My God Who

My god who is in heaven
How wise and forgiving you are:
From your throne, hidden by
The stars at night and the sun
In the day; you still find the
Time to light my way.

My god who lives and
Works through me
How loving and forgiving you are
Through my heart, hidden by
The flesh and worldly, you
Nurture my soul, and gently
Move me closer to my star.

My god who holds the keys
To life and death in his hands
And the keys to all good things
How barren my life would be
How empty my soul would be
Without you who sent your son
to live and die for me ~

My God! My God! Who knew me
before I was born, I give thanks
to thee... for sending your son
Jesus to walk through life with me.

                                            -Jan Tetstone


[8:35 am, January 15, 2011]