on in the world, and in our part of it, we often get sidetracked as to what the most important things are..... in our own life. We are suppose to care about our self and others--- but some times we focus more on unimportant things and less on the things we should be paying attention too.........

I look back now and realize much of my time was spent worrying about/and acting on things, that took away from the most important people and things in my every day life. Just remember time missed being with loved ones, is time gone forever.

People who have money enough to buy things-often go lacking in many areas of their personal lives...... Many of those, in old age, have no one -because they over valued things money could buy, and placed little value on those who would have loved them whether they were rich or poor.

Be careful of whose heart you break it maybe the heart of someone you love.

Make time for the important people in your life.  Tears can't bring loved one back into your life....

-All the regret in the world won't turn back the clock.    10:20pm January 3, 2023


Fairy Names

Tiny fairy gave Magic fairy a strange look....

"Magic.....? Exactly....what kind of name is magic for a fairy?"

"I like my name...."

Tiny Fairy almost fell over .... Magic Fairy had read her thoughts....

"Tiny...? Exactly...what kind of name is tiny for a fairy?"

Tiny Fairy stared at Magic Fairy....

"I am tiny....."

Suddenly... Blue Fairy appeared...

"Magic Fairy is tiny......I am tiny...too.. all fairies are tiny....."

Now...both Tiny and Magic stand speechless waiting for Blue Fairy  to tell them more about fairy names...

"All fairies are born tiny..... and nameless....when a fairy is old enough to take on responsibility ....The old fairies meet to name the tiny fairy....."

Magic Fairy laughed.... Tiny Fairy didn't move.....

"When am I going to get my fairy name?"

Blue Fairy unfolds a tiny piece of paper....

"Not yet..."

"Not Yet Fairy!!!......What kind of name is that for a fairy....."

"Tiny Fairy.....that's not your fairy name.....The question the old fairies had to answer ...before naming you was: Is the tiny fairy ready...... All agreed  "not yet".....

The Moral of the story:  A good name comes with responsibility.

 Story Written by Jan Tetstone  on January 2, 2023 




The older I get the more I realize I have never awakened to a tomorrow. It's always been to a day.. I wrote the following to remind myself how blessed I am on the darkest day..... jt

Thank you for this day ,Lord
Its beauty is beyond compare
dark things of yesterday have
faded away.... Your beauty
can be seen everywhere.

In the things my eyes open to
I see you.........Yesterday is
no more...All I have of yesterday
you have put into this day.

All I want in my tomorrows
is nothing more than you have
blessed me with this day.

This day holds you Lord
and all I'll ever be-
This day holds pieces of
my heart- regardless of
what tomorrows bring-
in my world today are
those I love who share my
blessed world with me.

None know what tomorrow
may bring; but none live
in the tomorrow this day.

Life is a walk of faith.
9:08am January 2, 2023


First picture taken in 2023

I, like a lot of people do, fight the devil every day. My faith has brought me this far it will carry me the rest of the way. 5:41pm Jan 1, 2023

Today is the first day in the new year. ...Remember ..the day is a gift.. not to be wasted on yesterdays tears....or tomorrows dreams. The day is the gift in which we live the whole of our lives.  3:49pm January 1, 2023


Raise high your shield of faith for in our faith rests our strength. God loves you and I love you too.  3:58pm December 31, 2022



The Thorn

"Twinkles....why are you crying...?" Blue Fairy asked as she put her tiny arm around Twinkles....... Twinkles was crying so hard she tried to speak  but her crying only got louder.

"Twin--kles," Blue Fairy said softly after noticing a thorn in her wing...

Blue Fairy tried her hardest to get it out but it wouldn't move.....

Twinkles' crying grew louder....

Blue Fairy took a tiny bag that she always carries with her; loosened the strings and sprinkled a blue power on Twinkles....

Twinkles stopped crying.....The thorn was gone!

A smiling Twinkles thanked Blue Fairy....

"It wasn't me...."

When Blue Fairy tried to remove the thorn and couldn't she knew right off what had happened to Twinkles; Twinkles was going through a phrase of a fairy's life when the fairy's inner fairy powers are tested....

"Buttt you sprinkle me with blue dust......"

"Yes, I did but it was your inner fairy power that removed the thorn....."

The Moral of the story:  Faith the size of a mustard seed has the power to heal. 

Story Written by Jan Tetstone  on December 29, 2022 posted  8:03am



Don't give up! You have the power to swim in life's raging sea...Doubt not the power of faith mixed with love.... Jesus died on the cross for you and me.....

Ones faith is tested every day. I know my own faith is. ...

My daughter posted this on Face Book:

Iíve contemplated posting this but here we go Letís talk about that ďCĒ word you all know which word Iím talking about, one of the scariest words one can hear, letís talk about that feeling of being so scared when the doctor says itís not good itís Cancer there it is that dang word. That one word that changes everything, that one word that turns your whole world upside down. When she said itís Cancer needless to say I cried and cried but Iím here to say I will not let it hold me down I will continue to put my faith in God and trust that his will will be done. I will fight this until I beat it all the way! So all Iím asking for is prayers for me and my family through this tough time .

Please, say a prayer..... Thank you and God bless each one of you and your families...   jt




 Fairy Christmas

Every fairy in fairy land gathered together to sing Christmas carols and open the gifts that Fairy Godmother left.

"Tis Christ-mas in Make Believe....We ga-ther to dayyyy...to share  the day to-gaaather..... snow is falling- Love and peace lives in this landdd-- and in the hearts of fairies........May every home be filled with peace-- anddd --every heart be merry...."

Blue Fairy held her tiny hands up and things  quickly got quite....

"We gather not for the gifts we receive  .... No! We are tiny in size but we have the hearts of giants. As small as we may be  bringing happiness to the faces of the giant' children has long been our destiny...... without fairytales,  fables and fairies to fill the empty spots in childhood dreams there would be no fairies gathered here today! No fairies to fill childhood dreams there would be....And no fairies  in the land of Make Believe..... Merry Christmas!"

The fairies gathered around Blue Fairy.... and like magic disappeared into the trees of Make Believe.

The Moral of the story: One doesn't have to be a giant to touch the hearts of giants.

Story Written by Jan Tetstone    December 25, 2022















A Fairy Christmas Eve

It's a  white snowy Christmas Eve in the Land of Make Believe. The fairies are busy as they can be: baking cookies, making candy,
mounting candles on fairy Christmas trees;  happily, waiting  for Fairy Godmother to light up every tree.

 The fairies love Christmas; Tiny stockings of every color and hue
hang on the back of tiny fairy chairs ; holding  sweet treats for Fairy Godmother when she gets there.

And then, in a twinkling of an eye, Blue Fairy heard outside the fluttering of fairy wings; turning around, she saw Fairy Godmother with her out stretched  fairy wings She was dressed all in glitter, from her head to her toe, and her clothes were all sparkled with silver and gold.

Faster than eagles, her fairies came,she reached out  lovingly,  touched each fairy and called them by name::
"Blue Fairy! Pink Fairy ! white fairy!
Yellow Fairy! Green Fairy
Wait! All fairies! Take your places on the branches of the trees!
It's time to light the candles! It's Christmas Eve!

Like magic, all the fairies from the Land of Make Believe appeared and filled the branches of every tree.

Fairy Godmother gave each fairy a tiny bag of fairy dust and at the count of three the  Land of Make Believe turned into a giant beautiful Christmas tree ...and the snowflakes danced  with the fairies another Christmas Eve.

