In Thine Heart

My love, today I made a decision
that caused tears to fall and
broke my heart;
As much as my arms ache to feel
your embrace; and I long so to be
laying next to you listening to
the beating of your heart ~
I must release your memory , and
try to forget that you ever touched
my life .

When we met for the first time,
my heart reached out to your heart .
I tried not to love you~
but your gentleness in speech and
manner cast a magical spell ,that
your very presence emitted . . .
without ever touching each other,
strangers, yet, there was an undeniable
sense of having met before.

I pulled away, having sensed what was
happening, between you and me,
wasn't supposed to be.

It was hard pushing you away with my
words, when my heart longed only to
love you and feel your heart beating next
to my own.

For years I dream of you; danced with
you, and loved you in my dreams.

If only time were on our side!
If only we had the chance to do all the
things we talked of ~
I have never been out dancing;
my life never had occasion
to learn ballroom dancing~
But, my Love, if time had not saw fit to
send us onward in life~
in different directions~
my heart and I would have waltzed
with you forever, and a day.

We did not have a chance to do all the
things our hearts would have us do~
But, I want you to know that our love was
as real as the magical feelings we shared together.

Tonight, when you lay your head on your pillow -
share one last dream with me.
[9:30pm October 1, 2012]

by Heartsong/ Jan Tetstone