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Bank Frick’s Management Board, consisting of CIO Dr Kuno Frick, CEO Edi Wögerer and CFO Roland Frick (from left to right).

Statement from Bank Frick & Co. AG the violent death of CEO Jürgen Frick

On Monday morning of April 7 Bank Frick CEO Jürgen Frick was shot by a man. The deceased Jürgen Frick survived by his wife Nora and three children. "The employees of the Bank are stunned by the senseless act," says Bank Frick-COO Edi Wögerer. "Words can not express our sorrow for the loss of Jürgen Frick. We entbieten of mourning Frick family our sincere condolences. "

The offense occurred yesterday just after seven clock in the morning in the garage of the bank. The offender Jürgen Frick was followed on foot after his arrival in the parking garage. The offender fled after the fact to some 20 kilometers away Ruggell in Liechtenstein, where the police found his car. The police due to various clues from the fact that he has directed himself. The body of the offender has not yet been found.

The perpetrator tried unsuccessfully for years to blackmail the Bank Frick
The offender is Juergen Hermann. The former manager of Liechtenstein tried despite clear facts various individuals and institutions in Switzerland and Liechtenstein to blame for the collapse of his funds Hermann Finance AGmvK in 2005. To the affected parties by him, among other things, the Bank Frick & Co. AG and Jürgen Frick belonged personally.

The highest Liechtenstein court - as well as all lower courts - Hermann had dismissed the action in 2010 and legally established that the failure of Hermann's Fund represents "a fateful chain of different circumstances and events» what third parties do not bear the blame.

Since then, Juergen Hermann had moved on to try the Bank Frick to force financial concessions by threatening to denigrate the bank with foreign institutions, authorities and courts with baseless allegations to them, "Shame, image and financial damage, as well as maximum to cause trouble [...], "Hermann said. Against Hermann were displays and cases pending due to threat, coercion and blackmail heavier at the Liechtenstein authorities. Hermann put his threats into action yesterday.

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About the Bank Frick & Co. Ltd.
The daily operations of the Bank Frick & Co. AG lead until further COO and CFO Edi Wögerer Roland Frick.

Bank Frick & Co. AG is a Liechtenstein private bank based in Balzers. The bank was founded in 1998 is 100 percent control of the Frick family. Its core business is retail banking with investment advice, asset management and asset allocation. As at 31 December 2012 was the total assets of the Bank Frick 1'156 million francs, the own funds 72.9 million client assets amounted to 3.5 billion. Francs. The Bank Frick UK Branch is a branch of the Bank Frick based in London. The Bank Frick & Co. AG employs more than 30 employees. As CEO of the private bank served until his death Jürgen Frick. Chairman is former Prime Minister Dr. Mario Frick.

For further information please contact
Sigvard Wohlwend
mandated Press Officer of the Bank Frick & Co. AG
+423792 50 32

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Moving funeral of the murdered banker Jürgen Frick
, "Dad, we miss you so indescribably»

BALZERS - FL - The silence in Balzers (FL) feels like a ghost. It's Saturday, shortly after 9 clock, the streets are deserted. Everyone has gathered in the church of St. Nicholas to (48 †) to remove it from the murdered banker Jürgen Frick farewell.
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On Saturday morning, the farewell service was held for slain banker Jürgen Frick († 48). Keystone
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Jürgen Frick († 48)

On Monday morning banker Frick was shot.
A dozen people under police protection , the little country in fear
The letter of the banker-Killers "I shot him as he deserves it»
Banker-killer insulted expert "They are a purchased Psycho!"
Feverish search for the killer Banker What conceals the police?

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Here we go!
Discretely monitored a handful of police officers cordoned off the entrances to the church and cemetery. The limousine of Crown Prince Alois parked directly in front of the church door. Still stands the Principality of shock. On Monday morning, the former fund manager Juergen Hermann (58) Banker Frick shot. In revenge. Later, the police Hermann's car, his passport and his jacket was on the Rhine. Has he committed suicide? His body was not found by the killer is still lacking any trace. Police are investigating in all directions. In particular, whether Juergen Hermann has procured a second passport and placed a false trail the Rhine.
In the church Noemi, the youngest daughter of the banker reads, a suicide note. "My dearest Dad, you were just pulled out of our arms. Dad, we miss you incredibly tight! "
The two older children Joshua and Larissa Frick took the floor: "Dad, thank you for showing us how much warmth can put in a man - and that tolerance of others grows from it."
Tolerance of others! A property that did not possess the killer of Jürgen Frick. He not only made Frick, but the entire state, the judiciary, the Politestablishment and the Princely House of the collapse of his fund company in 2005, responsible. Since then he has led a fierce campaign of revenge, sent hate mail and threats to many people. 2011 showed it to the Bank Frick because of threats and blackmail.
It was a murder with an announcement. The court psychiatrist Christoph Burz (45) has warned two years ago before Jürgen Hermann. On behalf of the Liechtenstein prosecutor he created a filing reports and discussions led to the conclusion that Hermann a "highly narcissistic personality is" and was suffering from a delusional disorder.
Burz warned several times against a possible risk to third parties. But his warnings went unheeded. The court believed prefer a private expert, Hermann himself had committed. This came to a different conclusion than Burz and Hermann classified as non-hazardous one.
Christoph Burz can not understand to this day: "Here you can already ask whether the judge would have had to dig deeper," he says. He could have at least welcomed, if he had been invited to submit comments on the new appraisal. "But nothing like that happened."
Instead, the authorities fail a second time: On Friday before the murder Juergen Hermann sends again a hate mail, even to the police. "This mail should have rung alarm bells with the authorities," says psychiatrist Burz.
Was clearly visible content and the language ago that Hermann's bitter struggle has reached a new level of escalation. "He has become more and more removed from reality in his own world."
The case does not reflect well on the Liechtenstein justice. Extortion case against Juergen Hermann, the authorities have not even decided whether to be charged. And after three years! Sigvard Wohlwend, family spokesman and Bank Frick, do not submit its comments. If the family could initiate at a later date legal action against the authorities, he leaves.

