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Murdered banker was wearinga latex suit, newspapers report

March 5, 2005

GENEVA A prominent French banker who was murdered this week in his apartment in Geneva was wearing a skin-tight latex suit when he was shot three times and killed, Swiss newspapers reported Friday.

The banker,Edouard Stern, 50,head of an investment firm and the son-in-law of Michel David-Weill, chairman of the investment firm Lazard, was found dead in his bedroom, shot twice in the head and once in the body, Le Tribune de Genève and Le Temps reported.

"Colleagues discovered his body clothed completely in latex rubber," said the daily Le Temps, without citing a source for the information.

The newspapers speculated that the latex suit may have been a ploy by his assailants to confuse the police.

Stern's body was found on Tuesday afternoon. The authorities have confirmed only that he was killed with a firearm.

Le Temps said that the investigation was looking into Stern's private life as well as his business affairs.

The investigating magistrate, Michel Graber, told Swiss television that Stern had probably opened the door to his killer or killers, since there was no sign of forced entry.

Stern had a reputation as a ruthless executive and had been involved in several failed takeovers of major French industrial groups in recent years, in addition to running his own investment business.

His business interests also extended across the Atlantic and to Eastern Europeand Israel.

Investigators declined to comment on the new details Friday.

Stern lived near Geneva's center in a luxury apartment equipped with a high-tech security system and situated just above a police station.

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