My Darling, I Love You

My Darling, My Truest Love,
Your presence in my life touches my
heart in so many ways.

Your voice so tender, as together we lay
in the bed of our love.

Your touch so warm and inviting, as to
the feel of your love I surrender.

I shall love you until eternity ends
and want you near to me, heart to heart
forever and a day......forevermore
never to part.

I love you, and the way your touch makes
me feel, so alive in body and heart.

The first time our lips touched I knew I
wanted to spend the rest of my life
loving you.

My Darling you are the one my heart has chose
for me to love ~ my whole life through.

I Love You . . .

8:20pm January 6, 2013
By Heartsong/ Jan Tetstone