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"Life stands still for no one
We were born to die the moment we are born." jt


Hearts that get broken by an
un-fore filled promise of love
suffer needlessly........ Shattered
hearts- agony and woe. Yet, love
they still seek in an imperfect world
ruled by greed....
Love does not hurt love mends the
hearts that mistook greed and lust
for love.
Not always are things what they seem
to be.
Love never hurts another knowingly.
Don't give up on love
love is the best part of caring.
There's lessons in life we endue
out of love.....
The heart needs love if love is
to thrive.
I would rather love and lose
the one I love than to love
someone who didn't love me.
Follow your heart in all things
of the heart.
Love locked away is love
Love is the truest form of what
it means to be human. jt
8:37pm Dec 29. 2017

Many have judged me
without considering
my innocence..
without knowing
my heart
or seeking the
I will not defend
myself against
those who seek
to bring me to my
I have but one
true judge...
I have no need
to plea for mercy
from those who
have betrayed
my heart.
I shall wait for
judgment day
and my name
to be called.
Before I give
answer to
your charges
for what I did
or didn't do.
God will be
the judge
of us all...... me
and each of you. jt
8:10pm Dec 29, 2017

Lord, you've taught me much
in the last two years:

that home is not made of wood
and stone.....

that the Love that warms my heart
is always near enough to
light up and fill the emptiest
place in my life, when life's cold
reaches out to steal the warmth
from my heart...and to rob me of
my soul.......

That nothing in this world is really,
truly mine.

that the most important things
wait for me in the future time

that no matter how bad times get
or how many tears I cry...
You will never desert me,
You will always be there for me
as long as you see me trying.  jt

 2:41pm Dec 29, 2017

In a few days it'll be New Year's day
2018, and 2017 will be another year
passed away leaving nothing but
memories of what use to be.....
before giving way to a new year
filled with hopes and dreams.

Lord, thank you for this day
and thank you for all the days
that's came and passed away.
-Jan Tetstone
December 29, 2017 7:21pm

Lord, there are still things
that lay heavy on my heart
Things/ if not for you/that,
would be unbearable.
You've taken me through many
life storms....and kept me safe
from harm; My life would be very
different today without you.
Lord, I try to understand why
my life has brought me to this day
and what it is you would have me do.
I see things with my heart that
others seem not to see.
I feel things with my heart that
sometimes makes me feel empty.
Still, I have much to be thankful for
It would be selfish of me to ask
for more for me. So. I ask you Lord
to take away the pain that others
are feeling today.....mend hearts
that are broken or breaking in two....
put understanding into the lives of those
who strive everyday and find less on their
table when they set down to eat.. heal the
sick; make unmovable legs move again;
open the eyes of all who cannot see; send
your angels near and far to provide for
and comfort all  they find in need.  jt
9:17pm December 15, 2017

The years once went by so slow
As I watched my children grow
day by day-year by year the time
slipped away and now that I'm alone
I think back on all the years gone
and I would not change a thing
Everything in our life has a time to be
and a time to be gone - a time to be
young a time to grow old-a time to
watch children grow-a time to let
our children go. jt
7:24 pm Dec 15,2017

The day was cold but filled
with warm hearts. jt

God Made Parents

God made parents to raise a child up in the ways
that he should go....
To love and protect the child with every breathe
to stand with him and be their to watch him grow;
To feed and cloth the child protect him from
life's strong winds....
To tuck him in to bed at night; to listen to his
innocent prayers...and then kiss him good night.
God made parents to share the joys and the pains
of parenthood; to teach the child wrong from right.
God made parents to watch over his precious loan
to love the child enough to set him straight when
he does something wrong.
God made parents to nurture the young soul of the
child; to prepare the child for life when he goes out
into the world on his own.
God made parents knowing the time would come
they'd have to let the child go down the paths of
right or wrong [alone] that would take him astray or
take him back home. jt
6:56pm Dec 8, 2017

Lord, I need you today
to hold me up as I thread
once more
life's stormy waves.
You know I've tried
to walk up right
and follow in your ways.
But my mother's heart
is breaking in so many
Please, Lord light my path
and help me through this day. jt
12:09pm December 7,2017

Not always does my words
come easy....
Sometimes when I start
to write....my heart
is so full of things it wants
to say......that
 when I start to write them down
they get lost in my emotion
and fade away.

