Freedom Is Not Free

The world today
is in need of
helping hands
to see it through
troubling times...
The finance world
is empowered
by greed... that
treat earth's
flowers like
human weeds.

The battles fought
for freedom
the blood shed
for liberty...
The chains of
slavery broken
mean little to those
filled with greed.

The tears, sweat,
blood and prayers
given freely for
mankind's liberty
nurtures the hearts
and spirits of
those determined
to keep men free.

What we take for
granted... others
are denied ... under
banners of deceit.

To survive the storms
put into motion by
greed....every freedom
loving person must
stand strong together,
help each other, and be
prepared always to
defend humanity's right
to life and liberty.

We, as individuals, have
limits on things we can
do to make the world
a better place- for all
humanity- regardless
of our heart felt 'want to"

There are no limits on
what God can do.....
If He brings us to it
our faith in Him
will see us through it.

Stay strong in your faith
Move when the spirit
moves you to defend
the better part of humanity
Stand alone if need be
to defend all men's natural
rights to life and liberty.

Guard well the freedom
that you enjoy today -
where there is greed
there is someone
waiting to take your
freedom away.

Walk upright in the day,
carrying high your shield
of faith... may you
long remember, freedom
was not free- the blood
of other's gave root to
the liberty tree.

9:17am October 3, 2022