Mistaken Identity

A few days ago my heart beat so
Fast, thinking I had found a love
That would last. . . That love was

You fit everything I thought a
Man should be . . .

You were respectful to me
In every way...
You made me feel like a woman
And moved something inside
Of me that wanted you to stay.

I could feel your heart beating
As if I were standing right next
To you..... on a warm sunny day.

My heart for a time warmed by
Your presences and I
For a few hours was in the company
Of the man I thought was the
Man of my dreams.

You were a complete
Gentleman, through and through.
I owe an apology to you:

I was so smitten-ed by your charm
And the idea of dancing, with you
Holding me in your arms.

That I let my heart get out of control
It was a case of mistaken identity
I mistook you for my dream come true.

Silly me...what was I thinkin
Me a barefoot country girl,
Dancing in a ballroom with a real
Gentleman like you....

What was I thinkin!

By Heartsong / jan Tetstone
[12:30am September 25, 2012]

2012 Heartsong (All rights reserved)