There are things one's heart
needs to say
that are better left for another day. jt
10:49am December 7, 2017

My love for you
never grows old
Never grows cold
My love is unconditional
without me
you would not be
How can I not
love you
with all my heart.
Life intertwined
once with mine?
Dec. 5,2017 7:34pm

Don't let life take you beyond
what your heart can endue
There's so many ways
life can take one astray.
Live life with faith
day by day.
6:47pm December4, 2017

Thank you God for this day
For the love and the peace
you sent my way.
Thank you for the children
I call my own
Thank for each precious loan.
6:34pm December 4, 2017

When my first child was born
and I held her in my arms
I knew for the first time the
meaning of 'mother'
Long gone is the day
Motherhood was all new
I made mistakes
but now I understand
what my mother went through.
Raising her first daughter...
and wondering what more
was it she didn't do.
Mothers aren't suppose to
be perfect-afterall, we were
once children too. jt
10:24am November 25, 2017

In my tiny house
big dreams are created
Dreams of a tomorrow
when all are loved
and none are hated.
Dreams of days to come
when peace resides in all
and is not reserved just
for some.
Dreams that inspire me
to walk upright in the day
Dreams that belong only to me
that none but God can take away.
Dreams are not a reality
Dreams are faith
in better things to be. jt
10:01am November 25, 2017

 I look through my memories
knowing I will find
good and bad memories
of the life I left behind.
4:41pm Nov 23, 2017

Fading Memories

Today I looked at memories
that were made many years ago.
I saw men and women of today
as children laughing and having
so much fun that it made my heart
yearn as I watched them play.

I wonder if they remember today
the happy times they spent together
when they were young.

I wonder if they remember or have
chose to forget the love they shared
when they were young living at home
Now, that the years have passed
and they each are grown.

I wonder looking at their faces on
the computer screen do they remember
the happy times before life took each
a stray or did those happy memories
just fade away. -jt

3:34pm Sept 27, 2017

There's nothing as peaceful
as a day filled with God. jt

Lord, this day took a toll on my heart
help me understand why I feel so lost
like my world is coming a part.
Show me what you would have me do.
I need your guidance, your wisdom
and your understanding
but must of all Lord I just need you.
Sept. 1, 2017 10:38pm

If not for the sadness
If not for the tears
My heart it would
not break. jt

Today has passed
night has come with
night time thoughts
of one gone home.
Of good time shared
hard time beared
Of being close
then far away
of the sadness
felt on this day.
Sept 1, 2017 10:17pm

Today I feel so lonely so out of place
Lord, help me to be strong enough
to make it through another day.

Bring to my remembrance the
things that once give me the strength
to journey on-
when my heart was breaking  and I felt
so  all alone. -Jan Tetstone
4:59pm Aug 11, 2017

True Love

I love you with all my heart
I loved you yesterday
I'll love you tomorrow
I love you in good times
I'll love you in times of sorrow.

Love from the heart doesn't
love in part.

Love is love until the end ..
Your true love is, and will always be,
your Closest and dearest friend.
-Jan Tetstone

6:16pm July 26, 2017

Without Tears

Tears flow easily ...
when life's going wrong
And hard times come

Tears are a part of life.
Without tears ...we would
never learn the difference
between right and wrong.

We would never know the
heartache that breaks a man
or makes him strong.

A man who has never tasted
his own will never know
or hope to understand-
what it is that sets us
apart, from heart to heart.
(From man to man)
-Jan Tetstone

2:37pm July 26 2017

The Measure of a Man

It wouldn't take long
to make the world
a better place...
If people realized
We are all running
in the same race.

That it won't matter
if one comes in first
or last......the faithful
will run the race of life
with heart, striving
ways to do his part.

Without faith, kind deeds,
and love beyond measure
Good, truth, and justice
cannot stand.

We can blame others
for the shape the world
is in....but the truth is
each of us rightfully
can wear the blame,
my friend.