Moral of the story:   Some things are meant to be seen with ones heart .... Faith is powerful when backed by love.. we all are a part of the tree of life. Story written by Jan Tetstone 7:22pm December 24, 2022

MERRY CHRISTMAS!  Love and Peace to you All.....



Purple Fairy

  A beautiful field of wildflowers grow in  the Land of Make Believe......

Every day Blue Fairy picks a young fairy to fly over the flowers.... She always sends them off with:   "Don't touch the red  flowers!"

Purple fairy was chose to fly  over the colorful, sweet smelling flowers.... 

Caught up in the sweet smell  Purple Fairy flew closer to the flowers ....

She didn't see any harm...

Blue Fairy doesn't tell the  young fairies that the scent from red flowers will cause a young fairy to forget the trip.

The smell from the flowers was so sweet...it drew the  purple fairy so close that one of her wings touched a red  flower.....

"Nothing happpp..." she said, falling to the ground....

Purple fairy's eyes opened.... Blue Fairy was staring her in the face....

"Who are you!?" she asked the blue fairy.

Blue Fairy flew away ; returned holding a purple flower;  handed the flower to Purple fairy....

"Let's go home...."

After the young fairy had fell asleep; the two  old fairies who had been sent to watch over her  carried her to where Blue Fairy stood smiling...

"The next time Purple Fairy is sent to fly over the field she won't remember this time...."

The field of wildflowers was planted by old fairies ; after the fairies  moved to the Land of Make Believe; to test the will power of young fairies ....

 Only one fairy ever triumphed over the sweet smile of the flowers...   As far back as anyone can remember.....

The moral of the story: little things are forgettable - the important things should  never  be forgotten. Wisdom has its benefits and its prices ... Story written by Jan Tetstone11:32am December 24, 2022



Life doesn't stop with aging ...life begins and ends with me, and you....

Life will never be easy for those whose hearts are bigger than their bank accounts....

I would rather have love and nothing  than have everything but love.

 We are born with the ability to love beyond our self .... but we have to love our self before we can fully understand love's importance to the hearts of others.

I have always said   there are many degrees of love.....

I have loved, lost and let go ...But that don't make the love I gave away anything less than love.

The words "I love you" have betrayed many a heart, and mended many  a heart.

Life can't change  love but love has the power to change lives. 2:32am December 21, 2022





Sissy's Tree

Every year farmer Tom and his daughter Sissy traveled to Tree Mountain to get the perfect Christmas tree.

"Sissy, it's time to go...We're looking for a special tree this year..."

"A special tree?"

"A magical tree..."

Sissy 's eyes widen "Is the tree for me!?"


The smile left Sissy's face as she sat down next to her father.

After traveling for hours over a narrow bumpy trail the wagon stopped....

"We're here ..."

Sissy jumps down; forgetting the brace she 's wearing ; almost tripping over her own feet; she regains her balance and stands gazing at the trees...

"How we gonna know which one is magic ?"

"The tale has it that a beautiful fairy named Blue , once an orphan fairy without wings, chose the tree because is was smaller than all the other trees on Tree Mountain...."

Sissy interrupted ,"An orphan tree?!"

Before farmer Tom could answer hundreds of colorful fairies appear and form a circle around the tree  that a beautiful blue fairy is standing on top of.....

Gazing down at the farmer and Sissy , Blue fairy saw the brace on Sissy's leg  and thought how hard it most be for the little girl to play like other children....

Before the Blue Fairy could say a word; farmer Tom put voice to what the fairy on top of the tree had been thinking....

"We've been making the trip to Tree Mountain for a long time..... just  today I told Sissy we're in search of a magic tree.... "
A tear rolled down farmer Tom's cheek...."Sissy asked me if the magic tree was for her... It broke my heart ...but I told her no. "

Sissy stood quietly; lovingly, looking at her father as the  colorful fairies forming the circle around the little tree
.disappeared.  Then, reappeared. Each had a tiny bag of magic dust; taking turns the fairies emptied every single bag onto the ground at Sissy's feet...

Blue Fairy's wings lit up ;the light so colorful and bright it was blinding...

When the Blue fairy's bright glow disappeared farmer Tom jumped with joy at the sights of Sissy standing there with no brace on ....  and the littlest tree, on Tree Mountain,  strapped to his wagon.

Sissy's mother was overcome with joy, and wanted to know what happened on Tree Mountain....

Farmer Tom told her his trips to Tree Mountain were always for the purpose of finding  the magic tree.....

Over hearing what her father said, Sissy added, dancing happily around the room, "For me!"

The moral of the story: Things happen in there own time

Story written by Jan Tetstone December 19, 2022


Wingless Fairy

Once upon a time in the Land of Make Believe there lived a beautiful blue fairy. She was an orphan  fairy. She was born without wings. When the other fairies flew happily away to Fairy- Fun- Land she  would follow them on foot. It always took her hours to get there. When she did the other fairies were making ready to fly back home.

"Can't you stay for just a little while longer? It's no fun playing alone..."

The fairies pretended not to hear her and flew  happily away.

The wingless fairy was so tired after her long walk through the forest that she set down and fell fast asleep.

Suddenly, a loud noise shook the ground; she jumped to her feet  turned in the direction of the path and started running back toward the Land of Make Believe.

The longer she ran the harder the rain fell and the more worried she got that the other fairies may not have made it home. She knew fairy wings were no match for the storms strong winds.

Stopping to get a second wind under a purple mushroom...

"Helpppp!!!" she heard a faint cry off in the distance.....

Blue fairy thought the hard rain and wind could be playing tricks with her hearing. 

With a big green leaf for an umbrella  she stood listening...

"help!!"  "help!!"

Still holding the leaf she dashed off in the direction of the voices...

"What happen?" Blue fairy asked the still frightened  fairies...

"Our wings got soaked and we all fell to the ground."

They all started talking at the same time.

After falling not one fairy knew the path through the forest that would take them home.

Blue Fairy got a big smile on her face...

"Follow me."

All the fairies gathered around Blue Fairy; each in turn, giving her a hug and apologizing for leaving her alone at fun land.

 Something magical happened: after returning to the Land of Make Believe, and getting a good nights sleep; Blue Fairy woke to find herself attached to a beautiful pair of blue fairy wings.....

The moral of the story: Things happen for a reason. Our differences are what makes each of us special.

Story written by Jan Tetstone  December 18, 2022



After my last post-I couldn't pass this one up.

The other two bottles went back in the neighbors icebox.....



Never mind. It's the holidays.....


The bottle label reads : "serve cold" And since I have no way of keeping the three bottles cold....It wasn't hard to figure out what I have to do....

There is no law against old people having fun.....

Wow! Two bottles left.....  I think I'll just end this post, by saying: "cheers"  and "Merry Christmas!"




Don't worry about what tomorrow will bring, it will bring  it whether we like it or not. Be thankful for family and friends; when today ends and tomorrow begin, give thanks again.  It's doesn't help to worry....worry changes nothing ....whatever be your worry today, put it in your gods hands, trusting he will make a way.... and hold a

little higher your Shield of Faith.

Never lose faith.....Faith has the power to open the gates of heaven   and the ears of a loving god. 10:07 pm December 14, 2022




There are so many things going on in the world that our minds are often called away, from the important things taking place in our  own  life, and day.

When I was a child people took care of their own. The most important things to them were family and home.