The case

On Monday morning, it comes in Liechtenstein to the drama: the former fund manager Juergen Hermann (58) lurks Jürgen Frick († 48) in the basement of his bank in Balzers on. Hermann shoots repeatedly Frick. The banker is mortally wounded. Hermann Frick had threatened for years. He made him responsible for the failure of his investment company. After the deed Hermann fled with a smart. The police later found his car and a suicide note, but it is unclear whether Hermann has actually killed. His body was not found.

Bankers Killer: Police looking for "missing items»

Criminal Investigation: "Hermann had previously Handguns»

So irr is the Bankers Killer Hermann

Neighbor of the banker-Killers: "He was unpredictable»

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Isabelle Elis , Igis , via FacebookReport
Surely this is a very big tragedy and sad. But just so you do not kill someone. There really must be something serious happens when you can develop such hatred. The family of Mr. Frick I kondoliere very much and wish a lot of strength.


Murdered Liechtenstein Bank Chief Had Sued Suspect for Extortion

By Jan-Henrik Foerster and Carolyn Bandel Apr 8, 2014

The murdered chief executive officer of Bank Frick & Co. AG had sued his alleged killer for extortion three years ago, according to the Liechtenstein private bank.

Juergen Frick, 48, was shot yesterday in the firm’s underground garage in the town of Balzers. The suspect, Juergen Hermann, fled the scene and appears to have later committed suicide, according to a police statement.

Hermann, a fund manager who has been embroiled in a dispute with the government and Bank Frick, used the firm as his depositary bank, Sigvard Wohlwend, a spokesman, said by telephone today. After the fund’s board of directors stepped down in 2004, Hermann named himself sole chairman, prompting investors to pull money, Wohlwend said. The bank reported him to regulators and the fund was liquidated in 2005, he said.

Hermann blamed the government and regulator for destroying his company, according to a website registered under the name Juergen Hermann of Hermann Finance AG. He had filed lawsuits seeking recovery of 200 million Swiss francs ($226 million) from the government and 33 million francs from Bank Frick, according to the website. His lawyer declined to comment when reached by telephone today.

Hermann had been “publicly hostile” to the country’s Financial Market Authority and some of its employees, forcing it to take security measures in consultation with the police, according to FMA spokesman Beat Krieger.

Interim CEOs

Bank Frick today named Chief Financial Officer Roland Frick and Chief Operating Officer Edi Woegerer as interim CEOs. Roland Frick, one of the bank’s founders, had been responsible for risk management and financial reporting, while Woegerer has worked at the firm since 2000, Wohlwend said.

Bank Frick, which specializes in wealth management and investment advice, managed about 3.5 billion Swiss francs of assets on behalf of clients at the end of 2012, according to its website. The bank’s chairman is Mario Frick, who was prime minister of Liechtenstein from 1993 to 2001.

The firm was previously part-owned by Bawag PSK Bank AG, the Austrian lender that almost collapsed because of its links with failed U.S. futures firm Refco Inc. Bawag owned 26 percent and Refco had a 4 percent holding in Bank Frick, according to a report by the Austrian Press Agency.

After Austria bailed out Bawag in 2006, the company sold its stake in Bank Frick, according to a paper published the following year on the European Commission’s website.

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To contact the editors responsible for this story: Mariajose Vera at Edward Evans, Steve Bailey

Police: body found in lake may be that of Liechtenstein ex-fund manager sought in banker death

The Associated Press
August 15, 2014 03:04 AM

GENEVA - Police say a body found drifting in Lake Constance may be that of a former Liechtenstein fund manager suspected of fatally shooting a bank's chief executive earlier this year.

German police say a fisherman found the body Thursday in the lake, which Germany, Austria and Switzerland share. It was close to where the Rhine river, which flows through Liechtenstein, enters the lake.

Liechtenstein police say jewelry and clothing found on the body indicate it may be that of suspected shooter Juergen Hermann. An autopsy is scheduled Monday.

Police launched a manhunt for him in April after Bank Frick CEO Juergen Frick was shot in a garage. They said at the time Hermann's passport was found near the Rhine with "handwritten notes confessing to the crime" and indicating he committed suicide.

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