-Jan Tetstone

10:11am July 26, 2017

It's hard to find the words
that I need .....when something
lays heavy on my heart;
When no words that fall can
change the destiny
that gave me so much.....
and took so much away.
There is no going back
just going forward day
by day.
11:36pm July 21, 2017

As I set in my small world
listening to night time.....
my heart is heavy
thinking of all the blessings
I can claim as mine.....
Tho I set alone,
just me and my memory
I know without a doubt
Jesus is here with me.
11:18pm July 31, 2017

If my misery brings you comfort and
my tears fill your world with happiness
So be it!

Love has no room for hate....
We live the life we are given one day at
a time.....We love where we find love
We hold love close to our heart
and remember the better times.......
or we push love away- and blame love
for everything bad in our life.

Love is not to blame for the choices
that we make...The heart that loves
can love enough to forgive, and
set free, the one the heart will love
through all eternity.

Love does not love half-way.
Love is forever and a day.

12:58am July 17, 2017

Every day, my heart beats
true to who I am...
A stranger to those
who love me.....
as to my self I am true,
living on my faith
in a world
I'm only passing through.
12:32am July 17, 2017

I loved you before
you were born
I loved you
When you slept
beneath my heart
and we were one.
I love you my
child- tho
life has pulled
us apart.....
I love you
forever and a day
With a mother's heart.
6:21pm July 14. 2017

My life begin before
I was born~
Before I looked
into my mother's eyes~
Before the joy and
pain of my birth.
Before I drew my
first breath
and tasted
my first tears.
My life begin
before this life
I got lost in
the world of sin.
5:57pm July 14, 2017

picture taken July 13,2017

When we seek to make the world
a better place~ unknowingly,
sometimes, we change our self
And become a part of what it is we
seek to change..
I find it easier to follow my heart
than to follow the ways of man.
5:42pm July 14, 2017

I've cried my tears of grief
and dried a way the tears
of unrest ,in my search for
inner peace.

If it were only possible
I would share my peace and
share with you your grief.

May you find in troubling times
the touch of peace, that comes
to the heart of all who believe.
9:12pm June 19, 2017.

Smile more
Cry less
Show the outer
world- your
inner best. jt

7:37pm June 13, 2017

Today as I gazed
out my window,
I felt lost, alone and
let the feelings inside of me

Tears fell from my eyes
and rolled down my cheeks,
As I set pondering my life
and the things that brought
me to this day.

What had I done for the
tears to fall, and make
me feel this way?

Lord, I need you to lean on
until I can stand on my own....
to guide me through this day
until the loneliness is gone.
5:47 pm June 13, 2017

There are many things
in life....that will rock
our world and break our

There are many times
in life, when the days
seem endless
and we wonder if
we'll make it through.

Keep faith ,when life's
dark times fall on you.

Never doubt God's
power to light up
the darkness you are
walking through. jt

3:00pm June 13, 2017

The worry you are
feeling today...
can only steal your
happiness....if you
let worry have its way. jt
2:46pm June 13, 2017

If the sun hides its
face from you...
and clouds won't
let the sun shine
don't let the dark
overcome the
light inside of you. jt
2:40pm June 13, 2017

The day that draws a tear
leaves a lasting memory,
carved in the heart, of a time
of gain or sorrow.
A woman cries out when
her child is born.....
and sheds tears of happiness
when her child is placed
in her arms. jt

No words can I find
to release the thoughts
in my mind.
Lord, help me to
withstand the storms
in this day....
ease my mind
and take all doubt
away. jt
12:53pm June 9, 2017

Outside beauty fades with time
Inner beauty is the lasting kind.
Worry not about the lines the
years leave behind......

Inner beauty is eternal
it never tarnishes or loses
it shine..

Let your beauty shine in everything
you do....
Don't lose sight of the inner you...
that's who you were before
you were born... that who you are
today and that's who you will always be
after this life fades away. jt
3:04am June 8, 2017

Listening to the rain falling on
the tin, I stopped what I was doing
to write a note to you.

It's a never ending battle
threading the seas of life,
I strive every day , doing things ,
for a tomorrow that I may never
But each day is a blessing
that covers me with  sweet peace.

May God bless your day
and fill your life with peace.
May He touch your heart with
understanding in your time of

May God's love strengthen you
to face whatever life has in store,
and may God's love and mercy
always enter at your door.