And the important things were discussed at family gatherings. What was going on on the other side of the world, politicians were elected to public offices, and trusted to take care of. Here I am 73 years later.... wittinessing  what happened after decades of honest men and women voting and giving political power to the wrong people-whose efforts combined (past and present) have pushed  us,the American people, closer to having every individual right (to life ,liberty, and justice) striped away. Americans represent every country on earth......Regardless of ones bloodline, if one bloodline of American falls into the hand of social communism all others will be forced to give up freedom too.....Socialism/communism  have long been the enemy of liberty, and the people living under the stars and strips of the Red ,White and Blue.

The above is my opinion....The last time I looked "freedom of speech" was still protected by the Constitution of the United States of America.  12:10pm December 12, 2022

patriotic poetry



Keep Faith

Picture taken 6:30pm December 11, 2022

Today, I thought about a lot of things: how blessed I've been my whole life through. I thought about angels who live in heaven today who once lived inside of me.  I thought about the joys and woes  in my life-and the sweet, and sometimes ,bitter tears I have wiped from my eyes. I thought about my life and the choice I made. .... and once more, I realize the power of the Shield of Faith I cling to every day. 

 My god don't make my choices  and is not to blame for the mistakes I make.

Keep faith when you have a choice to make...Be kind to others and yourself. We are all only human. We all make mistakes. We can't bring back yesterdays but each day is a day to show one can learn from their mistake.

I got a little carried away with this post-I hope you can understand what I'm trying to say. If not, blame my rambling on old age. 7:50pm December 11, 2022




Remembering Back

As I get older I think about
I thought I had forgot,
Memories cross my mind
that I'd stored in the back
of my heart-
of people, places, and
times I thought minor at the time
to the life that once was mine.

As I set remembering things
said and done -
I thought I had forgot-
I realized it was the angels of a loving
god who sealed the most important
in a special place, inside my heart.

Every thing has a time for being, a time
for being remembered, and a time for
being forgot.

Some memories live in the mind but
the most important ones live always in
our heart.  -Jan Tetstone
11:34am December 8, 2022

I posted this in my poetry diary today.....  It has no title there because the diary site name tells the visitors the writer of the poems and writing there Jan Tetstone Poetry Diary

As time flies by, on days when nothing seems to be going right, I try to remember all things ,from beginning to the end, are going according to the will of a loving god- and the choices that we make  each day. Hold high your shield of faith; see with your heart what can't be seen by the human eyes. 12:10pm  December 8, 2022


There's Magic in a Memory

There's magic in a memory!
Pick from your storehouse of memories
The sweetest memory you can find,
Run the memory through your heart
Two or three times.
Savor the beauty of the memory
In your mind-
Like magic the memory comes alive,
And like magic-You've turned back time!
-Janice Sanford
posted on Poetry of Life site in 2002

Writing poetry has long been my way of expressing my feelings, and reading what I write  has always helped me better understand  my emotions, as a woman and a human being. Even today I can read a poem and I am amazed  at my emotional reactions: tears, feelings of joy, feelings of heartbreak and loss; memories I can look back on- that reinforce the faith I live by today. There really is magic in a memory!   12:55am December 7, 2022 

 In A Little While

In a little while the quietness of the night shall give way to another day.
In a little while the darkness of the night shall join hands with the morning light.
In a little while the here and now shall become another thing of the night that gets loss in yesterdays memories.
In a little while I shall once more venture on my life's way, giving thanks always for another day to strive toward the pot of gold that waits for me at the end of my rainbow.
In a little while the black of night I behold beyond the window  panes shall be replaced with a new day filled with all my hopes and dreams- wrapped safely inside the faith that lives inside of me.
In a little while the morning light shall mark the passing of another day.
And I shall awaken to the sounds of children at play
And count my blessings in the sunlight of a new day.
-Janice Sanford 7/19/2003

On August 12, 2003  this comment was posted: "Loved your poem 'In A Little While' I am getting old, sometimes a poem will bring back my passion, as this one did. Thank you."

Twenty years later, on December 5, 2022, the poem and the comment remind me of why my god blessed me to be a heart-writer.

A heart-writer gives freely, words that have the power to touch lives and comfort people  through poetry and other writings that come directly from the heart.

Each new day is a sign that we are still alive. Be worthy of all the gifts your god has placed in your care.
1:09pm December 5, 2022



On December 1, 2022, I rolled the  first oak wheel, made from my neighbors' old oak tree (that had died and had to be cut down) to my house. This morning ,December 2, 2022, I rolled the second oak wheel..   to replace the temporary porch steps. 

Doing things that some people might consider work may or may not stop the aging process.....but it gives one a sense of self worth.

Life is short enough without giving up the will to live it.

Don't let another do what you are capable of doing for yourself....

One day at a time be and do- Be thankful for each moment- and always to your god, and yourself, be true. 11:16am December 2, 2022



Regardless of how old I am or how old I'll grow to be my first loves were, and will always be, my Mama and Daddy the two people - whose goodness and best qualities I forever carry inside of me.

My Daddy left the worldly in 1975. (52 years old)

My Mama left twelve years later , 1987. (57 years old)

While going through pictures (today), I found the  following poem that I wrote in 1988 (at age 39):

It's Hard Letting Go

Lord, It's been so hard letting go- letting go
of the Mama and Daddy who watched me grow
Lord, It's been so hard to bear- so hard to bear
It's hard to bear- going home and they're not there;

Because, Daddy went with your angels one night,
and when I thought the pain of letting go
was more than I could bear
I still had Mama- Mama was there.

My Mama spent twelve lonely years. No one would ever know
how hard it had been for Mama letting Daddy go-
But I was thankful I still had Mama (I was grown) beside me
To watch my children grow.

Then for the second time, Lord, I found it hard letting go,
For again you sent the angels in the light of day.
A bright and sunny day, the gates to Heaven did glow
when entered my Mama after she was called away.

Yes, Lord it's been so hard letting go- letting go
of the Mama and Daddy who watched me grow.
But I am still thankful today as I watch my children grow,
just to know, that from the gates in heaven that glow
Stands Mama and Daddy, together, watching me and
my children grow.

Written April 29, 1988 ,on my
daughter Sonya's Birthday five years before the
angels were sent to take her away (at age 22)

Good parents teach their child how to be good by setting good examples. It's a shame  that some government leaders and some rich do-gooders have evolved  to the point that they  think they are more qualified than parents- to teach children the "golden rules."

The results of years of hacking away at  moral values  and the endless attempts to under mined parents at every turn, today, a world of children are paying for  the attacks on the family, and traditional family values.

 A lot can be said about aging- but one thing I think applies to most 'old' people is the older we get the more thankful we are to have been born and raised in a time when children had parents who loved us enough  to put our needs and welfare ahead of their own.

It's not true that you can't teach an old dog new tricks... After over seven decades of living, I still learn something new every day


What we do to help make the world a  better place, we must do from our heart.  Be true to who you are. Whether or not you think others care about you, love yourself.... Don't live by other peoples' rules live according to your heart's rules. Thank your god for the blessing in your life, and tell someone you love them, everyday.  11:07pm November26, 2022




Every day is Christmas.... Nope...but in some peoples lives the blessings they receive everyday make it feel like Christmas.

When my children were small I always had the Christmas tree up on Thanksgiving Day. This year I put it up the day before Thanksgiving...... for the warm feeling I get every time I look at it.

The older I get the more I realize the importance of celebrating the birth of Jesus every day. The gift of love is what hung on the cross. The greatest gift one can give to another is love. I, personally, don't believe  the gift of love is measured by the number of gifts one receives on Christmas day. I believe that love is more valuble than anything that can be brought with silver or gold.  Love thrives on love...... Christmas is a man made holiday- a tradition. The real  Christmas was when God gave his son to hang on the cross -out of love for mankind.   I give thanks every day (every day is my thankgiving), and when I see a need I give a gift of love away, how sad it would be if  the gift of love could only be given away on Christmas day.

