My God Is

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My God Is



My god is :
my morning light
When the day begins
My candlestick at night
When my day comes to
its end.

My god is my shadow
My god follows me where ever I go
I have always walked safely
In my god's bright glow.

My god gives me the Strength
to travel life's roads
When there is no one around to help me
my god helps me carry my heavy load.

My god was my beginning
when I begin my journey through life
My god has been with me all of my days
in all good times during all of my strife.

My god is my hearts truth
all of my tomorrows
all wrapped up in to one
My god has never once left my side
since the day that I was born.

My god is my teacher
His lessons have taught me well
the things I needed to know
to be worthy to stand, and walk
in the warmth of my god's sweet glow.

My god is the force moving my life along
filling my heart with my god's beautiful love song
My god helps my heart not to miss one beat
as life carries me along.

My god is the love that my
heart knows and craves
the love that is with me in life
and will one day blanket my grave.

My god is pure love from beginning to end
My god has forgiven this sinner's sins
My god is my savior, my creator and
my dearest friend.

by Janice Sanford Tetstone  (Sept 13, 2010)


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