May God send you a special angel
to help you thread life's stormy sea
and when the day is done  may you  be
 covered with a blanket of love and peace. jt
5:48pm June 7, 2017


God not a day goes by
that I don't thank you
for my life and all
the things you fill
each passing day with.
For the past I left behind
For the strength I drew
from you and draw from
you this day....
For the will to keep moving
forward.. when a broken
heart gets in my way. jt
12:24 pm June 24, 2017

A tear I cried today
A tear I wiped away.
Another tear fell
and I let it stay and
on its own fade away.
Tears fall to wash away
ones inner pain...
The kind that goes beyond
the everyday kind.
Thank God for the tears
my heart released today,
I would rather cry
a river of tears
than drown in my
own sorrow. jt
12:09pm June 4, 2017

Lord send an angel
to feed the hungry
to heal the sick
to comfort the broken
to show the world
the power of love
to take away
the loneliness
that touches so
many lives today. jt
9:09pm June 3, 2017

Let go of those painful memories
put to rest your anger, pick up
your shield of faith, and walk
into tomorrow unhindered by
yesterdays' sorrow. jt
8:50pm June 3, 2017

Move in the day to the tune of your own heart
for you were created to dance to life's song
to move forward while looking back but
never to stand still for too long.

It doesn't matter the tune others dance to
write your own song
as you dance to life's tune. jt
12:06pm June 3, 2017

Never regret meeting in passing
or showing a stranger a little kindness in their
time of need....We all are but travelers
on a journey back home......
Give thanks for all who pass your way
Let none leave your side untouched
by your love this day.    jt
11:45pm June 2, 2017

God has a purpose for everything we do, we don't do
we say or we do not say, we draw near or we push away.
Life is a testing field where good and bad each have a
part to play.
I miss you dear friends and pray for you every day.
Life drifted us apart.....but left your memory safe
in the deepest chamber of my heart. jt

6/02/2017 11:30pm

It's better that two paths cross
and two hearts cross in passing
Than it is for one heart to travel
down life's lonely roads alone.
It's better to know the touch
of human compassion in passing
than to never know there is
more to life than the road
you walks alone.
10:46 pm May 24, 2017

When there are no words
to say or write
Silence will have to do
For if the words are forced
the full meaning of ones words
won't ever get through.
10:13 pm May 24, 2017

listening to the sounds
of night.....
I feel the darkness and
wonder at the quietness
engulfing me with peace's
sweet kiss.
11:52 pm May 22, 2017

Lord Guide me to do your will
as I seek direction in my life.
Walk with me through life's

Point the way you would have me go
teach me tolerance and show me
the things you would have me know.
Let me not fall as I stumble
 after you........

I'm imperfect in my ways
I need you  this and everyday
to help me through.

7:44 pm May 22, 2017

Everyone is searching
many seek love
and understanding
with their heart.....

Some long for things
beyond their reach
and fall victim to
their own need.

Still, there are a few
content with the
appearance of things
while faithfully waiting
for what tomorrow
will bring.
5:09 pm May 22, 2017

There's good and bad in everything
when one mistakes the sun for the rain.. jt

Today, there was a darkness
closing in on me.....
I felt the dark hands tugging
and tearing at my heart
as my love ,locked
inside, struggled to be set free.
-Jan Tetstone
2:43 pm Feb 8, 2017

Let not your grief
distort today's reality
nor destroy the good that
awaits thee.
For, where the heart morns
And tears fall in the day
loneliness waits
to steal ones happiness away.
-Jan Tetstone
7:20pm Feb 9, 2017

A friend will remember days
and times that others forget
Moment in time together spent.
8:06pm Feb 9, 2017

Love's Way
A heart that seeks out another's heart
wants nothing more than to be loved
in return.
Oh heart be still........Let love have its way
Turn not from the one who loves you
beyond measure.
Embrace love for loves' sake.
-Jan Tetstone
9:12pm Feb 9, 2017

No words come to mind
when uncertainty is at play.
Words are extensions of
emotions and feelings.....

Without words there would
be no way of releasing
thoughts built up over time,
that seek voice to free
a troubled mind.

When in the darkness
peace eludes you
and words fail to form
that others can hear
hold tightly to your
Shield of faith
Believe with all your heart
that God will make a way.
11:37pm Feb 10, 2017

 Words are like rain drops

falling from the sky