God loves us every day -Smile , hold high your shield of faith, and follow your heart everyday. As for me and my house we will serve the Lord every day. 12:52am November 25, 2022



Never say you can't until after you've tried. It was a fun and tiring day but it was a blessed day.....making more happy memories for me to carry in my heart and in my memory. 6:07pm  November 18, 2022


Everyday is a test of faith ...... Walk upright in the day....... Hold high your shield of faith....live one day at a time....  believe with your heart -don't let life steal your happiness  away- under your shield of faith, tears may fall, hearts may break, but your soul will be safe.  11:02pm November 16, 2022




Every day is not only a blessing...Every day is a gift of life... While there are many who fear getting old----Many die who never got the chance to live to grow old.

Eternal beauty is not made of flesh and bones--- Eternal beauty if made of spirit and soul.

Heck.....I am just now getting use to being 73....and in a few months I have to get adjusted to life at 74..... Duh.....

You have only to look below the surface to find the kind of beauty that come with aging...  Faith and love does not fade with time..neither does ones inner beauty. 8:39pm November 14, 2022



One day at a time.....we are who we are or who we pretend to be.. Happiness begins with state of mind..... 9:16am November 10, 2022


Never stop doing the things you can do -  age takes a toll when one stops using their muscle power. If there is something you can do and others do it for you- they reap the benefits from doing it for you..  Being strong mentally and physically takes faith ......at any age.  We never know what tomorrow will bring-what matters is this day.

9:01pm November 8, 2022



Since I live alone.... the flu was fought with my faith...In 73 years I can't remember ever having the flu. .... If you are feeling tired and sick.... rest, put everything on hold- take care of you.... The flu has hit many people in my area.....of six family members- five had the flu, including me, during the same period.    Faith has the power to overcome negative in our lives. God loves you and I love you.   7:55pm November 5, 2022 



When the day  is done, and all  was done that could be done, let rest yours worry........ In each day walk in faith toward your destiny....  God will do for us what we cannot..... if we trust him with the whole of our heart,  5:27pm October 30, 2022






YOU, THROUGH YOUR  FAITH, HAVE THE POWER TO MAKE CHANGES........ In your life and your every day world... There are things others can't do for us....

 The strength to make change must come from within. One day at a time we live and process, with our heart felt faith- the power to make the world a better place....... for our self and others.

Never doubt god's love. He watches over each of us EVERY DAY according to our faith.  11:27am October 25, 2022


Hold high your Shield of Faith as you travel through this day.

God loves you and I love you too...  jt



In 2006 I was standing at the crossroads It wasn't until after  my last child left home and married, that I divorced-and my jouney to finding 'me' again begin.

 There are prices one must be willing to pay in life. For some it's  easier to forget the responsibilities that come with parenthood..... For others they will sacrifice all to give their children happy childhood memories. The best Mothers (and fathers) are those willing to give up their wants for their children's needs.

It takes a mama and a daddy to create happy family memories....

Growing up, my children were blessed to have two parents who loved them.  God, knows our heart and how many times we put other peoples lives ahead of our own.  Children are blessings..... any one who would hurt/kill an innocent child- deserve the pit of fire that waits to torment their souls for all eternity.

Sorry, If I sound like I'm preaching. Just blame it on old age.    12:54pm October 24, 2022

Take time for you

If we don't care about "me" with time and aging  memory would  fail and  we'd lose sight of who we are.   Hold high your shield of faith- live day by day..... and take time  to thank god and his angels for always watching over you regardless of the paths you take.

Smile..... be happy.. and walk through life upright- filled with love and grace.   8:58pm October 22, 2022







Treat others like you want to be treated..... Regardless of how they treat you--- Every dog has his day- they say.

Banana Nut Bread/Cake

in one bowl mix:
2- cups of plain flour
1/4 teaspoon salt
Table spoon baking soda

in another bowel mix:
Sugar 1/2 cup brown sugar and 1'4 cup white sugar
2- eggs
1- stick butter (melted)
1- teaspoon vanilla

mix flour and sugar mixture together

add smashed bananas - mix well

add pecans last

bake in 350 oven (preheated)

50 to 60 minutes


If I had known   I could make cakes and sale them for 100s of dollars each.....I would have went into cake making business..... Nope, my joy in baking comes from my heart- just knowing my cake helped make someone's day special is good enough for me.

Just because someone overcharges for a cake don't mean it tastes better than a box-cake or a cake made from scratch....It's just a sign of the times we are living in..... greed knows no limits..... EXCEPT  THE ONES WE PLACE ON IT. 1:51pm October 20, 2022




There is a time for everything : a time to be born and a time to die; a time of gathering and a time to let go; a time for making memories and a time for remembering.  I read through my poetry that isn't on my jan tetstone poetry diary pages this morning and some were so real to my memory, tears started and I couldn't bring myself to finish reading them.

From my writings I  decided to share one:

As I lay sleeping on my bed,
I felt a gentle touch on my head;
I opened one eye then the other

And saw two angels standing together;

My heart has loved

Love is an angel without wings!
Love is a halo for all nations to wear-
Love is a song for all nations of people to sing-
Love is the interpeter of a man's heart and dreams-
Love is a language all its own-
Love is the hope of tomorrow
Love is an angel without wings!
Love is the peace-maker
Love is warrior of our soul........


Love never gives up tho at times people do......  there really is a time for loving and letting go.   jt    2:21pm October 16, 2022



  Don't be anyone but you.....   Good Night .....

2:28am October 15, 2022  God loves you and I love you too.





This is my update photo to the Index and content sites of my theSpiritwithinpoetry sites....  They are the original pictures.... We all get older....things on the outside change over time..... Many think at a certain age women should dress, talk, and act old... but there is a difference in aging and being old...... Take one day at a time.... if you can still see you in the mirror today.....tomorrows old age can wait.  As long as I can still see me- that's what truly matters  today. God didn't put me in this world to let old age rob me of the faith I carry inside me every day. 2:48pm October 13, 2022

Give up or keep going?

The most beautiful souls in my life  belonged  to my mama, my granma and my granny..... The young should hope they live to be as old and wise......



Don't drain your energy or give up your happiness, in the name of being employed. If you settle for less than what raises the peace in your every day life.....you are cheating you out of the chance to reach your dream.  

Some times, we don't have a lot of choices...... But when we do we should make the one that will bring to our life a sense of purpose.

Tho the clouds may bring a storm, and your tears- never forget your shield of faith has the power to stop the rain and dry your tears away.

Don't be so hard on you.... take some time to breathe, and think on the things you'd like to change and  do the things that will make you happy too.....  11:57am October 12, 2022




It's easy sometimes to forget that life was created to be lived.

Instead of wasting life - move to the tune of life.... Don't fear being who you are.   It is 'you' who others see as being worthy of their love.

Everyone is special but not everyone realize how special they are,  as a person, and to those who love them.  Live-Love -and believe in your ability to succeed in reaching your heart-felt dream.  10:28pm October 11, 2022




We all have days when the most innocent thing said or done rubs us the wrong way..... Remember, to count sheep.....never mind. Counting sheep is when ya can't sleep....Oh, no.... Drink 10 sips of water ..... hold your breath and count to 10....... ahh never mind.  I just gotta practice what I preach...... "Do what you gotta do but try to do it nicely."

