Patriot's Heart

We will bury you from within and never
lay hand on you
was the Nazi threat to the American people
living under the Red, White and blue.

Socialist/communist have proven to be
the greatest threat to life and liberty
Long have Americans who love living free
fought the communist to save liberty.

The weeds of communism thrive on plucking
away at the legal safeguards put in place
to protect free press, free speech,
and religious liberty.

Where are the safeguards now!?

The safe guards rests safely inside the
patriot's heart...

The threat to bury the American people
from within can only happen when Americans
stop rearing patriot women and men.

God Bless America and all who struggle
against the deranged part of humanity,
in the name of life and liberty.
-Jan Tetstone
9:43am July 23, 2020