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The 2012 Florida Statutes


Chapter 683
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683.01 Legal holidays.—
(1) The legal holidays, which are also public holidays, are the following:
(a) Sunday, the first day of each week.
(b) New Year’s Day, January 1.
(c) Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr., January 15.
(d) Birthday of Robert E. Lee, January 19.
(e) Lincoln’s Birthday, February 12.
(f) Susan B. Anthony’s Birthday, February 15.
(g) Washington’s Birthday, the third Monday in February.
(h) Good Friday.
(i) Pascua Florida Day, April 2.
(j) Confederate Memorial Day, April 26.
(k) Memorial Day, the last Monday in May.
(l) Birthday of Jefferson Davis, June 3.
(m) Flag Day, June 14.
(n) Independence Day, July 4.
(o) Labor Day, the first Monday in September.
(p) Columbus Day and Farmers’ Day, the second Monday in October.
(q) Veterans’ Day, November 11.
(r) General Election Day.
(s) Thanksgiving Day, the fourth Thursday in November.
(t) Christmas Day, December 25.
(u) Shrove Tuesday, sometimes also known as “Mardi Gras,” in counties where carnival associations are organized for the purpose of celebrating the same.
(2) Whenever any legal holiday shall fall upon a Sunday, the Monday next following shall be deemed a public holiday for all and any of the purposes aforesaid.
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This information comes from a 1948 World Book Encyclopedia.......

Memorial Day, or Declaration Day, is a patriotic holiday.  It is a day to honor those members of America's armed forces who have given their lives for their country. Originally Memorial Day was set aside to honor men who died in the War between the States. Its observance now includes those who died in the Spanish-American War and in World Wars I and II.

Memorial Day is a legal holiday in most of the states in the Union. The Northern States celebrate May 30 as Memorial Day.  The Southern States have their own days for honoring their dead  soldiers. Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and Mississippi set aside April 26 as Memorial Day. North and South Carolina observe this holiday on May 10, Louisiana and Tennessee on June 3, and Virginia on May 30.

On Memorial Day, people place flowers and flags on the graves of soldiers.

Memorial Day originated when Southern women scattered spring flowers on the graves of soldiers during the War between the States. They honored the Northern dead as well as their own dead in this way.

After the war(1868), General John A. Logan named May 30 as a special day for honoring the graves of the Union soldiers.

I was born and raised in the South...I am proud to be called a "Rebel"... Over the years all Southern born Americans have been accused of having family ties to those fighting in the Civil War who upheld slavery- In reality many of them were fighting for State Rights. When our country was divided people on both sides considered themselves "Americans." Let the lessons of the past make Americans wiser for having endured. God Bless America.