Just joking..... My favorite saying is : when the devil's messing with me he leaving other people alone.

Do what you feel in your heart is right and things have a way of working themselves out.  8:16pm October 10, 2022



LEFT BLANK ON PURPOSE.........   Beats me....




As I was trying to figure out what this post would be about, it dawned on me that as long as I put positive thoughts into what I decided to do.......  It'd be better than crying on other peoples' shoulders and might even  turns some frowns into a smile or two.

If you don't have lots of money to count- try counting your blessings.  It is easy to find things to complain about -people complain all the time...but complaining alone won't change a thing.

If you want to change something in your life... don't wait on others to make the change for you- no one can live your life for you. We only have one life to live- to your self be true. 9:00pm October 9, 2022





What a day!  You know how you can do something with hope of making something better?  Well, be warned, there is always that one chance your good intentions can make things worse. Ask me how I know....No don't ask me.  Let me just say..... "My mistake took my Rainbow site, and all my other sites  off the worldwide web."

Most mistakes on an internet site are fixable, tho it might take someone who is a little smarter then the one who made the mistake to fix it.


Never give up...

Where there is a will,

 there is a way.  10:24pm  October 8, 2022







We all have flaws...... No one is perfect. Worldly beauty fades with time--but inner beauty always shines.  Sometimes we have to look deep within to see who we really are. Be faithful to your god, and your self. 8:02pm October 7, 2022 (pictures taken 5:25pm October 7, 2022)



Fall is the third phase of life
Spring - the beginning (of our life)
Summer - youth yet to lose its innocence
Fall -  bitter sweet time when souls are tested
Winter - the time for which one
is born......

Everyday, give thanks for the day, and for being blessed to be a among those still believing that the good in us all far outweighs the bad.

If you've been knocked down by life.....and made your way back up again  .... you have been blessed....not only are you a little wiser but you can use the lessons learned - to help another stand again.

Never doubt your value
as a human being
live your life wisely
and always be true
to you.
12:42pm October 6, 2022





Love has the power to brighten the world you awaken to each day... but not always will all who love you wake to a bright sunny day... It's important to unlock the doors to broken hearts-- so love can enter in and those whose hearts have been broken.... will have another chance to awaken to a bright sunny day again.

We each have the power to make the world a better place.

Love is a gift we give to others and a gift we receive from others every day. Don't take life, or others for granted- in the twinkling of an eye all can be taken away.

Live, love, and hold high your shield of faith.  1:47pm October 5, 2022






When we share what we have from our heart- it matters not what others  send our way..... our house is built on our faith...

Do the best you can with what you have - God knows your heart and your needs. Be kind to your self- every day- and from time to time - take time to sow a few love seeds.




The way we see our self is more important than how others see us.... My god, my faith, and my ability to love.....will carry me the rest of the way.

Don't ever throw your life away, because some where in your life you made a mistake....

Don't give up your dream....dare to do and be.

God loves you and God loves me.

Live in the moment but love and trust god always.

8:43pm October 2, 2022 

Incase you wanna know who cut my bangs....  jt





The sun that shines on others
shines on you....
There is nothing to fear -
hold high your shield of faith...
Count your blessings in the
Love is never wasted
when its given from the heart.
Many a lost soul has been
saved by love....

10:14pm October 1, 2022





Fairytales were created for the child inside of us all....

I went looking for something beautiful and when I saw this , I automatically thought about the fairytale "Cinderella " ...

Never stop looking for beauty ....Sometimes beauty is more than skin deep. ... beauty that matters most-is the beauty only our inner eyes can see.

Love who you are....and let your inner beauty shine through in every thing you do. Take one day at a time.....Just as you can see inner beauty in others they can see the inner beauty in you.  God loves you and I love you too.   9:10pm September 30, 2022






It's easy to lose sight of who we are......when the years of living start showing on our face.  Laugh lines, frown lines- wrinkles that multiply with time.... all signs that we have lived, loved, and laughed a lot in our life time.  9:04pm September 28, 2022



People live their lifetimes hurrying through the days- never giving thought to getting older or old age.   Take the time to stop every now and then-to ponder the direction your life is going in. And be thankful-whether it be a little or a lot, for what you've got..... You can give life meaning by living your life with heart.  1:27 pm September 26, 2022  (the above pictures were taken today  jt)




When you get down and think negatively - think about one beautiful moment in your life when all felt right with the world. Beautiful memories have positive affect. on our life ... Live, Love, be happy and be good to yourself. 11:58pm September 25, 2022





Things that happen to us , during our lifetime, will either break our spirit  or make us stronger.....

Every time we survive an experience that takes a toll on our heart, mind, and our life ~ we get a chance to heal with more understanding from inside out.

I believe in your ability to overcome negative emotions and make the world you live in  a better place for yourself and all who share your world with you.

Never say, " I can't."    Say, " I will do the best I can."  Then leave the rest to your god.       3:04 pm September 25, 2022




My daughter Katie took  the above picture of a double rainbow

Not every day brings a smile to our face   but everything has a time and place....Keep faith as you journey through the day.              11:07am September 23, 2022




No one is perfect- it's a waste of precious time to try to please everyone who touches your life...  Some people are happiest when other people are miserable ....... Be happy- love a lot and in ever thing you do put in a lot of heart.  2:32am September 22, 2022



Remember to let your inner beauty shine-in everything you do......we can't stop ageing but to ourselves we can be true. God works through the faithful......Hold tight to your shield of faith...put God and love into each day. Angels guard the gates of Heaven- and the  paths on earth we travel every day.  God loves you and God loves me....Be a light for the lost to see.    6:03pm   Sept 20, 2022




If at the end of the day  we can still find something to smile about  that's a blessing in a world where so many find little in their daily life to smile about.....  Call it old age or whatever you like but I took six pictures of that squirrel running and he outran every shot except the one I posted........




7:57pm Sept 19, 2022





        When we forget the value of one to the rest of humanity we lose a little self worth....While we differ outwardly- we share the ability to love....and care for one another..........Emotions stem from ones inner self .....Experiences create the atmosphere....in-which feelings are born. Self judging is the sin of men.  Be kind to yourself when others are unkind to you-----Some learn nothing because its easier to blame life or someone else for ones bad choices during their lifetime.......

When all is said and done....  we each are a product of the lessons we learned (or didn't learn) from living our life.....

The older I get the more I learn about  the importance of  myself and others too.

I am the product of other peoples' show of human compassion. The feelings of being loved and cared about.....is something  we all can connect to.....

God loves you and I love you too.

9:54am Sept 17,2022







It's your life.....It's  your time to shine. ... It's your day to spread some love, and help make the world a better place.

My wish for you is that you find happiness and peace always in your   life and in the moments of your day.



10:47am Sept. 16, 2022


I can write what I feel and think...about anything- but now that I'm older......looking back it don't matter what we think and feel.....it's what we have to show for what we done to make the world a better place......It's better to express anger than to drown inside from all the bottled up tears..... And better still to express love in such a way as to change someone's world for the better. 6:03pm September 15, 2022




          For being my friend.....







I went bear huntin--- today......I was lookin to find special teddy bears....I knew when I saw these bears they would fit right in with us old folks, and might even get a smile or two.

Life is to short to live life for anyone but you........ Don't try to live tomorrow today.....cherish what brings a smile to your face. Life don't get shorter- we just get older, and hopefully a little wiser for all the years we've spent.7:33am September 14, 2022



Smiles brighten a day- smiles keep old age away.... not really but it was a nice thought.



