From An American Heart

There's not a piece of paper big enough
to hold all the 'thank yous' in my heart
I owe to those who laid their lives on the line
For the liberty I call mine;

There's not enough ink,
If I had the procession of a million pens,
to list the names of all the soldiers
who fought that others might live free
who sacrificed so much for me ;

There is not enough time in one lifetime
to tell of my heroes and their deeds....
to tell of those great souls who left the safety
of home and country
To keep the folks back home free.....

So....I will say loud and clear
in a voice filled with pride
On this day
"Thank You, American soldiers,
those living and those who died
that this generation,
and all generations to come,
might reap liberty....

Americans owe so much to each of you
who rallied around the red, white, and blue...
And for as long as there is an American
the American soldier shall live on in the
memories of a grateful heart.
-Janice Sanford/ Jan Tetstone