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by Heartsong

Oh, to set on a hillside among the wildflowers
put aside the outside world and breathe in
the fragrances of nature ,with no thoughts
of where life might take me, or flashing memories
of where in life I have already been.

To release all the built up negative emotions inside
of me out into the gentle breeze, and replace those
feelings with life's more positive feeling that being
one with nature brings . . .

If, only, I could find the flower covered hill, and fall
asleep where butterflies play, with daisies surrounding
the spot where two lovers lay. . . holding in my
hand wildflowers of every kind and hue; singing in my
heart a love song just for you.



Taken September 3, 2013





This video was made, on August 27, 2013, by Heartsong and Tyler..

11:30am August 25, 2013







































Love Poetry