I GOT IT...I GOT IT...I GOT IT.........

Trying is as important as doing... And remember we're not all meant to play ball on a field.....and we are not perfect.....error in decision making-sometimes happens. Set your goals in life...you may not reach that goal but you will end up where your choices took you.   10:34am  September 13, 2022





Looking out the window
at the rain coming down
I think about all the times
I've watched rain fall....
But I can't remember
the rain turning into
this much mud......
As a child I was told
the rain falls to wash
the earth clean.....
Hopefully- the tale
is true....and the rain
will fall and fall ----
until earth is squeaky-clean
and completely good and honest
are we, one and all......

3:46pm September 10, 2022




Find your joy in life....Whether it be looking out to see a cow bird and cow making a trip around a  green pasture together... or waking, to setting alone, dreaming of things that could be.... Keep Faith  ... as you journey through the day. If we look beyond our selves ....and make the effort, we can touch lives and put joy into the lives, of others yet to find joy in being alive.

 Human compassion is not dead-its just not exercised as much as it used to be.

Don't ever short change yourself- you are worth more than you know. 9:23am September 10, 2022

when you can't think of nothing to be thankful for in your day.... look around and you will find there's others worse off than you.

 Some people don't thrive on worldly things; they are happy just to be alive....

Where life, love, and faith reside there's reason to be happy......  I have put in a lot of days on this earth, and I'm still thankful just to be alive.

I found during my lifetime : if God brings me to it, He will help me through it.      11:13am September 9, 2022






Your reality begins and ends with you -To your self be true.......


Create beauty with your heart and mind- Let your inner beauty shine.  jt




Day dreaming, again? Why not?   ......Age, maybe, holding you back?

Dreaming is for any age......I can't dance but I can still touch my toes...

Even at 73.....  I still dream  and so should you.

God loves you and I love you too.......

11:50am Sept 8, 2022


Life comes with no promise we'll see another tomorrow ...... Don't waste your life in the negative...

Don't wait until the years have slipped away..... Live, love, and be happy in the day....

Positive comes  with faith.

12:26am  September 8, 2022





I had told my sister I would post a fug-ugly picture of me. This isn't the worst picture of me but it will do for the purpose I posted it.......... I weighed as much as 220 lbs or more.  I had no one I could talk to but the good Lord.....I found by writing from my heart and then reading what I wrote, I better understood my self.. I begin writing . God knows my heart. My past has brought me to this day.....I'm thankful for everything in my life, the good and the bad that tested my faith-and taught me valuable lessons about life and myself.

I don't need people though I love them- I need God.... because he first loved me before I begin my journey here on earth... His angels have walked with me every step of the way......they intervened many times in my life- and saved me from death. I was saved from death  for a reason, and I ask God every day to show me what he would have me do.. Then I remember the words spoken to me as I begged to go in to the Light, "When the time comes you will know."

I have never stopped caring for people. I used to say, "'my life would be without purpose without the ability to care for other people."

Take one day at a time ....Keep Faith and think good thoughts......When enough time passes we all get old...... that don't mean we have to live being who we are not, because old-people, ain't suppose to have emotions and feeling- after a certain age.... I live by my faith. I'm far from being helpless.  That's what's wrong with the world now- those younger think they know more than those who rocked their cradles . 10:37pm Sept 6, 2022




The pictures of me were take September 5, 2022. The group picture [taken over 10 years ago] is me, two of my daughters Renee and Katie, my son Billy Ray and his wife Tonya. The rest are my grandchildren......(Tho I have many more children ,grandchildren, and great grandchildren who were not in this picture.) This is one of my happy memory pictures.

LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE THROUGH.........Use your inner faith to bring our the inner you.  God loves you..... and I love you too....

4:33pm  September 6, 2022





Let the love in your heart define who you are.........

What the world needs more of is

love sweet love......

11:30 am Sept 4, 2022


I had four new hats I had never worn  so I decided since I need a pick-me-upper (something to make me feel better), I'd take a picture of me wearing each hat (about 6:15pm September 2, 2022)....and turn feeling bad into a happy memory I could share with others who might need a pick-me-upper too. There are three generation of women in the picture: Me, my daughter Katie, and my granddaughter Markayla.  7:33pm September 2, 2022



Some days  we don't see the good  that waits beyond the morning dawn.... Think good thoughts especially when you are feeling down........and if you have the flu or a cold like me; drink juices, take cold meds and get plenty of rest.  Be kind to yourself and others. And get well soon.

Love is wherever you are. Be a blessing in some ones life today. Love make the best in us all better.

11:54am  September 2, 2022


From children we grew to be who we are today..... imagine that. The many times our childhood imagination created the perfect world we lived in, played in and dreamed in.

Fast forward to today......our perfect worlds faded away with time; leaving us with powerful memories we gathered through the years...that we often call upon for strength, as we journey through the world of reality, to remind us we are never alone-the same angels who guided us as children still walk beside us today.

.My granny had a copy of this picture on her wall, when I was a little girl.....living in my world far away from today.

Memories should not be burdens one carries inside... Memories should be the positive ones created along life's way that helped the child, in each of us, grow into who we are today.

Remember not to think negative.....negative is the tool used by evil men to create a negative world for us all.

Love and peace may not be found but it follows us all in our childhood dreams.

I thank God every day for a little girls dreams I carry every day.  Hold high your shield of faith.               11:34am September 1, 2022




When the day is visited by butterflies the clouds fade and the sun's warmth takes on new meaning. Take time to see the beauty in the smallest of things..... Take time to count your blessings and give thanks for the big and small things that add beauty and peace to your day.

The moment belongs to you and me........nothing else is guaranteed

3:00pm August 30, 2022





It's not easy  being who I am- but still it's better than pretending to be who I am not... Don't lose sight of your inner-self- regardless of how others see you. 

Giving up is not in my vocabulary ~What God brings me to, He will see me through.

Before one can truly love another they must first love them self.

Don't  ever give in to self pity- there's to much of that in the world already.

God loves you and I love you......be blessed.

10:38pm August 29, 2022



I often think about angels and how close they are. My  mama entered the gates to heaven  a long time ago.....Since that times she has walked  through life with me wearing heaven's glow. I cannot see her angel face but she is with me wherever I go. My mama's favorite colors were/are hues of purple such as lavender ..... I think of my mama every time and  anywhere I see the color lavender.

Mama's are different than mothers......any woman can be a mother... But not all can be a mama.   I thank God for my mama every day. 

Don't take your mama for granted, My mama was killed, in a road accident, at age 57. She looked forward to having gray hair, like her mama's.

Life is a gift, like love, it keeps on giving.

Even the strongest have their weak moments.

12:57pm August 29, 2022




I went flower shopping on the internet today

I also stopped by a dance site and made a few new dancer friends

It's not my Birthday -but this cake was so pretty I figured I'd post it for those who have a Birthday today-but didn't have time to bake a cake...... "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"


Actually, I stopped having Birthdays after I figured out that old is a state of mind.  Love y'all      5:04PM August 28, 2022




I am human   therefore  I was born with everything I need to succeed . God make me strong enough to fly against the winds of life.

You wanna  dance?  Choose your partner.......

4:11pm Aug 27, 2022


Just as the eyes are the doorway to our soul, they are the windows that show our sadness, pain, love. sorrow. happiness, and other feelings we experience.


My heart is sad. I love my sisters though we have not seen each other in over a decade..... and I just recently was moved to send a picture to my sister who lost her only son in Dec. 2021.  I'm sad because so much time has passed, and only their faith can bring them peace.  I often wonder why after all the mistakes I have made in my lifetime, I can deserve the love and peace that I awake to every day.

