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  A Look at How Citigroup Operates in the State of Florida



OLD LOAN # 2256716 (April 23, 1984)(recorded in official record BK 231 Page 316,Bradford County, Florida, Clerk of the Circuit Court)

Satisfaction of Mortgage, dated October 25, 1988 [wasn’t filed until July 31, 1996, BK 697 PG 324]

$17,204.52 in full payment and satisfaction of mortgage made to:

Fleet Finance Inc.

1252 D S Walnut St

Starke, FL 32091

NOTE: R.T.(Robert) Wentworth signed as Attorney-in-fact, for Fleet Finance Inc .acknowledging that he executed the Satisfaction of Mortgage on behalf of Fleet Finance, Inc., after having been duly authorized to do so.

Margaret A. Bennet was notary


Citigroup Has No Right to Foreclose

Billy Joe Sanford and Janice Sanford n/k/s Janice Tetstone's property mortgages:

Fleet Finance Inc

   Commercial Credit Corporation

Blazer Financial Services Inc

Avco Financial Services

Washington Mutual Finance










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