His Eyes Drew My Love In

 It was  not lust that drew me to him
it was his eyes that drew me in....
His presence took my breath away
I never wanted that first look
into his eyes  to go away.
I could not eat, I could not breathe.
I could do nothing but yearn to be
near to him . . . To look into his
captivating eyes and see
the image of me encaged by the sparkle
that lit up whenever our eyes did meet.

The denial; the wanting to forget
the bottomless pit of longing inside of me
and not having his eyes resting on me,
I was alone no matter where I was
or how many were there with me.
Without his presence even a full room
was empty for me . . .

When I left him,
I thought I was still alive again.
When I saw him it was like
my very being coming alive
all over again.

He could put those fingers
where they would just barely
touch my skin . . .
and it was like electricity
shooting through every essences
of every part of me.

No one has ever affected me quit
like him . . .

Our love was:
What could have been, but never was
What was denied, but really was.

 1:42pm December 3, 2013
 By Heartsong / Jan Tetstone