I was married , two weeks after I turned sixteen. I never returned home to live in my parents house.  One of my sisters was 14, the other was  about 6. I chose to leave home, and by doing so gave up my older sister status. Life has a way of taking people who love each other  in different directions. And sometimes those who are closes to our heart, remove us from their lives.  It's nobody's fault.....God didn't give us life so we could place others before him in our lives.

When God calls his angels home- many ask why. God doesn't have to have a reason......they were only ours on loan.

Losing a child is the ultimate  test of faith for mothers and fathers.

I do not believe it honors a loved ones memory, when ones left behind  give up on life and themselves.

The ones I love didn't die-they live with me every day......in my life and in my heart. Our love is the bridge between heaven and earth.

I have memories of my child that inspire me to live and never give up on reaching my dream- Something in this life she never got the chance to do.

I refuse to ever blame my weaknesses on others. We are who we are today because of the  choices  during our lifetime we chose to make.

Like my two sisters- my choices helped send our lives in different directions.

It's okay to be sad but don't use sadness to destroy your faith in the god who knew us before we were born.

Sisters, I love you. Always have and always will. If you have God in your life you have all you need to take your sadness away.  jt

2:22pm August 27, 2022


I created the Rainbow site over ten years ago...to put good ,positive thoughts in the lives of those who visited the site. And because it's away to put some  of the good that, in passing, others shared with me.

Never think kind deeds are forgotten ...It was complete strangers, who touched my life with love and kindness-  I owe a debt of gratitude.  They through their acts of human compassion, taught me the power of love. Our paths crossed and my life was changed forever- for the better.   jt                           10:20pm  August 25, 2022




"  Every day is special because you're in it"

The eyes are the doorway to ones soul
Don't ever let the light in your eyes
lose their glow.....
Choose wisely the paths you take.
Love and happiness
go together- where you find one
you find the other.
Believe in your god with all your heart
and from your faith never part......
5:49pm August 22, 2022


Every day is a new beginning

 put into the day... the best of you. Don't worry

about what others think no one lives your day

but you.

Smile....God loves you

and I love you too.

9:50pm August 21, 2022

You ever thought of things you wanted to tell others

then couldn't seem to put two sentences together...

I guess it's like you go to say something

and forget what you was going to say....and

say "I forgot what I was going to say. Musta

been a lie."

There's a lot of old saying, that was old sayings

before I was born- and they are still

used.  It's sorta like getting older but

never getting old.   I hope that made sense.....

If it don't .it won't be the first time

I've wrote something that didn't make sense.

But. Now, I get to blame it on old age.  10:04pm   jt




God is good all the time ........
Everything comes together and unfolds according
to God's will-
and according to our faith.
Be who you are wherever you go
know you walk in the glow of the angels
who watch over the faithful living down here, below.
12:36pm August 13, 2022

Heartsong's  Thoughts

I was  intending to draw a ballerina- When all was said and done , I ended up with a "bird watcher."

It's hard to think of things to write sometimes.
Just remember there are three words that say it all:
"I love you"
12:51am August 12, 2022

Good Night

Every day is the beginning of the rest of our life.
Take time to count your blessings..
The older I get the easier it gets to find excuses 
to get out of doing things I don't want to do. lol
Don't settle for  'givin up' 
Keep faith-dare to dream ........

10:46pm August 7, 2022

Trying to think of ways to get out of washing dishes.....
just kidding. I use paper plate.jt


Today's blessing

is on going-

Accept the good things

in life and be thankful

for the morning sights.

Peace can't come

from a troubled heart.

Look beyond  troubling

times, to better things.

you cannot see, but knows

is waiting there.

Beauty lives

where love resides.

9:39pm August 6, 2022


Keep sight of who you are....I'm not young but I not old.

If that makes sense..... While this old world will sooner or

later take a toll on the flesh- it cannot destroy the spirit .or

the soul.

You, the faithful, have an inner beauty that thrives on love.

12:50am August 5, 2022

  On your journey to
meet your destiny-
- where the beginning
and the end meet-
- where all things come to
full circle- for all eternity-
Keep your heart filled
with love, and faith
and let that love
nurture the heart of those
who in passing-
touch your life every day.
7:58pm August 3, 2022
I lost a whole year! Don't ask me what happen......

I pushed a button that said, any change can be undone....

guess what? I haven't been able to undo the thing....

It only proves one never gets to old to start over.

I did make a friend .His name is "Tom the Swan"

He lives alone in a beautiful pond.....


Remember, sometimes one push of a button

can create un-necessary work...lol

Stay positive!

One day, before I get to old, I'm gonna take a computer class.

10:48pm    August 2, 2022




Smile God loves you and so do I.

Taken at my son's home in Georgia. The rainbow touched the ground. It was a beautiful rainbow...But ain't they all?


Look beyond the clouds in your day
The sun will shine again.....When
down, look for beauty in the smallest
things-sometimes we over look
the blessing that are right
in front of our eyes....
We are never alone....
love and hearts keep
people connected.
Blessings are sometimes
hidden behind clouds
on a stormy day...
keep faith.
9:30pm July 23, 2021


I have a new saying:
If one share happy thoughts
a lot less people would be sad.

It's a day to look around
and take in God's beautiful
flowers, birds, bees,
grasshoppers, and the next door
neighbors cows
eating grass].

Don't forget practice your
dance lessons.
[with a friend or by yourself]
10:43pm July 17, 2021

Love moves hearts
lives and the world....
Love nurtures love
Human compassion:
(the ability to love others
sight unseen )
Everyone can make the
world a better place
just by being in it...
Evil cannot grow where
love has taken root....
Walk in faith
beneath the sky
where angels fly.
2:04am July 13, 2021

Always look for the light
where the light is, darkness
cannot thrive.
Be happy wherever you
are......your happiness
is someone else's
you are happy-I'm
11:56pm July 11, 2021

Everyday is a gift...

Treasure the moments spent with loved ones.

And if by chance life has taken you apart

treasure the beautiful memories stored

in your heart.

4:08am July 9, 2021


Just sharing some smiles.

Duh! Is it Easter already!?


Smile somebody loves you...I do.

10:02PM July 5, 2021


There is always something beautiful for one to rest their eyes on...

Nothing  stays the same except love...love is un-seeable but

ones heart knows love is always there.....

BE HAPPY! When there are enough happy people in the world

Peace among mankind will thrive.       3:03pm July 5, 2021



One is never to old to dream

Never lose sight of your dream.

Dreams do come true

believe with your heart





Don't let negative get you down

put faith in your day

and positive will

soon push negative away.

Never try to please others


they will love you more....

Love is a gift

not a chore.

10:57pm July 3, 2021




I just hate those nights when sleep seems to have gone on vacation....

4:41am July 3, 2021

Don't know how to dance? I found a dancer

who'll show you how...

Have fun!

It's fun, sometimes, setting on the sideline...

Couldn't stand on my head when I was young....

now they call it dancing.

Smile someone loves you-

I do.  9:50pm July 1, 2021

We get so caught up in our day, that sometimes
We don't get around to doing everything
we wanted to do in the day....Life
is like that.....

Just remember when you think
you've been forgotten that not always
do people have the time to call or
visit- because they too have lives to live
and things to do.

Just know when you are down,
and feeling blue
from a far

I send my love to you.

Have a blessed day!
11:30pm June 30, 2021





Don't worry about
Don't worry about
Before you know it
they will all be a

Keep faith...

