My Dear Country

My dear Country...
For two hundred thirty five years you
have led the way to liberty's door
and welcomed millions to your shore.

You have stood a beacon of hope
A land where dreams come true
For millions and millions more

Since the First Americans proclaimed
Their independence over two hundred
Years ago.

You have nurtured the hearts and
Souls of Americans young and old
And your splendor in a world gone
A stray- has never lost its glow.

Your spacious sky, purple mountains,
And shining seas are still there to
Remind us of those brave Americans
Who put the cause of liberty and justice

My dear country...
Under your banner of red, white, and
Blue, slaves were set free.
And women gained equal rights to liberty.

In the light of Lady Liberty strangers
Have adopted you as their own country
And swore to defend you at any cost
To die for you if need be.

Tho you my dear country are not
Perfect in every way you are still the land
Of our Forefathers; the land Americans
Poured their blood, sweat, tears, and
Prayers into, to build you up so grand.

Americans cherish the liberty we
Possess every night and day.
And in out American hearts we know
There is no other country in the world
Like the USA.

Let every American stand to honor this
Great land this fourth of July,
As old Glory ripples in the sky
And once more determine ourselves to
Keep America free.
As we gather together to stand proudly
In remembrance of those who gave so
Much to grow for us the Liberty Tree.

By Janice Sanford/ Tetstone
Copyright 2011