Chemtrails March 5, 2015 3:10pm

These pictures were taken within seconds of each other, from different direction-from where I was standing outside my house, on March 5, 2015, at 3:10pm.

I am putting them in the order in which each was taken.







These next pictures were just taken at 4:02pm......Constant spraying.


Stepping out my front door. These chemtrails were directly over head.









Somewhere, I read where someone asked if man made clouds are detectable from natural clouds. It was in reference to geoengineering in connection to chemical warfare. You can see for yourself, in the pictures I have posted. I believe the chemtrails are the only thing that distinguishes artificial clouds from natural ones, to the untrained eye. We have no way of measuring the damage these spraying have and are doing worldwide. It's a shame that any mother could give birth to such heartless souls, as it would take to knowingly destroy those deemed "unfit" by those who seek to create a better world for themselves and their offspring.

One cannot deny what is being done to depopulate the earth. It is happening right before our eyes. God bless us all.

6:24PM, March 5, 2015, I took the pictures below.










Now, the sky is looking more un-natural, for Florida sky.


8:24pm It's raining a light dropping of rain......The wind is not blowing. That was no warning, just a sudden rain. That is, as I type this, beginning to fall harder with some wind. If I am right the weather tomorrow will be very cold.... not because it is going to be naturally cold---but because of the chemicals that have been sprayed into the air-none stop on clear blue sky days.