Heartsong's Family Tree


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A Family Goes Beyond the Circle of one's own Life



 James J. Hodges

Birth: September 15, 1847
Death: April 26, 1933

Lieuraney Creek Hodges

Birth: Jan. 6, 1846
Death: Aug. 6, 1930

Swift Creek Cemetery
Lake Butler
Union County
Florida, USA


 Henry Daniel Hodges

Birth: Dec. 12, 1877
Death: Jan. 6, 1949

 Osceola Mobley Hodges

Birth: July 18,1882
Death: February 20,1936

Macedonia Cemetery
Baker County
Florida, USA


Russell Sullivan Hodges

Birth: Mar. 2, 1902
Death: Jun. 20, 1975

Katie Bell Harvey Hodges

Birth: Apr. 19, 1902
Death: Sep. 6, 1988
Macedonia Cemetery
Baker County`
Florida, USA


Rafus Columbus "RC"  Hodges

Maxine Hodges Manning     Heartsong's Mother

Clarice Hodges Davis

Ester Hodges Manning Wilson

Gene Hodges

Alvin 'Man' Hodges

Bob Hodges

Minnie Ruth Hodges Boyer

Lucille Hodges Starling Harris

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Remembering Grandma and Grandpa

I have come to realize
how truly blessed my life has been
as I remember all those who loved me
way back then ....

My biggest regret
is all that wasted time
spent on thinking about me
during my growing years

That I could have spent with
grandma and grandpa
helping them in
their needy years.

How many times
they must have wondered
if their children, or their
grandchildren really cared

as they set alone together
holding on to each other
wiping away each other's tears.

My grandma and grandpa ~
were very special people
in my growing years.
10:22 am November 19, 2012


I am an American of the melting-pot variety.
From my mother's side I got the Cherokee blood
that runs through my veins.
From my father's side I got the French and Irish blood.