Be happy in the
Live life
with lots of heart.
Love always.
12:50am June 4, 2021

Music playing: It's Only Make Believe

I had visitors over today...
they brought a smile to my face...
Smile! Someone loves you....
I do. 9:20pm April 18, 20

Each day has the potential to
bring us joy or break our heart...
Either way-Come what may
All are blessings that test
our faith. 9:18pm April 18, 2021

God is good all the time....Never doubt his power, or the power of your faith...

The fountain of youth resides inside of each of us....  I am 72....

I tell my youngest daughter that pictures capture the spirit in me... from time to time.    It has to be true because I took the picture blind [camera don't reverse so the person taking the picture can take selfie-pictures].....  Thank you for visiting my Rainbow site......  Remember, someone somewhere loves you-I do.  Jan Tetstone Poetry Diary

Feel the light you carry inside and know your soul is safe. For only in darkness can evil thrive. It is the choices me make that feeds the light or feeds the darkness. Let your inner light shine to help bring light and warmth to others in  their time of need.

God is not dead he is always watching for another hand to hold on to. Keep faith -spread love, and regardless of the circumstances in your day...never doubt the power of God to lift you above  and beyond any bad times that may come your way. 10:53am March 27, 2021

Out of sight  but always in my heart and prayers.

The day may not be sunny, everything may not

be going your way...but remember, nothing

good comes from negative

,and negative is overcome, with faith.1:27am March 11, 2021


All our lives we seek to find the end of the Rainbow . . . and occasionally we get close enough to finding it... that we feel the wonderful warmth from the rainbow's pot of gold.

Like the stars we wish on as they fall toward earth... it is those things we seek to find that give our life its worth.

How many a three leaf clover has been sacrificed ... in the name of luck?

Our dreams sometimes are the only things in life that comfort our soul.

There is much to see beyond life's' every day scene.

When things are stormy and life feeds on your spirit... reach down into the deepest part and raise the shield of faith that faithfully awaits you in your heart.

The power to overcome the  wickedness the world sends your way abides in you night and day.

No one can destroy your spirit unless the destroyer is yourself.

Life will always hold mysteries that none but the heart can know.

If in your life you carry God in life, heart and mind...you have found the pot of gold at the end of life's rainbow.

May peace touch you in the day and love touch you with its heart.    [written 11:15am, September 24, 2012]

Not yesterday or tomorrow can touch me, as long as I live in the moment.

I am not perfect---imperfection is the price we pay for being born.

Peace must enter the world through caring hearts.

The harder something hurts-the longer remembered the lesson learnt. [written 8:27pm September 26, 2012]


The day God has set you in.

Love and be happy for none are promised a tomorrow.

One Day At A Time

Live, love, and keep faith.


It is not the pain of yesterday one should remember. . .It is the joy! Both walk with us.

Each heart has a voice of its own.

Never let another's short comings weaken your ability to succeed. There will always be some who will hinder the paths another walks. [written 7:49 am  September 27, 2012]

In life, we may not choose all the roads we will travel but we choose how high the bumps.

God is my rock when I need to be strong; my pillow when I need to rest my weary soul. . . and my friend when all others turn their backs  on me.

Love is the key to eternal peace.

Falling down is easy . . . It's getting back up that's sometimes the hardest.

When things are looking there worst, clutch tighter to your shield of faith.

Love, when your heart is breaking.

Sometimes, happiness is formed through another's tears. 

A good cry is good for the soul.

We always feel better after the last tear is dried.

Smile! God loves you---and so do I.

The best way to brighten the day is to look for things that

 make you smile.... These are a couple of things I thought

might bring some smiles:


   May your day be filled with sunshine and your night peaceful sleep.

Life is not always gonna be an easy road to travel - I know of no one who hasn't stumbled at least once....

Keep your heart focused on the Rainbow that awaits at the end of life's storm.

Faith in itself is a powerful thing... It allows us to walk closer to God and empowers us to overcome the evil in the world.

Walk in the Light that lay always before you.

The heart never tires of loving.....

The ability to care we are born with; then we struggle through life trying to grasp some understanding of how some can lose their ability to care for others.

Never look for the bad before you look for the good, in others.


Strive to be the best that you can be- setting examples for those who follow.

The best part of your life is you.

   Have a HAPPY day!!!!!!!



When the day is done, be done with it. . . Tomorrow will bring enough worry in itself.

When you know in your heart you have done the best you knew how to do, to correct a bad situation, leave it to God.

Never look for bad-it will find you soon enough.

A minute spent thinking negative things is a minute wasted.

Beauty can be found every where~ even a rose has thorns.

This day was given to you ~what you do with it is up to you.

Take time to count your blessings and hug the ones you love.  


If  you need someone to hug -and no one is around-I'm here!

We are all strangers passing through
Let us in passing set the best of examples
for those who follow us.

We each make a difference in the world, just by being in it.

There will always be someone worst off  than you. . .

Look for the worst and Hope for the best. It's always better to be prepared for the worst and have things turn out good... then to look for the best in a situation and have things turn out bad.

Spread some sunshine today- Smile!


Never wait on others-if you want something done - do it yourself.

I am one of those people who wants everything done yesterday.....

Living alone is not so bad once you have learned to get along with yourself.

We each choose the paths we travel in life .... we create our own little world

We are either satisfied with it or we change it.

Some people could have everything one could ever ask for-and still ask for more......

Any day is a good day to stop and smell the flowers.

It's more fun to get high off of life....


Tell someone you love them today! Those three little words are very important to say, and hear, every day....... God loves you and so do I.


Let this day bring what it will~ my faith will stand.


Yesterday's tears belong to yesterday.....

Follow your heart in all things and love will always make a way.


I am not a perfect person, therefore, not everything I do in life will be done to perfection.

May the sun shine in your day and love reign in your heart. . .

Miracles happen everyday- Faith works miracles.

Believe with your heart. Miracles are not done by faith alone.

May God work miracles ~ for all in need of one-this day.

There is always room in the day for another smile.

One can never have enough sunshine in their life -----


Often the smallest gift is better than the biggest gift.....

Never look for anything but good in the day ......

Never miss a chance to put a smile on someone's face..... Smiles are catching..... Give a smile to someone today....

I have a love for flowers but have a hard time getting some flowers to bloom so I decided to go flower shopping on the web. Look what I found!!!! There is nothing as special as the person who receives flowers. These flowers  are for you.

The day is never long enough and the night is always much to short.....

The sun may hide behind a cloud
but the sun will shine again.

There is no room in faith for doubt......


Live in the day-don't waste the day thinking about tomorrow.....

Love is the life's blood of life......

Everything beautiful makes me smile but sometimes some things not so beautiful can get a laugh or two from me....

Be who you are-That's the only way anyone can get to know the real you.....

There is beauty to be found in the smallest of things -I find beauty in drops of rain quenching the thirst  of  everything.

Smile !Someone loves you sight unseen!

Rain or shine ~take time out of the day for yourself............

The lady in pink has a mug of lemonade........

Never say I can't ~ say I will try.....

     I know not what today will bring....

Let it bring what it  will - I will raise high my faith's sweet shield....

Love  is the gift one gives from the heart

Love cannot be taken away!

Love can only be given......

If peace can be found in the day...Peace can be found in tomorrow.

 What good is peace at the expense of another's sorrow.

May we all find peace in our day.


Keep Faith in all that you do..
Nothing is lost if we seal its memory in our heart.


I'm here night or day!