In My Dreams

The days have come and gone
Yet, my wait for you, my love
Never ends. for your touch
My heart hungers on....

Oh, My Love..........

The years have found ,and left
Me wanting to feel your heart
Beating next to mine
As in my dreams it has done so
Many times....

Am I destined, my love, to live
And die waiting for your arms
To reach out and draw me to you...
Must I carry my desires for you
Unfulfilled my whole life through?

The sun has risen and set on my
Love for you; though you are only
Real in my dreams.... How long
My love must I wait for you?

My Love, I have touched you
Over and over again in my dreams
And your heart has time and
Time again swore to love only me.

My Love, in my dreams you promise
Me that if my love for you be true,
In my life as in my dreams
You will be with me my whole
life through.....

I will wait for you, my love....

My love.... my dream come true.

By Heartsong / Jan Tetstone