man made rain clouds


These pictures were taken at about 9:15am on February 21, 2015







Last picture taken, as I am going inside.   "It looks like more rain."  My yard hasn't been completely dry since the rainmaker showed up over a month ago.

The following pictures were taken after the pictures above. The last ones were taken February 26, 2015, 6:15PM........





The pictures  [below] were taken February 26, 2015







God help us all...... This is man made weather. Last night ,at about 1:00 am, the wind started blowing, like I had never heard it before. It was so bad it blew ladder away from building; blew tin around on my roof. It was horrible.  The tin on outer building roofs was beating up and down; the dog ,who was chained  was going crazy with fear. I  went out to unchain him . He tried to run in the back door. The ground here stays nasty-wet.....When the Sun comes out and it starts to dry....the jets return.... The air is being affected.

I know God is in control.... but it's a shame , those who are destroying what nature's god created- have abused the trust of those who passed their knowledge on to them.  In their attempts to control they have placed this world on the path of destruction. Those places, many of the rich have created to insure their survival, shall be their tombs, be those places here on earth, or beyond the heavens they have long tried to harness.  jt pture shows tforce of the wind. The tin is the heavy gagged kind. It took much wind force to blow that end  of the tin into the wood ,from where the tin was originally:  beings the tin was being held in place by bricks.


The pictures below were taken at 10:12am ,February 27,2015. The sun is no longer visible-and the temperature continues to drop.



It's 9:46am February 27, 2015    The wind is acting strange this morning. I can hear it blowing tin outside...But it is not a constant wind....Its more like someone or something is controlling the weather. The temperature seems to drop with the frequency of the wind.

2:22pm February 27, 2015: I was really busy and didn't realize the sun was out. Afterwards, I took these pictures that shows, as fast as the sun comes out and it begins to feel like normal weather...... Those controlling the weather start over again.........





No doubt, the winds will continue to blow in an un-natural way...and the rain will fall on the muddy ground----until God's mighty hand reaches down to pluck the weeds from his flowers, and the thorns from the rose. jt

THE PICTURES BELOW were taken at 7:50am March 2, 2015

The pictures below were taken between 7:50 am and 12:00pm



It is 1:00pm  The sky is filled with Chemtrails. My guess is so the spraying won't look so obvious from the ground. My message to those flying those plane "I PRAY YOU WILL RECONSIDER AND STOP HARMING INNOCENT PEOPLE WORLDWIDE. IF YOU DON'T I PRAY YOU -ALL- BURN IN HELL!"






If you look close you can see the chemtrails through the trees. I have 100s more pictures but what I have posted should prove that chemical are being sprayed on  'some of us.'

 God help us all. jt