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Heartsong's  Love Poetry

   Love lives here!

Love Poetry

By Jan Tetstone/ Heartsong

A Love Remembered My Darling, I Love You

A Love Such as Ours

My Dear Love

A Lovers Walk

My Dream Love

A Thought of You

My Heart Belongs to Thee

A Touch of Your Love  
Don't Wake Me My Love

Farewell To Love

My Love, I Wait No More

Forever I Will Wait For You

My Love Rests Next To Thee

Forsaken Lover

Our Love

For Thy Love

Our Two Hearts Touched

His Eyes Drew My Love In

Our Waltz

I am Incomplete Without You Remember Me

I Breathe Your Love In

Rose of My Dreams

I' d Love You All Over Again Since My Heart Touched Yours

I Love You

Some Day, My Love

Indian Love

Somewhere my Love Waits

In My Dreams

Sweet Peace

  Tattered, Torn and Faded

I Send My Love To You

Tears in A Glass of Wine

I Would Die For Thee

The Feel of Emptiness

Lay Next To Me The Feel of Love

Lay Your Heart Next to Mine

The Gentleness In You

Let Me Love You

The Love in my Dreams

Love's Brief Touch The Love in my Heart

Love's First Everything

The Sound of Love

Love's Fiery Sea

The Sparkle In My Heart

Love's Flames

Think of Me

Love's Intertwining  Beauty

Together Forever

Love's Lingering Memory

Unfulfilled Dream

  You Gave Me Your Heart

Love's Magical Spell

Your Kind Of Love

Love's Memory

Your Love

Love Reached Back In Time

Your Love Melted My Heart

Mistaken Identity

When Two Hearts Collide