Our History
OneMain Financial
Since 1912, OneMain Financial has been helping people realize their financial goals and dreams. With branches nationwide, we are part of the communities in which we serve. Our branches are staffed with friendly, knowledgeable loan specialists who live and work right in your neighborhood. They understand your needs and are available to meet with you one-on-one to discuss your loan options. Read on for more details about our company's history or see our visual timeline on Facebook.

A Pioneering Beginning
Founded by Alexander Duncan as Commercial Credit in 1912, our company was a pioneer in the consumer finance industry. In 1916, we offered an installment loan program to help people purchase what was then an exciting new invention - the automobile. That led to the development of installment buying plans for home appliances and other consumer goods.

Growing With America
Over the next few decades, we acquired a major credit insurer and a casualty insurance company. In 1944, we organized an insurance unit that is now known as OneMain Assurance. In 1968, Commercial Credit became a wholly owned subsidiary of Control Data Corporation.

Going Public
Wall Street legend Sanford I. Weill assumed control of the operations of Commercial Credit in 1986 and took the company public. Within two years, the company acquired Primerica Corporation, the parent company of several investment, financial services and insurance firms, including the well-known Smith Barney.

Joining the Travelers Group
In 1992, Primerica purchased 27% of Travelers Insurance, a company with one of the most recognizable logos in the U.S. - the red umbrella. Less than a year later, Primerica purchased the remaining 73% of Travelers, which later adopted the name Travelers Group. In subsequent years, Travelers Group acquired Shearson-Lehman's retail brokerage, Aetna's property and casualty business, Security Pacific Financial Services, and Salomon Brothers, creating the nation's third largest investment house - Salomon Smith Barney.

The Creation of Citi
In 1998, Travelers Group merged with banking powerhouse Citicorp to create Citi, a global financial services company serving 20 million customers worldwide. Citi's businesses include asset management, banking, credit cards, insurance, investments, investment banking and trading.

In 1999, Citi purchased 128 offices of Texas-based Associates First Capital, giving us more than 1,800 offices in 45 states. In September of that year, our name was changed to CitiFinancial to recognize our affiliation with our parent company and to better reflect what we do today.

CitiFinancial Expands
In 2001, CitiFinancial acquired The Associates, including the network of 900 consumer finance branches in the U.S. and a significant presence in more than 20 countries, including Canada and Puerto Rico.

Then in 2004, CitiFinancial acquired Washington Mutual Financial, which provided direct real estate-secured loans and consumer installment loans through 426 branches in 26 states.

The acquisitions provided CitiFinancial with an expanded branch network in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico, as we became the leading community-based lender in North America.

A New Name. Same Dedicated People.
In 2011, CitiFinancial became OneMain Financial. We changed our name to distinguish ourselves with an identity that better fits who we are and what we do. OneMain Financial provides personal loans, which are serviced locally at neighborhood branches, and work with customers one-on-one to find a loan solution. We've been in business since 1912, and are proud to support our customers and communities.